15 Things Mariah Carey's Accountant Doesn't Want Us To Know About Her Spending Habits

Outrageous celeb spending is hardly news. While Hollywood royalty drops millions on mega mansions, private planes, and sometimes seriously questionable fashion, one little diva is outshining them all. Most famous for her angelic voice and smash hit, All I Want For Christmas Is You (which FYI, netted her a sweet $50 million in royalties), Mariah Carey hit headlines with a little more scandal, as rumors surfaced that billionaire fiancé, James Packer had dumped her because of her extortionate spending.

Mariah's estimated net worth sits at a staggering $535 million, thanks to endless chart-topping albums, singles, tours, and a dope $150 million album deal – not to mention her $18 million guest judge fee on hit TV show, The Voice. Collaborations with nail polish brand OPI likely netted her a fair amount, and it's reported her triple fragrance line with beauty brand Elizabeth Arden has brought in over $150 million in sales.

The starlet has built an empire on her whistle register and powerful ballads, and steep prices aren't on her fear list. She's been raking in the cash since the '90s, but despite approaching 50, she's showing no signs of slowing down. If Mariah isn't splashing out on palatial homes, she's living like a queen inside them, but hey, we wouldn't expect anything less from a woman whose spending sprees are as incredible as her vocal skills.

15  Real Estate (At Unreal Prices)

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Despite spending very little time in them, Mariah has various homes in exclusive locations and given the price tags, it looks like nothing but the most exclusive will do for her. By far the most extravagant is the $125 million she dropped on Beverly Hills mansion, Fleur de Lys, a 45,000 square foot estate she purchased back in her days with ex-beau, Nick Cannon. Dripping in gold leaf and Italian marbles, its 15 gargantuan bedrooms, ballroom, staff quarters, and pavilion pool spa are Versailles-styled. Framed by manicured gardens, the property is reportedly the most expensive ever sold.

Of course, she also owns a New York City triplex overlooking Central Park (that's $5.5 million for the first two floors and another $3.5 million for the top level). It boasts Buatta design and bronze-inlaid limestone flooring – just the kind of luxe you can expect for the $100,000-a-month California home she was sharing with fiancé James Packer before they split. Add on $4.9 million for her Bahamas pad, $7 million in Bel Air, and over twice that for her estate in the Hamptons, Mariah sure does have a healthy property portfolio.

14  $19,000 On Looking Good (For A Single Appearance)

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Yes, that's how much she spends per appearance. From casual handbag shopping to bar tabs, the land of celebs is no stranger to insane figures. It's also accustomed to a fleet of personal stylists and makeup artists battling the LA traffic as they scoot from Hidden Hills to Calabasas (when Kim Kardashian said noon, she MEANT noon). Given what they earn, we'd probably forgive our beloved celebs for dropping $9000 on getting their hair done, $7000 on make-up, or $2,400 on a cheeky manicure? Per month, maybe. Not per appearance.

As far as outrageously lavish demands, rumors got everyone talking when it was alleged that the filming of a movie, A Christmas Melody, had to be scheduled around the singer-turned-actress' nap schedule. $19,000 is what she's said to spend on looking good for a single appearance. That's a lot of pressure to get those locks silky smooth and the most powerful anti-drip mascara on the planet not to fail.

13  $100,000 A Month On Exotic Flowers

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Most women are lucky to get a small bouquet on Valentine's Day. Big budget stars seem to think flowers grow on trees (oh, wait, they do), so it's rare to see a celeb home these days that isn't adorned with roses, tulips, and freshly cut floral pieces decorating marble fireplaces or hallways. Khloe Kardashian is a particular fan, as is Elton John (who can't have a dressing room without them), but it's unlikely either spend anywhere near the reported $100,000 a month Mariah drops on having exotic flowers delivered to wherever in the world she happens to be.

Given her social media posts, her demands are met. In December 2017, a pink bouquet joined her and the kids writing to Santa. Earlier that year, she looked cute as a button posing with sunflowers – although her diamond ring kinda outshone them. In June of 2017, she took herself to the fields for a more natural shot, but given her stringent requirements and upscale taste, we get it, Mariah. The flowers come to you.

