15 Unusual Household Rules Kelly Ripa Makes Her Kids And Husband Follow

Kelly Ripa is a talk show host, actress, dancer, television producer, and mother. She's loved by many, and regarded as a trusted source for women all over the nation. But there are quite a few people who disagree with her parenting style.

Love her or hate her, she's one tough mama. She and her husband, Mark Consuelos, say they're fair parents who shoot straight. They have certain expectations for their children, and if they don't abide by the rules, there will be consequences.

Whether you have an issue with Ripa and Consuelos' parenting practices or not, they're certainly raising beautiful, well-behaved children. It seems Lola's biggest "problems" are posting on social media and disobeying rules regarding her phone usage. Though Ripa's rules may seem strict or unfair at times, it's a breath of fresh air. Many celebrity parents seem to let their children run wild. You won't find any of that over at the Ripa-Consuelos house. They run a tight ship.

We can't rip on Ripa too hard. She seems to have things handled pretty well. This doesn't stop her fans from being critical of her decisions and rules, though. Let's take a look at 15 unusual rules Kelly Ripa follows to raise her kids.

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Kelly Ripa Not Her Kid's Friend
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15 Doesn't Care If They Like Her

Kelly Ripa Not Her Kid's Friend

Ripa has straight up admitted that she doesn't care if her daughter (or any of her kids for that matter) like her. That her job is to guide them in the right direction, nothing more. I personally agree with her, but many fans thought her remark was rude and uncaring. Kelly loves her kids, and it shows. To judge her over not being concerned with being friends with her kids seems a bit silly to me.

It's clear that Ripa is concerned with meeting her kids' needs and desires, all within reason. They're allowed to have cell phones, but not in their rooms during study time.

They can watch TV, but only for one hour on the weekends. Still, many were upset by her words. To which Kelly says...

14 "We Can Be Friends Later"

Kelly went on to say that she can be friends with her kids later in life. Which, for some reason, upset some people further. Some of her fans seem to be under the impression that if she deprives her kids of her friendship now, they won't have any interest in being friends with her later.

No one can really say whether or not Ripa will have friendships with her children when they grow up, but I will tell you that my mother and I didn't get along at all when I was growing up. Now we're as close as can be!

Nonetheless, some fans were shocked to hear that Ripa doesn't care about building a friendship with her kids while they still live at home.

13 Choosing What Her Daughter Wears

Ripa has hinted that she chooses what her daughter wears on occasion. Whether this is because Lola is choosing outfits that are too provocative or inappropriate, or because she simply likes helping her daughter pick out her look for the day, no one really knows. That doesn't stop people from talking though.

Some worry that taking away her teenager's ability to choose her own outfits will stifle her, and can lead to worse problems. If she feels like she don't have a say in what she wears, she may rebel and grow resentful. If you think Kelly cares whether or not her daughter is resentful toward her, I urge you to watch her segment with Wendy Williams. It's hard to have an opinion with so little information, but that's what social media does best.

12 Monitors Their Social Media Posts

Kelly Ripa is pretty strict about social media usage. She's said that if her kids wanted privacy, they wouldn't be posting on social media in the first place. So, if they post it, she will see it. They can't have a Snapchat account without adding her, and any post they make, she reads.

Can you blame her? Social media is still fairly new. It's something parents are learning to deal with, as kids get involved in it younger and younger. It could be worse. Some parents don't allow their kids to have social media accounts at all. And honestly, being Kelly Ripa's son or daughter means you have less privacy than the average teenager anyway. They might want to learn that now, even if it means having an overbearing mom.

11 Posts Embarrassing Photos Of Her Daughter

Kelly shared a#throwbackthursday picture of her daughter on Instagram a while back, and 16-year-old Lola was completely mortified. On her appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Ripa said,

"I’m never allowed to post a photo of [Lola], ever."

She decided to break the rules and post a picture of her darling daughter from eight years ago, featuring Lola in a bright yellow Fisherman's costume. She figured there was no way her daughter would get upset over a picture that old. Guess again! Her daughter called, demanding that she take the image down. Ripa complied, though she later shared the image with Jimmy Fallon. Some think that Ripa is betraying her daughter's trust, but I say it's all in good fun.

10 Lying On Air In Front Of Her Kids

Kelly and Regis

Back when her son was young, Kelly supposedly lied on air about having Regis over for Thanksgiving dinner. Her son was quick to speak up, saying "No he wasn't." I haven't had much luck finding sources for this, but it's brought up on social media and in the comments sections of articles about Kelly Ripa pretty frequently. It's unclear whether or not this even happened, or if it's simply the figment of some people's imaginations. Either way, it's still a topic of conversation.

Some believe this to be indicative of Kelly's bad parenting, while others back her up. Sometimes you fib to other adults. I'm not sure what Kelly would have gained by lying about Regis coming over for Thanksgiving, but if she did do it, I hardly think her son even remembers.

9 One Hour Of Television Time On The Weekends

Kelly Ripa No TV

It's no surprise that Kelly limits her kids' television time. She leans a little more on the strict side of things, and that typically goes hand-in-hand with limited television. Kelly has said that she only allows her children to watch one hour of television on the weekends.

During the week they're expected to study, read, or find other ways to occupy their time. She wants them to focus on school.

What a crime, right? An hour on the weekends seems pretty steep, considering both she and her husband work in television, but hey, that's her decision to make. They simply want to make sure their kids stay focused on the right things. Even when she has the best intentions, people still judge her and call her a bad mom for her choices.

