15 Ways Instagram Models Are Making Thousands From A Selfie

These days, you don’t even need to be a celebrity in order to get some fame. Instagram has made it possible for regular Joes to become Insta-famous. There are models out there who aren’t really models, they've just been posting photos on Instagram and “pretending” they live the lifestyle. In the past few years, though, that whole mentality about Instagram models not being "real" models seems to have shifted. Not only can you become famous on Instagram by posting model shots, but you can actually make a lot of money doing it too. Shocking, right? Who is paying these Instagram models to post selfies? We’re not sure, but we are about to find out.

Why bother getting a real job when you can just post selfies and make more money doing that than working for a living. It sounds too good to be true, but there are girls out there living that life right now. Some of these Instagram models have just as many followers as celebrities and it’s all because of the photos that they are posting. These girls have certainly found a way to avoid working and instead, made themselves models.

These models are using marketing skills to get what they want and are living lives that some of us can only dream of. Check out these 15 ways Instagram models are making thousands from a selfie.

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15 These Girls Have A Ton Of Followers

One of the key ways of getting paid to model on Instagram is by getting a ton of followers. It’s easier said than done and you have to be posting things that are interesting enough for people to want to follow you in the first place before you’re famous. Well, it’s not that hard for a woman who’s not afraid to show a little skin. When you can get to the point where you have more than 100,000 followers, then companies are going to start taking notice of you and will want you to promote their products.

“I definitely earn more money from Instagram, 100 per cent,” said Instagram model Gabrielle Grace Epstein who has over 1.7 million followers.

“About a year and a half ago, I was traveling to Brisbane a lot for work and by the time you take out the agency’s 20 per cent, GST on commission and then tax, the model is left with little.”

14 It’s All About Product Placement

No one wants to see an Instagram page that’s full of products because it just screams of advertisement. But these Instagram models are truly slick when it comes to promoting products, but also keeping their followers happy. Gabby Epstein is one Instagram model who knows how to win the modelling game. She makes sure that she has an even mix of fun-loving pics as well as ones that have convenient product placement. The product placement isn’t even overbearing, the products just happen to be there and sometimes you don’t even notice it. She is super popular so her picture often gets up to 25,000 likes, so companies are more than happy to work with her.

13 You Need To Get A Lot Of Likes

If your picture on average get seven likes and no one is commenting on your pictures then you will never make any money online.

As we've seen for Epstein, her posts garner a lot of likes, so that sort of thing gets companies excited. It’s like free advertising for them.

So, if they can get an Instagram model who probably charges a lot less than Gisele Bündchen does and they know that at least 25,000 people are going to be looking at that photo and liking it that is good news for them. They don’t mind sending free products or even paying someone to pose with their products because it works out for them in the end. These girls are making thousands of dollars of their profiles and are barely breaking a sweat.

12 The Models Are Subtle

No one likes to be sold things; they want to just find products online and feel comfortable shopping on their own. The last thing that an Instagram model wants to appear to be doing is manipulating their audience even though that’s exactly what they are doing.

When it comes to product placement, it has to be subtle, almost like it’s not even there. That way, if someone notices a watch or a protein shake, they just think it’s part of the photo.

If they are interested in the product, they usually dig a little deeper to find out where they can score the item. Because of subtle product placement, she is getting the results that companies want and that’s why she is making thousands of dollars for her selfies. It’s tempting, isn’t it?

11 They Market A Variety Of Products

The most successful Instagram models are the ones that market a wide range of products. The reason for this is because they can attract many different kinds of people. If you are a model that is only promoting protein shakes and workout gear, then you are only going to get an audience of people who like to go to the gym. Meanwhile, you are missing out on a world of opportunities. Many Instagram models are promoting everything from protein shakes to watches to sunscreen and they are making a killing while doing it. Why promote one product when you can promote thousands of different things and get paid for it? They also throw in a good mix of regular photos so that their fans or followers are none the wiser.

10 They Are Engaged With Their Followers

Regardless of your followers, not too many companies will work with Instagram models unless they are engaged with their audience. What does that mean? It means that you’re not just posting pictures, you are also posting videos, answering questions, and replying to comments on your posts.

Most models won’t respond to a rude or disparaging comment about their bodies online, but for the most part, if you engage with them in a nice way, they will respond.

But they aren’t on there for dating purposes, so it's best not to try. Comments on a post are actually a bigger deal than likes these days and a company is likely to pay hundreds of dollars per post if it’s effective.

9 They Are Getting Tons Of Free Gifts

When it comes to being an Instagram model, not only are they getting hundreds of dollars for every photo that they post, but they also get free gifts. It all depends on the products they are promoting. But those free gifts could come in the form of books, beauty products, makeup, clothing jewelry, and so much more. The sky is the limit for what these girls are getting and it’s all free. Ruby Green is an Instagram model and she has around 165,000 followers.

