15 Ways Gisele And Tom Love Spending Their Millions

Tom Brady is considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. His base salary for 2018 and 2019 is roughly around $14 million and his endorsement deals alone are $8 million. He is under contract with the New England Patriots for another two years and for 40, he’s still in really good shape. Whether he will continue to play after that is still up in the air. Most quarterbacks would have already retired by now, but Brady still seems to be going strong. He’s won five Super Bowl rings and although he didn’t win one this year, he is still on top. His personal life isn’t too shabby, either. He is married to one of the most famous former supermodels in the world. They share two children and a stepchild together and Gisele alone is worth $540 million from her days as a model. That’s a huge chunk of change there and Brady is still bringing home the bacon. In his entire NFL career, he’s made over $152 million.

These two have a lot of wealth between them and it has been said that Tom Brady has an Aston Martin named after him and their home has a moat. Within the past two years, Brady received a $41 million contract extension and we have to wonder how he spends his money. Both he and his wife could be retired and still live a lavish life and never be able to spend their fortune. Check out these ways the couple spend their millions.

15 Their $26 Million Dream Home

In 2013, Tom Brady and Gisele finished building their dream home, or dream castle as most would like to call it. After all, it does have a moat. The house cost over $26 million  to build and as you can see, it’s quite large. To everyone’s shock, though, they sold the mansion a year later to Dr. Dre for $40 million. They definitely made a lot more off the home, but it’s surprising that you would build a home from scratch to your own specifications and then sell it right after.

The house even had a chicken coop so that they could have fresh eggs all the time.

It turns out the two just wanted to have a couple of separate addresses instead of just one. We sure would miss that house though.

14 Tom Brady Edition Of The Vanquish S Volante

It would be pretty amazing to have a car named after you. Tom Brady’s career has ensured that a lot of people think that he’s a pretty big deal. Aston Martin and Tom Brady have a great relationship, so much so in fact that they made a Tom Brady Edition of the Vanquish S Volante.

There were only 12 cars made and they went for $360,000 apiece.

Now that’s pretty impressive. His partnership with the company scored him one of those cars and we have to say that we love the color. It’s of course, one of many cars Brady and Gisele own. Brady has posed with their cars over numerous years, he could certainly be a model with those good looks.

13 $4.5 Million Massachusetts Mansion

The couple decided to head to the East Coast after they sold their Los Angeles home,. Maybe they were looking for a quieter lifestyle. The two built the home from scratch again, this time for $4.5 million. Although it’s about 4,000-square-feet smaller than their last home, it’s no less luxurious. The home has five bedrooms and the master bedroom has his and hers walk-in closets. Come on, did you expect Gisele to share?

They built their kitchen specifically for their chef's needs so that he can prepare gourmet plant-based meals for the family.

The nursery is beside the staff quarters and the home has a library that has a balcony over the gym. It has a wine storage facility and a sunroom. Sounds like a pretty amazing place to live.

12 They Have a Personal Chef

When they built their kitchen in their homes, they designed them and dedicated them to their personal chef, Allen Campbell. A personal celebrity chef makes about $500 a day or an annual salary of $150,000 plus benefits.

“Tom and Gisele — they were my first family. I had never been a private chef. I always worked in restaurants and hotels. Around the time I met them, I had started really focusing on plant-based diets, because that’s where all the nutrition is.

Their previous chef came from a very similar perspective and they wanted something similar to their old chef. Even from the start, it was just such a great match between what they wanted and my philosophy.” They sound like a great match, it would be pretty cool to have a personal chef.

11 Tom Loves His Rolls Royce Ghost

Just like Floyd Mayweather, Tom and Gisele own a Rolls Royce Ghost. It’s a fairly popular car among celebrities. Although Brady has the same kind of wealth as Mayweather, he certainly doesn’t spend his money the same way. They don’t own a yacht or even a private jet. It seems as if, for the most part, this family spends their money on houses. Tom and Gisele have been spotted out having lunch or shopping a few times with their kids in the car. It is said to be one of his favorite rides and we can see why. The Rolls Royce Ghost is supposed to be one of the most luxurious cars in the world. If you are looking for class and a luxurious ride, then this is the car for you.

10 He Loves To Drive An Audi S8

Considering how much money the couple has, you would think they would be driving Lamborghinis, but they just aren’t the flashy type. They like their vehicles to be comfortable and classy. They would much prefer to drive an Audi S8 and he must have been sad when he got into a fender bender with the car. The Audi S8 goes for about $97,000 and it’s one of the best cars to come from Audi. These cars are built with 12-speaker Bose audio systems, a glovebox Cd changer, Bluetooth navigation systems, and side mirrors that are power retractable with tilt-in reverse. These are just some of the features that they enjoy in the car. It’s certainly not the kind of car you would expect from a couple who is close to being billionaires, but the cars suit their tastes just fine.

9 Tom Brady Spends Thousands On Custom-Made Suits

Well the guy was GQ Man of the Year one time so he has to look good when he goes out. Apparently, one of his favorite accessories is a Ralph Lauren vintage knit tie.

“Whenever the NFL star goes for a formal look he just cannot ignore his Ralph Lauren narrow crochet knit tie. The tie made from the finest Italian silk has a modern look. When Tom was spotted wearing this tie, he looked really charming in this vintage knit tie.

Though it is available in 3 colors, he was wearing the black version which is around 2-inches wide. It features a rib knit finish at each end which helps to give Tom a perfect look in his formals.” He reportedly spends tens of thousands of dollars on suites every year and it’s not surprising with a supermodel wife.

