15 Ways Ryan Reynolds Pushed Himself To Become Deadpool

When Ryan Reynold’s wanted to transform himself from the ‘funny guy’ to an action hero he needed a new body to go with the role change. So, he did what every superhero actor and actress has done. He hired a trainer and hit the gym. The trainer he hired was none other than Don Saladino, owner of Drive 495. Saladino made sure that Reynolds was giving his all to add pounds of lean muscle to his frame. He also made sure that the actor was trying the right way to ensure that he wouldn’t injure himself lifting weights or on the set of his film.

Saladino created a plan that included five days on and two days off when Ryan could rest. Each day worked on a different body part. Monday might be dedicated to legs. Tuesday would be all about the shoulders. On Thursday they would focus on the back. Then, they’d train the chest on Friday. Saturday would be all about the arms. Wednesday and Sunday would be days that they had off. Their sessions began with a few cardio exercises to get the blood moving. Then, Ryan would hit the weights. His exercise plans focused on building strength and muscle mass. Next, they would cool down. If you want to know the exact workouts that Ryan did to get into his Deadpool suit, read on. And, just so you know, when the time came to finally slip into his suit, Ryan actually cried. “I’ve been a fan of Deadpool all my life,” the actor has stated. We’re glad that his hard work finally paid off.

15 Glute Bridges

Glute bridges were just one of the many workout moves that Ryan Reynolds had to practice to get in shape for ‘Deadpool’. After all, being a superhero doesn’t mean that you get to sit down on your bum all day. Ryan had to move around a lot. Hip flexibility and strength were the key results of this workout for the 40-year old actor.

To improve your own hip muscles and abs begin by lying face up. Bend your knees parallel to the floor with your arms at the side and palms facing down. Then just lift your hips up and hold for a few seconds each time. In case you want to get technical, this move uses the rectus abdominus, hamstrings, and adductors. Ryan did two sets of glute bridges for his warm-up movement prep.

14 Bear Crawls

Next up is the bear crawl. Yes, it's exactly how it sounds. It might sound like an easy for a goofy kid to do, but that’s not the case. The move looks easy, but if you're doing ten of those like Ryan did, you’ll start to feel the burn. You begin by forming a quadruped position with your hand and feet on the floor. That way you end looking like a bear.

That means you have to step forward with your feet and hands. If you think that you’ve got that down, then try doing it in reverse afterwards. That's all part of doing 'the bear crawl.' What's nice about this is that you don't need any complex workout gear. Just throw on your comfiest workout clothes and start. Once you get the hang of it, it's an excellent way to start a warm up.

13 Weighted Sit Ups

Sit-ups are a pretty basic way of working out your abs to get them in shape. If you want to make the move more challenging, a weighted sit-up is a perfect alternative to further strengthen your abs. Just as the name suggests you hold a weight in your hand against your chest s as you perform a sit-up. The added weight makes it even more important to keep your form perfect to prevent an injury. Your feet should be firmly planted on the ground with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Your back should be straight with your abs tucked in.

Apparently, Ryan had to do various complex drills that included this exercise to get his muscular abs for ‘Deadpool’. Although, by the time he was adding weights he was probably also doing a few rounds of sit-ups beforehand. It’s best to build yourself up slowly.

12 Turkish Get-Ups

The Turkish get-ups are one of the most complex drills we've ever seen. You begin the move by lying on the ground holding a hand-weight ball straight over your head. Then, you have to steadily rise to a standing position while holding the ball straight over your head the entire time. Performing this move correctly requires you to lock your ribcage to your pelvis by way of your abs.

It shows your body to be aware and has control. Ryan had to perform three circuits of this one along with bounding and over-head shovel throws. Must have been one tough workout. Yet, Ryan needed the strength for the stunts he had to pull for his turn as a superhero. You could try it too, just don't make the mistake of dropping the weight and hurting yourself.

11 Hanging Leg Raise

With a hectic schedule, Ryan had to work with a trainer to devise a weekly plan to improve his strength. Each day he trained a different part of the body. For ab days, hanging leg raises were a part of his workout routine. And, this move had to be done slowly to ensure that he was isolating those ab muscles. But that slow move takes arm and ab strength to a whole other level. Yet, it’s needed to strengthen the body.

To do the move you have to hang from a bar. That’s tough enough, but then you have to hold your legs parallel to the floor to hold your body at a 90-degree angle. Make sure you're exhaling while you're making the movements. You might be tempted to hold your breath until the pain is over, but through those few minutes, you’ll need to breathe.

10 Horizontal Cable Woodchop

This move is done with a machine to gain strength in the upper arms. It also works out your abs as you hold the move. You could also mimic this exercise with an adjustable cable if you’re not making it to the gym. Attach a band to something sturdy and pull away!

Begin in a position with your legs and feet shoulder-width apart. From there, pull away from the pulley. Swing your arms as if you are swinging an axe to chop a tree (hence the name). Keep your feet grounded and repeat the move as many times as you can. That way, you’ll end up working on several different muscles. You can use your shoulders, abs, glutes, quads, lower and upper back, and hamstrings when doing this move. More muscles used means more calories are being burned while improving mobility in the shoulders and hips.

9 Swiss Ball Crunch

Most people might not know this move. It’s an ab move that requires a Swiss ball also known as a stability ball. You lie on your back on a stability ball while doing crunches. It makes crunches more difficult as you will have to balance on a ball while working out your abs. And, similar to most exercises that Ryan did to turn his body into a toned superhero bod, you’ll need to do this move slowly.

