15 Things Only Jenny Slate Could Reveal About Her Relationship With Chris Evans Post-Breakup

Jenny Slate and Chris Evans have been quite the power couple until their breakup, which seemed to have caused a split in the whole entertainment industry. Their relationship actually meant quite a lot for many people, even if that is a bit unfair. Their relationship created the perfect example of a huge Hollywood actor and an actress, who were involved in very different areas of the celebrity world. While they might have come from two different areas of fame, they got along perfectly and it was a magical thing to watch, especially if you happened to be fans of both of their work. They took their automatic friendship that clicked so well, and they transformed that bond into a romantic relationship.

While they aren’t together now, there is so much we could learn, because they have probably handled their relationship breakup better than most celebrities ever do. There was no drama, only love and friendship, as well as a bit of understanding. By going through this article we hope to showcase some of the little secrets of information that only Jenny Slate could tell us about the breakup and Chris Evans, hopefully, by the time you get through this list, you also will have learned something about relationships and what might be the best way to handle them in the future.

Overall, these points will all have a bit of information Jenny Slate has revealed in interviews about the relationship, we can’t wait to get started. 

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15 She Feels Ready For A Bright Future

Via: Popsugar.com

When coming out of a breakup, getting to the point where you feel as though you’re ready for a fresh future is a major accomplishment, to say the least. From the actions surrounding the life of Jenny Slate, it’s become quite obvious that she’s being a bit more positive moving forward. The changes she has been able to make in her life are the necessary moments for the future that cement that she is single, and that’s totally okay. From her floral pillows to any other feminine touch to her space, it all means she’s able to live her life how she wants to.

While in her past relationship she’s had to hide things that might be too girly, simply because her partner didn’t want to see that kind of stuff, now Jenny Slate can live her life as she wants to and no longer needs to hide parts of herself that she loves and accepts. In the interviews where she’s talked about the changes in her life after the breakup, it’s painfully obvious that maybe this is just something that she’s needed for a while now. She acts like she’s been missing out on so many things that she’s wanted to take part in.

14 She Is Moving To A One-Bedroom Place

Via: Pinterest.com

Being in a place that constantly reminds you of your ex can really bring you down. Jenny Slate moved to her first one bedroom apartment recently and by taking this huge step forward in her life, it’s an amazing and motivational message to all of those who are dealing with a hard breakup. This action of her physically moving past her relationship is what everyone should strive for when coming out of any relationship. Back in February of last year, Jenny Slate moved into her first place all on her own. This was a major moment for her because it showed that she would be able to do this without anyone else helping her.

She’s said in many interviews that she’s never previously lived on her own, so this is a huge moment. Now that she’s able to move into her place and settle down how she wants to, no one can tell her what she can or can't do. She can live how she pleases, which is a huge motivator for getting out of that post-breakup funk. Maybe this will help her focus on her work and move forward in her life when it comes to her career, as well as future plans.

13 She Can Make Her Own Choices Now

Via: Pinterest.com

One of the positives about being single, especially when you’re single as a celebrity, is the fact that you can make your own choices when it comes to just about anything. Jenny Slate no longer needs to worry about what Evans might have thought or said, she can do whatever she wants and live her own life. This is very common for anyone who is newly single, that fresh feeling of being unshackled from anyone that might be holding you back in your life. One of the major upsides to becoming single is that sense of freedom that is usually taken away from you when in a relationship.

You don’t have to constantly ask your partner about something you want to do or something you want to buy, you can just get it and live your life how you want to and thrive. Something as simple as choosing the decor is enough to really bring a sense of peace and tranquility to your personal space, especially when you haven’t been able to do that in so long. Since Jenny Slate has always seemed to be in a relationship or working, maybe this time for herself will be good, maybe she’ll actually be able to relax and reflect on her life thus far. Who knows, maybe she’ll find a way to cope with being single that she actually enjoys.

12 What It Feels Like To Live On Her Own

Via: Popsugar.com

When Jenny Slate moved to her own place and decorated her space how she wanted to, she was so happy she was able to choose everything that she loved. She didn’t need anyone else’s approval to make a choice on the decor. She even got to choose her own floral pillowcases that Chris Evans even admitted that they were totally her style. This kind of freedom to exist in her own space is probably so liberating and motivating for her to continue on with her life.

She said in an article from Jada Yuan from Vulture, “I’ve never lived on my own, because I really did go from one relationship to another my whole life, so I’ve never had a chance to go really girlie, and I had my ex-husband over last night and he was like, ‘These flower pillows look great. But they’re just for you.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah! That’s right!’ I love them so much. I just love them for what they represent, which is that all my choices are for me.” That moment from that quote is just wonderful, it’s so nice to see someone like Jenny Slate actually be able to express herself as well as prepare for any moment moving forward in her life. Whether she wants to be in a relationship or not.

