15 Things Emma Stone Has Done That Would Surprise Her Fans

From comedies to dramas to musicals, actress Emma Stone can do it all. The 29-year-old has risen through the ranks of Hollywood over the past 15 years, writing her way into the film history books. According to Forbes, she is the highest paid actress of 2017, making a "whopping $26 million" for her acting roles alone! Add in a few commercials, paid appearances, and sponsorship or two, and she's probably raking in a good chunk of change!

Starting off, the Scottsdale native took an unconventional route to Tinseltown, convincing her parent's at a young age that she should move to LA to pursue her ambitions of acting on the big screen. While tales like hers tend to end unsuccessfully due the pressures of the film industry, Emma's hard work and determination guided her through the ranks of the Hollywood elite.

Starting off in minor roles on television, Stone earned her status as a supporting actress, but soon transitioned to play the lead. She's appeared in movies such as SuperbadEasy AThe HelpBattle of the Sexes, and La La Land, among a slew of other critically-acclaimed films.

Still, over the past decade-and-a-half, Stone's journey to fame is filled with interesting stories, quirky facts, and alleged rumors. That's where the TheRichest come's in as we've dove into the depths of the Academy award-winner's career, retrieving a few intriguing, little-known details about the popular actress. It's time to reveal the 15 things Emma Stone has done that might even surprise her loyal fans!

15 She Was Homeschooled As A Teenager

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Growing up in the American Southwest, Stone couldn't handle a typical school regimen while she was trying to chase her dream. Therefore, she took the unconventional route, attending homeschool since the age of 12. But, it wasn't just her acting career that contributed to her rift from the standard educational system, as Stone suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks as a child. According to the Daily Mail, she knew she was going to be a star, and enacted her life plan in the self-dubbed "Project Hollywood 2004." At the age of 15, Stone convinced her parents to move to SoCal via PowerPoint presentation. The whole slideshow was even rehearsed to Madonna's hit song "Hollywood."

Rather than patronizing the teenager for her goals, Emma's parents took her advice. Mother and daughter packed up, moved to LA, and the rest is history!

We just wonder how she played a typical high school student so effortlessly in Easy A, as she never had to experience the awkward teen years herself!

14 She Got Her Start On A Reality Show

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Stone may have been the highest paid actress in 2017, but the Oscar winner didn't start off her career in the limelight. Her first credited role actually came at the age of 16 as a contestant on the VH1 reality show, In Search of the Partridge Family. The premise of the show was a singing competition, with the winner of the vocal battle moving on to star in a spin-off, titled The New Partridge Family. Flexing her raspy pipes, Stone belted out Meredith Brooks' hit and split the vocals with another contestant in Pat Benatar's "We Belong."

The judges appeared to be in awe of her talent, and cast her to play the role of Laurie Partridge (played by Susan Dey in the original version of the show). Although, the series never got picked up past the pilot episode, Stone still made an impact with her personable on-screen presence, and has since told Rolling Stone that she doesn't "regret [the audition] for a minute."

13 She Almost Didn't Use The Name "Emma"

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Most of Hollywood is full of fake identities, so it's no surprise that 'Emma' isn't Stone's real name. Although, the story of how she arrived upon her stage persona is interesting. When she moved to LA, Emily Jean Stone attempted to register with the Screen Actor's Guild, but there was already an Emily Stone enrolled in the organization, and each name has to be unique. According to Glamour, Stone said it was actually a contestant on America's Next Top Model that stole her thunder! Therefore, she had to get creative.

The actress has noted that she settled on the name Riley Stone, but realized that the moniker never fit her personality. She made a guest appearance on Malcolm in the Middle, and when the production assistants were yelling out "Riley! Riley! Riley! We need you on set," Stone simply knew that "she couldn’t be Riley."

Finally, she settled on Emma J. Stone for its similarity to her real name, but also partially due for her intense love of the Spice Girls and actor Michael J. Fox.

12 She Screamed Herself Hoarse As A Baby

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Stone's raspy voice sets her apart among the otherwise droning tones of Hollywood. With her unique sound, the actress has utilized her gift, working as a voice-over actress. She even voiced the dog in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and the canine love-interest in the 2010 film Marmaduke. No wonder she described her voice as a little "husky!"

