15 Reasons Why Emma Watson Outshines Hermione

So yes, we are still hopelessly hooked on Emma Watson. She’s not just a PYT on the screen to look at; she’s a red carpet marvel who looks so good, even when she’s busy jet-setting in and out of airports, that she gives the red carpet a complex. She is unafraid to speak her mind and calls a spade a spade. She’s all for women empowerment and gender equality. And as a true blue member of today’s generation, she simply does not get the logic of gender disparity—be it against women or even the LGBTQ community.

She wears eco-conscious fashion and refuses to wear heavy make-up. And if you approach her for selfies, she will politely and firmly refuse— believing that her safety is definitely a priority. And yet, people have called her all sorts of names and come up with stories of how rude she is with juniors and extras on set. Could her clipped British tones be mistaken for rudeness? Or has her unprecedented success as an actress and humanitarian gone a bit to her head? To put it succinctly, Watson is no pushover— so yes, she does assert herself when needed. But when has an assertive woman ever been liked by all? She is an idol for many and one very popular icon for feminism. And yet, she does not let the feminists around define her— so she defends a bold photoshoot with the same equanimity with which she accepts a gender-neutral award. So yes, we do like her and she continues to surprise us with something new all the time. Emma Watson is a handful who keeps giving us too much to handle, and we just can’t get enough!

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15 She Knows How To Make A Statement On The Red Carpet

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So at the Vanity Fair Oscar party of 2018, Watson figured that saying “Time’s Up” just wasn’t enough anymore. Everybody at the Golden Globes certainly said so and wore black to reiterate their stand that there’s been enough of unfairness and harassment against women— and the men who try and take advantage of women shall no longer be tolerated. At the Oscars, it all simmered down, though the absence of Casey Affleck as a presenter and Frances McDormand’s rousing speech did add plenty of backbone to an otherwise airy night. But when Watson strolled onto the Vanity Fair red carpet wearing Ralph Lauren, looking like a million bucks with "Time’s Up" inked on her forearm, the internet broke all over again. Watson became the biggest news of the after party and the Oscars combined— even bigger than McDormand getting her statuette stolen and then getting reunited with it. Clearly, Watson knows how to make good use of the spotlight.

14 She Knows How To Laugh At Herself

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So while the internet was still going gaga over her very meaningful tattoo, someone remembered their grammar and pointed out the error. While getting a tattoo seemed like a very good way to show men that their time was up indeed, the “Time’s Up” was missing the apostrophe and was inked as “Times Up." The internet broke all over again, with bets going on as to whether Watson politically correct but grammatically incorrect tattoo was a temporary tryout or permanent ink. Watson laughed at herself in a tweet that read: "Fake tattoo proofreading position available. Experience with apostrophes a must!" And that also told the world that the tattoo wasn’t permanent and that the typo was clearly noted. In not easy for people in the glamor world to gracefully be the butt of jokes, and laugh at themselves while they are at it. Watson clearly knows the trick to keep herself grounded.

13 She Does Not Shy Away From Making A Point

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When Watson did a rather risqué photoshoot for Vanity Fair, the world started to hound her. She got all sorts of brickbats and people went on to say that feminists did not show off their bodies. Watson had a very clear and concise reply to it all saying, “doing a photoshoot has got nothing to do with being a feminist. It’s not a stick to beat women with to make them conform even more to rules and regulations that make no sense. It’s about letting women empower themselves and live their lives free and fearless.” Succinct, bold, and absolutely sensible— this is why Watson mostly rocks when she opens her mouth. And she further celebrated International Woman’s Day on March 8 in true blue, or should we say true pink, style by sharing a rocking picture on Instagram with her 40 million followers. The pink jacket was emblazoned with a modern take on Cyndi Lauper’s song and said: “Girls just wanna have fundamental human rights!" With her hair all done up, Watson posed in front of a leaf-covered wall and looked like a million bucks, as always as she stood up, yet again, or all she believed in.

12 She Can Look Like A Million Bucks Even In Eco-Friendly Clothes

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Watson has amazing red carpet style, and she doesn’t just look good at events. She sizzles in paparazzi clicks, too, simply because she knows how to dress up in style. She may wear gowns that cost more than a year’s worth of our salaries on red carpets, but she tries to do so in a very eco-friendly manner. A lot of what she wears is sourced from brands that are known to be eco-conscious and sustainable. Many of the mills are organic, and some also provide fair and equal employment to women. Still, others donate a part of their profits to worthy causes. She wears shoe brands that eschew leather, and gold and silver jewelry made from fair trade nuggets. She wears dresses that obtain fair trade fabric from third world countries and donate a part of their profits to make a few lives better. She happily wears brands that are promising to donate both big and small chunks to women empowerment and gender equality and is happy to share what she wears on the social media, to give their sales a boost because the more they sell, the more money goes into better causes.

