18 Of The Most Expensive Things Bought By Millionaire YouTubers

YouTube has become a platform where many have made their careers a dream come true. Some of the most famous YouTubers have become millionaires through their work on the platform. However, not just anyone can become a YouTuber. It takes charisma and hard work to make it to the top. You also have to be consistent with uploading. A lot of people on this list are known for vlogging in which they film themselves everyday and upload daily.

However, their work pays off as many of these people are making more than most people will see in their lifetimes. They also spend a lot from their earnings. Most YouTubers will cash their first big check in on their dream car and house. However, some have taken to giving back to the people who supported them along their journey. Many people on this list have bought their parents houses and cars.

YouTube can seem like the type of place where most of its creators are trying to flex or show off all the things they can afford and a lot of time it is. However, there is hard work that goes into producing daily content and making sure their audiences are pleased.

18 Jake Paul's Mansion

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Jake Paul is about as popular as his brother Logan Paul, however he’s not quite there yet. He has however built a team of friends known as Team 10 to help him out with his channel. This mansion you see isn’t for Team 10 but for Jake Paul himself. The Team 10 house is located elsewhere in LA. It’s estimated that Jake Paul spent well into the five millions for his mansion.

Similar to his brother, the house is more isolated to help him record more risque videos. The house has a large property around it, including a large parking spot for all of Jake’s expensive cars. He also has a four door garage in case it’s a particularly rainy day. The house is two stories with countless rooms inside it. It’s a giant example of how successful some people have become on YouTube and what they can actually afford.

17 Captain Sparkle's New Ride

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Unlike others on this list, Captain Sparkles is quite humble about his larger purchases. He was contemplating even showing off his purchase of a 2016 McLaren 675LT, but after viewers saw a vlog inside the car they wanted to see the full thing. Instead of gloating about it throughout the video, Captain Sparkles decided to take another route with it. He pretended it was a Toyota Corolla and even went as far as to put a fake Toyota logo on the front of the car.

While we’re not sure if Captain Sparkles got a deal on the car or not, we do know that these cars tend to go for around the mid three hundred thousand range. This isn’t the most expensive thing Captain Sparkles has purchased with his YouTube fame but it is up there. It goes to show that you don’t have to flex anytime you make a new expensive purchase and you can have fun with it at the same time.

16 Logan Paul's Forty Grand Rolex

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Logan Paul recently made a large purchase for himself as he continues to do well in the numbers game on YouTube. The title to the video was of course clickbait and boasted that the watch was worth three million dollars. While it’s not a three million dollar watch it still cost Logan Paul forty thousand dollars to own.

The watch itself is made out of platinum and boasts a gliding hand to count seconds. It’s also powered by kinetic energy instead of a typical battery. The Rolex is known as the presidential series in that typically it is so expensive that only someone like the president can afford it. However, Logan Paul quickly proved them wrong and bought one for himself that he’s been repping on his wrist ever since.

15 The Logan Paul Estate

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Logan Paul is quickly rising to be the new face of Youtube. Well that was true before he ran into controversy in the form of the suicide forest. Regardless, it’s no surprise that Logan Paul has money and a lot of it. He’s on this list a lot but by far the most expensive thing he’s purchased is his mansion. That’s no hyperbole either. He literally now owns a mansion. It’s one of the top purchases that any YouTuber has ever made.

It’s estimated that Logan Paul has spent over 6.6 million dollars on his mansion. It’s a large estate equipped with a pool. He bought it not only to flex on everyone else in the vlog game but to improve his videos. He says that with a larger space that is more isolated they’re more free to do whatever shenanigans they want.

14 Roman Atwood Buys His Dad's Dream Car

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Roman Atwood is best known for his prank channel on YouTube. He would gain millions of views on each video which inspired him to start daily vlogging. He would earn similar amounts of views on his vlogs, raking in a little over a million a year. With this money he decided to treat someone important in his life, his dad. His dad has always wanted a Corvette and Roman finally saved up enough to make the big purchase on his dad’s birthday.

The car itself is listed a little under a hundred grand at eighty thousand dollars. This is a huge purchase especially for a YouTuber. However, Roman went through with it and made his dad smile even more. Roman’s tagline is Smile More and that day he made his dad smile more than ever before. The video itself has gained over two million views and stands as one of the most wholesome videos on the platform.