12  Hotel Stays That Cost More Than Most Of Us Earn

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When Mariah travels, she travels in style. And that means no expense spared. Whether it's cozying up at the London Corinthia Hotel for $12,615 a night, or upping the ante with $15,000 per night stays at the Plaza Athénée in Paris (well, if you're in Paris, you have to stay in the Eiffel Suite), Mariah doesn't do hotels by half. Her favorite Vegas pad, Nobu Villa at the Nobu Hotel in Caesar's Palace tops them all at $35,000 a night, although you'll be glad to hear she does keep it real with the occasional AirBnB stay – at $12,500 a night, of course. In 2002, her generous side emerged with reports she'd footed the hotel bill for four Spanish fans, although that might've been a polite way of letting them down gently – no, you can't actually stay with Mariah Carey.

11 $45,000 A Year On Spa Treatments (For Her Pets)

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How many of you dog owners spend a little to treat your pooches? After all, they are our most loyal friends. Mariah has a fair few of her own (The Good Reverend PW Jackson, Jill E.Beans, Cha Cha, and Jackie Lambchops are just some of their names), and it looks like being Mariah's pet is a pretty sweet deal, treatment-wise. According to a report, the songstress forked out nearly $200,000 to send them all on a luxury vacation to the aptly named Paw Seasons dog hotel in the UK. The private charter jet she sent them in was reported to cost $175,000 alone. But that's a one-off (for when they've been extra good). For regular behavior, they get treated to an estimated $45,000 a year on pampering, grooming, and when they're traveling, organic steaks. Woof!

10 $340,000 A Week On A Private Yacht

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Celebs and yachts go hand in hand. Most straight-up buy them, like Johnny Depp, Tiger Woods, and the eye-watering reported $250 million former Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt spent on theirs. Jay-Z and Beyonce prefer to rent (although we're still looking at $900,000 a week), and following in the his-and-hers footsteps, Mariah took to the water in 2016, back when she was still with billionaire fiancé, James Packer. Her half? The Capri. A 192-foot cruiser with two bars, a Jacuzzi, gym, library, plus six staterooms. Of course, a private chef comes on tap. That kind of luxury comes at a price though, and at $340,000 a week (plus expenses), it definitely made a statement alongside Packer's own yacht. It all turned very romantic as they docked off the coast of Italy, although sadly the relationship itself didn't last.

9 A $10,000 Room Just For Her Luggage

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Have you ever seen a celebrity in an airport? If the answer's no, that's probably because they're hidden behind the veritable cities of luggage they travel with. A few low-key ones travel light, like Kendall Jenner, who's always jetting off to some far-flung location for photoshoots, but the majority come with a heavy Louis Vuitton entourage. The message that they send when travelling is, "Heads up, when we travel, we bring out stuff." Mariah's tours and invites take her around the globe, so her solution to all that baggage is checking into two hotel suites. One for her and one for her luggage. $10,000 is a lot to spend just to have your suitcases sleep in peace, but we'll assume she considered that a price worth paying.

8 Burning $250,000 Designer Dresses

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Mariah's relationships haven't always gone smoothly, and when they don't, she makes sure the world knows. Her breakup from James Packer inspired the 2017 song "I Don't," and judging by her actions, this might just have been short for "I don't care." The breakup saw Bora Bora nuptials cancelled, and since it's hard to wear a wedding gown down the aisle when you're not getting married, Mariah had a better idea: burn it. The music video stabs ex-fiancé Packer in the back as she takes the custom-made Valentino dress (worth $250,000) and dumps it in a fire pit. She said, "I just took some time to process my feelings and I started writing a song to express what I've been going through." Way to show it, Mariah.

7 Replacing It With A Little Retail Therapy, Though

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Shopping, shopping, shopping – where to start? Or rather, where to end? In celeb land, the answer appears to be that there is no end. Nor are there any limits on what these high earners will bat an eyelid at. It's rumored Mariah won't ever wear the same outfit twice. And why should she, when she's happy to pay the price for an ever-expanding wardrobe of designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. While she does donate some items to charity, we can't blame her for hanging onto the $11,000 dress she wore to Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy party, or her insane collection of Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo heels. She's regularly spotted at big brand stores like Hermes and Christian Dior, and in 2017, Louis Vuitton shut down their entire store just for her. Take us with you, Mariah.

