15 Unique Parenting Rules Kate Hudson Uses To Raise Her Kids

Kate Hudson is more than just that celebrity who cut off all her hair— she’s a star, a mother, a baker, and so much more than we could even imagine. Most of all, she’s an inspiration for those out there who have felt like they have the world on their shoulders when it comes to responsibility and their sense of independence. Kate Hudson has always been very unapologetic in everything she does, which is actually quite amazing since she constantly deals with the industry breathing down her neck.

We are diving into the life of Kate Hudson, uncovering her most unique parenting rules, because there seriously has to be magic involved if she has been able to maintain her fabulous lifestyle while also being a single parent. Hopefully, after reading through this article, we’ll be able to discover some ways we can also uplift our own lives with a positive attitude and a level of confidence that always seems to be on Hudson’s side. These unique parenting rules will not only give you some insight on how she raises her kids, but she also explains how she achieves her super positive outlook on life that seems like an impossible reach for anyone, but somehow, she does it with ease and grace by her side.

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15 No Phones At The Table

Via: Pinterest.com

It might seem obvious, but keeping electronics, especially phones away from the table during a meal is a must in today’s world. This is one of the biggest parenting rules, according to Kate Hudson.

While it has caused much complaining from her children, it’s a sure way to bring the family much closer, especially when there’s good food and conversation at the table, rather than just a bunch of tapping on a lit up screen. Setting rules like this for the family needs to happen early.

If you put this rule in place later on after allowing children to do whatever they want, it could cause problems and fights in the future. Of course, when this rule was put in place for Kate Hudson’s family, her children complained, but soon enough, everyone started to enjoy the family time that was now happening at the table when having a meal together. This is the kind of positive connection we all need within our families, big or small, just like Kate Hudson. It’s amazing to think that even something as small as banning cell phones from the table could make such a positive impact on the family as a whole.

14 She Is Always In The Kitchen

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One of life’s greatest pleasures for Kate Hudson is when she’s in the kitchen making a beautiful meal for her family. While it’s traditional in a sense, it’s something she adores and doesn’t feel ashamed of enjoying this pleasure. Being in the kitchen is a great way to get hands-on and even have your children help— a perfect way to bond with your whole family. Usually, in today’s world, you wouldn’t expect a woman to embrace the kitchen stereotype, but Kate Hudson proves any thought about that WRONG! She embraces cooking as an art and uses it as a tool to bring her family closer together, because after all, what better way is there than to cook and enjoy a meal with the people you love most.

Good food is always a good idea when you want to bring together a group of people, and you can’t really go wrong with this idea.

It’s also a fantastic way to introduce some health into the lives of your family as well, without just prepping boring salads. Cooking healthy and yummy meals will go far with any gathering of people these days. What kind of food do you think Kate Hudson cooks up for her family?

13 She Thinks It's Okay To Feel Guilt

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Kate Hudson has expressed in interviews that she is a guilty mom. She isn’t perfect and when working as a mom, it’s just better to accept that some things just won’t go your way at the end of the day. But it’s important to remember that it is perfectly okay and fine. As long as you strive for a better tomorrow.

One thing Kate Hudson strives for is allowing herself to accept that guilt when she can’t do anything about the problem, and she uses it to motivate her to try harder moving forward.

If she was to just hold onto that guilt and constantly let it bring her down, she would never be smiling and as positive as she is. As a mother, problems happen, especially problems that you can’t exactly do anything about, which is why it’s so drastically important that you accept the roadblocks and move past them as best as you can. For a long time, Kate Hudson felt guilty about putting her career on hold in a sense, for her children, but she moved past it and accepted that she’d rather take care of her children and be there for them in these crucial years before going to work and never being at home.

12 She Believes In Having A Solid Daily Routine

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Hudson has expressed that the daily process of raising her children has been a challenge. You’re constantly thinking about what you could be doing differently, yet, you still face problems each day that are new and scary. But having a solid daily process is a fantastic way of getting through the day with some sanity left in the store. We could all benefit from having a daily process that helps us move through all the obstacles life throws at us, which is exactly what Kate Hudson does on a regular basis. While she might not plan out every single detail of her life, she does make sure that she is actually working hard to maintain some sense of balance in her life when it comes to work, play, and family. Those are all very important if you want to maintain any sense of sanity, especially when the world is watching every move you make because you’re heavily involved in the industry. While we don’t know all the details of her personal life and her daily process, it must be a great one if she’s been able to get this far in her life, kudos to her for that! What’s your daily process like, would Kate Hudson approve?

