19 Unique Pregnancy Rules Eva Longoria Likes To Follow

One thing we love about following Hollywood's stars and keeping up with our favorite celebrities is the babies! There are Instagram profiles dedicated to the children of the stars and we just love watching them grow. Many celebs have had babies recently including top names like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo and of course Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. If you're not one to follow your faves closely, don't worry because we've got you covered. If you haven't heard, our favorite Desperate Housewife is pregnant! Eva Longoria is having her first baby this year, and we know he's a boy. The Texan born Mexican actress has been dating José Bastón since 2013 and the adorable pair got married in 2016.

José has been married before and has three children with his ex-wife Natalia Esperón. Eva has also been married before, to Tyler Christopher and Tony Parker, but no children in those marriages. Eva first let her fans and the public know that she was pregnant through an Instagram post in early January this year. She has been pretty open with her pregnancy so far, letting everyone know that she and husband José are having a baby boy, and sharing daily videos and photos through social media apps Instagram and Snapchat. The 42-year-old mom-to-be is showing that you can have a baby when you're ready. She has stated in many interviews that she loves being a stepmother to José's children and she's excited about this boy of her own.

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19 No Chicken


We all know a lot of pregnant women have weird cravings. Pickles in peanut butter, ice cubes, chilli. It's pretty normal and understandable that you get hungrier because you're growing a whole human in your body. It's also very common for pregnant women to go off certain things they used to like, it's just the way of life. It's not different for our happily pregnant star Eva Longoria.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, she gushed about how happy she was about the baby. She also talked about going off of chicken, of all things. "I actually, don't like chicken right now since I got pregnant. And I used to eat chicken daily. And now I'm like, my husband ordered it the other day and I'm like, 'Why would you do that?!'" She told the ET reporter. We can't imagine not liking chicken but pregnancy is what it is. Hopefully, once the baby's born Eva can go back to roast chicken dinners.

18 Traditional Name


We're kind of glad to hear that this is one of Eva Longoria's rules. Don't get us wrong, we love when celeb babies have adorable names that we've never heard of, but then there are some celebrities who name their children names that make us question everything. In the same interview with ET Eva didn't give away any details or hints to help us guess the name she and husband José have picked for their baby boy.

She did give us details explaining that it will be a traditional name, and as she and José are both Mexican, it will be a long name. We're excited to see what she and José decided on, as José's children all have beautiful names so we're sure this new baby boy will too. José's children from his previous marriage to Mexican actress Natalia Esperón are Natalia, 22, and twins Mariana and José, 15.

17 No Empire Waist Clothes


We all have fashion rules for pregnancy, some for personal preference, and some just because it's impossible to wear certain things while pregnant. High waisted jeans for example. Heels stop some women, but not others. No empire waist dresses are one of Eva's fashion rules for her pregnancy, and props to her for knowing her style. Eva stated recently that she's not a fan of empire waist clothes, so you won't be seeing her in one anytime soon.

Now, this next part is for those of you who aren't knowledgeable about all things fashion (don't worry, we have to Google too sometimes). An empire waist dress is one that is tight around the chest just below the bra, and then the material just drops straight down from there. It's not a fully body-hugging dress basically. It is a stunning style of dress, but we can understand why Eva wouldn't be into it while pregnant, she's alright carrying around her baby, she doesn't need tight and uncomfortable clothes on as well.

16 No A-Line Fashion


Another fashion no-no Eva isn't going with during her pregnancy are A-line style clothing. This one we definitely understand as A-line dresses are like the one she's wearing in the picture above. They are tight at the waist and flare out down the bottom, creating the shape of a letter A. See, not only are you learning about Eva Longoria in this article, we're also teaching you about fashion. The more you know.

