15 Things Norman Reedus Is Spending His Money On After Making It Big On TWD

Norman Reedus is probably one of the most loved actors in the business right now. He's done a bunch of modelling and took some small roles before he became super famous. And that's all well and good. People may really have started taking notice of him back in 1999 when he starred in The Boondock Saints, which has turned into a huge cult classic.

Anyway, we're not here to talk about all of this stuff Reedus did before he really made it big. Let's be honest here, the only reason why he's still such a big deal is because of his amazing role in AMC's The Walking Dead. I mean...he was so good that the producers had a character created just for him. And that character was so successful that Reedus is now worth about $18 million!

With that much money, you'd expect that he'd be able to flash it around like no man's business. There interesting this is that he actually doesn't show off his money an awful lot. It took me a little bit of digging to really find out how he spends his money. That being said, here are 15 ways Norman Reedus has gone about spending his money since he has become a millionaire.

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15 Three Room Museum...

To be fair, this is more how Reedus chooses to use all his space, rather than what he spends his money on. It turns out that Norman Reedus actually has a museum in one of his homes. And yes, I have to say "one of his homes" simply because he has enough money to spend on several homes.

Anyway, he has a three-room museum in one of his homes that is devoted solely to things given to him by fans of his who love The Walking Dead.

I can't imagine taking the time and money to piece together a rather eclectic collection of things from fans (including implants). Imagine taking three rooms from your home to use for that. Do you have the money to have a three-room home? I don't.

14 '08 Harley Sportster

If you're a fan of Reedus, you automatically know he loves motorcycles. He actually used to work at a Harley shop...but he was fired for various reasons (depending on the account of the story you read or listen to). Anyway, this might seem like a small purchase but there are a number of bikes that Reedus decided he needed after using them on his AMC show Ride.

So, over $12,000 later, Reedus is now the proud owner of a custom Harley Sportster.

It's not the meanest machine that he has but it certainly gets the job done. I kind of like that Reedus isn't flashy with his money. He knows what he wants and he just gets it, even if it's pretty cheap for a superstar.

13 A Massive Collection Of Masks

Now, this one...I wouldn't be able to say just how much Reedus would have spent on this but it is still a very interesting thing to know about him...and I'm sure it's costly as well.

Reedus happens to have a collection of about 50 masks in one of his places.

50! For apparently no other reason other than to simply have them. I know people are into all sorts of things, but this was not one I expected from Reedus. It's no wonder he's working on a creepy video game with Del Torro. Some of the masks are pretty high quality which suggests to me that he's spent at least a few grand on purchasing these masks. I don't know about you but I think that's pretty insane.

12 Big Bald Head Productions

I can't imagine how much money Reedus has sunk into this little pet project but he's got his own little production company that has already got a few films under its belt. To be fair, it's not like they're Oscar-worthy pieces but they are definitely thought-provoking and the Oscars are kind of fixed anyway.

If you can picture Norman Reedus and David Lynch having an artistic film child...that's basically the gist of the sort of work that Reedus' company Big Bald Head productions puts together.

The inspiration for this name was taken from a Laurie Anderson concert when he was a kid. Anderson came onto the stage and made the inspiring remark: "The sun's coming up like a big bald head." It's an interesting moment to have inspired such work.

11 Atlanta Home

So here's the thing, it's actually not certain whether or not Reedus had owned this place (just under someone else's name) or if he had merely been renting it, but either way he has this three-story pad in Palmetto in order to be close in town for shooting The Walking Dead.

Of course, given how bloody popular he is, he decided to pack up the place to move further out of town in order to escape the paparazzi and the crazy fans.

I don't blame him for that at all. He did get bit at a convention after all. That's some pretty crazy stuff. Anyway, this place is valued at almost $600,000. I actually can't really picture myself ever having even that money...and he's worth $18 million. It's too bad that people are so crazy because this seems like a pretty crazy pad. But I'm sure he upgraded accordingly.

10 Custom Hammarhead Jack Pine Triumph Scrambler

Now I have to say upfront here that this is in no way the Triumph that Norman Reedus rides on the show The Walking Dead. I will say that this is his own Triumph Hammarhead Jack Pine. I'm not sure why they spell it Hammar instead of Hammer, but that hardly matters. What matters far more is that this bike is a part of his own personal collection.

Now, this bike is about $16,500. Again, it's not a huge expense for someone who is a multi-millionaire, but it's still what he goes out of his way to spend his money on.

The thing I like about Reedus is that he does what he wants and gets what he wants, but he doesn't feel the need to drop millions of dollars on cars he'll never drive. And why bother? Just to show off? He's Norman Reedus...he doesn't need to show off.

9 charities

Did you know that Norman Reedus is a huge fan of cats? Well, if you didn't know...now you do. If Boondock Saints didn't already give you the notion that he was a fan of cats (given his reaction when Rocco accidentally shoots the one in his apartment) then let his continuing contributions to Cruelty-Free International speak for themselves.

He's not the only big name to support this charity, of course. Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage has done photo shoots with them too. 