13 Logan Paul's Dream Car

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Jake Paul’s dream car is a Lamborghini and he took it upon himself to buy one in a vlog. In the video he can be seen awaiting its arrival to his estate. He is super excited for its arrival and explains that this has been the culmination of ten years of hard work on YouTube. Jake explains that this is a symbol of his wealth and all that hard work.

The car itself costs three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, or so the title of the video says. Jake rolled out a special line of merchandise in celebration for his purchase and even held a contest to viewers to get their names engraved into the car itself. While it isn’t that surprising of a purchase, it still is something that Jake Paul has wanted for over a decade and he finally earned enough to purchase it.

12 The Ultimate Watch Collection

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A YouTuber by the name of EMKWAM is a channel which reviews watches. He gets all types of watches tries them out and gives an honest review of them. Many of his watches are sent to him for review purposes, but some he has actually purchased with his own money. With this culmination of watches he has one of the largest and most expensive watch collections in history.

Without a total number confirmed, we’re guessing he has somewhere around one hundred to two hundred thousand dollars in watches. Everything from Rolex to more obscure brands, EMKWAM covers it all! Unlike many people on this list, EMKWAM is a fairly smaller YouTuber with only 43,000 subscribers. That seems like a lot but with the amount of assets in watches he has you’d expect him to have at least one hundred thousand.

11 MKBHD's Obsession With Tesla

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MKBHD is a tech YouTuber who reviews all the newest technology. Anything from phones to televisions MKBHD, reviews it all. Most of the stuff he is sent review copies for, but one thing he loves he couldn’t get for free. MKBHD’s favorite type of car is a Tesla. He loves Tesla so much that he bought himself a Model S and proceeded to enter a competition to win a trip to see the unveiling of the Model 3.

MKBHD has since purchased a Model 3 for himself, which cost him around thirty five grand. He’s done several reviews on different Tesla models, including the Model 3. In an interview on the H3H3 podcast MKBHD shared stories of driving Tesla. In one he stated that one of the model’s power steering got stuck and almost ended him in an accident. Luckily it didn’t but MKBHD hasn’t been as bias on Tesla since.

10 Built From The Ground Up

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Tom Syndicate is best known for his game play videos on Call of Duty. He built his channel from doing different gameplay videos on the popular video game series Call of Duty. That’s not the only thing he would have come to build however. Unlike many other YouTubers on this list, Syndicate decided to build his house instead of just buying one.

The rough estimate of the house was around three hundred thousand dollars but that’s not including any of the installations, rather just the frame itself. Many people have said that it would’ve been easier for Tom to just simply buy a house but he found success in it by vlogging most of the process and making money while spending it. Since then, Tom has been living inside the house and hasn’t seen too many issues with the house itself.

9 Fousey Bought His Parents A House

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FouseyTube is someone who is known to do prank videos back in the day but then turned into a daily vlogger similar to Roman Atwood. This daily vlogging would increase his revenue as he would upload daily getting similar amounts of views as on his main channel. With this, he decided to give back to the people that matter most to him, his parents. The house itself is located on two acres of land and is estimated to cost a few hundred thousand dollars.

Fousey explains that he would be nowhere without the support of his family and that they have cared for him even in the darkest times in his life. This was the best way he could repay that endless love and it's not a bad way of going about it. The house is extremely nice and has two stories. While it’s not the most expensive house on this list the backstory is much richer.

8 The Logan Paul Ice

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Logan Paul is no stranger to representing his merchandise and his brand. He calls his fan base mavericks, something that he calls himself as well. This is the logo of Logan Paul and is represented on most of his merchandise. However, Logan Paul decided to take the logo a step further and make it real. Logan decided to custom order a necklace that costs twenty thousand dollars with a pendant of his logo attached to it.

The pendant and necklace are made out of real gold chains and diamond plated. Logan said that without his fan base he could have never achieved something like this. When he made the brand when he started his channel, he had no idea it would lead to something like this. The necklace shows the amount of hard work and dedication Logan has put into his career.

7 The Party Bus

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Logan Paul decided after waking up one day that he needed to own a school bus. School buses aren’t all that expensive and it probably cost him a few thousand to own. However, Logan Paul wasn’t done there. Logan was ready to completely renovate the bus and stylize it to represent his brand and himself. Through several months of restoration the bus is finally finished and since then Logan has used it for several vlogs.

