15 Things Meghan Markle Had To Do To Become Harry's Fiancée

Move over, Angie. We're looking at someone who's got a chance at wearing a real crown. Most girls dream of becoming a princess. For the actress, Meghan Markle, it's about to become a dream come true. Her engagement to Prince Harry is all we can talk about and the media is going nuts. FYI, for the UK, this will be the second dose of marriage mania in one decade after Prince Harry's older brother, Prince William, tied the knot with Kate Middleton (and it cost about $34 million). Brits go crazy for royal weddings, but with this one being half British, half American, "Meghan Mania" is making waves on both sides of the pond.

Meghan Markle is best known for her role in the legal drama, Suits, where she was earning a reported $50,000 per episode. She plays Rachel Zane, a paralegal with a heart of gold. So far, there's enough evidence to show that the actress has one in real life too. She's also an absolute beauty, so we're not surprised that Prince Harry fell for her in 2016. Becoming a royal is a big deal, not to mention a big challenge. Meghan will have to give up a lot (and take a lot on). Sure, you get to live in a palace and have your every whim catered to, have custom-made wardrobes, gala dinners, and travel more than you could ever imagine, but when your boss is Queen Elizabeth II and your husband is fifth in line to the throne, how much can you really be yourself? Here are 15 obstacles Meghan has already had to overcome, and she isn't even married yet.

15 Getting Used To Bowing To Kate Middleton

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For most of us, in-laws are a casual affair. They might come around for a barbecue, help out with some DIY project, or go out for ice cream from time to time. When you're a royal though, that's a different story. Kate Middleton's official title is The Duchess Of Cambridge (fancy!). Here's the thing though, Britain's royal family goes back 1200 years and this isn't a country that throws tradition out the window.

It's quite possible that Meghan will have to physically bow to Kate. Meghan has gotten over the first hurdle— bowing to the Queen. Everyone (including Kate) has to do that. Still, Meghan had to accept that she might need to do the same to her own sister-in-law, even behind closed doors. Yes, marrying into royalty is something most of us dream of, but saying "hi" with a hug isn't on the cards for Meghan. Both women may be 36 years old, but the superiority game is on. It looks like Meghan's up for the challenge, though.

14 Deleting Her Social Media

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Yup. Being a royal may mean you're in the public eye, but that doesn't mean that you can have a personal Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Meghan has already had to close up shop on all of her social media pages. Cozying up with puppies or balancing out yoga poses aren't acceptable when you're British royalty— and definitely not if you're doing either of these things in swimwear. Considering that Meghan was a Hollywood star, that must've been one tough day. Most of us have to delete a post here and there because maybe the snap was inappropriate and maybe we're applying for jobs and want to seem more professional. Imagine having to give up all of your social media— not for a week or two— but for forever. Meghan has done it though, so for those of you looking forward to cute selfies or #vacayvibes, you'll have to look somewhere else.

13 Kissing Her Hollywood Career Goodbye

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This is a tough one. Meghan may not have been a Hollywood superstar, but she had a solid fanbase on Suits, and her character was much-loved. Most TV stars use their small screen presence to hop up the career ladder. Jennifer Aniston made the jump from TV to the big screen and so did Mila Kunis. For Meghan though, the career path as an actress has already come to a very abrupt end. She's had to leave Suits, and though it's likely she'll be wearing lots of them, she'll never get the chance to be on set again. Fans are already pouring their hearts out about missing her, but this wasn't Meghan's call. Want to be a royal? Say goodbye to Hollywood.

12 Ditching Her Old Wardrobe

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Being a royal means dressing the part. If you look at any picture of Kate Middleton since she married Prince William, it's wool coats, matching berets, and lots of prim and proper gowns. She wears a sophisticated color palette of creams, whites, and of course, royal blues. Meghan's old wardrobe was a casual mix of California-style jeans, loose shirts, and when she was making more of an effort, edgy pencil skirts and stilettos. That definitely formed most of her wardrobe on Suits, where most of the cast were dressed in head-to-toe in Burberry or Victoria Beckham designs. Some bikini shots of Meghan are still floating around the internet, but the beachy, boho style died the minute that ring went on her finger. We've since seen Meghan in drab beiges, tweeds, and button-down jackets— a far cry from her former, stylish self. It looks like marrying into a thousand-year monarchy means dressing like you're a thousand years old. Oops.