She's said that since she became an Instagram model, she's received a ton of free gifts from companies who want her to post about their products.

“Instagram has its perks and has helped me a lot with getting my name out there,” she told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

8 They Have Websites And Blogs

Sometimes, growing a following isn’t just about posting on Instagram. If you can engage your followers in many different ways, you are likely to continue growing followers as well as making yourself invaluable to companies who are looking for influencers. If you can entertain an audience through a blog, then you are golden because blogs are huge right now.

These Instagram models are not only posting on their Instagram page, but they are also linking them to their website and creating a whole new following. Companies love this idea because then they know that their products are being marketed in many different ways.

The bigger the reach, the better advertising it is for their products. You are likely to get paid more or get more free products by having a blog or website. It gives you more influence as well as more credibility for a company.

7 They Make Use Of YouTube Channels

Like we said before, the more reach you have on social media, the more valuable you are going to be for companies looking for influencers. YouTube is huge right now for influencers. Not only are they posting photos and video on Instagram, but they are also setting up podcasts and live streams on YouTube. The sky is the limit for what you can do on YouTube these days and if you get a big enough following on there, you'll be golden. As you increase your subscribers, then you will have a ton of people who are going to be viewing every product that you are promoting. No wonder these kids are pulling in thousands of dollars. Tanner Zagarino is only 16 years old and he is pulling in over $15,000 from Instagram alone. He is often seeing joking around with his mother during videos and pretty much making everyone fall in love with him.

6 It Helps To Be Attractive

Well, that goes without saying, doesn’t it? As much as we would all like to believe that someone is following us because of our awesome personality, it’s probably not the case. When it comes to Instagram models, they are usually good-looking men and women who show off their amazing bodies and have beautiful faces. Sorry, guys, it’s just the way it works most of the time. You can become famous on Instagram just from posting pictures of yourself in a bikini. We all heard about Alex from Target who got famous online just because he had a pretty-boy face. He posted a photo and it immediately went viral among teen girls who were just beside themselves over him. These days, he’s capitalizing on that fame while still working at Target. We can’t really blame the guy.

5 It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Funny

You might be surprised how far you can get if you can make people laugh. When it comes to being funny, you can easily get a following on Instagram by posting funny videos or having the kind of pictures that make people laugh. There is nothing better than coming across a video with a good-looking man or woman that can also make you laugh. It doesn’t matter if it’s “silly” funny or standup-comedy funny — if you are good at it, you can increase your following pretty quickly. Once that happens, then the companies will start finding you. Trust us.

4 Sometimes It Require A Lot of Hustling

It might seem like the easiest gig in the world and maybe it is once you have 400,000 followers, but at first, you may have to do some hustling to get there. That may require doing a lot of posts and figuring out different videos that will attract attention to you.

For some people, they will post a photo and experience success overnight, but it’s not always the case, and some influencers have certainly had to hustle a little more.

When it comes to Zagarino, he will often make appearances at Jingle Jam concerts where all the young girls hang. All he does is sign merchandise and make videos that he can post later. Girl go nuts over these videos he is posting and his following just keeps growing.

3 They Post A Ton of Photos

Sometimes, in order to get a good following, you have to start posting pictures, even once you have your following you probably have to post even more. You now have products to promote while still posting interesting photos that have nothing to do with products. Some Instagram models weren’t sure how to get followers, they didn’t know the right hashtags, so they depended on posting photos alone to grow their following and it worked.

“I was just having fun with it,” Zagarino states. “I wanted followers. I didn’t know the right hashtags, so I just posted pictures of myself. I was getting my friends to take photos of me most of the time.”

That was his secret to success and it worked for him. He has over 500,000 followers on Instagram alone, never mind his many other social media accounts.

2 They Are Getting Paid More Than Real Models

We’re certainly not comparing them to the Gisele’s of the world, but some of these Instagram models have tried going with real modelling agencies and found that they made more money by doing it themselves online.

Zagarino actually signed with Wilhelmina Models when he grew in popularity, but then he realized he made more when he was on his own, so he quit. He ended up hiring a manager  and looked for more ways to leverage his popularity.

His mother, who used to be a model, says that it’s so much easier to become famous nowadays. She says that she watches him run his career right from his phone in between wrestling practices and classes.

1 They Learn To Share Subscribers

The best thing that you can do as an Instagram model is to learn to collaborate with others who are doing the same thing. By posting videos with other models, you not only use your followers, but theirs as well, so it’s possible that more people see you than if you did it alone. The same thing goes for a YouTube channel. If you can collaborate with other YouTubers, then you get access to their subscribers as well. “We found that the best way to grow a channel is to cross-pollinate audiences, having Tanner doing a collaboration with a bigger YouTuber or one of his friends where they can share subscribers,” Peters from the Hot Guy panelist says. “Hopefully by tapping into the other person’s audience, we’ll be able to transfer some of their fans to Tanner and vice versa.

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