16 Photos Of Celebs Showing Their Baby Bumps (Prematurely)

With selfies and social media growing more popular every day, the presence of baby bumps, including celebrity bumps, is taking over. There's nothing wrong with posting a baby bump selfie, but maybe wait and do it when the time is right. Otherwise, followers will likely get angry.

The annoying barely-bump is even more prevalent with celebrities. Being fit is part of their job, so when celebs take a bump pic, they are so thin, to begin with, that the pregnancy shot still looks thinner than your average woman. Then, this baby bump post comes off as a brag. Almost like saying, "Look how skinny I am, and I'm pregnant." It's the ultimate show-off move.

Here's a list of impatient and beautiful celebrities who wanted to make sure their bumps were seen. There are some selfies here and also some rare professional shots. All were probably taken with the best intentions, but then got panned by the fans.

16 Rosie Huntington Whiteley

via GotCeleb

Yeah, again, that is not a baby bump. It is, really, but it shouldn't be. You know what I mean? That hand down low is showing off the baby. But, there is no baby bump...at all! That's how most people hold their bellies after hitting the steam tray Chinese food and consuming some meat that may have been sitting there for way too long. But oh, no, she's pregnant. She was just super thin before. Many of you may be asking, who is this girl again? Well, she's Rosie Huntington Whiteley, and she is a model and actress. She is engaged to action hero Jason Stratham. She gave birth to their son, Jack Oscar, last June. Whiteley made her name as a Victoria's Secret model and then acted in Transformers. She replaced Megan Fox and got some pretty rough reviews. The New York Post said that Whiteley was so bad she made Megan Fox look like Meryl Streep.

15 Khloe Kardashian

via 234star

Look, Khloe is actually pregnant. Don't see it? Look even closer. There it is towards the bottom of the frame. See how her fingers are curled up around her belly? That's it. That's the bump. Tiny, right? And look at that manicure. So, we all know how much the Kardashians love to step in front of the camera, and Khloe is no exception. Give her any excuse, like a pregnancy announcement, and she's all over it. She looks great with the blonde wavy hair and slinky outfit, but the baby is hardly the point of this shot. It looks more like Khloe showing off how pretty she is, and oh, almost forgot, the baby bump too. This brag shot totally inspired the entire list. She is having a girl, even though she says she wanted a boy. Nice. The dad is NBA star Tristan Thompson. He has a one-year-old son with lifestyle blogger Jordan Craig.

14 Heidi Montag

via eonline.com

Oh, no, not this girl. And she's going to baby-bump a shot like this? Surely, hundreds of fans had that reaction when they saw this pic of former The Hills star, Heidi Montag. Really, what is up with the bridge in the background? Is this some type of metaphor for life bridging the generations or something? Give me a break. And that bump isn't even big at all. Of course, it must be huge to Heidi because we all know she has a keen sense of her body. Remember when she had like 325 operations all at once? Okay, just joking, it wasn't that many. But even one was too much since the girl was already so beautiful. She hasn't made the news lately, except when her baby was born. With dad Spencer Pratt, they named their baby boy Gunner Stone.

13 Serena Williams

via Gds

Is this really a baby bump shot? Yes, it is. But as you can see, it's only at twenty weeks. So, why take it at twenty weeks again? I have no idea. Sure, maybe you want to chronicle your progress, but does that image need to be shared? Well, there's the problem right there, folks. People have no idea when it's a good idea to share stuff. They are so busy trying to look good and obsessing over themselves that they don't realize that some pictures are supposed to be kept private. Oh, well. Just a side effect of social media. Here is tennis Hall of Famer Serena Williams showing off. The shot was taken on Instagram at 8:25 AM. And she already has her suit on? Wow, she must live in a warm climate. Joking aside, Williams is a champ, and she's already back on the court. Her daughter, Alexis Olympia, is six months old. The dad, Alexis Ohanian, is the co-founder of Reddit.

12 Candice Swanepoel

via Grazia Australia

We're not sure what about this shot is more annoying. Is it the fact that the baby bump is no bigger than a normal person's food baby? Or is it the fact that she has that overly dramatic euphoric look on her face? Or maybe it's the camouflage outfit and the bounty of ferns. Does that symbolize mother nature or something? It's the worst when people get too artsy sometimes, especially on social media. And of course, she can't act, she's a model. Oh, that was a burn. But really, when is the last time a model crossed over genres and succeeded? Remember when Gigi Hadid tried to host the AMA's? Yikes. And that Cindy Crawford movie, Fair Game, was a total disaster. Maybe Tyra Banks came closest to an acting crossover, but not quite. Candice does her job well, though, and is one of the finest Angels on the Victoria's Secret stage. This is her second child with partner and model Hermann Nicoli.