Although her gruff speech is now iconic, its origin is a little more sinister. According to Celebuzz, Stone explained that she was a very colicky baby, noting that she was "screaming constantly in discomfort."

Due to this condition, she developed nodules on her vocal cords, leaving her with a throaty, distinct voice. In many children, these larynx lesions can actually lead to issues like complete loss of speech, but Stone's condition is minor. 

Yet, it has still brought her trouble in the past as she joked about her voice, saying, "I lose it all the time. It’s kind of a miracle that I can talk right now.”

11 She Built Websites For Free

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Before hitting the big time as Jules in the cult comedy classic, Superbad, Emma was just another struggling actress in Hollywood. In order to kill time in between auditions, she dove into the depths of internet forums, creating free websites for people because she was trying to teach herself HTML. According to an interview with The Daily Beast, Emma said that she was just messing "around the whole time, trying to make frames and drop-down menus, so if the chance arose [she] could be a website designer." She even had an e-zine geared towards teenage girls!

The actress has always said that she wanted to be a journalist if her on-screen career never took off, and website design would have been helpful to that career path in the digital age. Unfortunately, she said "I wasn’t good at the graphics at all, so I really wasn’t going places."

Well, we're glad Emma didn't have to rely on her back-up plan, as she continues delight on the silver screen.

10 She Loves The Game Farmville

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Many celebs tend to shy away form social media, hoping to avoid criticism from fans, but Stone's reasoning for her virtual absence is a little different. In a 2011 interview on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the 29-year-old actress admitted that she had to delete her Facebook account because she was addicted to Farmville. Stone told the host that she knew it was fake farm, "but it doesn't feel fake." According to Elle, she maxed out at level 42!

While Stone deleted Facebook for a harmless gaming addiction, she had a more serious reason for deleting her Twitter. In 2013, the starlet's account was hacked, and a few cryptic tweets were broadcast to the world (they have since been deleted).

Although, it seems like the La La Land lead doesn't have a problem staying out of the social media spotlight. During a 2014 celeb panel, she said the virtual platforms were the "modern 'keeping up with the Joneses.'" To her credit, Stone's secluded personal life has given her a mysterious allure that fans gravitate towards.

9 She Learned Bass For The Rocker

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We've seen Stone rock the microphone in La La Land, but singing isn't the only element in her musical repertoire. Before filming the 2008 less-than-stellar comedy, The Rocker,  Emma learned how to play the bass guitar in preparation for her role as the aptly-named Amelia Stone. According to an interview with Cinema Blend, although the actress took lessons, it wasn't actually her playing the songs in the movie. While the cameras were rolling, she was just 'slappin' da bass.'

In the film, alongside co-stars Rainn Wilson, Josh Gad, and Teddy Geiger, the fictional alternative band A.D.D. goes on tour after one of their songs goes viral, and their metal-head rocker uncle tries to redeem his failed music career. After a 102-minute journey, the movie culminates in nothing but viewer disappointment. Okay, maybe that review is a little harsh, but this clearly wasn't one of Stone's critically-acclaimed performances.

8 She Is Not A Natural Redhead

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While she has sported several shades of hair over the years, Stone is most known for her auburn waves - but that's not her natural color! The blonde actress originally dyed her locks brown before starting in Hollywood. Although, during the Superbad casting process, director Judd Apatow convinced her to trade in her brunette hue for a more autumn look.

According to a 2010 interview, the actress said that "Judd Apatow walked in, said 'Make it red,’ and walked out."

Stone's ginger do sparked tabloids to compare her to fellow freckle-faced redhead Lindsay Lohan. But with Stone's rising success, and a 'clean' persona off-screen, it's safe to say that she has distanced herself from the Parent Trap star. Nowadays, the versatile actress seems to be rocking a new hair color every season, presumably because she's starring in so many different films!

7 She Befriended Taylor Swift

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It's crazy to think that Stone is a Swifty!  Emma and Taylor have been BFF's since before their rise to stardom. According to Cosmopolitan, the starlets met in 2008 at the 'Young Hollywood Awards,' exchanged information, and "bonded over email." The two were spotted a year later headed to an NYC Baskin Robbins to grab a few scoops of ice cream.