Eva stated this in the same interview where she said she didn't like empire waist clothes. She explained to the interviewer that her fashion choices for pregnancy are comfortable sweatpants and sweatshirts, and that sounds good to us. A-line dresses and skirts wouldn't really work on a pregnant tummy anyway, as the area that has to be tightly fitted to the body just wouldn't fit over the baby. We agree with you Eva, loose-fitting clothes for life!

15 Finished Home


Eva and José are preparing their lives to get ready for the new baby. Recently Eva put her Hollywood Hills mansion up for sale. She bought it from fellow actor Tom Cruise and she's put it on the market for $14 million dollars, just if you're interested. The house had many memories for her and she shared them on her Instagram story as she was moving out, showing her fans her favorite places of the much-loved home including the gigantic walk-in closet.

She has purchased a new home in the Beverly Crescent area. She and husband José paid $13.5 million dollars for the mansion home which includes eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms. The only issue is the house is being remodelled. She told Entertainment Tonight that she was telling José he needs to have the remodel finished by the time the new baby comes in the summer, "I keep telling my husband, I'm like, if this baby is born and I don't have a house I will kill you," she joked with the interviewer.

14 Healthy Cravings


One strategy Eva Longoria has for her pregnancy is very smart. She enjoys healthy, delicious foods during her pregnancy which is definitely a good way to go to keep her and the growing baby healthy. As mentioned earlier in this article, pregnant women have a lot of cravings and usually, because pregnancy is a fantastic excuse to do what you want, they're not healthy cravings. Unless you're a superhuman machine who can push through the pregnancy without giving into cravings. If that sounds like you then congratulations on your mental strength.

In this Instagram post pictured, Eva took a photo of what looks to be a delicious acai bowl she captioned the pic 'Saturday morning!'. It must have been a truly yummy treat because the next day Eva posted another Instagram picture with what looks to be the same acai bowl and the caption 'Happy Sunday'. We only wish she would share the location of the store.

13 Comfort Comes First


In this Instagram post captioned 'Less Monday More Sunday', Eva is proving that comfort should come before fashion. One of the things mentioned in this article is that Eva said she wasn't wearing any empire waist or A-line fashion and instead opts for comfy sweatpants and sweatshirts. We totally agreed and she is rocking it in this outfit from the brand 'Sundry Clothing'. Even though she's dressed down in this photo wearing only a cap and some cool shades to accessorize, she still looks amazing, and that pregnancy glow is just adding to her look.

Comfort clothes and surroundings are very important during pregnancy because when you're calm, the baby is calm. Eva doesn't seem to be having any problems following that order with her looking lively and happy in all of her posts. No makeup is also a good way to go because who can be bothered while they're pregnant? Either way, Eva is always stunning.

12 Helpful Advice


Some women are set to do it themselves and would rather try and learn about pregnancy and motherhood on their own than ask for help. Eva Longoria is not that type of woman. She did an interview with Access a week ago and told them that good friend and 'Scandal' star Kerry Washington has been her rock. Kerry has two kids of her own so she is a master at it, and Eva's excited to gain her knowledge. "Kerry has actually been one of my main friends that I’ve been leaning on during pregnancy, she helped me find a baby nurse, and figure out what a doula is. She’s been an endless source of information.” We think we'd listen to anything Kerry Washington told us.

She has more than one source, however, as Eva has also been getting advice from former 'Desperate Housewives' co-stars Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman. "Oh my gosh, Marcia and Felicity have given me advice, we talk a lot. They’re always supportive and amazing moms," Eva told Us Weekly in an interview. It's so sweet to see the sisterhood is still there.

11 Keeping Fit


Eva Longoria is really glowing during this pregnancy, it's a fantastic look. She's also keeping really fit and is seen going on a lot of hikes and walks with her husband José. Eva's showing that just because she's pregnant doesn't mean she has to miss her workouts. By working out and keeping pretty healthy during her pregnancy, it will help her bounce back to her old self quicker after the baby is born.