11 Lauren Hashian (Rock's Partner)

via Metro

Here is a pic of The Rock Dwayne Johnson and his partner, singer/songwriter Lauren Hashian. They have been together since 2007, the same year that Rock divorced his wife. The couple is happy, with the title of partners, although we don't see any wedding in the near future. This is a bump of their second child together. It's a girl. They have one daughter, Jasmine, already. Also, Johnson has a sixteen-year-old daughter from his first marriage. This baby bump shot was taken at the Jumanji premiere. It's not the official baby announcement, but still, the way they are framing her bump with their hands is a little silly. Rock made the announcement on Instagram, just before this shot was taken. He took a photo of his daughter, Jasmine, with a sign in the background reading, "I'm going to be a big sister." Cute, right? The Rock is the cloyingly cute guy on Insta.

10 Hilaria Baldwin

via e4Haber.com

Here is another obnoxious shot of a baby bump that is not bumpy at all! Millions of women would love to have a belly that small, and you're telling me this is a pregnancy shot? Wow. This girl is really thin, and if this is her pregnant, she must be so tiny when she's not. But, that's the way it goes. Some people are bigger and some are smaller. All shapes are beautiful. Maybe the annoying thing here is that this girl isn't a celebrity in her own right. She's Alec Baldwin's wife, and she's a fitness and wellness expert, aka yoga guru. Or maybe, it's annoying because this isn't even her first child. Sometimes, the first-kid excitement can be overwhelming and you can't help but share. But oh, no. Not Hilaria. This will be her fourth child with Alec, after already having two boys and a girl.

9 Amal Clooney

via ABC News

Yeah, this is another baby bump shot. For most people, this is like an awkward angle that accentuates the belly. Or maybe it's like, "Ooh, I should have worn the spanks 'cause that white dress is really showing curves where I don't want curves." Nope, this is actually a baby bump shot. Even crazier than that, it's twins. Amal Clooney, the human rights attorney, had a boy and a girl, Alex and Ella, last June. Well, at least they went with some normal names. These Hollywood celebs can name their kids Apple or Pilot Inspector, but not the Clooney clan. Actually, George seems like a pretty normal guy, even after all of his success. If you want to know more about George and his awesome wife, Amal, just check out the latest My Next Guest Needs No Introduction on Netflix. The interview show is hosted by Davis Letterman and dives deep into facts you've never heard before.

8 Mila Kunis

via Kidspot

Mila Kunis really has one of the most romantic stories in Hollywood. Here, she was just a kid who had to lie about her age to land a role on That 70's Show. There, she meets gregarious cutie pie Ashton Kutcher. But sorry, Ashton was taken. For some reason, he was married to Demi Moore, in an odd pairing that had everybody scratching their heads. Then, destiny came in. Ashton got divorced, and the old sitcom friends reunited. They were older now and wiser but still had that history. The foundation of friendship will surely lead to a long happy marriage. It's a meant-to-be scenario, kinda like June Carter and Johnny Cash. Let's just hope Ashton got all the cheating out of his system with Demi.  Anyway, here's a shot of Mila at a Dodgers game. Yeah, it's not a cheesy bump pic, but it's still so tiny. The couple now has a girl and a boy, Wyatt and Dimitri, respectively.

7 Natalie Portman

via Schweizer Illustrierte

Here's another baby bump that would probably be considered a normal figure for at least eighty percent of American women. Yeah, there's a bump, but it's small, and the white dress accentuates every curve. Of course, this is a red carpet shot; not a fun announcement on Instagram. We all know that Natalie is a pretty serious woman. Fun is not really her strong suit. She didn't even have an Instagram for years. Then, when she finally opened one last month, it was a social-justice platform. There was nothing fun on it at all. Sure, Time's Up is a great movement, but all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. Natalie has two kids, a boy and girl, Aleph and Amalia, respectively. The dad, Portman's husband, Benjamin Millepied, is a dancer. He choreographed Black Swan, which is when the couple met.

