20 A-List Celebs Who Let A Bad Incident Affect Their Reputation

A lot of people grow up with the goal of acquiring fame and fortune in some manner. Today, more people than ever are realizing their dreams. People become celebs for doing all manner of things. You can become a celeb without even leaving the comfort of your own home. An increasing number of people have started to earn a living by becoming internet sensations. But it’s fair to assume that when people grow up with the desire of becoming a celeb, they want to become an A-lister. They want to have people staring up at them on movie screens, or watching them perform at concerts, walking the red carpets and having paparazzi baying at their heels. For these 20, that dream’s become a reality. But it’s not all glitz and glamor.

When they were starting out, they must have said to themselves that they wouldn’t let fame change them. But it’s inevitable; fame changes people, and not always for the better. There are some A-list celebs out there who have earned themselves pretty unflattering reputations. They’ve adopted snobbish behavior, have acquired superiority complexes, behave like divas and have let fame get the better of them. Sure, they may be regarded as being socially superior, but boy do they let everyone know it. They’ve been labelled as being snobs, and with good reason too. These are 20 A-list celebs who are considered to be massive snobs.


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Upon first impressions, it’s fair to assume that you wouldn’t place Reese Witherspoon in the snob category. She personifies the sweet little innocent southern girl, but occasionally another side of her personality shines through, and it’s a pretty unflattering aspect of her character. Sure, she’s a big A-lister, one of the biggest, most popular actresses around. Because of that, and perhaps the length of time she’s been in the limelight, she feels like she can get away with criticizing other A-listers.

She recently had a big tantrum about how she didn’t feel Nicole Kidman was pulling her weight when it came to promoting their latest project. The press undoubtedly made a bigger deal out of that incident, but even so. But there’s an incident that proves how much of a snob Reese is. In 2013, her husband was arrested by a state trooper. Reese was asked to stay in the car but ended up getting the handcuffs slapped on her for obstructing justice. She left the car, was getting angry at the cops, and she obviously thought were below her in terms of social standing. She said, “Do you know my name? You’re about to find out who I am… you’re about to be on national news.” That certainly was the case, but it was Reese who wasn’t painted in the best light.


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If you had to pick one male celebrity who’s the king of the snobs, it’d have to be Kanye West. Sure, there are other male celebs who have displayed snobbish behavior over the years, but Kanye’s moments of snobbery could fill up a whole book. We would need to write another article to go through everything that Kanye’s done that’s resulted in him being labelled as a snob.

Pretty much everyone knows that Kanye’s a huge snob. The guy deems himself to be some kind of God – no seriously, he’s said as much. He’s said things like how he wants to save the human race. We’ve all heard about the major things he’s done, things like spending a fortune of his concerts, fashion shows, his disregard for his finances, and wanting to get everything just perfect. He’s thrown fits, has alienated a lot of people, and thinks people in the fashion world aren’t taking him seriously and are out to get him… We could just go on and on. But then there are the little things that a lot of people probably don’t know about. Those who are part of his entourage can’t wear clothing with patterns, because patterns distract him. He’s flipped out at staff for not knowing which floor he wants to go on. He doesn’t like people touching him, getting in his space, making small talk, or addressing his wife. Oh, and another thing about Kanye is that he never apologizes. Why would he? After all, he does think of himself as a god.


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In a way, who can really blame Emma if she’s a snob. She grew up in the limelight and started receiving so much attention from a young age. That must have had a massive influence on her personality. Emma is of course famed for playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. One of Hermione’s attributes was that she was extremely stuck-up and very snobbish. Many would say playing Hermione caused that to become part of her real-life persona. There have been numerous incidences over the years that make us think that that’s indeed the case. Apparently, she complains about absolutely everything. She’s pretty snappy with people, can get rather sarcastic, and uses her superior intelligence to put people down and make them feel inferior.

There was an incident with Jay Leno when she corrected his pronunciation of her name. More recently, Emma was described as being a huge snob at the ELLE Style Awards in 2017. She won the Woman of The Year trophy, but just couldn’t care less. She arrived over 90 minutes late, disrupted the whole event, didn’t want to walk the red carpet with other stars, and only wanted her picture taken with a photographer that she’d picked out in a special room. Then just as quickly as she’d accepted the award, she made a speedy exit. Her behavior didn’t go down well.