6 Childcare Doesn't Come Cheap (No, Really)

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If you have kids, you'll know looking after them is a major expense. Baby formula and clothes don't fall out the sky, but that's less of a concern for celebrities, who are frequently seen spending huge amounts spoiling their little ones. Mariah takes her mom duties seriously (definitely the spending part), so it's not surprising she treats her twins, Moroccan and Monroe. So what are we looking at? $20,000 for a crib? Totally reasonable. $5000 for a stroller? Well, if your mom travels in style... A few eyebrows were raised when it was reported she spent $6000 a month on luxury La Mer skin lotion – not for her face, but as diaper cream for her babies. The product retails at around $1900 a pop. Working out at $150 an ounce, that better be some silky smooth skin they have.

5 Nor Does A Quick Bite To Eat

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When celebs eat out, they splash the cash. Hollywood is filled with fine dining restaurants and gastronomic eateries, and given the celeb spending mentality, menu prices can be steep. Mariah is regularly spotted at notorious celeb haunts including Nobu and hangout spot, Craig's, where it was reported she spent $1500 on dinner for herself and friends. Of course, champagne is likely to feature on the menu, and Mariah is a big fan of vintage brand, Dom Pérignon, which retails for around $440 a bottle.

Of course, she has her dietary preferences, which she revealed in a 2016 interview, saying, "It's really hard. My diet, you would hate it. All you eat is Norwegian salmon and capers every day." What a tough life, Mariah.

4 But Hey, She's Generous With Gifts

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If celebrities aren't shopping for themselves, they're doing it for other people. It's gotten a bit competitive with stars taking to social media to outdo each other on generosity, but the plus side is fans getting the inside scoop. In 2005, British soccer player David Beckham made a big gesture by giving wife Victoria a $100,000 diamond-encrusted handbag. When it came to spoiling daughter, Suri with gifts, Tom Cruise seemed to find the figure of $130,000 reasonable. So when Mariah's manager, Stella Boluchnikov turned 44, the singer took to her wallet, spending a reported $34,000 on a Louis Vuitton trunk. Sources say it was wheeled out with sparklers, champagne, plus some accompanying Balenciaga bags from Stella's own daughters. Who said birthdays aren't the best?

3 And Yes, She Donates To Charity (Angel, Much?)

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It always feels good to hear about celebs giving back. Like seeing Taylor Swift donate $4 million to the Country Hall of Fame Museum, or Mel Gibson's $10 million hospital donations. Mariah is no stranger to charity, having donated over $1 million to the Fresh Air Fund to help underprivileged New York kids with free vacations. Her philanthropy started in the '90s, when proceeds from number-one hit, Hero went to help sufferers of the New York-affiliated Long Island Rail Road Massacre. She's also been an ambassador for Yum! Foundation's World Hunger Relief, and her collaborations with big-name food chains have raised an estimated $20 million for the United Nations World Food Program. While her diva-esque demands have often painted her in a somewhat selfish light, let's just remember that she does sometimes give back.

2 Then Again, She Keeps $10 Million Engagement Rings

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Although her relationship with James Packer didn't last and they parted ways in 2016, Mariah walked away with the $10 million engagement ring he bought her. Rumored to be 35 carats in size, it's stayed on her finger despite their split, so let's take a moment to give Packer some kudos, here. Despite attending V Magazine's dinner honoring fashion mogul, Karl Lagerfeld with new boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, Mariah wore the jewel to the event, proving diamonds do indeed last forever. She's even joked it to be "so heavy I can't lift my arm up." Maybe use it as part of a workout, Mariah. It would save you spending on more gym equipment? In December 2017, rumors surfaced Packer wanted the gem back, but little evidence suggests she fulfilled the request.

1 Apparently, She Doesn't Realize You Have To Pay For Electricity

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This was not one of her proudest moments. Fans won't forget Mariah's 2009 interview with Rick Edwards, where a nice chat about her career led to her life. Trying to make her feel comfortable, Edwards adopted a casual tone, giving examples of an average to-do list in his day. Buying eggs, for instance. That, Mariah seemed to register. The next one was less familiar to her. "Pay bills?" Mariah suddenly looked very confused, saying, "Pay... bill. Pay... who?" Getting the need for further clarification, Edwards obliged, giving the example of an electricity bill. Mariah's response was, "Oh, you have to pay for that?" Okay, Mariah. One step at a time. Paying for electricity. Nope... she was lost. Apparently, Mariah believed electricity is "free in America." This is a nice way to close on a celeb whose spending may have taken her off the reality spectrum, just a little.

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