11 She Loves To Dance To Escape Her Problems

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One of Hudson’s pleasures in life happens to be dance. She loves dancing and letting out all that built up energy throughout the day or even energizing herself in the morning before she has to take on the huge amount of responsibility that lands on her shoulders. Having dance in her life has allowed her a bit of an escape where she can focus on herself and push out the thoughts of parenthood stress and her huge Hollywood movie career. By having something that she’ll be able to put her energy into that’s a bit separate from her regular life, she can have a few moments of peace whenever she needs it.

Her love of dance is that special ingredient in having a balanced lifestyle that really encourages productivity and positivity. Of course, not everything is perfect in motherhood or in the celebrity industry, but to see someone like Kate Hudson constantly pushing and putting her best foot forward, to say the least, it’s an inspiration to all of those around her. Hopefully, with Kate Hudson leading as an example, all of those out there who are struggling as a single mom can use her as an example when trying to turn their life around in a more positive direction.

10 She Thinks Mom Should Prioritize Their Individuality

Via: Hawtcelebs.com

Kate Hudson stayed true to her down-to-earth personality when she stated the importance of staying true to yourself even as a parent. She’s gone on about the fact that it’s so easy to lose yourself in your children, but you can’t always allow yourself to do that. You need to be able to hold on to yourself as well so you can continue creating how you want to at any moment. This has been very important for her and her career, as well as parenthood.

When you lose your individuality as a parent, you’ll also end up losing your creativity, positivity, and any motivation you might have.

But if you go out of your way to build yourself up so you can find that balance between yourself and your family, you’ll be able to continue being yourself no matter the issues you may face. Kate Hudson is a perfect example of this, she continues to work hard in her career, but always puts her family first. But just because she puts her family above all else, doesn’t mean she stops taking care of herself or any responsibilities she might have in the meantime. She doesn’t want to forsake her career by any means.

9 She Believes That Moms Can Manifest Their Dreams

via: popsugar.com

According to Daily Mail she said: “It is not really seeing, it is feeling a spirit. A fifth energy. I believe in energy. I believe our brains can manifest into visual things.”

By manifesting positive actions into your life you’ll most likely see some kind of shift and just by watching Kate Hudson in the news and tabloids you’ll be able to see just how far those manifestations have helped her achieve her goals and accomplishments in her career and within her family. We can’t imagine any kind of bad advice from Goldie Hawn either, she’s such a legend, it’s no wonder Kate Hudson has been able to make such a name for herself and her family.

8 She Believes That Nothing Is Perfect

Via: Pinterest

Nothing in this world is perfect, there are always ups and downs that you will never expect in each of our lives. This is something that motherhood has taught Hudson and fast.

Accepting that no matter what you do in life, it will always be impossible to be perfect, you can actually live your life for you and your family, without that fear of messing up.

Because let’s face it, we all mess up at some point. Kate Hudson focuses on her individuality, which gives her confidence each day, but she also understands that nothing can be perfect, there will always be moments where she’s unhappy or feeling like nothing is working out, but she continues to push through it for herself and for her family, despite what anyone says because she has so much to be thankful for. There are many elements that are simply out of our control, from the time we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, hundreds of issues have the potential to occur, but by focusing on the positive like Hudson, you’ll have a much easier time getting through all of those walls so you can actually live the best life you can.

7 She Accepts Being A Single Mom

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As a single mother, Kate Hudson has had to adjust to quite a bit in her life. Being a single mother is hard enough, but being a Hollywood star on top of all that pressure, can you even imagine the stress she must deal with on a regular basis?! But by accepting that she’s single, she’s been able to move forward through life with a more positive attitude and less stress about what’s next in her relationship timeline. There’s nothing wrong with being single, even if you happen to be a parent and working on your career. When you’re single, you have so much more free time, people like Kate Hudson can use that extra time to focus on her children and their lifestyle as a whole. So many haters have comments to make about a strong woman in the celebrity industry being a single mom while also still maintaining her career, when it’s honestly something that instead deserves a round of applause. Kate Hudson has accepted being single for the time being and she doesn’t let it bother her, she uses it as a way to enjoy being more of a family oriented individual, good for her, it takes guts and she’s doing a great job.

6 She Believes That Motherhood Changes From Day To Day

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Giving yourself a little mental reward when you’re proud of something you accomplished is something we should all honestly try to do this when we feel up to it. As a single mother, they all deserve to feel strong and independent, and if giving yourself a mental award to make you feel like you accomplished a challenge, then go for it. According to Instyle: “Some days, I feel like I should win best mom of the day award, and some days, I find myself doing strange things that don’t have any real purpose, in faraway corners in my house, and I realize I am literally and deliberately hiding from my children.” By allowing yourself as a mother to embrace the little things in life, you’ll have a much more positive attitude in the long run. Because even the small things add up very quickly, especially when everything is so hectic as a mother and a Hollywood star. Just like Kate Hudson enjoys dancing and baking, those small positive moments throughout her day keep her going and fuel her to stay motivated every minute that passes. While she might call in the mom of the day award, you could easily apply this to your life even if you aren’t a mother. Give yourself an award, you deserve it!