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Ariana Grande seems like a real sweetheart. The 24-year-old is super cute and is undoubtedly talented. It’s part of the reason why she appeals to the masses, especially younger audiences. When people saw her grow up on the Disney Channel, they were hoping against hope that she’d remain grounded. But she has developed into a serious snob. This didn’t just become apparent when she reached adulthood either. On pretty much all the shows she’s been involved with, there has been some level of drama.

Apparently, she had beef with Jennette McCurdy, and another co-star from her teenage years, Victoria Justice. She’s been accused of being two-faced and throwing them under a bus for her own popularity. Then there are the allegations of her acting really coldly around fans. She refuses to engage in conversation and clearly just wants to brush them off and move on. She’s even demanded fans delete pics of her that she wasn’t happy with! All of this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Ariana. There is a ton of other stuff which has contributed to her getting the unflattering reputation of a snob.


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One definition of a snob is thinking that others are beneath you in terms of their social standing, and consequently behaving differently around them. Amazingly, Lindsay Lohan – yes, the troubled Lindsay Lohan who was once blacklisted by the industry and didn’t have a penny to her name – has been accused of treating people in this manner. That’s something quite a lot of people find flabbergasting. But hey, we suppose that behavior was ingrained within her as a child, growing up in the limelight with constant attention and media scrutiny. Then when she reached adulthood, going through all those difficulties wasn’t enough to make her more of a humble person. Basically, Lindsay thinks she’s above people, like the world owes her something. She turns up to shooting schedules seriously late, makes everyone wait for her while she gets fixed up, treats people with utter disdain, and just generally isn’t a very nice person.


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When it comes to polls of the most hated women in Hollywood, Gwyneth Paltrow nearly always features at the top, closely followed by the likes of Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway. With Kristen and Gwyneth and other names that feature on such polls, you can normally pinpoint an incident or two that can explain why they’re perceived to be the way they are. But with Anne it’s a different story. We can’t really put our finger on it. She’s not outwardly offensive. But it’s just her entire demeanor that rubs people up the wrong. A large part of that is down to what many people believe to be her snobbish attitude. Sure, she’s an A-lister, but having said that, a lot of people don’t rate her acting, and then when she’s not in a movie, people deem her to be really fake. There’s a sense of arrogance about her, and she comes across as a smug extrovert. Some would say she’s too over-the-top with her niceness, and that can be taken as a form of snobbery.


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Some people in the industry care too much, are too obsessed with their work, and consequently they think they’re the best and are entitled to everything. They treat others who they feel don’t work as hard or aren’t as talented, differently, like they’re beneath them. That’s one form of snobbery. But at the opposite end of the scale, there are those that don’t care, yet they’re amazingly successful and love letting people know. Kristen Stewart falls into the latter category. Despite her being one of the world’s most popular actresses, she’s also one of the most hated. She’s not necessarily massively popular for all the right reasons. First of all, people don’t rate her acting ability and deem her to be one-dimensional. Then there was that whole infidelity scandal when she burned Robert Pattinson. But the aspect of her personality that makes her come across as a snob is that she seems incapable of showing emotion – any real emotion, anyway. It makes her seem cold, uninterested, almost as if she thinks she’s above everyone else.


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To her fans and to the camera, Kim Kardashian may come across as this really sweet woman, someone who adores the attention and interacting with her admirers. But there have been incidents over the years that have highlighted her snobbish behavior. In a way, it was inevitable that she was going to develop such a personality. Kim is essentially famous for being famous, but even before she came into the limelight, she’s always enjoyed a privileged lifestyle; her dad Robert and her mom Kris were never exactly hard up for a bit of cash! Consequently, she’s developed a spoiled bratty attitude, and that’s only been exacerbated as she’s gotten even more famous. We’ve seen her snobbish behavior numerous times on her reality TV show. Then there are her diva demands, which she tries to keep hidden from the media. Apparently, she bosses people around like they’re her royal subjects, is extremely rude and overly picky with her staff, regularly throws tantrums, and has this way of making catty comments. We can’t say we are surprised.


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Salma Hayek is rated as being one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Nobody would really say that she’s a great actress, but she has had a successful time of it on the movie scene. That’s because Salma knows how to work it, knows what she’s got and knows how to flaunt it. She certainly knows what people want to see from her. She has this effect on guys – at times she has rendered guys catatonic. That’s the Salma Hayek effect. But this has resulted in her ego getting an almighty boost. She’s become a real snob over the years. There are many incidences of note that showcase her snobbish behavior. She’s been seen cursing at waiters and waitresses if she’s not happy about something, really creating a scene. She’s not happy if people don’t recognize her, but at the same time, she hates when people look at her and make eye contact. She’s fired people because they’ve looked at her a certain way. And of course, Salma is another diva that throws temper tantrums.