8 Takes Away Devices

Kelly and Mark will take their kids devices away when they break the rules. This is common practice in my family, but apparently it's unethical to some. The fact that Ripa and Consuelos pay for their kids devices, coverage, insurance, and every other bill doesn't matter. Some fans think she's out of line for taking away her kids phones. It seems they're more upset about the circumstances that lead her to take away their phones and other devices, than they are with the act of taking them away.

It's absurd to some that she would take away her daughter's phone for "study time," or because she's not allowed to have her phone in her room. Live and let live, I say! It's important to create boundaries for your kids, and it's just as important to stick by them.

7 Strict Schedule

It should come as no surprise that Kelly has a strict schedule. She wakes up at 6 a.m., gets her kids to school, and arrives at work by 8 a.m. She's done with work by 11 a.m, then works out until she has to pick her kids up from school. And if she can't then her husband has to pick up the kids and get them to their sporting events and weekend activities.

Her family runs on structure. Most families thrive on a schedule, but naturally, someone with as much influence as Ripa and her husband have, it goes without saying that they have to keep things going through organization and set times for certain activities.

Of course, this can be both good and bad for kids. If things are too strict, they might feel absolutely stifled and stuck. If you're too lax, they'll run rampant. But there's really just no other way for this family to function. Some are not concerned with putting themselves in Ripa's shoes. They only know that they don't agree with her strict schedule.

6 No Phones In The Room While They’re Studying

We already know that Kelly Ripa's kids aren't allowed to have their phones in their room while studying. But it's a very big deal to Ripa, as she's mentioned it countless times. She talks about growing up with only a house phone, and that there was no privacy back then.

If you wanted to make a call, the most privacy you could get is to extend the cord out into the hallway, but your parents were still pretty much within earshot.

She wants to keep that alive by keeping everyone's phones on the kitchen counter when they can. And certainly while the kids should be studying! Some argue that it's okay that times are changing; that parents need to embrace the changes that technology is bringing on parents.

5 Mandatory Thank You Letters

Ripa is pretty hardcore about manners. I say it's a good thing! We need more of that in this world. Still, some think Kelly takes it a bit too far. She takes sending thank you notes very seriously.

To the point where her son has requested to not receive any presents for his birthday, simply because he didn't want to go through all of the work of writing and sending out a bunch of thank you notes.

Seems like a fair request! If he doesn't want to send out thank you letters, then he doesn't have to get any presents, right? I think her son is going to grow up to be a wonderful man because of Kelly's emphasis on manners and etiquette. Again, many disagree and think Ripa is living in the past. Of course, this rule also applies to her husband, but we think Ripa probably takes care of it for her.

4 Keeps Everything Ridiculously Clean

Is this a surprise given everything else we know about Ripa? No, not at all. Maybe it's jealousy, or maybe people think she overexerts herself in the wrong areas, but not everyone agrees with keeping a completely tidy house 24/7. The reasoning is that parents who spend less time making sure everything is in the right place all the time have more one-on-one time to spend with their kids. They think that focusing and obsessing over cleanliness takes away from childhood.

Everyone is different. If Kelly can't focus or relax without a clean home, what's the harm? They don't even overuse nannies. They're very hands on and the only way to keep a clean home while still managing your own career and three kids is to sacrifice a little of your time.

3 Talks About Her Daughter's Issues On National Television

Much to her fans' disapproval, Ripa has been known to openly discuss issues going on with her kids, and more specifically, issues with her daughter, Lola. Though her stories usually aren't too personal, most would agree that it's still too much. In an interview with Wendy Williams, she explained that she and her husband took her daughter's phone away for texting and using social media when she was supposed to be studying.

She admits that she went through Lola's messages while she was in the shower after finding her phone in her bedroom.

Some seem to think Kelly was out of line for sharing this information on television, while others back her up. Either way, I'm sure Lola won't be leaving her phone lying around anymore.

2 Goes Through Their Phones

During her interview with Wendy, Ripa admitted that she went through her daughter's phone. She says her daughter left it out in the open because she surely thought that her mom would never actually open it up and go through her messages. She was wrong, of course!

Ripa says if her daughter wanted privacy, she wouldn't be on social media, or breaking the rules. Some fans viewed this as an invasion of Lola's privacy, and they've voiced their opinions in the comments sections of countless articles. Her daughter knew she shouldn't have had her phone in her room. Ripa saw it lighting up with Instagram and text notifications. What do you think? Did Kelly go too far?

Hopefully Lola learned her lesson and won't be breaking the rules again anytime soon, especially after her mother spoke about the issue on Wendy Williams' show.

1 She Doesn't Practise What She Preaches

Kelly Ripa Motherhood

All in all, most people's beef with Kelly Ripa's parenting rules seem to be that she holds high expectations for her children that she doesn't uphold herself, almost as if she's an authoritarian parent.

Limited television time, yet both she and her husband are in the television industry.

Strict about social media and phone usage, yet she uses social media for marketing and personal purposes.

Crunchy parents seem to have a problem with her strict discipline and expectations. They don't agree with her demands of her children, or the fact that she watches them like a hawk. They think she's unwilling to let go of the type of childhood she had and "get with the times" so to speak.

What do you think? Is Kelly Ripa too strict, or do we need more of that?

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