The total cost of the bus is unknown but it’s safe to say the customization cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. The bus has been in a few vlogs including one where he filled it with toy ball and made a makeshift ball pit in it. In a Christmas themed vlog, Logan rigged the bus with over ten thousand Christmas lights and drove it around town.

6 Logan Paul Buys His Friend A Twenty Grand Rolex

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Logan Paul has already purchased a Rolex for himself but he felt it necessary to give back to one of his best friends. Logan’s friend who shows up in his vlogs often was having a bad day and Logan decided to buy him a twenty thousand dollar Rolex to make him feel better. Out of nowhere Logan surprised his friend with the watch and his friend was speechless. The watch is nowhere near as nice as the one Logan flaunts, but it’s still a really nice watch.

Logan’s friend was so grateful to him and they have become much better friends since then. Logan isn’t as self centered as everyone may think and this is a prime example. He has the money to make split second decisions like this for his friends and it’s proof that Logan Paul makes a ton of money.

5 Roman Atwood's Iowa Estate

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As mentioned before Roman Atwood makes a lot of money through his vlog channel. Through daily uploads he is able to rake in a little under a million a year. With these earnings he decided to buy his family a very nice house in Iowa. Roman has a wife, two kids and a dog so this was the perfect purchase for all of them. Typically YouTubers who make these big purchases don’t have anyone to share them with but Roman is a special case.

The house has many acres where he can do crazy stunts and where his kids can run free without any danger. The house also boasts a large driveway that can fit several different cars. The overall design of the house is very nice as well. Overall the price of the house is around three hundred fifty thousand dollars and has since gone up in price.

4 KSI's Pimped Out Ride

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KSI gained his following through different videos, mainly which most of them were game play videos. When KSI uploaded a video titled “Reacting to Wroetoshaw's New Car!” many of his fans assumed it was just a car used in the video since they were at a racetrack, however it was later revealed by KSI that the car actually belonged to him.

A year later KSI would purchase a wrap for his car that sported a bright purple and LED lights that lined the car. This would be the design most people would recognize the car for. The car looked like something that came out of one of the Tron films. After one more wrap job KSI decided to let the car go and sold it in 2017 as he had trouble keeping up with the expenses. Overall, we wouldn’t be surprised if KSI spent well into the hundred thousands for this car.

3 Captain Sparkle's Million Dollar Home

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If you thought Captain Sparkles was rich because of his car purchase wait until you hear about his house. The Minecraft YouTuber decided to take a nosedive on a house he was interested in for a while. The house is located in LA and cost the YouTuber 4.4 million dollars. While it’s no Logan Paul mansion, that number is unheard of for a YouTuber gaming channel.

Ironically enough the house is located very close to the creator of Minecraft’s house, Notch. Captain Sparkles gained a large amount of his fame because of Minecraft and now he is able to afford a home in the same vicinity as the creator of it. The house is very modern looking and has glass windows in almost every room. It overlooks the Hollywood Hills and even has a giant pool in the front sporting the same view.

2 The Twenty Thousand Dollar Dog

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Faze Banks is known for building a community around Call of Duty gameplay videos. He gained fame rapidly and started making bank. One of the first purchases he would make with his new found riches was a french bulldog that cost twenty thousand dollars. You heard that right. It’s a purebred french bulldog and the total cost came out to be twenty grand. While Logan Paul is over there buying necklaces and Rolex for twenty grand Faze Banks decided to get a puppy.

He and his girlfriend had been wanting the puppy for quite some time and they finally decided to take the dive and get it. The puppy is still doing well and seems to be worth the twenty grand. It does make you ask yourself as you look at your dog and wonder if they would be worth twenty grand. Of course you can’t put a price on love.

1 Rice Gum's House

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RiceGum is a YouTuber known for his reaction videos and vlogs. He gained popularity like any other vlogger would, by posting daily videos. With his success ramping up, RiceGum decided to buy a house in downtown LA. He shares the house with other notable YouTube stars like Faze Banks and Sommer Ray. Previous tenants of the house even include Justin Bieber. RiceGum has filmed several videos inside the house including music videos and diss tracks.

He gave several tours of the house and it seems to be worth around 12.5 million dollars. Don’t worry, RiceGum didn’t actually buy the house but he is renting it for forty thousand dollars a month split across the tenants. The house is mostly made out of glass, has windows in every room, and also has several balconies overlooking LA.

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