Yep, you’ll have to make sure that you can feel the burn. Your feet should be grounded with your knees bent. Your arms should be at the side or on top of your chest crossed-over. Then, you basically do a sit-up. Make sure you're doing your drills right, or they could injure you.

8 Russian Twist

Russian twists ensure that the sides of the abs look just as good as the front. This move helped to ensure that Ryan could easily slip into his spandex costume. The move begins by sitting down with your torso leaning at a 45-degree angle. Your knees have to be bent and your feet can either be grounded or bent upwards as far as a 90-degree angle.

The higher your legs are, the more challenging the move will be. Once you’re in position, you can either grab a dumbbell, weighted ball, or simply make a fist with your hands. Then, you start twisting. That back and forth movement will strengthen the sides of your abdominal muscles. If you’ve seen ‘Deadpool’, then you definitely know that Ryan’s’ physique was trim and slim. Most likely he has this workout to thank for his slim stomach.

7 Ab Wheel Rollout

You may have seen an ab wheel and thought that the small wheel-like contraption looked pretty useless. Ryan Reynolds would disagree. The actor used the lightweight wheel as part of his workout regimen. The way that it works is that you kneel and hold onto either side of the wheel. Then, you slowly push the wheel out slowly. Your goal is to get as far as you can without dropping your torso onto the floor. Then, you bring it back.

Throughout the movement, your abs should be held in to ensure that you’re strengthening and tightening those muscles. It also strengthens hips, shoulders, and the triceps. Not bad for a mini wheel. Although, if you don’t have one at home you could see similar results on your abs by doing a few regular crunches.

6 Walking Lunges

When it came time for leg day, walking lunges were one of the exercises that Ryan added to his routine. Anyone can do this one and improve the strength in their thighs, glutes, and hamstrings. As the name suggests you step forward in a lunge position. Bend your knees and legs while keeping your arms to the side. Your back leg should have the knee bending to the ground. For building extra strength, you can hold dumbbells while doing the move.

However, you choose to do the move you’ll want to ensure that your back is straight and that you’re flexing your glute muscles. Doing this move correctly will also improve your balance, tighten your core, and ensure that you’re on your way to getting a superhero body with just a few reps.

5 Reverse Lunge

After the walking lunge, Ryan would try the reverse lunge. As you’re doing the same move, but only backwards it’s a little more of a challenging balance move. It also works out the glutes more than the walking lunge. That means that for all of those back shots, Ryan looked pretty good in his suit. This move also strengthens the upper legs and calf muscles.

By strengthening those muscles in a balancing pose you’ll also add increased speed to your lower body. It’s perfect for sprinters as it develops power in the front leg muscles. Some bodybuilding and running experts are so in love with this move that they simply skip the walking lunge and focus solely on the reverse lunge. Although, clearly Ryan begged to differ. He used both exercises to strengthen and tone when he needed to become a super hero.

4 Bench Press

Bench presses were one of Ryan's routines on day number five. He had to perform seven sets of four reps of bench presses along with incline press, dumbbell flies, and dumbbell pullovers. Bench presses helped him work mainly on his chest.

As we mentioned before, each day in Ryan’s routine covered a different body part. When it came time for the arms and upper body, Ryan would lie on a bench and press a large weight upwards. This move builds a lot of muscle on the chest. It also strengthens the arms as you’re lifting a heavy weight straight over your chest. No doubt it allowed Ryan to have broad ‘super hero’ shoulders and pecs for his movie? We’re sure that his wife Blake Lively was very thankful for arm day.

3 Incline Bench Press

The incline bench press is pretty much the same move as bench pressing. The only real difference is that you’re sitting in an upwards position while still including a type of bench while working out. This means that you need to find the appropriate weight for your body that you can lift. It might not be as heavy as the weight you can lift in a bench press.

Your feet should be touching the ground while you bench press the weight of your choice. Something you may not know though is this. The chest has two separate working muscles- an upper and a lower one. The bench presses help with the lower head of the muscles, while incline helps with the upper head. You can see why it's necessary for Ryan to work on both then. Anything to keep his entire chest muscles stable and balanced.

2 Short Side Plank

There are planks and then there is this type of a plank- the short side version. While a regular plank is done by balancing your weight on one hand and the inside of your foot, this move forces you to balance on your forearm and calf muscle. Just in case you thought that sounded easier some trainers will tell you to lift your upper leg in a 90-degree angel.

This move focuses on strengthening the abs and lower back. In fact research has found that people who aren’t able to hold a plank for a minute probably have poor muscle endurance and experience lower back problems. Test it for yourself. Are you unable to hold the move and you experience back problems? Or, are you an indestructible superhero like Ryan Reynolds?

1 Heavy Loaded Carry

This exercise is as intense as the name sounds. You’re basically forced to carry as much weight as you can either in your hands or on your back. It was an important part of Ryan’s workout to ensure that he was strong enough for the action scenes. Although, he did have a stunt double for all of his stunts, he still had a very physical role.

Improving stability movement, igniting the central nervous system, and adding strength are all benefits of this move. It further helped build power. There are even seven different ways to try this workout if you're interested. Carry suitcases loaded with something heavy. Jog with someone on your back. Walk with a kettle bells. Or, do it the old-fashioned farmers way and load a heavy pack on your back and walk uphill.

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