The fit momma-to-be often shares stories through her Instagram and Snapchat accounts. She keeps in touch with her fans and is down to Earth about her life, and we lap it up. Her stories often show her work out sessions and all the different exercises she does. Sometimes those stories might be her complaining that her trainer is pushing her a lot, but the fact that she has the will to do it is inspiration enough to us. Go, Eva!

10 Practice Makes Perfect


Eva may not have had kids of her own just yet, but that doesn't mean she hasn't had practice. Other than playing a mom to her TV children on 'Desperate Housewives' Eva has been a stepmother to José Bastón's three children since they first got together in 2013. José has three kids, an older daughter, and young twins.

Eva talked about José's children in an interview a few years ago, before the pair were married. "They've been such a gift in my life." She told People. A couple years on and Eva is officially tying the families together with a new sibling for the three children. As invested as she is to sharing her life through Instagram and other social media outlets, Eva doesn't post photos of the kids and prefers to keep their family life private. That is fair enough, we just hope we get to see the baby when he's born.

9 Whatever Happens, Happens


Eva Longoria has always been a carefree, relaxed kind of person and we really admire that. It must be much easier when you don't stress about every single thing in life, but some people are just like that and can't help it. That's why we weren't surprised when we learnt that Eva wasn't too worried about having kids of her own before she found out she was pregnant of course.

Back in the same interview, she gave to People about loving her beautiful stepchildren, Eva told that she was content in her life. "I should be thinking about children, but I feel like my life is full. I don't feel like we are lacking because we don't have a baby. We are fulfilled. If there is anything else to come, it would be icing on the cake." It's so very sweet that Eva was content but we're sure she, José and the family are ecstatic that this baby is coming along.

8 Rest And Relaxation


Rest and relaxation, words everyone likes to hear and both are activities everyone likes to enjoy. Sorry guys, but us ladies get a free 9-month pass for rest and relaxation because of pregnancy. It's the payback for the tough time had during birth. It is essential for pregnant women to be well rested and relaxed, especially in the later stages of pregnancy because being calm and stress-free is very important for the baby.

Eva Longoria isn't the type to just chill through the whole pregnancy, she is a working mom, but there are times when she likes to just relax and have days of calm tranquillity. What easier place to enjoy life than your $14 million dollar mansion? It sounds amazing. Being stressed can cause health problem for the baby which is why everything difficult like moving, work stress and other problems should be taken care of before the last trimester of the pregnancy, as that is time to just relax and wait for the bundle of joy to arrive.

7 A Little Coffee Is Okay - Decaf Of Course


There are a lot of people who believe all caffeine intake should be stopped while you're pregnant, and there are those who advise to only have a little. It's really up to the individual what you decide to do, but make sure you research well and have a talk with your doctor to see what the best plan is for you and your baby. For Eva Longoria, who is a known lover of coffee, she opts to indulge a little decaf from time to time.

In this Instagram post, she is sharing her morning cup of coffee with her 4.4 million followers. She captioned the picture 'May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short'. She has a few other Instagram posts, including a picture on our list, where she is also drinking decaf. We're sure Eva made sure that her coffee addiction wouldn't affect her baby's growth, so, bottoms up, Eva!

6 No Wine


Now this one is a hot topic involving pregnancy. Everyone knows that no alcohol and no smoking during pregnancy, it's horrible for anyone but especially an unborn child. Recently, however, certain doctors have said that they recommend one glass of wine a week will not harm the baby, and possibly do some good.Personally, we don't think we'd follow that advice and it looks like neither would Eva Longoria.

Other more traditional doctors have voted against it, pointing out all the risks and potential damage alcohol can do to babies. We agree with these guys. Eva shared this funny snap to Instagram the other week, captioning the picture 'I really hope so. Happy Tuesday!!!'. The soon mom-to-be looks in high spirits and has a big smile in every picture she posts. We wish her the best in health and happiness and hope that she can get back to enjoying some wine as well.