6 Behati Prinsloo

via Glamour UK

Here is a pic of a polarizing Hollywood couple. Some people love these two, and others are disgusted. Behati Prinsloo is yet another Victoria's Secret Model. My goodness, the secret is out. Steamy lingerie leads to pregnancy. These models love taking baby bump shots more than anybody. It's like, alert the media, my stomach is no longer concave. What am I gonna do?! Then, there's the other half, Adam Levine. He's the one in the couple that people love to hate. This guy is very confident and says what's on his mind on The Voice. Some people are big fans. And his band, Maroon 5, still goes on tours and sells out. Their music has turned into the Adam Levine Band, but they still use the same old moniker for some reason. The couple now has two daughters, Dusty Rose and Gio Grace.

5 Chrissy Teigen

via Elle

Holy OMG. This has got to be the thinnest baby bump shot ever. Is it really there? Can somebody get the microscope? But yes, it is a bump shot. She's standing on the red carpet, in a purposeful profile, so the photographers can get an angle on that minuscule bump. And of course, Chrissy Teigen is standing there, all smiles. This girl lives for attention. She is very active on social media. Make that very, very, very active. Some of her stuff can get annoying, but other times, she is pretty funny too. She recently made news when she summoned an award-winning Los Angeles taco truck to her home. Now, don't tell me you wouldn't love to do that if you were rich. Chrissy made a name for herself in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She's also a bestselling author and co-host of Lip Sync Battle. Teigen is currently pregnant. She and her Grammy-winning husband, John Legend, have one daughter, Luna.

4 Audrina Patridge

via Pinterest

So there's a pattern here. Odds are, if you're a Victoria's Secret model or a star of The Hills, then you love taking super skinny baby bump shots. Here's another Hills star, Audrina Patridge, in a bikini. Yes, this is a baby bump pic. We are not kidding. We know it really doesn't really look like one, but it really, truly is. Audrina herself posted this pic on Instagram with this caption: "Burrito or baby? @bowie82 posted this debut of my mini bump so figured I should toooo." Okay, well at least she acknowledges the fact that it's a mini bump. The Insta account mentioned in her caption belongs to the father, Corey Bohan. He's the aussie BMX rider and surfer who also appeared in The Hills and the followup, Audrina. The couple got married in 2016 but are reportedly going through a divorce. Their daughter, Kirra, is now one year old.

3 Megan Fox

via Seher

It's funny how Megan Fox is often represented in the media as this renegade hot chick with wild habits and opinions. It's often forgotten that she's also a mom with three kids. Yes, that's right, three kids. She has all boys, Noah, Bodhi, and Journey. And they're all with the original 90210 actor, Brian Austin Green. So, why is she always perceived as some type of vamp? Who knows? It's like she'll never shake that hot Transformers role or something. Megan is seen here walking out on stage for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles promotion. She is showing off that baby bump like it's no big deal. It's there, we can see it (well, barely), and she doesn't really care. It's her third kid, so maybe she's comfortable with pregnancy. Or maybe she's downplaying it to maintain her bad girl image...

2 Julia Stiles

via People

So, check this one out. It's a pretty big bump, right? Well, it's on the smaller side, actually, but not by much. It's surely the biggest one on the list. This looks like one you might see on your personal FB feed. It's a little blurry, the background is boring, and the look on her face is like, "Why am I doing this?" It's all relative. We've provided this shot just to help you compare and try to determine when the right time to do one of these exactly is. Plus, we've always had a soft spot in our hearts for Julia Stiles. She always gets a bunch of grief in the media. Some garbage stories say she's washed up while others say she used to be a boy, and it's very unfair. She's had a great career and will surely be a great mom. She has a boy with Hollywood camera operator Preston J. Cook. The couple had a shotgun wedding, months before Strummer was born.

1 Bar Refaeli

via Famosos ao Minuto

Wait a second, is this yet another Victoria's Secret model? Man, it really is. These models just can't get over how weird it feels to carry some weight on their toned tummy. Actually, Bar hasn't done that much work for VS and has gained more popularity via the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She also gained some fame after dating Leonardo DiCaprio for a few years. Bar is one of the most lucrative models to ever come out of Israel, and her endorsement deals there are even larger than in America. The reason Bar made this list is because she is a mini baby bump serial offender. This woman takes so many baby bump pics, it's so ridiculous. In all of them, she's wearing a flawless bikini with a figure to die for, even with the tiny bump. She has two daughters, Liv and Elle, with businessman Adi Ezra.

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