15 Workout Routines That Models Have To Follow To Keep Their Job

In 2017 it seemed like every other article online had the, ‘I tried the Victoria’s Secret model workout and I nearly died’, headline. Actually, when you read about the models’ dedication to looking flawless in lingerie while walking a runway, you can see why many would consider it to be brutal. Most of the models dedicate 2-hours each day to working out to keep their bodies trim and in shape. Yet, not every model does the same workout, because not every model has the same interests. It’s actually pretty amazing to notice all the different workouts that each girl can do and yet they all have the same type of slim and toned bodies. Although, while their workouts might different, there is one thing that the girls have in common. All the Victoria models follow strict diet and exercise routines. We already mentioned that they hit the gym 2-hours per day leading up the shows. Yet, did we mention that the girls are doing those 6 days per week? It’s no wonder that most journalists how have normal jobs and social lives found it difficult to keep up with models strict workout regimens.

Now, if you’re one of those girls who only have a few minutes each day to spare, don’t worry. You don’t have to go hard-core and dedicate hours of your day to working out. A lot of the model’s routines can also be done in 20-40 minutes too. In fact, some of their routines can even be done from the comfort of your home. Although, don’t say we didn’t warn you that these workouts are INTENSE! So, read on and try at your own risk.

15 Zumba

Models love to switch things up with their workout routines to ensure that their physiques stay perfectly toned and they never get bored. Model Maria Borges is just one of many models who loves to switch up her routine by adding in Zumba as a way to work out her body.

This workout is fun and you get the dance! Who wouldn't want to do that? Zumba is a Latin-infused dance that is used as a workout routine. It is an exercise fitness program that was created by Alberto Beto that got increasingly known for models as well as many others in the world. It’s a perfect way to try and get to the body you want and have a fun time doing it. Plus, you get to learn different dance moves. What model wouldn't love to do Zumba?

14 Heather Marr’s Bulgarian Workout

Heather Marr’s Bulgarian workout is excellent at toning women’s bodies for long and lean muscles. There's not just one boring drill you have to keep doing to get in shape. With Heather's workout routine, you'll have the chance to work out and learn new moves while you're doing so.

There are five specific moves that you need to do to have the full experience of Heather's routine. All of them are unique and can be done in your own home. First off is the Bulgarian split squat. Then from there, you can move on to the goblet squat. Romanian deadlifts follow with step-ups. Lastly, it’s the forward to reverse lunge. To see all of these workout drills, you can find them on her website or YouTube.

13 The Tracey Anderson Method

Tracy Anderson's method is perfect for models, as well as other celebrities too. However, you don't need to be one to work out the way her clients do. Her methods work for anyone and everyone. To book classes, you can do so online through her website.

Her workout routines can be found online on YouTube as well for any beginners who like to get into shape, but aren’t ready to spend the full cost for her videos. Her 30-minute programs help build strength to your muscles and work your entire body. She will help you find your weaknesses in your body, lose weight, tone your body, and much more. She even promises that with her method, you'll work out more than the average 230 muscles in your body. She's here to teach the world how to work out even more than that.

12 David Kirsch’s Workout

Celebrity trainer David Kirsch is another fitness trainer that works with celebrities. Models have taken a liking to his methods as well. With his help, you can get that summer body in shape. He's helped many women attain that 'supermodel' body.

Some of his workouts can be ten minutes, some thirty, and other much longer. It all depends on what you like and want to stick with. You don't even have to train with him to get your body right! In fact, he can be easily accessed online on YouTube to follow his steps. Notice a trend here? He even has his known 'boot camp' exercises, which will intensify normal workout routines to get his models extra sweaty. The more sweat, the better. That way more weight is lost and you can boost your metabolism while you're at it.

11 HIT

Models have busy schedules. That's a given. And, like anyone else they also have a tendency to become bored doing the same workout over and over. That's why HIIT workouts are perfect for models that want to have fun and are time-sufficient.

With only twenty minutes of a workout, a lot can be burned in that small amount of time. This is due to the high-intensity exercises followed up with a low-activity rest. That's right. Even if these exercises can be fun, it will take a lot of endurance to achieve. Rest is essential for these drills. Remember that. Some examples of HIIT workouts can include treadmill sprints, Stairmaster, jump rope, cycle sprints and multiple variations of reps for each body part. Depending on if you want muscle gain or fat loss, your diet will vary accordingly.

10 Boxing

A lot of models love boxing when it comes to working out. Many Victoria Secret models especially. It burns a lot of calories, is easy and can be done in an hour or less if you'd like. It happens to be a full-body exercise that can get you in shape and beat out emotions. It’s anaerobic workout that improves hand-eye coordination.

Many women feel accomplished and become stronger when they box. It’s one of Adrianna Lima’s favorite ways to work on her 'supermodel' body. You don't even need a punching bag. Boxing can be incorporated in many ways. You can practice your punches, kicks and body movements. Even with just a pair of gloves and partner, boxing is possible. Plus, it requires 100 percent focus, which some may love to get really into their workout for excellent results.

9 305 Fitness

Another dance workout is called 305 Fitness. Named after Miami, Florida's area code, it was inspired by the nightlife club scene. Sadie Kurzban is the founder of 305 Fitness, but anyone can do her workout routine. It's more of a fun dance routine that happens to make you sweat. This equals a workout that you can do to get in shape while enjoying what you're doing to do so.

