20 Celebs Everyone Thinks Are Rude (But Who Are Actually Sweethearts)

Some people say that you should never meet your heroes—and in some cases, they’re right. Sometimes, we spend years and years looking up to famous actors or musicians, only to find out that they’re actually major jerks in real life. Whenever this happens, it’s so disappointing. Imagine meeting your favorite celebrity only to be disrespected? It would be heartbreaking.

You might expect that almost every famous person would look down on people who are less successful than they are, but this is actually not always the case. There are many famous people who are still kind and down to earth, even though they are surrounded by wealthy, powerful people day after day. There are some celebrities out there who might play awful characters in your favorite shows or movies, or even become a victim of nasty tabloid rumors, yet they’re still kind to their fans and their costars. It’s always refreshing to see that there are famous people who never let the money get to their heads, and who are grateful for the fans who keep their careers going. So, who are these mysterious sweetheart celebs? Let’s dive right in. Here are twenty celebs who are actually super nice in person.

20 Kesha Isn’t A Wild Party Girl

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You may have heard lots of gossip about Kesha in the magazines lately. Her older music was pretty wild and a bit vulgar—she was always going on about partying, staying up til the sun came out, and hooking up with guys at clubs. We can’t blame you for thinking that she was a crazy party girl in real life who only cared about money and fame. But the truth is, Kesha basically used to play a character—she was never really into partying, she just liked making fun music that people could dance to. In fact, she’s actually very smart! She was also struggling at her label, and she even took one producer to court because he was manipulating and abusing her. Now, her music has done a complete 180, and she sings all kinds of heartfelt, thoughtful songs. Kesha has always had a compassionate soul—the tabloids got her wrong.

19 Kim Kardashian Defies Her Stereotypes

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Kim Kardashian must be a petty, materialistic, superficial woman, right? She has millions of dollars, she is basically just famous for being famous, and her whole life is broadcast for the world to see at all times. She must have an enormous ego. Well, it’s true that Kim is extremely wealthy and well-known for someone who doesn’t sing, dance, or act, but her fans have actually said that she is very sweet. She is that celeb who will stop to say hi to any fan at the airport, even if she is super busy! And as you can even see on her show, she truly does love her family. She is super close with her sisters and her mom, and they always show that they support each other. She also says that getting robbed in Paris in her hotel room was a life-changing experience that taught her to be more kind and appreciative.

18 Miley Cyrus Has Really Matured

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Miley Cyrus definitely had a few wild years after her popular Disney Channel show Hannah Montana ended. She tried hard to break away from her image, and at times, it seemed like she was throwing her career down the toilet. The tabloids were always on her back for her bad behavior. But in the past two years, Miley has revealed that she was always miserable while filming Hannah Montana, and she hated being forced into the Disney Channel mold. She struggled with her relationship with her father and her mother. She lost great friends and ended happy relationships. Now, she has dealt with her issues and come out the other side stronger. She is vegan and always talks about compassion towards animals. She had done a lot of advocacy work for homeless LGBT youth, and her fans say that she is actually super nice if you get the chance to meet her.

17 Tom Felton Is Nothing Like Draco Malfoy

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Everyone loves Harry Potter, and when the first film came out, we couldn’t help but see the actors as their characters all the time. It just seems like Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson were born to play Harry, Ron, and Hermione. But that also means it was easy to see the “villain” characters as interchangeable with their actors. Tom Felton, who did an amazing job playing Draco Malfoy, just seemed like he played the nasty Slytherin kid role a little too well! He was so good at it that he was even nominated for numerous “best villain” awards by MTV. But the truth is, Tom is actually quite nice in real life. Aside from acting, he is also a musician, and he loves to express his creativity by singing and playing guitar. He has even said that he would like to play more “good guys” in the future.

16 Jack Gleeson Is The Opposite Of Joffrey

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Here’s another actor who played the role of a villain so well that it was scarily convincing. Jack Gleeson is widely known for playing Joffrey Baratheon on Game of Thrones, a young king who is abusive towards everyone around him. Many viewers feel that he is easily the most hated character on the show. His character was so reviled that people started being nasty to Jack in real life. They honestly could not separate the character from the actor. This definitely took a toll on Jack, and he began to reconsider if acting was his true path in life. Jack is actually very laid back and sweet in real life, and this experience made him feel that perhaps acting on TV wasn’t for him. He chose to change his career path, and now he acts on stage instead. He says that he doesn’t have any immediate plans to get in front of the camera.

15 Cara Delevingne Is Kind To Her Fans

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You might think that any supermodel is automatically stuck up, but Cara Delevingne will prove you wrong. It’s easy to look at the life of someone like Cara and think that she must be shallow and rude. After all, she gets paid to look beautiful and walk down runways in designer clothes. Her head must be in the clouds, right? Well, maybe that’s how it turns out for some supermodels, but not Cara. Every fan who interacts with Cara has nothing but nice things to say. She is even known for being sweet to young designers and models when she is working in a show. She takes people in the industry under her wing and shows them kindness when they are nervous. Cara also has struggled with her mental health in the past, and she is very outspoken about this because she wants her fans to know they’re not alone.