I'm not going to be able to tell you just how much Reedus has spent on Cruelty-Free International but I have to say that the fact he supports them makes him a way cooler person than I already thought he was. He's not just a biker nut. He loves his little kitty cats! Aww.

8 Little Chitaly Penthouse

If there are some of you who are confused about where Little Chitaly is, trust me when I say that I didn't know where it was until I started in researching this article and where Reedus spends his money.

Little Chitaly is a little spot in Manhattan that is basically a mix of old school Little Italy and new school Chinatown.

That being said, I'm sure you could imagine any place in Manhattan being incredibly expensive. And you would not be wrong. How much did Norman Reedus pay for this penthouse on the island in this very kooky end of town? $3.8 million! This is probably the most expensive item on this list and I imagine it is entirely because of where it is. I mean...the little bit of grass it does have is AstroTurf...'Nuff said.

7 1992 Honda CB750

It seems to be that Norman Reedus doesn't really like to pay a lot for the bikes he rides. To be fair, this one is the cheapest bike but perhaps the most popular of the ones he rides simply because it is a pretty close version of the bike that he rides in The Walking Dead.

Sure, the bike might only be worth $2000 now in excellent condition, but I have to say that I'm fairly certain the price tag on this bike will skyrocket once The Walking Dead does finally come to a close.

I don't expect that will happen as soon as I think the show should come to an end but that's not the point. The point is that Reedus really only spends a lot of money on things like real estate. And even then, it's not like he's buying mansions on random islands.

6 Hudson Valley Home

Before you start writing all sorts of terrible comments below, I do know that this photo is not taken in the Hudson Valley. In fact, this photo was taken with Jeffrey Dean Morgan while they were travelling through Spain for an episode of Ride.

The point of the photo is more to show the fact that in purchasing a place in the Hudson Valley (which I could not find a photo of), Reedus is moving much closer to his good friend Morgan.

Nothing wrong with being close to your best bud. It's uncertain how much he paid for the place, but you can assume it wasn't quite as much as his $3.8 million Little Chitaly penthouse. The Hudson Valley doesn't immediately start up in the multi-millions for places. I mean, you can get there, but it's not necessary. He doesn't seem to like being too lavish anyway.

5 Operation Smile

There are two charities that Norman Reedus spends his money on. The first is Cruelty-Free International to help keep animals from lab testing.

Beyond that, he spends money on helping children with cleft lips and cleft palates get help in order to give them the smile that they want. 

Again, I'm not fully sure just how much money Reedus pours into this charity but the fact that he does is pretty awesome. Having his own child, I'm sure, helps with the desire to give other children the chance to smile proudly like his son most certainly does. You might not expect the redneck biker with the crossbow to be such a generous and soft kind of guy but there's something wonderful about that.

4 Security Escalade

Alright, so I might have mentioned that Norman Reedus doesn't tend to spend a lot of money on the things he does buy...aside from real estate anyway, but there is one other aspect of his life that he definitely sinks money into. He has a security detail of some sort. That's no real surprise considering that he's one of the biggest heartthrobs in the business.

But beyond having a security detail, he also happens to pay enough for that security force to have an Escalade to follow him around in.

I don't know about you but I dare say you have to be paying security a whole hell of a lot if they're able to ride around in a Cadillac SUV. I don't have the exact numbers but I think it's safe to say that he's spending a pretty penny on it.

3 Triumph Tiger 800

Alright, here's the thing. I have no idea how much money Reedus spent on this bike but it is comparable to the other ones at least.

You can get one for about $13,000 but if you really don't want to pay full price you are definitely able to source one of these guys for about $7,000.

That might seem like a pretty huge gap but it really all depends on the specific edition as well as the year.

There is a pretty significant list of reduced prices for this sort of bike. I'm going to assume that Reedus didn't go out of his way to buy cheap on this. Especially since he has the money to make sure he has the top-of-the-line edition with all the bells and whistles. The reason Reedus has this specific bike is because he absolutely fell in love with it during work on his AMC show Ride. 

2 Photo Exhibitions

The name of Norman Reedus' photo exhibit is also relative to his film production company. And both are inspired by a concert that he went to when he was a kid.

He recalled the moment that Laurie Anderson walked onto the stage with a glow-in-the-dark violin and said: "The sun is coming up like a big bald head."

I really don't know or understand the context of this statement and I don't know much at all about Laurie Anderson, but I do know that from that inspiration he decided to put money into his photography career and decided to not only create his own album but also put on his own exhibitions. Let's just be honest here for a moment...Norman Reedus is just a pretty damn cool guy!

1 Courtside With Mingus 

If you guys didn't know, Norman Reedus has a son. He's now 19 and that's a lot of time to be spoiled by father Norman Reedus. And Norman definitely does spend on his precious little boy. Why wouldn't he? The above photo is the two guys kicking it courtside at an NBA game.

I don't know if you've ever scored tickets for an NBA game but they're not cheap. Now, imagine getting courtside tickets. They are often well over $1000, depending on what time of the NBA season you're going to a game.

Just imagine being the son of Norman Reedus. I don't think many people would pick on you. They wouldn't want Daryl Dixon showing up to their door with a crossbow. I could imagine him being a pretty kickass dad. Even if he's always busy.

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