17 Awkward Photos Of The Royals We Can't Ignore

The entire world is obsessed with the royal family of England. Even when they are not making news, the family is often admired, but sometimes ridiculed. They are everyone’s favorite fabulous family one minute and the next, they are in the headlines for something rumor-filled and even mean-spirited. But when you are in the spotlight, there is always give and take, and the Royal Family has surely gotten used to the endless public interest, be it positive or negative. It comes with the territory, along with the crown.

Now that another exciting royal wedding is soon to take place between Prince Harry and his gorgeous fiancé, (former) actress Meghan Markle, the royals are yet again the focus of fans who can’t wait until the big day finally comes. Due to the current boost in popularity, folks are scouring the Internet looking for photos of not only Markle, but the rest of the clan as well. And boy are there plenty!

Most of these royal pics are uptight and proper, full of plastered-on toothy smiles, firm handshakes, and special celebrations and events. But every now and then, a less-than-stellar pic appears that is far from “royal perfect.” Oh, the shade of it all! Even the best of England can’t escape it.

Here are 20 must-see photos of the royal family members we simply cannot ignore. Call us a bunch of gossips, but you just can’t help but grin about what must have been going on when these 20 pics were snapped. Enjoy!

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17 The Queen Smells Something Bad

The Queen of England has no issue with letting her feelings be known, and she doesn’t have to utter a word to get her royal point across. Whatever it is that she finds distasteful in this pic is splashed right across her face. She is old enough to no longer give a hoot if anyone calls her out on her seemingly rude expression, not to mention, who is going to mess with the queen anyhow? She looks like she is in public, so she is probably witnessing something unsavory, to say the least. Maybe someone is chewing with their mouth open or a teenage girl is wearing a skimpy outfit in her presence. If the Queen wants to go incognito, she is going to have to find a pair of shades far darker than the ones she is wearing in this photo. If you want to be shady, find the right shades!

16 Awkward Side Hug

Duchess Kate has a shady look on her face as she poses awkwardly with pro basketball player LeBron James. With her husband Prince William looking the other way, the odd photo comes off even shadier. It seems like Kate has no clue who this guy with his arm wrapped around her shoulder even is. Even with the obvious and clear clue on his sweatshirt, Kate seems like she wouldn’t know a basketball player from a tuba player. But Kate has been in so many photos with fans that she probably thinks James is just another average royal watcher. Come to think of it, maybe James is thinking the same thing — that Kate is a basketball fan looking to pose for pic and snag an autograph. This moment couldn’t be over soon enough.

15 You Better Use A Filter On That

A selfie with the Queen? Why not? She’s right there and this is the age of smartphones and snapshots. But is this allowed? The kid has no clue, and the Queen likely has limited knowledge about today’s high-tech gizmos, gadgets, and devices. When this boy posts his pic of the Queen to his Instagram account, his friends are going to have a field day. But if those official-looking men behind that lad get a hold of his phone, this kid’s day will be ruined.

They don’t want some goofy kid posting a pic of the Queen to some silly Facebook page.

He could add a moronic caption or Photoshop her head onto a bikini model’s body. If only the queen weren’t wearing gloves, she could grab that boy’s phone and delete all the evidence.

14 Right Behind You

It becomes a major problem when you are situated downwind from a fella who just let one rip. Yes, even royalty can pass wind, making those in the immediate area want to run and hide, or at least pinch their noses. But this is some sort of royal procession, so all Prince William and his wife Kate can do is smile as they hold their breath. Prince Charles looks guilty and he is probably regretting eating that three-bean salad for lunch. There is nothing fancy about farting, but the Royals are only human, after all, and they pass gas just like truckers, teachers, and tailors. Hopefully the odor wasn’t too unbearable, but Prince Charles’ telling expression leads us to believe that he may have burned a hole through his knickers.

