15 Things Michael Jackson's Daughter Loves To Spend Her Trust Fund On

It seems like just yesterday that the King of Pop was still here with us all. The man who had such a gentle soul and wanted to heal the world clearly had a great influence on his daughter Paris Jackson . If you have not kept up with Paris and last saw her dedicating a speech to her loving father at his funeral, you will be surprised to find out what the late singer's daughter has been up to.

The daughter of the most famous musician is becoming a star in her own right; she acts, models, plays instruments, and is an activist. And like her father, she is so passionate about necessary changes in society and being a positive influence. Michael Jackson was also a very giving man throughout his extensive career; he would lavish Elizabeth Taylor with diamonds and other jewelry and perfume that easily cost him millions. After discovering that Jackson's children all receive a fair share allowance of $8 million a year, we also discovered that the apple does not fall far from the tree; Paris, uses her yearly allowance not only on herself, but her loved ones as well. However, Paris does not smother others with her money as much as her father; she knows her limits and does not go overboard. Jackson, who is now very outspoken by expressing herself through her spunky and hipster attitude and bohemian and bold fashion sense, she knows how to use her lucrative money and fame in all the right ways. It's quite impressive considering she's only 19. After scrolling through this list, you will wish you were best friends with Paris Jackson.

15 Paris Buys Gifts For Her Friends

These days, it is definitely a plus to be the bearer of the last name Jackson. The legendary icon's daughter is a lot like her father when using her money to treat and spoil her loved ones.

Since the age of 16, Paris has kept her friends in consideration when it comes to spending her annual allowance that recently jumped from $5 million to $8 million a year.

One way that she spends money on her friends is buying them costly athletic gear and fancy shoes. No sources could confirm how much the shoes are, but being the daughter of the King of Pop who had luxurious taste, and being a fashion mogul herself, we know that the shoes must have had a high price tag.

14 Paris Attended Boarding School

Paris Jackson, who experienced her share of personal problems since her father's death, has also used her inheritance from her father to effect positive change in her life. The budding star has come a long way since losing the most significant figure in her life, and she did so by using a chunk of her $8 million allowance to help and heal herself. After Paris Jackson attempted suicide 2013, she turned her life around by leading a more "normal" life.

She signed up at a therapeutic boarding school in Utah to educate and treat herself.

When Michael Jackson was still alive, Paris, like many celebrity children, was home-schooled; this school, which helped her recover, cost her in the six-figures.

13 Paris Splurged On A Special Jacket

Paris Jackson is not your normal celebrity child that rolls around in designer clothing and acts like a spoiled Barbie doll; she is in fact, the complete opposite.

Paris is very spiritual in appearance and character; she has a funky vibe, an edgy-rocker attitude, and a bohemian-hipster look.

She embraces her looks, that she was once self-conscious about, and embraces her bold difference when it comes to fashion. Paris is also very open on social media, revealing many items that she has used her allowance to splurge on, and we adore her quirkiness. Last summer, the model took to Twitter to share with the world her excitement about her most recent purchase — a NASA jacket. She Tweeted: "Today I bought a NASA jacket that kinda looks like a space suit. I may be a model now but the 7-year-old me that dreamed of being an astronaut." Gotta love her!

12 Paris Brought Her Friends To The Happiest Place On Earth

It's official, Paris knows exactly what to do to make her best friends smile from from ear to ear. Her father, who had the biggest heart when it comes to children, nicknamed his daughter Paris, Tinker Bell. Michael Jackson was obsessed with the wonderful world of Disney — hence, the reason why he named his ranch Neverland, that is now worth $35 million.

Paris, who says she's very much like her father, has dear love for many of the same things, and Disney is one of them. Last summer, in August 2017, Paris decided to get in touch with her inner child and visited Disneyland in California.

At the same time, because she has so much money to her name, she invited her friends to enjoy a magical day with her at the happiest place in the world. She spoiled her friends with a lot of Mickey bling to add to their hippie-chic attire.

11 Paris Takes Annual Vacations With Her Brothers

With all that money, having a jet-set life is definitely feasible, and so Paris, along with her two brothers Prince and Blanket, make sure they take three family vacations together a year. And when they do, they go as large as their dad did. The three vacations that Paris and her siblings take include posh destinations like Hawaii and Vegas. With an inheritance of $8 million a year, the annual vacations set the Jackson trio back at about $350,000. Their payments include first-class airfare, friends and family they bring along, bodyguards, chauffeurs, and, of course, luxury hotels.

In Hawaii, they stay in a signature suite at the Kahala Hotel and Resort that costs $5,500 a night in a secluded area of Honolulu.

In Vegas, the famous children get a 2,000-square-foot penthouse suite at the Bellagio, which is $5,000 a night.

10 Paris Loves Her Vans

The blonde beauty, who is often caught showing off her “legs for days,” has an everlasting obsession with Vans shoes. No matter what Paris wears, she rocks them because she knows she can with her quirky attitude — often when strolling around LA, she is photographed wearing different pairs of her favorite sneaker brand.

She has become well-known for indulging in her obsession — fashion magazines and social media refer to wearing Vans as “à la Paris Jackson.”

Paris always steps forward confidently when she has her high-top Vans on. Paris, who often ditches the classy red-carpet look, always vouches for a staple outfit that consists of casual shorts, a t-shirt, and to complete the look, the classic Vans Sk8-Hi trainers.