5 She Refuses To Apologize

Via: PopSugar.com

As a single woman in today’s society, an independent mother, and a Hollywood superstar, Kate Hudson shouldn’t have to apologize for putting her family and children first. While she took a break for her children when they first came into this world, and put her work on the back burner, sometimes, that’s necessary for an individual to feel fulfilled. People shouldn’t be so harsh about the fact that she put herself first! Kate Hudson is quite the rebel, she won’t apologize for how she raises her children and she won’t apologize for balancing a career with family life as well. Which, trust us, many people have felt they have the right to comment on. Of course, people can express whatever they want at any time, but sometimes, you really just need to take a step back and imagine if you were in Kate Hudson’s shoes, would you feel okay with people always searching for apologies when you didn’t even do anything wrong, you’re just a woman who is strong and independent? That’s not something anyone should have to apologize for! Maybe people need to just take her advice and dance the stress away, you all might feel better at the end of the day.

4 She Doesn't Believe In Traditional Rules

Via: CloserWeekly.com

You don’t have to be traditional or listen to any other rules in today’s society when it comes to raising your family. As long as you’re loving and put your children first whenever you can, no one can dictate to you whether you’re doing a good enough job as a mother. Kate Hudson uses her strong personality to really push her sense of motherhood. She always puts her children first and she never holds her career above them. She loves to cook and bake, but that doesn’t mean she’s a traditional woman, she comes off like the kind of woman who never would want to be traditional in any sense. She runs the show how she wants to. Traditional rules never need to have a place in families today, they aren’t practical and they don’t allow for any kind of creativity or self expression. Kate Hudson has trashed traditional rules and lives her life for her family and for herself. This should be an amazing example for so many individuals, you shouldn’t have to feel like you need to fit in some kind of parenting box. Just be yourself and really fully accept that you’re different and that’s okay no matter what people in the public have to say about it.

3 She Believes That Moms Don’t Have To Enjoy Everything

Via: TheJeansBlog.com

Kate Hudson loves to do everything with her children, but when it comes to something as simple as math homework, she checks out. While she will still sit there with her children for hours to help them solve problems, she’s not one who enjoys this task whatsoever. But that’s just another lesson she wants to share with families, you don’t have to enjoy literally everything about the family life, and that doesn’t make you a bad parent or mother. Kate Hudson always has a bright smile on her face and she never really shows herself feeling down, but there are moments where she’s expressed that she does have her more negative moments, when she doesn’t want to do something because she just doesn’t feel like it. But because she’s in the public eye so much more than most, it’s hard to be real with yourself and accept that not everything has to be enjoyable or fun just because everyone is watching you to see what you choose to do or how you react to something. Kate Hudson has learned this over the years and because of taking the time to better understand herself as a person she’s been able to not care what others think of her.

2 She Is Constantly Baking Pies

Via: Pinterest.com

Specifically, one of the main reasons why Kate Hudson loves to be in the kitchen when she has some extra time is to make pies! She started making fresh pies when she was pregnant and the tradition stuck ever since. She’s an expert by now when it comes to pies and it’s something the whole family can be involved in. She’s even said that if she isn’t baking, she just isn’t happy in this moment of her life. Pies are a great and creative way to have fun in the kitchen with your family, even young kids! It’s hands-on and you’re left with a yummy treat that anyone likes! She goes into more detail about her pie baking obsession back when she was pregnant with her son, Ryder. She would always make pies, probably because of her hormones and cravings, and it just went on from there. Even after her pregnancy, she kept baking pies regularly so her whole family could enjoy them. It’s just become a bit of a family tradition now and it’s no surprise because she always puts so much passion and care into everything she does, so it’s no wonder her pies are well received with her family!

1 She Tries To Remain Grateful

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By being humble and always making sure you’re grateful for the life you lead and also teaching your children— you can’t go wrong. It’s an amazing quality to instill into a child, it’s something they will always carry with them into their future. Kate Hudson holds gratitude above all else and it’s amazing to see just how well mannered her children are even if they aren’t in the spotlight very much. It’s obvious that she has raised her children well. By having a humble attitude, especially when you’re in the public eye and involved in Hollywood, it’s so drastically important to not only practice gratitude but to also pass that down to your children as well. By staying humble and having gratitude, you’re able to really focus on the amazing moments life has to offer you. By Kate Hudson teaching her children these important life lessons, hopefully, they will be able to take that example and make something great out of their lives.

Overall, Kate Hudson has done such an amazing job when it comes to her career and motherhood, all of the stress on her shoulders seems like nothing because of how well she holds herself. Talk about a fantastic inspiration.

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