13 Too Close

Wrinkles on her forehead? Call the nearest plastic surgeon or at least a dermatologist pronto! Meghan Markle is going to be married to Prince Harry before we know it and she must look picture-perfect. Even the faintest lines must be smoothed away or else she will be furious with her photographer. She is slightly older than her groom, so Markle will do all she can to look as youthful as she can on the big day. And if that means injecting her pretty face with syringes of Botox, so be it. Makeup and lighting will help but they can only go so far. This gal knows firsthand, coming from the acting world. Even that sparkly ring can’t distract us from her worried look. Maybe she will cut blunt bangs instead.

12 Wear These And Nobody Will Suspect Anything

Prince Harry has been known to be quite the partier and his bride-to-be Meghan Markle is no stranger to the wild Hollywood scene. Could it be that the two lovebirds were “toking up” before the match? They are awfully smiley, and those super-dark shades could be hiding two sets of bloodshot eyes. Sure, there is no harm in dabbling in a little “Mary Jane,” but these royals must always be on their best behavior while out in public. If the Queen only knew that Harry and Meghan were munching on decadent pot brownies in the palace kitchen, she would blow a gasket. Let’s hope she didn’t sneak a bite inadvertently too.

11 Why Couldn’t Harry Find Someone More Like You?

It certainly looks like the queen and Duchess Kate get along swimmingly. They are joking around and having a good laugh together. The queen must adore her grandson’s wife and the feeling seems to be reciprocated. But will the Queen ever get this close with Prince Harry’s wife-to-be, Meghan Markle? If the Queen had her way, Harry would have brought home a woman much more like Kate. She can’t be too thrilled that Markle is a divorcee or that she is a bit older than Harry. Not to mention all the hoopla surrounding Markle’s family, some of whom are estranged. If only Kate could be cloned. Then the Queen’s life would be royally perfect.

10 I’ve Had Better Food at Denny’s

If you are serving the Queen breakfast, you had better get it right. Here, we seen the Queen grimacing over her granola and ticked off about her tea service. This woman is used to the royal treatment and serving orange juice in a wine glass does not make it any fancier. At least serve the woman a mimosa for heaven’s sake. For a woman who is used to white-glove butler service and a live-in chef, sitting at some everyday restaurant with commoners munching on waffles and sausages isn’t exactly this broad’s cup of tea. Where are the caviar and crumpets? We all know the Queen has plenty of money, but her waiter best not be expecting a generous tip. She’ll probably make a pit stop at the drive-thru on the way home.

9 Can We Re-Gift This?

Hmm honey, this gift looks nice, but what the heck is it? Duchess Kate is all smiles, but we can tell she would have rather opened up a box of decadent Godiva chocolate truffles. Her loving hubby is standing by his gal also pretending to admire this gift, but they both know they are not keeping it. Even the Royals are not above re-gifting, so this item will be carefully re-wrapped and given to the clueless hosts of the next party they attend.

After all, these two have plenty enough already, so why hold on to something they are not going to use?

William’s bro Prince Harry and his bride-to-be Meghan Markle may just be the lucky recipients of this box on their wedding night. Way to keep it in the family!

8 How Much Longer Do We Have To Sit Here?

It sure looks like someone is getting antsy. Duchess Kate and her hubby Prince William are in attendance for a special event, but Kate can’t wait to get the heck out of there. As the rest of the audience applauds, she is whispering into her husband’s ear that she is getting hungry and would love to stop for some fro yo. She needs to look like she is proper and pleased to be there, but nothing could be further from the truth. She is bored and tired and would love to get home to the kids and change into her pyjamas. William is thinking the same thing, but he’d be slammed in the press if he exited the event earlier than the rest. Maybe Kate has some jellybeans in her purse to hold her over.

7 Ya That's Right, We're Royal

Those commoners must be jealous of us, right? We get to live in a luxurious palace and have the best of the best while the rest of the world must go to their boring 9-to-5 jobs and have the same awful meatloaf for dinner night after night. It is one thing to smile towards the crowd but quite another to look like you are cackling like witches. Kate is the worst of the three in this pic, probably because Prince William and his younger brother Harry grew up in the Royal Family and don’t know of a life any different. Kate thanks her lucky stars every day that she is now a Royal too. For it was long ago that she was one of the many only dreaming what life would be like behind the precious palace doors.

