17 Celebs With Luxury Watch Collections Worth More Than Our House

Before you start reading the article take a minute and think about the following question: What is the most elegant thing someone can own? There are various answers to this question, mostly depending on which gender the question is directed toward. For women, it would probably be a necklace or a purse, while a nice car might be more suitable for a man.

There is one thing that both men and women desire to own. It is considered to be a standard item for displaying luxury and wealth. I am, of course, talking about watches. As a hardcore fan of this accessory, I thought that writing an article about them would be great. Some celebrities own watch collections that are essentially worth more than our houses. As much as we write about celebs and their fancy mansions and private yachts, not enough attention is paid to their watches. Watches are real investment pieces that can be worth thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars.

So without further delay, let’s jump right into this list. Since Conor McGregor was the inspiration for this piece, let's start with him first.

17 Conor McGregor

Via: Pinterest

The majority of professional athletes make tons of money on a regular basis. As a result, obtaining expensive items is a completely natural thing to do. MMA seems to have treated Mr. Notorious very well. Conor McGregor uploaded this picture to his Instagram account wearing two Rolex watches and a Patek Philippe around his wrist.

From left to right, an approximate cost of the watches you see is $20,000 (Rolex Cosmograph Daytona), $65,000  (Patek Philippe Nautilus), and $62,000 (Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date). These three watches cost more than $150,000 combined. Conor has a ton of other watches, which collectively cost more than $2.5 million!

16 Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony
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Being an NBA superstar comes with some pretty good benefits, one of which being a multimillion-dollar salary. Carmelo Anthony has a salary upwards of $25 million per year. As an avid watch lover, he owns a huge selection of Rolex, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, and many more.

Not one, but two Rolex Sky-Dweller watches are a part of this personal collection. Those two alone are worth more than $60,000. A Rolex Yacht-Master II and two Day-Date watches are also some unique pieces that are pretty hard to miss. His watch collection may very well be worth more than a whole mansion, let alone a simple house.

15 Jay-Z

Jay Z
Via GQ India

Apart from being married to Beyonce and having an enormous fan base, Jay-Z seems to have much more on his plate than most of the other idols in the music industry. One of the things that make him so interesting is his watch collection. Sure, Rolex and Richard Mille are part of this collection but there is a specific piece you may not have seen him wear that much.

I am talking about his Hublot piece. Hublot is one of the most exclusive watch brands in the world and one of the most expensive, to say the least. Beyonce gifted her beloved husband a $5 million Hublot watch! If you thought money can't buy happiness, think again.

14 Charlie Sheen

Via: Celeb Buzz

Charlie Sheen has given hundreds of funny lines on the TV show, Two and a Half Men, but we nearly had a heart attack when we learned how much his watch collection was worth. One of his most expensive pieces is a Patek Philippe Re.2438/1, which is worth approximately $700,000!

This specific brand seems to be his favorite, as he owns many of their products. He once lost a watch worth $175,000 and reacted like it was nothing. Well, I guess that if your watch collection is estimated to be worth $5.6 million, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing one either.

13 Kanye West

Via: Complex

Just like Jay-Z, Kanye West is a big fan of luxury watches. With a pretty big collection to his name, the popular rapper actually likes to give more than he takes. When his album with  Jay-Z, “Watch the Throne,” was released, he gifted Rolex GMT Masters to the sound engineers to thank them for not leaking the album before it was released.

He is the owner of a gold Rolex Daytona, a Bape G-Shock limited edition piece, and even an all-black, completely customized Rolex Submariner. On top of all these, his collection includes a gold, eight-karat diamond Tiret, which features his face on the dial.

12 Dan Bilzerian

Via: Daily Mail

Being good at poker is one thing but going all in with your money is another. Yep, as for the latter one, I was referring to Dan Bilzerian’s crazy life. The playboy has uploaded Instagram pictures with hundreds of beautiful women, most of whom have been paid for their “services." Either way, one thing that is always visible in his photos is the watch he is wearing.

Bilzerian has a unique taste when it comes to watches. He loves automatic and winding ones. His most expensive piece is believed to be a Richard Mille costing $800,000! Audemars Piguet and Hublot pieces are included in his collection as well. According to him, his “cheapest” watch is worth about $40,000.

11 Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio
Via Beauty and Health

One of the best actors of our generation? Probably. A person with a great taste for watches? Totally! Leonardo DiCaprio is known for the passion he has for watches. This is one of the reasons he has become the official face of Tag Heuer. Even though there are far more expensive brands, Tag Heuer makes some pretty exquisite pieces.

I guess most of you have seen DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street, right? I don’t know if you realized it but the gold watch Leo was wearing throughout the biggest part of the movie was a Tag Heuer watch as well! He isn’t conservative when it comes to watches, which he proves by wearing a Breitling Chrono Avenger in the movie, Blood Diamond. If you know anything about watches, you can see why wearing a Breitling is such a good move!

10 Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr
Via GQ

The Iron Man seems to prefer silver more! If you get a look at his GQ interview, you will quickly understand that Robert Downey Jr. likes to make his appearances count by rocking a nice watch. This can be a Rolex, of which he has too many, to say the least or a Breitling, which is a brand that the majority of celebrities don't usually prefer for some reason.