11 She Says He’s A Lovely Person

Via: Pinterest.com

One thing that we can totally respect Jenny Slate for, is the fact that she is still on very good terms with Chris Evans, they’re friends and probably always will be. She has said in many interviews that he’s such a lovely person and continues to be a big part of her life. Jenny Slate has always come off as one of the most down to earth individuals in the industry, but this just proves that idea, even more, the fact that they’re so kind and loving to each other, which in turn is helping them both move on without feeling guilty. After her divorce and then a recent breakup with Chris Evans, a.k.a. Captain America, life can be hard, which is understandable.

It seems like Jenny Slate had a moment where her life was almost falling apart then she picked it all back up for Evans, but it just didn’t hold together long enough. She admits though that the differences between Chris Evans and herself excited so many people, it almost set so many unrealistic expectations for the couple, that kind of pressure could make anyone second guess who they’re currently with. They were an odd couple, that’s for sure, but that’s what made it special.

10 Their Relationship Didn’t Get Her Work

Via: Pinterest.com

While many people see Jenny Slate as nice, almost too nice, one thing she isn’t is a pushover. She’s not someone who won’t stand her ground, she’s a strong individualistic woman who knows what she wants. One thing she has always made sure of is that she put in an effort for the work she got. She never once relied on Chris Evans for any kind of support in the industry. She never once used his fame to forward her own career, she would never allow it, she’s just not that kind of person. One of the biggest rumors surrounding their relationship was that Chris Evans must be getting Jenny Slate more work, but she made sure that this was never the case.

She only wanted work that she earned. Jenny Slate is such a powerful and confident woman, it’s so important to her that she works hard and actually earns what she gets. Her relationship with Chris Evans might have changed some individuals perspective of her, but it was important for everyone to realize that both of these individuals respected each other and it wasn’t for a boost in their paycheck. They had a real connection that flourished into something beautiful, even though they aren't together now, they will always be friends.

9 They Met At A Chemistry Read

Via: Pinterest.com

They both met at a chemistry read, which is an audition that helps to determine if two actors will be able to be romantic together in the parts they play. Jenny and Chris got along so well it was actually shocking. They instantly became close throughout their work and they became the closest of friends. They ended up going to dinner together not long after their first meeting. It wasn’t romantic or anything, it was just a dinner they wanted to attend in order to get to know each other better. They even split the bill, even though Chris Evans insisted otherwise for a while.

He was open enough to learn more about the importance of women’s rights, which was a huge point according to Jenny Slate. It says a lot that these two were able to hit it off so quickly as soon as they stepped foot into the chemistry read. This audition really started it all for them, they instantly liked each other as friends and it went from there. The fact that they're both romantics, clingy, and liberals really showed as they moved forward with their friendships. They just connected on a level in an instant.

8 She Accidentally Hurt Him On Set

Via: Pinterest.com

Shortly after they started working on their roles together, both being romantic for the camera, but when it came for them to jump into bed, which is something Jenny was never comfortable doing, she was pretty sure she kneed him in the privates the first time they tried to film the scene. While this isn’t a huge moment in their relationship, it sure was a bit cute, which is why we wanted to add it in. We love how Jenny Slate is so open with everything in her life, but especially when it comes to her relationships. She has no problem talking about funny moments they’ve shared together, even if it’s something as personal as accidentally hurting his private area on set for their movie.

At the moment, it was probably very awkward, but looking back, it’s something they can probably both laugh at. But when all of this was happening, she was just coming out of her divorce and she really had no direction other than her work. That would explain why they found each other at the time since they worked together, but it also was almost too perfect to be true. If only they lasted just a bit longer, but who knows.

7 Her Heart Was Broken

Via: Pinterest.com

When they broke up, while Jenny Slate doesn’t have a problem talking about their relationship since she still cares about him as a friend, it was obvious that her heart was broken, and she cared about him quite a bit. She’s even said that her heart has been broken because of this relationship not working out as much as they wanted it to. They almost seemed like they were made for each other. They got to know one another so well, she found out that Chris Evans is still very close with friends from his childhood, even that he has a female best friend. That he is also one of the kindest and most gentle individuals she’s ever met. She has said in many interviews that sometimes she would just look at him and her heart would break.

According to Vulture, she said, “He’s really vulnerable, and he’s really straightforward. He’s like primary colors. He has beautiful, big, strong emotions, and he’s really sure of them. It’s just wonderful to be around. His heart is probably golden-colored if you could paint it.” Their connection was so real it could make us cry, if only we knew why it didn’t work, if only they could have worked it out!

6 He Had So Many Strong Emotions

Via: Theimagedirect.com

According to Jenny Slate, Chris Evans has so many emotions, it was actually surprising. He’s actually quite the emotional guy, he’s sensitive and can be serious when he needs to. It was everything she wanted in a guy even though it was different and a bit shocking at first. She’s been known to say that she has always been one to go from relationship to relationship because she doesn’t like being alone, but this relationship was different. So much so she has yet to fully move on and commit to the dating scene. One thing many people might not even realize about Chris Evans is the fact that he is quite the emotional person. According to Jenny Slate, their relationship almost seemed like they were the same person because of how they worked together, got along, and shared the same powerful emotions together.