11 She Had To Get Baptized By The Church Of England

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Well, that was after it was questioned whether or not she'd even be able to marry Prince Harry. It's no secret that Meghan is divorced, and members of the Royal Family aren't allowed to marry divorcees in church. It's at the discretion of the priest though, so this lucky couple got the green light. Still, despite already being a Christian, Meghan had to get baptized and confirmed by the Church of England, where the Queen is the official head. Woah! Although the Queen didn't attend the ceremony, it was performed by one of the highest-ranking bishops in England. Meghan had holy water from the River Jordan poured over her, and it looks like she aced it. The Archbishop of Canterbury who performed the ceremony called it "beautiful, sincere, and very moving." Aww.

10 She's Already Nailing The British Accent

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The Los Angeles-born Meghan left us a bit confused earlier this year when she was heard speaking in a rather British-sounding accent. Meghan has already started the process of becoming a British citizen ahead of her May 2018 wedding, and it looks like she's taking every aspect of it seriously. Meghan was recently on a semi-official visit to Scotland with Prince Harry. When she was handed a potato-shaped scone though, her British pronunciation of the word was 100% official. "Is anyone that surprised to hear Meghan Markle possibly pronounced scone like 'gone?'" one person tweeted. To be fair, she is an actress, so maybe it was meant to be?

9 Accepting That She'll Always Be Compared To Princess Diana

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Being a princess in England comes with its downsides— the biggest being those shoes you'll never be able to fill. The tragic death of Prince Harry's beautiful mother, Princess Diana, may have been way back in 1997, but it hasn't been forgotten. Nicknamed, "The Peoples' Princess," Diana was adored by millions. The outpour of grief following the Paris car crash that killed her was one of the biggest in history. Kate Middleton has had to live in Diana's shadow, and it looks like Meghan will be joining her. Prince Harry has, however, personally said that he felt Meghan and his late mom would have been "best friends." Both women shared humanitarian work and fashion as their passions, but with Diana's legacy still alive, Meghan has had to face reality— she'll always be compared to Diana.

8 Learning To Keep Her Opinions To Herself

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The Queen is known for never giving a political opinion, and that extends to pretty much everything (except maybe liking tea). The whole family is ruled by an iron fist— Meghan is reportedly not even allowed to give interviews without the Queen's approval. The formerly outspoken actress was used to voicing her opinions in America, particularly when it came to a certain political leader. If you're a royal with an opinion though, you have to keep them to yourself. That means no statements, accidental slips, or facial reactions. You can smile, wave, and shake hands, but if you disagree with world politics or events, you can't shake your head. Meghan's done a great job so far, but it's going to be a learning curve.

7 Becoming The Media's Biggest Focus

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If you think being a Hollywood star means being in the spotlight, that's nothing compared to being a royal. The press eat you alive in celeb land, but when you're married to a British Prince, the scrutiny is a million times more. Meghan's every move will be monitored, photographed, judged, and commented on and unlike Hollywood, you can't slip up. Meghan has already had a taste of this with her various pre-wedding appearances. Given the winning smile, proper mannerisms, and popular response though, she's done a great job. Hollywood stars can also take time out, hiding away in mansions or taking secret vacations are an easy "break from reality" if you're a Kardashian, but Meghan has had to accept that there won't be time off. She's done nothing but smile so far, so we'll assume she's okay with it.

6 "Smile And Wave" Royal Style Isn't Like Doing It In Hollywood

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If you've seen the Queen and the rest of the crew in public, you'll know the drill— crowds gather, flags wave, and so do the Royals. To have "smile and wave" as your job description doesn't sound like the world's biggest challenge, but when you're a royal, you have to do it a certain way.