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It’s all very well apologizing after you’ve done the deed. It may alter people’s perceptions of you slightly, but it doesn’t detract from what you’ve done. Katherine Heigl has realized that she’s displayed some snobbish and pretty nasty behavior over the years and has issued apologies, but that hasn’t been enough to make people forget about her past indiscretions. And there have been a lot of these indiscretions. She’s trashed movies roles she’s had, blaming writers and producers when she thinks she hasn’t been portrayed in the best light. She even withdrew her name from the list of Emmy candidates once because of that very reason. Grey’s Anatomy was one of her big successes, something that propelled her into the limelight. But her snobbery and generally bad attitude is thought to be the reason why she was kicked off that show. Katherine certainly thinks she’s a better actress than she is. She thinks she is better than her co-stars, writers, producers, and too good to receive a reward.


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Mariah Carey thinks she’s royalty and that those around her are her royal subjects, that their sole purpose is to serve her and do whatever she says. That’s the perception that’s gained when looking through everything people have said about her over the years. It doesn’t make for very pleasant reading if you’re Mariah. Mariah is a diva if ever there was one. Only she would see it fit to exit President Obama’s inauguration ceremony because she wasn’t seated at a good enough table with enough high-profile guests, people that she deemed to be on her level. She’s insisted that the red carpet be rolled out for her, when doing things as mundane as entering a hotel. And there are numerous other instances that give across the impression that she thinks she’s better than everyone else. For example, she claimed she’d never heard of J-Lo. It doesn’t get any cattier than that by Queen Mariah.


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If you’ve got it, flaunt it. That’s especially the case if you’re in the rap game. P Diddy certainly has an enormous amount of wealth. He started out as a rapper, but has since branched off, has been exploring other ventures, and has made a name for himself as a businessman, a pretty wealthy one at that. He’s got a net worth of almost a billion dollars. So, when he’s displayed snobbish behavior, you can kind of understand it, appreciate why he’s developed such characteristics. People may be able to understand why he’s gotten to be the way he is, but there are a great deal of people who hate him for it, not that P Diddy would care – he’s the whale and they’re the little minnows, and he treats them as such. The music industry mogul is raking in the cash, is at the top of his game, but is an absolute nightmare to be around due to him being an almighty snob.


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Occasionally an actress comes along in the industry, or on a movie set, that just has a totally different personality to everyone else. Understandably these characters grate on people, cause a lot of friction and disharmony. January Jones is one of these actresses, someone who rubs pretty much anyone she works with up the wrong way. Some would say that it’s because she’s just not a very nice person, others would say that she’s a snob and thinks everyone’s below her. It’s probably a combination of the two. There have been numerous co-stars who have divulged all about their working relationship with January Jones. Her Mad Men co-star, Jared Gilmore, has claimed she’s unapproachable. Zach Galifianakis had a very unpleasant experience with January the first time they met. Apparently, she bossed him around and ordered him to leave her alone. January certainly hasn’t endeared herself to her co-stars and isn’t the most popular actress in the industry.


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Okay, so all of you probably anticipated Justin Bieber was going to feature on this list. When it comes to male A-listers acting like divas, behaving in a snobbish manner, Justin heads that list. He achieved superstardom as a teenager, and that was inevitably going to warp his development and his personality. There’ve been numerous incidences over the years which demonstrate his – many people may say unstable, rather erratic – behavior. He’s perceived to be the spoiled, bratty rich kid who gets anything and gets away with anything. If these moments don’t highlight the fact that Justin’s a snob, perhaps his demands when he goes on tour will. He’s demanded his hotel rooms are adorned with purple carnations, he wants executive chefs to be at his beck and call all day, all night, wants their meals to be named after his own hit songs, and the list just goes on and on.


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J-Lo may be Jenny from The Block, but it’s fair to assume that she still doesn’t have the same attitude, the same personality. J-Lo’s a superstar, an A-lister if ever there was one. She’s made a success of things as a singer, and as an actress, so it’s not a surprise if her head’s gotten a bit bigger over the years. She’s tasted a ton of success, has gone down different avenues, explored many ventures, and is revelling in the high life. But that’s altered her persona, and the success seems to have gone to her head. There have been plenty of allegations about J-Lo being a real snob. Of course, there are her diva demands. When she’s on tour, traveling, she has to have everything done her own way, has to have everything she wants, and many of these demands are pretty extravagant. Then there are things like her being catty to fellow celebs, her rudeness and refusal to even acknowledge service people, getting people fired over trivial things. This doesn’t paint her in the best light.