14 Adam Sandler Is Unexpectedly Kind

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Adam Sandler tends to star in movies that make you cringe. His comedy might seem childish and ridiculous to some, and they assume that he must be kind of a jerk with a big ego. After all, he’s made millions of dollars by making “low brow” comedy movies throughout his career—so what’s there to really like about him? As it turns out, extras, fans, and Adam’s costars all say that he’s actually very kind in person. He is happy to chat with fans who come up to him. And there’s actually a reason that makes all of those silly movies—he produces and finances them on his own, hires his friends to star in them with him, and they all have a grand old time just goofing around on set. Is that really such a bad way to spend his millions? It actually sounds like a lot of fun.

13 David Beckham Isn’t Your Typical Jock

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David Beckham was one of the most famous and successful soccer players on the planet. Well, since he’s British, he calls it football. Anyway, David played professionally for twenty years before announcing his retirement. He was definitely one the most well-known soccer players in the world—even people who didn’t follow the sport knew who he was. Famous athletes are known for being pretty cocky, so he probably acted like a typical jock, right? Not necessarily. His managers have always praised his attitude. They have said that he never walked into practice thinking that he was better than anyone else—in fact, despite the fact that he was gifted with natural talent, he still practiced harder than the top players in the world. He said that he simply wanted to set a good example as a disciplined player who was passionate about the sport—he didn’t care about the limelight.

12 Sarah Jessica Parker Is Way Nicer Than Carrie Bradshaw

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Have you ever seen the show Sex and the City? This is the show that brought Sarah Jessica Parker to fame and made her a household name. Her character, Carrie Bradshaw, was somehow making serious money in New York City writing one magazine column per week. Sounds a bit unrealistic...but it was a fun show to watch nonetheless. However, it was very easy to get frustrated with SJP's character. She was often portrayed as superficial and dishonest. Is Sarah Jessica Parker the same way in real life? Nope. Even though she has been mocked by the tabloids for her looks for years, she has always been classy and grateful towards her fans and costars. She does not seem to get involved in any sort of real Hollywood drama, and she is known for being a hard worker who has been dedicated to her craft from a very young age.

11 Dave Chappelle Chills With His Fans

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If you’re already a big fan of Dave Chappelle, you probably hope that he’s just as funny and relaxed off stage as he is on stage. And we have some good news— you're right. Dave is known for spending hours hanging out with his fans. There are countless stories of fans meeting with him and being blown away by how awesome he was in person. He’s known for buying drinks for his fans, taking hours after his shows to just hang out and talk about life with them, and even play basketball with them! It’s so cool to see that some celebrities can get along with their fans like they’re just normal people hanging out together. Dave is really known for going above and beyond when it comes to his fans, and if you ever get the chance to meet him, you will probably never forget it.

10 Lady Gaga Truly Cares About Her Little Monsters

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You may have seen Lady Gaga performing on stage and thought that she must be insane. She always showed up to awards show wearing the strangest outfits, and when she had her first big hit, it seemed like she was just trying to be as weird as possible. Was she actually talented? Or was it all a gimmick? It turns out that Lady Gaga is not only super talented without all of the costumes and accessories, she’s also much nicer than you might expect. Lady Gaga refers to all of her fans as her “Little Monsters,” and she wants them to know they are not alone with whatever they are struggling with. She has always been very supportive of the LGBT community, and she knows what it’s like to feel like an outcast. Therefore, she wants everyone to feel welcome at her shows, no matter who they are or what their background is.

9 Lindsay Lohan Is Nothing Like The Tabloids Say

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You have probably heard all kinds of crazy stories about Lindsay Lohan over the past few years. Lindsay was a child star who achieved fame at a very early age, and in her later years, she definitely suffered for it. She was always partying out at late hours, having issues with directors because she was irresponsible on set, and hanging out with other wild socialites like Paris Hilton. You might expect her to act like a typical mean girl (after all, she did play Cady in Mean Girls), but Lindsay has really changed over the past two years or so. She cleaned up her act and focuses on helping Syrian refugees instead of acting these days. She has absolutely turned her life around for the better, and she has dedicated herself to a worthy cause. Her true fans have stuck by her through her rough years, and now she is thriving.

8 Zac Efron Never Let Fame Get To His Head

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We all know Zac Efron as the heartthrob Troy Bolton from High School Musical. When High School Musical came out, it seemed like every single teenage girl had a crush on Zac Efron. And can you really blame them? Zac has been blessed with good looks, and he played the “high school jock with a heart of gold” role so well. Since then, he never turned to partying or the wild Hollywood lifestyle that so many Disney stars end up falling into. In fact, he never let his crazy levels of fame and attention get to his head. Those who have been extras on the sets of his movies say that he hangs out with and talks to everyone, and his costars have always had good things to say about him. And even though he and actress Vanessa Hudgens split years ago, there has never been any bad blood between them.