6 I Am So Taking Over The Palace

Meghan Markle is ready to rule the school. Now that she is engaged to Prince Harry, she will be the new “B” in town. Move over Duchess Kate and watch your back Queen. This Hollywood honey is moving to England and she is taking over. She knows how to get her way and when it comes to living the dream, this lady’s wildest dreams have already become a reality.

She went from an unknown girl to a TV actress to a Royal Family member.

Once she weds Prince Harry, she will be the hottest thing the Brits have ever seen in the palace. Kate is special, but Meghan is next-level. She is not shy to say what she wants, and she is not going to hold back from getting the royal treatment from day one.

5 Why Am I Holding My Own Umbrella?

Doesn’t the queen have someone on her staff to hold that umbrella for her? Royals should not be doing such things for themselves. By the look on her face, the Queen is royally rained out and is wondering why she does not have an assistant on hand to make sure she stays dry. The good news is that the Queen is perfectly color coordinated with her bright red umbrella matching her coat. And that fuzzy hat and matching scarf surely keep her warm during the England rainstorm. We wonder if Rihanna’s “Umbrella” is running through the queen’s mind. But we have a feeling she wouldn’t share her umbrella with anyone. The Queen may be shaded by her umbrella, but the look on her face is plain shady. Someone’s getting fired.

4 Just Get Me One In Every Color

There’s shady and then there are shades. Here we see a combination of the two with the Queen showing off her rainbow of clothing with not much room for experimentation when it comes to her fashion sensibilities. While many people couldn’t afford to own even one of these high-priced looks, the Queen just grabbed one in every color, matching hat included to top the whole thing off. She looks happy when she is dressed in red, yellow, green, and blue, but it seems like lavender just is not her cup of tea. Either she is not fond of how the shade looks against her complexion, or she is annoyed with someone in the family. Perhaps this is the day she found out that her grandson Prince Harry wouldn’t be marrying a fellow Brit.

3 You’d Think These Thrones Would Be More Comfortable

By the look on the Queen’s face, you would think she was sitting on a plastic fold-up chair or a wooden stool. But no, she is sitting on a magnificent golden throne and looks completely aggravated. Most folks would love the opportunity to have the chance to sit on such a fantastic chair, but the Queen would rather set her royal rump on something more cushiony. We hear IKEA sells some well-made and affordable items. But the Queen must serve her British people and address them from the throne, with a dazzling crown atop her head, and all the royal jewels perfectly in place. While she looks regal, we all know that once this is over, she will head back to her quarters and change into a pair of sweats.

2 Someone Needs A Comb 

Whoever snapped this pic is one heck of shady paparazzi photographer. Just when the heavy winds caught Prince Charles’ hair just so, the unflattering photo was taken, making him look rather nutty. Only Donald Trump can empathize, as we’ve seen his messy mop do some funky things, weather-related or not. Although Charles’ hair looks totally wacky, he is still managing to give something of a grin to the photographer, showing he does not care if his hair is whack, or he just is not aware of what is going on up north. Next time, he ought to use a bit more hair gel or spray on those windy, stormy days. Otherwise, he will have another hair-raising experience just like this one. And he had better believe that a paparazzi will be right there snapping another silly pic.

1 That's A Nice Looking Bird

We wonder what is going through the Queen’s mind as she smiles broadly at this fuzzy duck. Friend or foe? Pet or part of an entrée? We know the queen loves dogs, but does she prefer her ducks in the lake or on her dinner plate? Hey duck, don’t let the Queen’s friendly smile and bright yellow outfit fool you. She has a chef in the palace who isn’t afraid to prepare the Queen something fresh from the farm. Plus, she's quite the hunter herself.  We can't imagine how many of these she got on her own. And if the Queen loves duck for dinner, you can bet that she’ll get it. A turkey sandwich from Subway just won’t cut it.

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