The “jewel” of his watch collection has to be a Patek Philippe, which costs around $35,000 - $40,000 and was a gift from his wife. All in all, Robert sure knows how to amaze both the fans and the ladies with his style!

9 Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt
Via YouTube

You probably already know that Brad Pitt is probably the actor  who is most “adored by women." What you don’t know, however, is that he is the owner of a pretty sick watch collection. Unlike most of the famous Hollywood actors, Brad seems to have a bit more exquisite taste.

Sure he owns Patek Philippe and Rolex watches but he also owns pieces from other brands with some pretty strange designs. One of those is a Cartier that doesn’t even look like a classic watch. Instead, it emits a vibe of a bracelet, mainly due to the lack of a dial!

8 Usher

Via TipTop watches

What does this singer (and amazing dancer) have to offer to the world? Well, apart from his great songs, most of which were hits in the 00’s, he owns a pretty big collection of timepieces. According to Usher, it is not so much about the price as it is about the craftsmanship of the watch.

Based on an interview Daily Mail had with him almost 10 years ago, he stated that he owned more than 40 watches that he would mostly wear just for their stylish looks. Not a single one of his watches displayed the right time! The owner of the watch company, Tiret, is a friend of Usher's and made a watch for him with more than 1,000 little diamonds on the face. It was worth a bit less than $300,000.

7 Tom Cruise

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Not many people know that apart from wearing watches in his movies, Tom Cruise is keen of the wrist accessory in his everyday life as well. Throughout the Mission Impossible movies, he can be seen rocking various Casio watches but this is just one of the cheapest watches he has.

He owns an IWC, Panerai, Omega and countless other pieces from major brands. Some of them also include a U-Boat, Anonimo Firenze, Locman, Graham, Sangdo, and a Bremont. He isn’t so much about the expensive brands but nevertheless, the watches he owns are anything but cheap. They are worth more than $500,000!

6 Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig
Via DiamondDesign

This entry is very different than the other ones you will see on this list. Even though we are talking about watch collections, Daniel Craig’s collection is pretty unique. No, it isn’t because he has pieces from all the famous brands, it because the majority of them are from the same brand. Omega! In ancient Greek, the word “mega” meant huge and important and this is exactly the kind of vibe the James Bond franchise wants to emit.

If you take a look at Mr. Bond’s watch collection you will soon notice that Omega is the main and only star! That doesn’t, however, mean that they are cheap though.

5 Sylvester Stallone

Via: Jakes Rolex World

Most people know that Stallone as one of the box office stars of the last century but did you know that he is a watch collector as well? In fact, he is one of the few people that promoted and helped the Italian watch brand Panerai when it was not as well known. After that, he started collecting various timepieces.

Some of them include a Rolex Submariner ($20,000), a Rolex GMT Master II ($7,500), IWC Pilot ($4,500), and Rolex Seadweller ($10,000). He even managed to find and purchase a rare Seadweller James Cameron edition watch, which he proudly presented to his Instagram fans and posed with it on his wrist.

4 David Beckham

David Beckham
Via The Watch Quote

Apart from being an amazing soccer player and a handsome man, David Beckham has one more thing that the majority of his fans aren’t aware of. He has a love for watches! He likes to collect them so much that he has signed a contract with Breitling to introduce various new pieces to the world.

On top of that, he owns many Rolex watches including a Deep Seadweller, which costs at least $7,000. Furthermore, he has another Breitling and two very nice Jacob & Co pieces. Who knows? They might sign a contract with him too!

3 Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds
Via National Jeweler

The star of Deadpool may like to kid around about everything but when it comes to watches, he is as serious as it gets. It is true, ladies and gentlemen, Ryan Reynolds likes to collect and wear timepieces so much that he has even become the global brand ambassador for Piaget. He actually owns a Polo S model, which he will pass on to his daughter when she grows up (it even has her initials engraved on the back).

There are even rumors about him owning a Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon, which is worth around $1.85 million. It is visible on his wrist during parts of the movie, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, and various forums have attempted to figure out whether he does or doesn’t own it.

2 Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart
Via YouTube

The stand-up comedian turned actor, Kevin Hart seems to know how to efficiently spend the millions he makes. During an interview he had with Haute Time, he showed off his collection and shared his opinion on the prestigious accessories.

According to Kevin, watches aren’t about the bling they bring to the table. It is more about the value of specific brands and models that will keep their value throughout the years. This can be a Rolex, a Patek Philippe, a Richard Mille, or even an Audemars Piguet. Take a look at his Instagram profile and you will easily notice that he is constantly wearing a watch. He loves them!

1 Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin
Via Oracle of Time

Although Vladimir Putin has a net worth might as well easily surpass the $50 billion mark, his annual salary is about $115,000. Well, his official salary that is.

If you know anything about watches and you take a look at his collection, you might see why his collection is worth over $700,000. Do you want a $60,000 Patek Philippe? He’s got it. Do you want $500,000 A. Lange & Sohne? He has one. Putin would have to spend almost 5 years of his salary to buy this one piece.

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