15 Times Kylie Jenner's Instagram Was A Bit Too Much

There's no denying that Kylie Jenner is huge news. Just as the world was recovering from her baby announcement in January (and its 17 million Instagram likes), she goes and wipes $1.3 billion off of Snapchat's stock just by saying she was "sooo over" it on Twitter. With 104 million of us following her on Instagram, anything this high-earning reality star posts makes headlines— but not always for the best reasons. A significant chunk of her feed goes towards promoting her Kylie Cosmetics line, which is reported to have turned a staggering $420 million in sales since its 2015 launch. Then there are her cute selfies, mysteriously located outdoor shots, plus a chance to follow her on her luxurious travels.

She constantly flaunts her famous curves, which seem to run in the family, but her fans aren't always impressed by the raunchy way in which Kylie does it. Given that her fan-base is young, it's not surprising that viewers are a bit concerned by the provocative nature of her poses— although, along with her sisters, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kourtney, the youngest Kardashian maintains that she's empowering women. With her outlandishly expensive wardrobe, extremely pricey cars, and palatial home, we're beginning to wonder if this reality star is beginning to alienate her fans. She sure gave us a lot to handle in these 15 posts.

15 When She Suggested We Spend $360 To Apply Our Makeup

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In December of 2017, we woke up to (yet another) Kylie Cosmetics post on the (secretly pregnant) star's Instagram. Echoing the accompanying Twitter post she wrote, "I have developed for you guys the most amazing luxury brushes ever." At $360 for the set, there was a luxury price tag to match. Considering that most of us don't have $360 to spend on makeup, it's not surprising that the backlash was one of fury. "Thanks, but I'll buy food with that money instead," one fan tweeted, while another suggested, "@hulu w/o commercials for like three years?" Kylie was quick to respond, stating, "I always fight for the lowest price on all my products," followed by reassuring statements that the brushes were "real," and not "synthetic." We're all for real things, Kylie, but what about realistic prices?

14 That Photo Of A Chair That Was Apparently Made Of Animal Horns And Fur

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Uh, oh, Kylie. While this post did a great job of showing us her "shoe of the day," seeing as she claims that Kylie Cosmetics products are not tested on animals, it looks like she missed the point with this 2016 Instagram pic. The vintage Jennifer Le heels in this photo might be a fashionista's dream, but what are they resting on? Apparently, a chair made out animal horns and fur. Celebs are no strangers to backlash. When the actress, Bella Thorne, sparked controversy with a selfie seeming to show a $1200 rabbit and fox fur jacket, she immediately apologized, stating that she was unaware it was real fur. Did Kylie oblige? Nope, she just deleted the pic. Way to face up to your challenges, Kylie.

13 When She Disappeared For Months Without Confirming Her Pregnancy

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Kylie's pregnancy rumors went from speculative to explosive in the months leading up to her January baby announcement— largely due to the fact that she nearly abandoned her social media. While Kylie generally updates her Instagram at least once a day (often more), no updates other than a magazine cover and Kylie Cosmetics promotions were made between the beginning of December 2017 and January 2018. As for the pictures where she was already rocking a bump? Those were either face shots or snaps from the waist up. People really began to call her out after Kylie's notable absence from the family's Christmas calendar. Kylie later explained her reasons for keeping quiet, stating that she wanted her pregnancy to be as peaceful as possible. For the most part, given how cute Stormi Webster is, fans seem to have forgiven her.

12 The Photos That Had Us All Calling "Photoshop"

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The internet is great, but you can certainly run into problems. What you post might be seen by people who really know their stuff. When Kylie posted this 2017 shot of her abs, slim waist, and curvy hips, fans were quick to accuse her of using Photoshop. The reason? That wall panel seems to be leaning towards her, which experts of the photo editing software suggested was proof that Kylie had tweaked the pic to make her waist look smaller (and her hips more accentuated). The evidence, they suggested, was even more likely, considering just a few days earlier, she'd posted a similar selfie where her proportions weren't nearly as exaggerated. Kylie's response? She never denied it — just posted more pictures of her body. Whether those were edited or not is for us to figure out.

