15 Ways Angelina Jolie Is Trying To Bounce Back After Divorce

What's going on with Angelina Jolie these days? Did she manage to recover from the heart-wrenching divorce, which was splashed all over the newspapers? Is her family healthier now that Brad Pitt is no longer in the picture? Well, this is only a tiny fraction of all the curious questions fans have been asking for months. Sadly, the reign of Brangelina is over, and it merely broke the hearts of millions of people in and outside of Hollywood. Angelina and Brad were indeed a match made in heaven, but after two years of marriage and almost twelve years of togetherness, they decided to call it quits for good. Of course, it instantly triggered rumors about the health and well-being of the family. Angelina, the Tomb Raider star, allegedly had enough, as she was the one who actually filed for divorce from her long-term partner, Brad Pitt. Both are spectacular movie stars, and each boasts a multitude of successful movie projects and achievements. Indeed, they seemed to be made for each other. But even though their love story is over, their romance will never be erased from the memory of their fans. They may not be a pair anymore, but they'll never stop being wonderful parents to their kids. After all, Angelina Jolie has always been a walking inspiration for all women out there. She's been through a lot, but she's never given up hope that things will eventually get better. In fact, this is among the basic things she's now fighting for. Keep scrolling down to find out what she has been up to all these months.

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15 Her Kids Are Her Priority

Via W Magazine

As a mother of six beautiful kids— Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Pax, Knox, and Vivienne— Angelina probably feels blessed to have such a big and loving family. Unfortunately for her fans though, her 12-year romance with Brad Pitt is officially in the past. The 42-year-old actress filed for divorce in 2016 and Brad Pitt was allegedly heartbroken. However, the breaking news of the divorce emerged shortly after the reported incident on their private airplane. Naturally, Brad Pitt was held under investigation for child abuse which quickly triggered huge speculation about his parental habits. The most popular version of the story is that Angelina and Brad were arguing so Maddox, their oldest son, jumped up to verbally defend his mother. Apparently, Brad didn't like that Maddox picked sides, so it was even believed that Pitt connected in some fashion with him. Ultimately, this seems to have forced Angelina to file for divorce and protect her family.

14 A Possible Movie Project Is Underway: She's Currently Working On Maleficent 2

Via Today's Parent

Although the divorce might have been a tough decision to make, Angelina felt it was necessary for the sake of the kids. Much to our surprise, Angelina isn't done acting, nor is she less interested in embracing new adventures. Of course, Angelina is more focused on her family's well-being, but she's just as intrigued by new projects as well. Lately, she's done a beautiful photo shoot for a world-recognized perfume brand. She's signed on to be the face of the fantastic new fragrance by Guerlain Mon Guerlain. Angelina looks incredibly beautiful, feminine and elegant in the campaign and we can't wait to see her in more exciting projects. In a recent interview with a media outlet, Angelina hinted about a possible sequel to Disney's successful movie, Maleficent, although Disney hasn't announced an official start day yet. In fact, Angelina hasn't been acting in new films since her directorial film, By The Sea, written by her in 2015.

13 She Dreams Of Saving The World

Via PopSugar UK

Angelina Jolie is a selfless humanitarian whose heart is truly made of gold. When she adopted Maddox, Zahara, and Pax from orphanages in Cambodia and Ethiopia, she saved them from extreme poverty and misfortune. Charismatic and unbroken, the cherished actress has given these kids a second chance in life. Outside of her remarkable Hollywood career, Angie is an influential woman who never ceases to inspire the world. Everything seemed fine until 2016 when Angie shocked her fans with the news of her divorce from Brad Pitt. The kids must have been startled when they first found out that their famous daddy won't be around that much anymore. When asked in a recent interview about them, Angelina revealed that things have really improved since 2016. Her family is the most important thing in her life, so the happiness of her kids is Angie's main priority. She also went on to lament the imbalance of the world where pets get special care whereas millions of kids don't even have access to proper medical services.

12 Angie's Independence And Womanhood

Via Extra.ie

Now that it's been two years since they parted ways, Angelina looks somehow relaxed. In fact, she was recently spotted around Malibu where she enjoyed some quality time with the kids. Although things between Angelina and Brad don't seem that harsh since the split, most of their communication still revolves around the kids and the health of the family. However, we must admit that it sounds like huge progress, especially after all those months of speaking through their divorce attorneys. When asked about her relationship status now, Angelina revealed that she doesn't like being single. She also shared that it's been such a hard period and it still is. The gorgeous actress concluded that she and Brad are now on "good terms" for the sake of their lovely family. She even agreed to keep the custody proceedings behind closed doors. But whether it will stay that way is indeed another story.