11 She Puts Her Money Where Her Mouth Is

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It’s not as if Watson only talks about making the world a better place with gender equality. It’s a long battle to come, and humanitarians like Watson have only just started a really long journey towards ending the harassment, filling the gender pay gap and changing the mindsets of people about gender and unfairness. But Watson is not only bold in her statements, she’s pretty much in front when it comes to putting her money where her mouth is. So in February 2018, Emma Watson donated one million British pounds (roughly 1.4 million American dollars) to the Justice and Equality Fund, which aims to "provide support for those affected by harassment." Following the donation, she said: “It’s easy to dismiss harassment and abuse as being caused by ‘one or two really, really bad men’ but the UK statistics point to a much bigger and more structural problem. This issue is systemic, as opposed to individual, one-off events.” She carried on to say that almost two-thirds of young women in the UK have faced harassment at work, so things have to change and stop. She finally said, “This should not be tolerated and cannot and should not be our norm. We can do better than this.”

10 She Keeps Her Private Life Away From Her Public Life

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Now, while Watson may not have been able to keep her romantic life completely under wraps, she never really spoke about her boyfriend-of-the-moment much and her reasoning was pretty precise. She said that if she spoke about her boyfriends in public and actually named them, then she could not expect people to not take photographs of them together. So she preferred to keep her private life just that, private! Clearly, she is rich, beautiful, and many a man’s dream gal, so she has had a few relationships with breakups that ranged from simply drifting apart to horrendous. While she once claimed that she would not like to date someone famous as the scrutiny of their relationship would intensify so much, she did say that she liked men who are witty. “I like men with a quick wit, good conversation, and a great sense of humor. I love banter. I want a man to like me for me — I want him to be authentic.” Clearly, she did bend her non-famous rule for Chord Overstreet, the Glee star she has been quietly dating for a while now.

9 She Is Fearless Even On The Red Carpet

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We already said it, but we'll say it again. Watson is a fearless feminist and to bring home her point, she walked the 75th Golden Globe Awards 2018 red carpet with none other than Marai Larasi. Larasi is a very well-known face in annals of feminism in the UK, for she is the Executive Director of Imkaan, a United Kingdom-based black and minority ethnic women's organization. Imkaan basically works to prevent violence against women who have no voice and are very often not heard. Plus, she also co-chairs the End Violence Against Women Coalition, a registered charity since 2015. Walking with Larasi seemed to be a high point for Emma, as she grinned for the shutterbugs, clad in the color of the day— black. Clad in elegant black silk-floor length gown with ruffled sleeves and a semi-sheer, Emma looked a picture of class, as she also carried that thigh-high split in classy strappy ribbon heels. Larasi dressed in a black power suit, which made a startling contrast that proved that feminism crosses all boundaries of age, profession, color and even gender!

8 She Is An Activist In More Ways Than One

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Her activism doesn’t just exist in the big things like donations and cultural trips to highlight women’s issues worldwide, Emma does things on all levels to really bring forth the fact that the world is made up of two equal halves of men and women and that gender disparity insults everybody’s talent and intelligence. She got into the spirit of International Women’s Day by being the very first guest editor of National Geographic’s Instagram channel. Combined with Emma’s Instagram followers, Nat Geo has an astounding 129 million followers and made full use of it to promote women’s issues. Emma worked with Nat Geo’s editors to curate the work of eight female photographers from all over the world. The work chosen was a call for women empowerment by bringing forth issues like male guardianship and the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia. Plus, more like the escapee girls from Boko Haram in Nigeria, the unequal pay for women day laborers in India’s brick, and the construction industry—All of this for a better tomorrow to come.

7 She Is Unafraid To Be Edgy

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Watson is quite a fashionista with a rather bold outlook— so be it her ungrammatical tattoo or her penchant for wearing shiny and short dresses while she travels— she manages to make fashion her very own in every situation! Cue the edgy fringe that she debuted at the BAFTA tea party after she had already posted a pic of her on Instagram, clutching the book, Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race. This is not her first hair transformation. Watson had cut her “Hermione locks” and embraced a pixie cut in 2010, and had gushed about how confident and empowering that felt. Now, it’s an edgy, short fringe that she further enhanced by dressing up in an Osman shirt suit— a white wrap shirt showed off just a hint of cleavage, while she rocked the black trousers as usual. A little mascara, plenty of freckles, and pink lips made her look effortlessly stylish like always.