11 She Posted A Baby Pic (But Quickly Returned To Posing In Cars)

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While the adorable shot of the newborn baby gripping her mom, Kylie's, finger rocked the internet, fans haven't had much of an update since. In the days following her baby announcement, Kylie's Instagram showed her at the wheel of one of her outrageously expensive sports cars, while the next two were the same old Kylie— posing in front of a mirror, wearing pricey heeled boots with an equally pricey handbag. No crib in sight, and certainly no sign of her baby. Come on Kylie, you kept us in the dark for nine months. Share being a mom with us! Perhaps in the coming months Kylie will become more forthcoming, but for now, she is keeping things under wraps.

10 The Photos You Wouldn't Want Your 12-Year-Old Daughter Looking At

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There's nothing wrong with turning into a woman (in fact, staying a little girl forever would be kind of worrying). Growing into your curves is a natural part of blossoming through adolescence, but not all of us have responded well to Kylie embracing her newfound womanhood. While many fans are around her age or older, she has a lot of fans who are still in their early or mid-teens, and a few eyebrows have been raised when it comes to Kylie's provocative images. Even fully dressed, she manages to flaunt her assets, and given the sheer, cut-off, or woven fabrics she dons, we're a bit shocked sometimes, which might be what she's aiming for. However, she should try to remember that young, impressionable girls turn to her for inspiration. Would we really want our little sisters or daughters going out dressed like that?

9 We're Getting Tired Of Your Vitamins Promotions, Kylie

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We are tired of your vitamins and your stomach-flattening teas. And your facial cleanser exfoliators. It's no secret that the Kardashian clan earn up to $500,000 per sponsored social media post, and the man running their deals has confirmed the figure of $250,000 as the minimum these ladies will accept for promoting a brand. In one Instagram post. Posing with a tablet in her mouth, Kylie wrote, "I'm obsessed with @sugarbearhairvitamins. I put a lot of stress on my hair and these bears make my natural hair look and feel amazing!" Okay, first off, hate to break it to you. Those are most likely the words of a professionally hired writer. Second of all, really? You expect us to believe you genuinely attribute your awesome hair to vitamins? We'd believe you if you didn't spend so much time showering your hair stylists with praise...

8 Not All Of Us Can Afford $400,000 Lamborghinis

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There's a fine line between being relatable and TOTALLY alienating us and Kylie, you've just crossed it. We get it. You earn a lot of money. Do we really need to be reminded of it through snap after snap of you sunbathing on your $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador? Fans were further alienated as episodes of her reality show, Life Of Kylie, saw the star feel guilty because "we never take the Lambo out." Aww, Kylie. Are you being selfish and treating your other fleet of vehicles as favorites? This was, incidentally, the same episode where she admitted feeling that she "can't relate to a lot of people." Here's a suggestion, Kylie. Maybe try owning a few things regular people own? Might be a good starting point!

7 Or An Endless Carousel Of Designer Handbags

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While this 2017 shot of Kylie with a Louis Vuitton bag was particularly glossy, followers of her various social media channels are likely already aware that Kylie owns a veritable department store worth of bags. Givenchy, Gucci, Chanel, plus multiple Hermès Birkin bags, which retail at a starting price of $20,000. Of course, there's also her endless collection of Louis Vuitton purses, clutches, and luggage. While some of us are lucky enough to own one such item in our lifetime (and likely worked very hard to pay for it), Kylie's casual portrayals of her designer accessories can be a bit much. Particularly when the accompanying caption reads, "Happy Monday." You know what makes our Mondays happy, Kylie? Finding a dollar in the street. We pick it up, smile, and put it in our regular, $60 purse.

6 #AssistantGoals On A Private Jet? Really?