11 Trying To Be More Humble

Via Vogue

Angelina Jolie may be one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood, but she's just as ordinary as any other woman when surrounded by her lovely kids. And much like any other regular mom, she surely craves more time with her wonderful children. Now that she's finally through with her longtime love, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie has been enjoying her life with her six children in a beautiful two-acre hilltop estate, set in a gated pocket of the Los Feliz neighborhood. As fancy as it looks, Angelina bought this estate in the spring after her split from Brad Pitt. Having her six kids by her side sends a loud message that Angie's family looks healthy and happy, despite the challenging times they still need to get through. That same message almost screams that her family is just doing fine as they're growing stronger together. It sure is a temporary turmoil, although it must be quite hard at times. Currently, she only cares about the health of the family and that they'll all eventually get over the shock caused by the divorce.

10 Keeping Things On Good Terms With Brad

Via The Inquisitr

It's been two years since the adored celeb couple has parted ways. But luckily for their six lovely kids, things have improved so much since 2016. At first, the world was quite shocked to hear about their separation. However, when the spark is gone, so is the marriage in most of the cases. Of course, Brad Pitt's reported airplane incident triggered unimaginable speculation about his parental methods. It's even believed that this might have been the last straw that broke the camel's back; she couldn't take it anymore, so she filed for divorce from Brad. Perhaps this should explain why Brad couldn't spend more times with his kids. Angelina must have been really mad at him, especially after that rumored squabbling on their private airplane. Thankfully, Angelina and Brad appear to be on good terms now, even though he still can't spend quality time with his children.

9 Spending More Time With The Kids

Via Hollywood Life

As a single mom, we can't imagine what Angelina Jolie must be going through these days. The same goes for the phenomenal and handsome, Brad Pitt. Only time can tell whether these two will ever find common ground again. Well, they're at least doing their best to keep their family healthy and happy although Brangelina is no longer in the picture. Since their official separation in 2016, we haven't exactly seen them with new partners. Well, this could be a good indication that neither of them has started seeing new people. Maybe Angelina isn't ready to welcome new men into her life, which is perfectly fine. Her number one priority is to spend more time with her kids. As a loving mom of six, Angelina is now focused on passing valuable lessons on to her kids - and this is what she's been doing all this time.

8 Embracing New Adventures And Film Projects

Via Us Weekly

Speaking of films, advertising, and other campaigns, Angelina has once again stolen the show with her mind-blowing directorial movie entitled, First They Killed My Father. Although Angelina is best known as a phenomenal actress, her directorial efforts are also quite astonishing. When asked about her first big directorial project, here's what she shared about it:

"I wanted my son to know who his countrymen are."

Despite the drama in her personal life, Angelina's effort to tell the story from a kid's perspective has captured the hearts of millions of fans out there. Jolie's camera reveals how certain political decisions can rock Cambodia, a poor South-Asian country. All of her new projects are quite close to her heart.Among her latest projects is her new fragrance campaign for Guerlain. She's signed on to be Mon Guerlain's face, and it's thought that the project reminds Angie of her beloved mother, Marcheline.

7 Trying To Get Her Life Back On Track

Via The Sun

For better or worse, Brangelina is already in the past and fans don't seem to have stopped mourning over the cherished couple. The world still appears to be stuck in 2016, when Angelina filed for divorce. If you wonder how the Tomb Raider megastar is doing these days, Angie seems better than ever. As gorgeous as she is, the 42-year-old actress has devoted herself to her kids. But even though their family had to go through some challenging periods, Jolie hasn't stopped shedding light on women's rights. After all, she still is a goodwill ambassador, a cherished humanitarian, and an envoy to the US High Commissioner For Refugees. Angie is still trying to get her life back on track while taking care of her lovely kids. The fabulous Angelina was spotted around Los Angeles and she looked really fresh and healthy. In fact, Angie almost went unnoticed as she enjoyed some shopping therapy with her kids.