Many people wouldn’t expect Captain America to be so emotional and connected with his softer side, but he is! But maybe at the end of the day, they were just too similar to really stay together for the long term. At least they’re still very close friends, and hopefully, they keep that up into the future as well, no matter what their fame brings them.

5 They Didn’t Fall In Love On Set

Via: Popceleb.com

Apparently, according to Jenny, while they did get along quite well when they were working together, they didn’t fall in love on set at first. It wasn’t until much later when they both were dealing with less stress where they realized they wanted to be together for the long run. One thing is for sure, they didn’t start falling for each other on the job. They both worked very hard on the job, their attention was never really directed towards the both of them being together. Jenny Slate didn’t even believe that she would be his type so she pretty much pushed the idea out of her mind.

When they first started dating, Jenny Slate wanted to make sure that she wasn’t going to be treated like some kind of experiment. She wanted to hold her own and only date Chris Evans if they really did have a connection. He expressed why he liked her and the idea of them being together actually seemed to be able to work if they tried. Jenny Slate throughout the duration of their relationship was commended by many entertainment publishers on the fact that she took a huge risk going for one of the most well-known men in the acting world.

4 She Thought His Confession Was A Prank

Via: Pinterest.com

Jenny Slate almost couldn't believe that they were going to be dating. When Chris Evans first confessed his true feelings, she thought it was a complete joke. He’s one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, and he was all hers, we totally understand why she would be a bit shocked about it! When Chris Evans told Jenny Slate how he felt, it took her a moment and a bit more explaining from him to prove to her that he was taking this seriously. Even though they're both very liberal individuals, that doesn’t stop fans from objectifying Evans, which is something that bothered Jenny Slate when they first started dating. It was a different kind of world that she just stepped into and it probably felt the same for him as well. It was a bit strange to get over the fact that people would come up to Chris Evans and blatantly say things that would make any partner uncomfortable, especially when she would be standing right next to him. This was one of the first red flags that popped up when they started dating, for Jenny Slate at least. It was uncomfortable and made her sometimes doubt herself in the process.

3 They Were Just Different

Via: Fox Searchlight Pictures

While they did have chemistry between them, they were just so different they never really seemed to be on the same page. Of course, you don’t have to be the same in every way to get along with each other, but when you happen to be so different that it constantly causes a rift to form between the two of you, that’s a red flag for sure. So many people were very excited about the two of them coming together in a relationship, but their differences might have been a reason for their demise, in all honesty. Jenny Slate has always been around the more DIY comedy crowd, while Chris Evans surrounds himself with more high ranking Hollywood actors and actresses. Nothing is wrong with either one of those scenes, but they are from very different ends of the spectrum. Plus, when you feel like you can't hang out with your friends around your partner because you don’t want your partner to feel uncomfortable, that is a huge red flag that probably popped up in the relationship. Even though they didn’t work out in the end, there was something magical about the two of them coming together and falling in love.

2 He Was Too Famous

Via: Pinterest.com

When two celebs are dating and one is much more famous, it can affect the balance of the relationship, maybe even a bit of envy without meaning to be. While Chris Evans was much more famous, it never did seem to bother Jenny Slate, except when they tried to go out in public. Can you imagine dating someone that seemed to always place you in their shadow whenever they were out in public with you? Even if they didn’t mean to and it was all the fans' fault, it would be dreadful and probably very annoying after a while of going out together. Even if you were totally fine and expected people to come up to your date constantly, you have to admit that after a few months of this happening, you would just want to stay inside and never leave the house with them again. Well, that’s almost what ended up happening to Chris Evans and Jenny Slate after a few months of them being together. He was just so much more famous than her it really caused a rift between them because they literally couldn’t do anything together when they left the privacy of their own home.

1 All They Did Was Stay Home

Via: LaineyGossip.com

Jenny Slate has revealed so much about her relationship with Chris Evans, but overall, there aren’t many secrets, they’re both open individuals! But one thing many people might not expect is that they’re both homebodies! While this might not have been natural for them, that’s eventually what their relationship turned into because of everyone always recognizing Chris Evans on the streets, which made it very uncomfortable for them both to enjoy an evening out. While there’s nothing wrong with staying home, it’s a bit annoying when you’re almost forced to. It’s quite easy to see that this might have stressed them out and even put a bit of tension on the relationship as a whole. Moving forward, they mostly stayed at home so they could enjoy the peace and quiet. They wanted to do more it seemed, but it just was never a good time and place unless they wanted to deal with all of that stress. Their strange relationship was something very interesting that not many people understood, but the overall majority of their fans enjoyed the quirky relationship for what it was, true love.

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