6 She Made It A Point To Pursue An Education

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So Watson has clearly stated that she doesn’t have to work for money anymore and with the Harry Potter movies being such an unprecedented success, she is correct. In the same vein, she didn’t have to pursue an education but she did anyway. Initially, she attended The Dragon School in Oxford before moving on to Headington School. While filming, she was tutored for almost five hours a day and when she took her 10 General Certificate of Secondary Education exams, she earned eight A+s and two As. So clearly, this beauty had brains. For college, she chose to study at Brown University, though, she did take two semesters off to complete her filming. Why did she pursue an education? Watson simply said, “But school life keeps me in touch with my friends. It keeps me in touch with reality.” So she obtained her degree in English literature in May of 2014 and her persistence was such that despite the fact that it took her five years, she didn't give up.

5 She Is Athletic & Encourages Girls To Play Sports

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Watson played field hockey at Brown University and is also a certified yoga instructor. In fact, she was a decent hockey player in her early school years as well. All the while, she was playing the wand-swinging, smart-mouthed, Hermione. So she does believe that women playing sports will not only build healthier bodies for them but also make them more confident and stop conforming to gender-based societal rules. In her speech at the UN on gender disparity, Watson said, “When at 15, my girlfriends started dropping out of their beloved sports teams, because they didn’t want to appear muscled… I decided to become a feminist.” The crux of it remains the same— girls want to look the way society expects them to look and so sports is simply not a priority with them. Watson continued that she hoped that everyone could find ways to encourage girls and young women to be active, and that thought twice before telling anyone that they run/throw/fight “like a girl.”

4 She Is Fun-Loving While Still Being Level-Headed

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So search the internet and there’s not much negative press you’ll see or read about her. She’s never really been involved in a scandal, is always dressed like a proper lady, and has yet to put her foot in her mouth. While some believe she's a feminist, others still call her a fake one, like a very well-polished brand. But Watson remains proper at all times, even when she is giving it back to those who call her a fake or a hypocrite. As a young, successful, and definitely rich girl, Watson does party. But her partying doesn’t seem to get out of hand, nor does she stumble in or out of clubs. In fact, nothing about her screams excessive and that could have made her boring, except for her quick wit and a rather sassy mouth. When she rolled in her 18th birthday with friends and family, she said that the paps lay down on the pavement to get a picture up her skirt. Said Watson, “If they published the photographs 24 hours earlier they would have been illegal but because I had just turned 18 they were legal.” Such is the world we all live in…

3 Her Social Media Presence Is Suitable For All

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The sweetest thing that Watson does is that she places books she likes on the subway very often, to share the word and share the love. She also tweets pictures of the books that have impacted her. And she talks about gender equality and disparity and encourages her HeforShe campaign— asking the men to join hands in the fight for gender equality. She doesn’t share her personal or private life on social media and this way, keeps a squeaky-clean image that fans of any and all age can follow without any risk. Her Twitter feed will keep you on top of all the work that she is doing for women and gender, so in a way its one uplifting Twitter feed to follow. She may not talk about her love life, or even reminisce about those good old Potter days, but she will let you sneak a peek into what she is wearing or what she did at her last humanitarian trip.

2 She Considers Men And Women Equal & That’s That

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Emma Watson believes in fair play and that’s the crux of her whole HeForShe campaign. She believes that gender equality will only happen when both men and women step up and try to make an empowering change to the current disparity. In her UN speech, this is the empowering message she sent out: “Men—I would like to take this opportunity to extend your formal invitation. Gender equality is your issue too. Because to date, I’ve seen my father’s role as a parent being valued less by society despite my needing his presence as a child as much as my mother’s. I’ve seen young men suffering from mental illness unable to ask for help for fear it would make them look less 'macho.'" Clearly, the gender disparity does not only affect women, though, it may affect them on a larger scale if numbers are to be believed. But men often have to take up the mantle of being the “stronger” gender and that doesn't do men any favors. So, we leave you with these words of hers, “I am inviting you to step forward, to be seen to speak up, to be the 'he' for 'she.' And to ask yourself if not me, who? If not now, when?”

1 She Is A Warrior And Unapologetic About It

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"I feel like young girls are told they have to be a princess, and be delicate and fragile, and that's nonsense. I identify much more with the idea of being a warrior, being a fighter. If I was going to be a princess, I'd be a warrior princess, definitely. I think women are scared of feeling powerful and strong and brave sometimes. I think you’ve got to embrace it," she once said. No one could have said it better. Emma Watson is a warrior at heart for she’s the one who embraces all that fame has brought her, and is twisting it around to some good to the world. She wears eco-conscious clothes, and covers up or shows off as much as she wants to. She doesn’t believe that wearing fewer clothes, or more clothes, makes you any more or any less of a woman. Feminism for her is about being strong from the inside out and to fight boldly for your rights. And she’s setting a precedent for women to follow, despite being just 27. She is not only a role model for young women but for any woman, who can take a leaf out of her book and emulate being strong and fearless warrior it comes to gender equality and rights.

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