5 Don't Stop Hustling


As we said before, Eva Longoria is a busy woman. Actress and director, that's talent. In this post from her Instagram, Eva just finished directing an episode of the TV series 'Blackish'. Eva has directed a few episodes of different shows including 'The Mick' and friend Gina Rodriguez's 'Jane The Virgin'. She also hasn't slowed down on her acting, with four movies set to come out this year.

Once again Eva Longoria is proving that pregnancy shouldn't stop your normal life. While she parts her time between family and preparing for pregnancy, she still manages to direct and act. We assume once the baby comes Eva will take a break from her hectic schedule and spend all of her time being the best mother ever while enjoying her newborn son. We can't wait to see all the pictures and maybe she'll even take him to work. Slow down Eva, you're making the rest of us look bad!

4 Not So Healthy Cravings


In this article, we've been talking a lot about health and fitness and how Eva Longoria is staying in really good shape for the baby. She is doing a fantastic job, and we all have to have something bad once in a while. Having cravings and allowing yourself a treat is what pregnancy gives women the excuse to do, and Eva is no different from us. In this picture posted on her Instagram, Eva is in the middle of a photo shoot and looking absolutely stunning.

In the picture, she is also snacking on a bowl of fries in between pictures. She captioned this post 'When you’re doing a photo shoot but baby wants the fries close by! #HappyFriday'. There's nothing wrong with a cheat meal every now and then, and it won't hurt the baby to have a cheat day either. All this talk about food, now we're hungry for fries.

3 Hair Styling


Another controversial topic involving pregnant women is the topic of hair styling. Can you or can you not get your hair done while pregnant? The answer: it's up to you, your doctor and your hair stylist. It may seem extreme to book a doctors appointment to ask about your hair, but it's not when they give you the peace of mind that your hair appointment won't harm your baby.

Hair stylists can use ammonia-free hair products that are less harsh on your hair and scalp, and that's what Eva Longoria does according to her longtime hairstylist Ken Paves. In a recent interview with the celebrity hairstylist to the stars, Ken said that he had just done Eva's hair recently with a softer technique that was less harsh for her scalp or roots. He also said that after the baby is born he believes Eva plans to change her hair again. We're excited to see her new 'do.

2 Keeping Up The Beauty Routine


Of course, it's fantastic to rest and not worry about makeup or hair or glamour or fashion sometimes. Other times those things are fun, and they're really good for self-esteem boosting. Eva Longoria, the Mexican beauty, doesn't need any boosting in that area. She's just as stunning natural and makeup free, but even while pregnant, she does still enjoy getting all dolled up in glitz and glam, and heading off to red carpet events. We're guessing it won't be as much fun as she gets closer to the nine-month mark.

This photo she posted to Instagram back in January shows the actress posing for Oprah magazine shows the mom to be looking beautiful and radiant as ever. Her hair was styled by her longtime stylist Ken Paves, beautiful makeup done by celebrity makeup artist Elan Bongiorno and she was photographed by Diego Uchitel. Eva has been attending a few red carpet events recently and she looks stunning each and every time.

1 Be Happy


This one should be applied to everyone, not just Eva Longoria or pregnant women. Eva's rule of just being happy and enjoying life the fullest should be a rule of life. Even before she was pregnant Eva was a very happy person who lives life the fullest and enjoys it as much as she can. Now with her glowing from pregnancy, Eva is an even bigger ray of sunshine and an inspiration to many that what's meant to be will be.

In this sweet Valentine's Day picture she posted, Eva is walking hand in hand with her handsome husband José Baston. She captions the picture with a loving message to her husband, and a joke about her jeans "You guys know my husband hates being on my social media but today as we celebrate love, I just had to post this! He’s my angel, my life, my everything! Happy Valentine’s Day amor mío! (and let’s be honest, any chance to post a pic where my jean size was smaller l’ll take it! )". We wish them the happiest, healthiest, most content life and we're excited to see the newest member of the Bastón brood.

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