15She Knows How To Make A Statement On The Red Carpet

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So at the Vanity Fair Oscar party of 2018, Watson figured that saying “Time’s Up” just wasn’t enough anymore. Everybody at the Golden Globes certainly said so and wore black to reiterate their stand that there’s been enough of unfairness and harassment against women— and the men who try and

take advantage of women shall no longer be tolerated. At the Oscars, it all simmered down, though the absence of Casey Affleck as a presenter and Frances McDormand’s rousing speech did add plenty of backbone to an otherwise airy night. But when Watson strolled onto the Vanity Fair red carpet wearing Ralph Lauren, looking like a million bucks with "Time’s Up" inked on her forearm, the internet broke all over again. Watson became the biggest news of the after party and the Oscars combined— even bigger than McDormand getting her statuette stolen and then getting reunited with it. Clearly, Watson knows how to make good use of the spotlight.

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