8 $11.7 Million Skyscraper Condo

We’re assuming they sold their huge mansion so that they could downsize and have multiple locations. They are a big fan of New York, so the couple bought a glassy and luxurious condo there. It’s on the 47th floor of the luxury building One Madison. They scored the condo in 2016 and they won’t even move in until this year when it’s been completed. The condo is known for its privacy, so that was probably what appealed to the couple the most. It’s supposed to have five bedrooms and is 5,000 square feet. The front entrance has a covered porte-cochere drive-in entrance and the automated garage is there to shield the residents from non-residents as well as the paparazzi. It sits on Hudson River Park and offers a panorama of the waterfront as well as a lush private courtyard.

7 Tom And Gisele Travel To Costa Rica

After Brady’s Super Bowl loss, the family knew it was time to go on vacation. This is another couple that does not own their own island. They don’t need to. They like travelling around and they have more than enough money to travel wherever they choose. The two looked cozy together, enjoying some parent-free time away from the kids, as well as surfing together. It’s probably a great way for Brady to release stress and clear his mind of the Super Bowl loss.

Gisele has stated on more than one occasion that she wanted her hubby to retire from the game and maybe that’s what he’ll do once his contract is up.

Tom Brady posted this picture of him and his wife in Costa Rica with the caption, “This Sunday’s outcome is a lot better than last Sunday’s! #losingstreakstopsatone ?❤?”

6 Tom Brady Purchased A Range Rover

A Range Rover is a great, sturdy vehicle to have when you are running around with kids. They are often seen driving the vehicle around New York and in this particular picture, Tom Brady and his son are out getting pizza. This is another vehicle that is favored by celebrities because it’s got that badass edge as well as the fact that it’s super luxurious. The Range Rover is “powered by a 3.6-litre V8 diesel engine that gives 268bhp. It has a top speed of 124mph and it can go from 0 -62mph in 9.2 sec. The interiors are smooth with great finishes and one never gets bored sitting in this car.” We can certainly see why and it’s also the favorite vehicle for Gisele to drive. She probably never worries about getting stuck on the side of the road with this car.

5 The Couple Love To Take Surfing Trips

Now we would totally be all over this one. One of the best things that you can do with wealth is travel as much as you can. There are so many beautiful places to go to and when you have a huge bank account, then the sky is the limit. Costa Rica is a favorite place for them to go surfing, though they have been to other places.

While on vacation, the couple surprising only eats raw food while they are soaking up the sun.

“They don’t always do raw, but since it’s so easy to do in Costa Rica, we do 80/20 raw diet, with big colorful salads and lots of fresh veggies,” Chef Joanne said. “‘G’ likes to eat vegetarian sometimes, so we’ll do a grain separate from the protein, and she’s totally into juice cleanses, so she’ll do about one per year.”

4 Tom Brady Loves His Vehicles To Be Practical

As we said, these two aren’t flashy. They may be close to billionaires, but they don’t seem to feel the need blow their money on expensive cars. Believe it or not, but the couple owns a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

It’s definitely not the most luxurious vehicle, but Tom Brady seems to like it when he’s driving his kids around.

He's often been photographed getting his kids in and out of the vehicle. His favorite color of choice for the vehicle is a metallic black. “The Cherokee is considered to be one of the pioneering mid-sized SUV designs in the world and is renowned for its smooth performance even in some of the harshest terrain. The interiors styled with suede leather provide a regal look and feel and feature gadgets like a 19 speaker surround sound system.”

3 Gisele Insists On Having A Personal Trainer

Just because she’s not a supermodel any longer doesn’t mean that you are going to see Gisele letting herself go. She still looks as good as she always has and despite having access to gyms at both her homes, she still has her personal trainer, Jill Payne. Just like a personal chef, a celebrity personal trainer can cost between $100,000 and $200,000 a year. Payne’s goal with Gisele has always been to not only make her look amazing, but he wants her to feel that way too.

"We all spend so much time working so hard for certain things [like getting a six pack]," Payne explains. "But I think the only thing you need to work hard for is feeling like a 10.

And then everything else is easier." Whatever her philosophy is, judging by Gisele’s results, she’s worth every penny.

2 Sometimes They Even Go To Disneyland

Even celebrities love to take their kids to Disneyland. They get to see so many characters and all the Disney princesses all at once. What more could you want for your kids? We can just imagine the kind of packages this family buys when they go to Disneyland. One of everything, please! When it comes to family, they love heading to Disneyland for their vacations. Many people have joked around that the most exciting extreme sport that Tom Brady has ever done is go down Space Mountain. That’s not true of course, but we can get a good chuckle out of it. The couple loves to take their family to Disneyland because the kids go crazy over it, though it’s probably less of a vacation for the parents.

1 They Spend a Lot of Money Chilling On the Beach

When it comes to their fortune, it’s clear that they mostly like to spend it on travelling and homes. That’s clearly what they enjoy most in life. Gisele likes warm places and the kids get to play on the beach. They like to take their families to Costa Rica, a favorite of theirs. Besides surfing, Brady has been known to go cliff diving as well, which must have his coach back home shuddering up a storm.

They would hate to have him injured. It wouldn’t be the first time that he gave his fans a scare, but he seems to love doing it.

When they hit the beach, Tom Brady is often posting pictures of his wife’s amazing figure on Instagram as she suns on the beach. Doesn’t sound like a bad day to us at all.

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