9 Paris Follows In Her Father's Musical Steps

When rolling in so much dough, it must be hard to be a little frugal at times, but it appears Paris invests her money in the right things. Though she may not ever be as musically famous as her father, especially since she focuses more on modelling and her spirituality, Paris is indeed musically inclined. She has been photographed on many occasions with a guitar in her hands, and even ukuleles. During an extensive interview with Rolling Stone, that she has spent a lot of her money on different models of acoustic guitars. She claimed to know how to play a few instruments, and that it has helped her heal. Also, Paris has an affinity for rock and roll and song writing — she would make for a killer lead singer.

8 Paris Constantly Spends Money On New Ink

If there is something that is very apparent about the 19-year-old, it is her love and obsession with getting inked. She racked up quite a collection of tattoos and has claimed that there is a unique meaning behind all of them; some of which are dedicated to her late father, who she always feels connected to. Almost every part of Paris' body has a tattoo, convincing us all that most of her allowance goes to the cost of this creative way of expressing herself.

Jackson, who is very intact with her spirituality, got her latest ink a couple of months ago: a multi-colored tattoo that starts from her sternum and ends above her belly button. She has over 50 tattoos and this recent addition is dedicated to Eastern spiritual traditions with seven chakra symbols.

Besides her nine tattoos that commemorate her late father, she also has tattoos of her other favorite musicians like Motley Crue and John Lennon .

7 Paris Gives Money To Charity

As mentioned before, Paris is as big-hearted as her father was, and she uses her grand allowance to follow in his footsteps and give back to the less fortunate.

Michael Jackson, who praised through his music how important it is to help deprived people, must have been smiling from up above when Paris took her money to travel to Malawi and South Africa to help those less fortunate.

Her father took many trips to Africa, so it's admiring to see how selfless the teen is as well. The stringful of photos she posted to her Instagram on her trip made us all blush up. It is not known how much money she may have donated, but her empathy speaks volumes.

6 Paris Expresses Her Sprituality

Because Paris Jackson prides herself on being spiritual, a lot of her money goes to objects that are aligned with her beliefs. She is spiritually grounded and shares it with all her social media followers; she often shares posts embracing nature and showing off her newest Buddha statues. Her chakra tattoo, that primarily symbolizes her connection to the spiritual world and self-enlightenment, is not the only thing she has spent her allowance on.

In addition to that, she shows her avid beliefs by spending money on crystals and gemstones because of the powerful healing powers she believes they have.

And to constantly channel positive energy, she also spends her money on tarot cards, spiritual books, and burning incense.

5 Paris Loves Her Organic Food

Her Instagram feed has a ton of pictures of food that make us drool. Paris, who is very intact with her emotions, good vibes, and positive energy, of course keeps her healthy habits going by maintaining a healthy diet.

A close friend of the teen confirmed to E! Online that the aspiring actress and model has a very healthy diet, and her Instagram proves just that.

The teen, who is always out and about and not sheltering herself like she once did, often posts pictures of kelp pad Thai, freshly-squeezed organic juices, exotic teas, and organic and raw ginger juice, to name a few, at all the hottest spots. It is obvious that Paris believes that eating organic and cruelty-free is important and crucial.

4 Paris Takes Spiritual Retreats

For those who question what Paris does with her money, she uses it mostly to express herself and what she stands for. The "it" girl took to Instagram to show off her spiritual side while on one of her many retreats. This spiritual retreat got backlash because the 19-year-old posted several topless images. For one, it is her money, so she is allowed to do what she wants for a getaway that she paid for, and secondly, for Paris, getting one on one with nature is what makes her happy — and hugging trees with her bare chest. She spends her inheritance on these retreats to stand for a movement that promotes the expression of freedom,  like a healthy and well-balanced life, and connecting with nature.

3 Paris Sometimes Doesn't Spend Her Money Right 

There is one thing that we hardly see Paris without, and that is a cigarette. She has been smoking since she was under-aged, but that never phased her or stopped her. Tabloids and news media sites have been posting photographs and articles for the past few years of the late musician’s daughter constantly smoking. However, there are way worse things this teen could be spending her money on. We're not sure how many packs she buys in a week, but there are quite a few photos of her smoking.

2 Paris Takes Trips To Visit Friends

These days, the new rumor that has sparked major speculation is that Paris is dating model Cara Delevingne. The daughter of the late Michael Jackson and model Delevingne sparked rumors in the tabloids when they were spotted holding hands. The reason this is being mentioned is because Jackson has taken a couple of trips to Europe, specifically London, to visit and be with Delevingne.

In the last few months, she has been photographed strolling through Europe and has shared photos of herself in Italy and the Czech Republic; this does not include the annual vacations she takes with her brothers.

And evidently, while out in London with Delevingne and other pals, she enjoyed the night out at the popular and lavish eatery, Mayfair, followed by a night at a nightclub — "go big or go home," Paris exclaimed!

1 Paris Takes Trips To Europe Like "Ordinary" People

Paris Jackson is not your ordinary celebrity child; if you did not know that Michael Jackson was her father, you would not know that she the daughter a rich celeb because she does not lead a spoiled and bratty lifestyle. Instead of staying at the most expensive hotels in posh France and having her very own guide and chauffeur, she did it the way many teens do — she backpacked. Yes, the multi-millionaire daughter chose to make her trip to France a backpacking one. We mentioned before that the daughter of one of the most famous and richest musicians in history followed her father's roots by playing instruments, like the ukulele and writing her own music.

And so, her backpacking escapade through France included her serenading people on the streets while carrying her hiking backpack and strumming her ukulele.

We are pretty sure that the daughter of the King of Pop fooled many into thinking she was just any other average traveler.

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