6 Be An Ordinary Woman And Mother Of Six

Via Irish Mirror

Being a world-recognized woman like Angelina Jolie sounds like a terrible burden. We can't even begin to imagine how much she misses being a regular mom-of-six whenever she's in the local supermarket. The fabulous Hollywood actress and director was recently seen with her kids, enjoying a leisurely walk over the weekend. Although she's one of the most in-demand movie stars, she still craves that simple yet relaxing shopping therapy like any other woman. The charming trio blended in with the crowd and the rest of the weekend shoppers as they stopped by Starbucks for iced tea as well. Clad in Max Mara coat, black trousers, and boots, Angelina looked beautiful and relaxed in the company of Vivienne and Zahara. Of course, her family is yet to recover from the emotionally draining divorce, but Angie certainly looks much better and somehow less anxious.

5 Taking The Kids To See Their Grandfather More Often

Via Daily Mail

It's no secret that Angelina Jolie isn't exactly known for her loving relationship with her dad. Even before she rose to prominence, she didn't want to be associated with her famous father, Jon Voight. As a younger actress, she even changed her last name because she didn't want to take any chances and get recognized. She never wanted to take advantage of her dad's fame, nor did she feel the need to use him to land better movie roles. Angelina wanted to prove how great she was without the help of her father, Jon Voight. But as years passed by, Angie somehow lost touch with him. Perhaps Jon Voight offered Angelina his support and understanding after he found out about her divorce. Whatever the reason for the reconciliation, the kids need to see their grandfather just as much as Jon does. Besides, they really look like a big happy family, so let's hope that it will stay that way.

4 Angie And Her Big Plans For The Kids

Via Yahoo

There's no doubt that Angelina and Brad's divorce procedures and settlement were pure hell. It really must have taken a toll on their physical and mental health. Not only did they have to go through an emotionally draining divorce, but they had to find a way to deal with the publicity as well. Everyone was asking the same question over and over again: "What has happened to their marriage? What has gone wrong?" But the reason for their split was "irreconcilable differences," cited by Angelina Jolie. Of course, it must have been something else, but it was her choice to keep it all behind closed doors. According to her, the divorce was necessary for the sake of the kids, and after all, it should be that way. During a recent interview, Angelina revealed that she has big plans for her six kids when they grow up. However, she also added that she'll always be a supportive mother no matter what path the kids would want to follow.

3 Passing Valuable Lessons On to Her Children

Via The Sun

Every mother wants to pass valuable lessons on to her children, and Angelina's charming kids aren't an exception either. Over the years, she's demonstrated what an incredible humanitarian she is. Jolie's mission in life is to teach her kids that they should never forget how special they were. But this doesn't stem from the fact that her family is widely famous. According to Jolie, all kids are extraordinary, and their families need to make sure they know it. Among the basic lessons, Angelina tries to pass onto her kids is that they can achieve everything in life. But to do so, they need to work hard and pour their heart into it. So, Angelina's plan is to make sure that her kids feel her support on their way to the top.

2 Teaching Her Kids To Stay True To Themselves

Via Lainey Gossip

Who doesn't want their kids to be smart, brilliant, well-educated, or compassionate? Even famous folks like Brad and Angie dream of being better parents to their lovely kids. Such huge celebs and A-listers may live in luxury mansions that cost millions of dollars. However, they still want simple things in life like the happiness and health of their children. So, as Angelina recently shared in an interview, she teaches her kids to be honest, real, and special. She needs them to understand that they can achieve all goals in life only if they set their heart on it. Hard work, persistence, and faith in one's skills is the right way to go. And this is what Angelina is trying to pass onto her kids. When they grow up, she'll be just as supportive as she is now— and it doesn't matter whether they want to be servers or scientists.

1 Be Stronger And Happier In Life

Via Daily Mirror

Dealing with publicity and paparazzi is probably the most annoying part of being a celebrity. You can't even enjoy a leisurely walk with your kids anymore without being followed by journalists. Indeed, Hollywood isn't for everyone, especially if you take rumors seriously. Thankfully, Angelina and Brad are no strangers to such drama as they know how to deal with it. Despite the turmoil in their marriage, Angelina hasn't given in to the emotional gap in her heart. Of course, she doesn't enjoy being alone, but it was a necessary step to take. Her 12-year romance may be over, but she's trying to move on despite all the hardships in her life. Hopefully, her story will inspire others who're somehow in a similar situation. In her own words, the turmoil is always temporary, it's never a constant pain or misery.

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