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Scott Disick’s name is synonymous with the Kardashians and always will be. We’ve seen him grow up on the family’s reality TV show over the years, from the time he started dating Kourtney, to today, where he’s dad to three of their kids. Initially people hated him, couldn’t stand him. Okay, so a lot of people still can’t stand the guy. They deem him to be a slimy, pompous individual. He’s become famed for living a lavish lifestyle, even more that the Kardashians, and that’s saying something. He loves nothing more than flaunting his cash and letting everyone know what he’s all about. A lot of people would say he’s obnoxious with it. Throwing money around, posting pics of himself flying on private jets with stacks of cash on the table – that’s snobbery in its highest form.

Scott also looks down on people. He treats people like peasants – we’ve lost count of the number of times he’s actually used that term himself. But that’s how he started to gain popularity on the family’s TV show. Everyone just jumped on the bandwagon, and Scott got carried away with that persona. Is he a snob in real life, or does he just play to the camera, give people something to talk about? Perhaps at the start of his time in the limelight, but you’ve got to say that now it’s definitely part of his personality.


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Queen Bey has been given that name for a reason. Like a lot of people on this list, she thinks she’s all high and mighty and is above everyone else. Well, in terms of the celebrity stakes, who’s a bigger A-lister, Beyoncé is right at the top of that list. She’s loved by millions around the globe, has her own unique style, and it’s held her in good stead. Of course, her music sets her apart, but take everything else into account and Beyoncé’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill celeb. But the problem with that is that she knows it. She knows she’s superior, and can get pretty snobbish about it. Sure, when the cameras are out and about she’s always got a smile plastered across her face. But there are many tales of her diva behavior backstage, how she has ludicrous demands, takes delight in bossing people about, and she’s even made people cry.


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Christina Aguilera has had her fair share of issues over the years. These certainly haven’t had the effect of mellowing down her personality. The things she’s gone through haven’t made her any more of a humble person. That’s a shame, because if we take what a lot of people have been saying about Christina into account, she certainly needs taking down a peg or two. There are certain A-listers who you can just look at, and you can instantly be able to tell that they’re snobs. Christina is one of those A-listers. The powerhouse singer has had many diva moments, and it’s no secret that she has a shady and rather snobbish side to her personality. Christina’s mastered being a snob, and although many feel she needs to simmer down, there are also a lot of people who love her for her attitude. She does what she wants and sticks two fingers up at the haters. A lot of people find that refreshing in an age where so many celebs are worried about their own shadow.


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If we were dishing out titles for the queen of snobs in the celeb world, the top prize would have to go to Gwyneth Paltrow. When it comes to polls conducted on the most hated celebs, Gwyneth more often than not finds herself heading that list. That’s in large part due to her snobbish behavior. Her snobbery comes across in different ways. There’s her entire attitude, which gives the impression she thinks she’s better than everyone else – that’s the first sign of a class-A snob. But a lot of the times it’s the things she comes out with. Every so often what comes out of her mouth makes people raise their eyebrows and simultaneously cringe. She’s said some ridiculously pretentious things over the years, thinks she’s the leading authority on a number of subjects, can be condescending and offensive, and unfortunately for Gwyneth – even though it’s all her own doing – that’s how people know her. They know her not as the Academy Award winner, but the snobbish actress with one heck of an attitude.


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If we were going by looks alone, Selena Gomez definitely wouldn’t feature on this list. To the camera she acts and looks like a real sweetheart. But away from the flashing lights and the baying paparazzi, Selena regularly exhibits a somewhat shady side to her personality. Some would deem her to be catty, rude and offensive and just downright obnoxious. She’s developed an attitude since blossoming from that sweet, innocent Disney girl to superstar singer and A-list celeb. Remember her portrayal of British socialite Cordelia in Monte Carlo? Well, there are many who would say that Selena didn’t need to do much acting for that role. It all came naturally to her because that’s how she is in real life. Selena’s also been known to lash out at people, exploit those who she’s supposedly close to, throw diva tantrums, and at the height of it all, she moans about being an A-lister.

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