There's a whole art to how this family presents themselves, and the constraints of being high society means there are strict rules on how you behave. It's rumored that previous newbie royals have had to undergo hours of coaching and training on how to "wave and smile," although Meghan is no stranger to acting the part. Her public appearances so far have been spot on, although a royal correspondent has said: "It's incredibly difficult to meet everyone's expectations." Kate Middleton was eased into the role, but Meghan has had to dive right in. Ready... and action!

5 She Had To Leave Her Native Country

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We all know that the toughest part of moving away from home is how much we'll miss it. Meghan was born and raised in Los Angeles, but marrying Prince Harry comes with a big goodbye. She's already had to move to the UK. Although she's joining a new family (and we're all hoping she and Harry will start one), Meghan has had to say goodbye to her own. She's had to accept that home visits will likely be few and far between, and hopping on a plane to see mom or dad whenever she wants just isn't going to happen. Meghan also had to pass a citizenship test to even become British, but it's unlikely that "do you feel homesick?" was one of the questions. Meghan is made of strong stuff though, so we're hoping she manages this one. And hey! She'll always have her prince to turn to for comfort.

4 She Had To Take Her Website Down

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Although Meghan's future is opening up, this soon-to-be princess has also had to shut down her past. After nearly three years of running her lifestyle website, The Tig, Meghan was forced to shut it down in 2017, when her relationship with Prince Harry started to get serious. The self-proclaimed "dedicated love of travel, food, fashion, and beauty" all came to a very quick end, as the actress found herself having to succumb to increasing pressure. The closer she got to Prince Harry, the less she was able to be herself. Celebs having their own websites is commonplace. Gwyneth Paltrow has her site, GOOP, the Kardashians have their apps, and the celebrity gossip king, Perez Hilton, basically has his website to thank for his career. Meghan showed courage and professionalism as she shut down The Tig. Still, parting with your "passion project" (as she's called it) probably wasn't easy.

3 Having To "Keeping Up Appearances"

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Let's be clear, here. Just because it starts with "keeping up," doesn't mean it's Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The pressure to be absolutely perfect as a royal figure is huge. It's also completely exhausting. You can be going through personal hell, but your face can never show it. What happens behind those palace doors stays quiet, and you can't even make a statement without it being via some royal correspondent. Meghan's Hollywood background means she's used to PR and facing the media. Nevertheless, she's had to learn that showing a sad face just isn't acceptable (unless it's planned). So how has she done so far? Smile for the camera? Check. Not letting her inner feelings be visible? Check. Staying calm and composed despite facing the biggest wedding on the planet? Check. Congrats, Meghan. You passed.

2 Her Marriage Had To Be Formally Accepted By The Queen

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Remember the old days, where a guy would formally ask the father of the bride for her hand in marriage? We see it in movies and those who like a bit of old-fashioned romance still do it. Getting married "royal style" is a whole different story, though. The Queen has way more power than you might think. Did you know that a law in British parliament can't be passed until she gives it the okay? It was a similar deal for Meghan's engagement, as the whole thing had to be formally accepted by Her Majesty The Queen. What if she'd said no? Fortunately, the Queen accepted, although it's rumored she's already told Meghan and Harry to "tone down" their public displays of affection. Meghan may be marrying a real prince, but the deal is real here. Fortunately, Meghan has done nothing but proven that she's up to it.

1 Accepting That Hollywood Parties Will Now Become Garden Tea Parties

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Part of the fun of being a Hollywood star is getting to party in style. The rich and famous get exclusive access to the newest clubs, bars, and restaurants, and if you're Leonardo DiCaprio, you do it on a yacht. It's time to tone it way down. Meghan wasn't the most wild, but she did enjoy her Hollywood lifestyle. When you become a royal though, it's a big no to club nights and a big yes to garden tea parties. Yes, you're getting prime, loose-leaf tea, scrummy scones, and finger sandwiches, but if you're coming from celeb land, you'll be bored out your mind. This pic is pretty accurate in terms of how tea parties go, although when summer comes, they usually take place in the garden. Meghan has done great so far, give the girl the Kudos she deserves. Hit share on Facebook so people know what a trooper Meghan is.

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