7 Dolly Parton Has A Heart Of Gold

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Dolly Parton is one of the most talented, female country artists of all time. In fact, she is even connected to another celebrity on this list—Miley Cyrus. Dolly appeared on several episodes of Hannah Montana, playing the role of Miley’s aunt. Dolly is a platinum blonde singer who has had a lot of enhancements done over the years, and because of her appearance, some people think of her as silly or ditzy. But the truth is that Dolly Parton just might be one of the nicest celebs out there. She grew up poor in a big family, and she has never forgotten where she came from. She is always extra sweet to her fans, and people say that working with her is a joyful experience. She has a very positive mindset because she started from so little yet gained so much, and she spreads this positivity to everyone around her.

6 Lena Headey Just Plays A Nasty Woman

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We just had to include one last Game of Thrones star because the characters on the show are so ruthless. It’s hard to imagine that anyone who plays an evil character like Cersei Lannister could be a sweetheart in real life, but we have heard nothing but good things about the actress, Lena Headey. Lena is extraordinarily talented, which makes her portrayal of Cersei so fascinating to watch. Lena works very hard during every day of shooting to bring her character to life, but once shooting is over, she is no longer the cunning, villainous queen that you see on the show. She is close friends with a few of her costars on Game of Thrones—in fact, Peter Dinklage, who plays her brother Tyrion Lannister on the show, actually suggested to the producers that they should hire her because he knew that she was such an incredible, hardworking actress.

5 George Clooney Is The Nicest Guy On The A-List

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George Clooney is one of the most famous men on the planet. And we’re pretty sure that he’s been named one of the most handsome men in Hollywood several times. He has won countless awards, played many classic roles in major blockbusters, even though he is in his 50's, lots of women still lust over him. He probably thinks that he’s a total bigshot, right? After all, with his money and fame, he could probably get away with acting like a jerk to everyone around him and still land amazing roles left and right. But that’s not the case with George Clooney. He actually spends a lot of time and effort contributing to charities and nonprofits, and he is married to a successful human rights lawyer, Amal Clooney. His fans say that he even though he is internationally famous, he has remained down to earth and deeply cares about progressive causes.

4 Ryan Gosling Is A Nice Guy At Heart

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It seems like every girl on the planet has seen the romantic film, The Notebook. Ryan Gosling stars in this film as Noah, and he instantly became known as a heartthrob after this role. But Ryan is a sweetheart deep down, and he is much more focused on being a good actor than simply being famous and making money. Seriously, have you ever heard one bad rumor about this guy? We didn’t think so. Critics and his costars alike both seem to love him. He even took a three year break from acting so that he could figure out what he really wanted to do and what kind of movies he really wanted to be a part of. He also feels passionate about animal rights. This is always a sign that a guy is truly compassionate. So basically, not only is Ryan Gosling super good looking, he also has a good heart.

3 Kit Harrington Is So Laid-Back

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If you’ve ever seen Game of Thrones, you know that it’s hard to keep your eyes off of Jon Snow. In a show with a huge ensemble cast, he is one of the most important and compelling characters. The actor who plays him, Kit Harrington, did not expect to land the role. In fact, before Kit began acting on Game of Thrones, he had only played two roles professionally, and both were in plays! So you could say that he shot to fame very quickly. Yes, as the tabloids say, Kit does like to party, and occasionally gets a little out of control on nights out, but his fans say that he is surprisingly nice in person, and he’s a lot of fun to chat with. His costars on Game of Thrones have nothing but good things to say about him, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Jon Snow survives until the end!

2 Harry Styles Is Always Positive

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Harry Styles sort of stumbled into fame. Yes, he was talented and working hard at his music career before his days with One Direction began on the show The X Factor, but he certainly never expected to become so famous so quickly. For a while, One Direction was basically the most famous boy band on the planet. Girls were going crazy—every teenage girl had a favorite member of the band, and Harry was the front man, so he often got the most attention. But despite all of this, Harry is reportedly very nice to his fans and has always taken all of the attention and fame in stride. He is a very positive guy to be around, and the music he has created since beginning his solo career has earned a lot of respect from serious industry leaders. He definitely has a bright future as a solo artist ahead of him.

1 Ed Sheeran Is Super Sweet To His Fans

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Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest pop stars on earth right now. He has worked with basically every big name in the industry, and his albums always skyrocket to the top of the charts the day that they’re released. Ed has said that for a few years when he first became famous, he lost many of his true friends and good relationships. He said that at one point, he was basically just forcing his band to hang out with him after shows because he had no one else. He definitely needed an attitude adjustment, but since then, he has changed his ways. His fans who have met him have said that he was very kind and appreciative of their support. It’s always good to hear that some celebrities who may have had issues in the past decided to make a positive change in their lives, like Ed has done.

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