As it’s a combination of dance, interval training, and sports drills, this one will make you sweat… a lot. The class is split into three sections. With a small warm-up, it then goes into the three sections. Dance cardio, toning and hip-hop routines. If taken for an hour, it's pretty much non-stop. So you'll have to be prepared for this one.

8 Barre

Barre workout routines are a remarkably different method when it comes to working out. It is a form of ballet, using ballet postures and a mix of yoga and Pilates too. This is great for models that like to have a workout that is a lot less intense but still works out the body. Not only that, but it helps calm the mind, which overall decreases any stress happening in your life. That makes a happy, healthy workout.

To anyone who wants his or her posture to improve, this is for you. It helps with that, along with weight loss of course and increased flexibility. You can understand now why this would be great for models. Think of the calmness needed to walk on that runway. The balance and well-balanced postures required.

7 Soul Cycle

Soul Cycle is very popular in New York and San Francisco, but ultimately can be done wherever. If attending one of those studios in New York or San Fran, the classes can be up to forty-five minutes. This means that you will burn roughly 700 hundred calories per session. But it is more than just riding a bicycle in one spot. You can dance too!

With music playing, the people working out will groove to the beat and have fun doing so. It has been a way of working out that has helped many celebrities. According to Byrdie, ‘Soul Cycle is responsible for toning the frames of A-listers from Lea Michele to Nicole Kidman and has made its way into the plotlines of successful TV shows like Broad City and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.'

6 Pilates

Pilates is a guarantee for many models across the globe for staying in shape. A way to tighten and tone your muscles without getting a bulky body, Pilates is perfect for models. It's a favorite for models such as Alessandra Ambrosio.

However, this workout is not at all easy. Pilates can surprisingly be very challenging on the mind and body to achieve. Some models even threw in extra work for themselves. They do by adding yoga, barre or resistance bands. For excellent results concerning Pilates, one should practice at least two or three times a week. The more you practice, the better you will feel and notice an improvement in your body. Flexibility, increased strength, equal muscular strength and enhanced muscular control of your back are only a few to name.

5 Strength Training

Strength training probably has even more health benefits. With an improvement in your heart, balance, bone strength and weight loss, strength training is another model workout to get into. The reaping benefits are endless, and you'll be happy you got into it. It builds strength while losing weight in different ways. Some examples of strength training are squats, bench press, deadlifts, barbells, using weights and much more. The opportunities and choices are endless. All you have to do is look into which one works best for you. More importantly, what ones you can handle. But even if you want to challenge yourself, go for it.

The purpose behind it is to build your overall strength. Models can also practice swimming, jump rope, and boxing, anything that requires strength building. Picking one that you genuinely enjoy doing will help you keep at it for that perfect model body you want to achieve.

4 Running

Running is the most straightforward way that models get their cardio in to stay a healthy weight. It's easy and simple to do. And, you can do it pretty much anywhere you'd like. You can even run on the spot. It’s all about what you prefer.

Model Karlie Koss swears by it. Although she didn't enjoy running at first, she found it to be an excellent exercise to get out of her comfort zone. A steady cardio workout, running keeps up with your overall health- cardiovascular health as well as building endurance. Model Xiao Wen Ju's favorite exercise is running. Although some models aren't the biggest fans, she's another lover of the workout routine. According to Bizaar, Xiao stated that ‘Running you can move every part of your body, it's easier. It can not make you feel tired.’

3 Cross Fit

Crossfit is a new and exciting way to work out the body. It’s another short workout that fits into the high-intensity section when it comes to working out your body. It's a fast-paced workout that can be only fifteen minutes. But it'll be non-stop movement such as the 305-fitness routine. However, it's not nearly as long.

You have to be prepared to do multiple sets of the same thing over and over again in a short amount of time. This will increase the health of your heart, joint mobility, stamina, strength, coordination, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, accuracy, and endurance. The amount of benefits of this short workout is impressive. A wide variety of exercises to choose from including combined elements of cardio workouts, weightlifting, gymnastics, core training and more.

2 Barry’s Bootcamp

To anyone who's never heard of Barry Bootcamp, here's the chance to get familiar with a more personal workout routine. According to Barry Bootcamp's website, ‘A Barry’s class can burn up 1,000 calories or more. It tones muscle, and boosts your resting metabolism, so you continue burning calories after the class is over’. Different days of the week are working on different parts of the body.

However, the workout is more than just a gym with equipment. According to Barry's website, ‘The interval training stimulates neurons in your brain and endorphins in your body. Killer music pushes you to run and work harder than you ever thought possible. The signature red-tinted studios enable you to lose yourself in the primal rush of the workout. Stress falls away, and the room becomes an ecosystem of collective accomplishment.’

1 Body by Simone Dance Cardio

Another great dance workout is Body by Simone Dance Cardio. She also deals with many famous clients, specifically in the Hollywood area. The class is around fifty-five minutes long and consists of multiple dance routines. From there, Simone will also help you tone your arms and abs. The equipment needed is very similar as well, which is always great. A yoga mat, towel and 3-5 pound hand weights and you're ready to start!

You can order her workout routines on DVD through her website or attend one of her studios. That's if you live in the area. She has studios in New York, Hollywood, and Los Angeles. If you don't want to do either, her workouts can be found on YouTube. They are very thorough and can do in comfort in your own home!

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