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That's a lot to handle in one sentence. #Fitnessgoals is one of Kylie's more relatable hashtags. We get kind of lost when your "assistant" is mentioned as a goal. Don't you already have at least one? In this Instagram post, she seems to be accompanying Kylie in one of the least-stressful situations possible — flying in a private jet. For most of us, flying is a nightmare of airport crowds and hauling our own luggage. We're not quite sure why she's face-palming here but maybe it's the realization of just how insane her caption is? Really, Kylie, enlighten us. Sometimes it seems like Kylie is trying to avoid being relatable at every possible moment, and she certainly has succeeded here.

5 The Photos Where The Ego Is A Bit Much

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If Kylie is known for anything, it's being confident. You don't refer to yourself as "King Kylie" unless you're overly sure of yourself, and with this young lady, it's fairly often. Who can blame her for being confident when she clearly doesn't have a care in the world? Her life seems entirely unattainable to most of her followers, and her Instagram does very little to mitigate that. Instagram posts have shown us hoodies bearing her own name, red carpet appearances where she seems to think she's above multi award-winning actresses, plus (of course) her quotes. In February of 2017, a caption of her looking all glammed-up read, "I actually live for ur self-love." Live, self, love... what?

4 When She's Browsing Affordable-Looking Menus (While Selling Her Own Stuff)

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Okay, we see it, too... Burgers, fries, and various food items for around $10. That might be a figure you'd spend if you've decided to upgrade from McDonald's. Here's the thing, though. We know Jenner eats at some of the world's most expensive restaurants. While we've seen her grabbing affordable meals out (and we know Kendall is a huge fan of In-N-Out), did she really have to take this post and ruin it with the promotion of her merchandise? The caption just links us to TheKylieShop. You can even purchase the hoodie that she is wearing in the photo. Is there any chance we can get a post where your agenda isn't just making loads of cash?

3 Mugshot Poses With A Louis Vuitton Hat? Seriously?

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This 2016 post was a real curve-ball. Yeah, the image is gritty. Kylie appears to have gotten into a little trouble with the law. The photo accompanied a promotional video for her lip kits where, yes, she had indeed been a bad girl. Here's the thing, though. People who find themselves on the wrong side of the law (by running away with a vehicle full of cash that isn't their own) don't usually have the biggest starting budget. It's unlikely they'll wind up facing the consequences of their actions while wearing Louis Vuitton headwear. The pink-adorned edges are clearly her lip kit fluid making their way into the shot, but did she really bring us in? The reaction was kinda "meh," so maybe try something a little less ridiculous next time, Kylie?

2 The Photo That Showed Us Absolutely Nothing

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If you've got Facebook or Instagram friends who post stuff that gives you no information whatsoever, you'll get why this very mysterious and uneventful shot of Kylie was so irritating for her Instagram followers. First of all, there's no evidence it's actually her in the photo. You don't even see the back of her head. It could be anyone. This is basically just an image of her denim jacket. Part of why Kylie is followed so much on social media is because she usually gives fans full insights into her look of the day, activities, or #vibes. We can't even claim that this is an artful or creative shot. It's just boring. Great job, Kylie, you officially showed us #nothing.

1 Fortunately, We Can All Relate To Her Exhausting Luxury Vacations

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Do these celebrities ever stop going on vacation? Apparently not. Back in the real world, where we wish we could say, "I need a vacay from my vacay," we can only follow these stars on their seemingly endless luxury getaways. Whether she's jetting off to Mexico or the Caribbean, Kylie travels in style. She also makes sure her fans see the best bits — from the infinity pools at sunset, to casual photos of her on white, sandy beaches. This shot of her leaving crystalline waters is just one of her many beachfront vacations. I guess it's exhausting to decide which of your 40 swimsuits to pick for your afternoon dip, right? Whether her "luxpeditions" will tone down now she's a new mom is yet to be seen, but we're hoping Kylie's motherhood gives her a little perspective. We know she could use it.

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