It seemed as if the two were constantly hanging out, as the paparazzi regularly snapped them in public together. Emma even asked Taylor to be her red carpet date to the 2010 premiere of Easy A!

But, the celeb friends haven't been too cordial lately. E! Online speculated they had a falling out because they haven't been spotted together in public, but no one knows for sure. Perhaps their growing fame just got in the way of their relationship. Maybe Taylor will even write a break-up ballad about Emma!

6 She Did Not Succeed In Several Auditions

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In Hollywood, no success comes without failure and Stone's road to popularity is no different. Trying to break into the Tinseltown spotlight, she auditioned for the Nickolodeon preteen sketch comedy, All That, but didn't get the part.  Also, Emma was a frontrunner to be cast in the hit television show, Heroes. She auditioned for the role of gifted teenager, Claire Bennett, who has the power of regeneration, but the part ultimately went to Hayden Panettiere.

Later in her career, Stone didn't fail during auditions, but simply chose to opt out of certain movies due to scheduling conflicts. According to Clevver, she pulled out of Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch due to time constraints. Also, instead of flexing her comedy chops alongside Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street, Stone chose to star in The Amazing Spider-man. She even turned down a lead role in the all-female Ghostbusters film, which in hindsight, was the right decision, since it underperformed in the box office.

5 She Almost Turned Down La La Land

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Speaking of roles that Emma almost turned down, her Oscar-winning performance in the blockbuster film, La La Land, almost went to another actress. Per Hollywood Reporter, Emma Watson and Miles Teller were supposed to be the headliners in the musical.  But, with Teller's staunch contract negotiations and Watson's dedication to playing Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast remake, the studio decided to go in a different direction. Then, over Thanksgiving in 2014, while the multi-talented Stone was starring in the Broadway musical Cabaret, La La Land director Damien Chazelle sat down with the actress to discuss potentially appearing in the film.

At first, she was hesitant, already stressed and exhausted from her multiple live shows on stage, but when Chazelle assured her that the production would work around her schedule, Stone was on board.

She signed-on to the film and eventually earning the Academy award for Best Actress.

4 She Dated Some Interesting Hollywood Characters

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Courtesy of her loving personality, Stone has attracted a few interesting Hollywood suitors. While filming The Rocker, she struck up a relationship with co-star and musician, Teddy Geiger. Per the Inquisitr,  the "For You I Will" artist wooed Emma on-set, and the couple began a two-year on-gain, off-again relationship which supposedly ended in 2008.

Stone's next lucky partner was actor Kieran Culkin, brother of Home Alone star, Macaulay Culkin. Per the Daily Mail, the odd couple began dating in 2009 on while filming the movie Paper Man, but called it quits in 2011.

The most well-known of Stone's Hollywood boy-toys is actor and The Amazing Spider-Man co-star, Andrew Garfield. According to Cosmopolitan , the couple grew close while filming the superhero movie, and after they both ended up single a year later, rumors started swirling about a potential relationship. In 2012, they were spotted engaging in some PDA, confirming tabloid speculation.

Unfortunately, the power couple has appeared to have grown apart, yet they still remain supportive of each other's careers. Most recently, it's been rumored by People that Stone is dating SNL director Dave McCary.

3 She Attended Therapy Since Childhood

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As mentioned before, the talented award-winning actress has been struggling with anxiety ever since childhood. According to an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Stone has been suffering from "crippling" panic attacks since she was seven-years-old, and the threat of a relapse is "always looming in the background." Despite being in the spotlight for over a decade, she still gets anxious about sitting down for one-on-one interviews.

She once said, "Before any interview, I have to sit with myself for five minutes and breathe and get centered because I get so nervous."

In September 2017, while she was promoting her film Battle of the Sexes on The Late Show, Emma showed host Stephen Colbert a doodle about overcoming anxiety that she made during one of her many childhood therapy sessions. She noted that acting and improv have helped her cope with her disorder, allowing her to escape the pressures of the real world. Although mental health can be a touchy subject, it's refreshing to see a celeb being open and honest about her issues.

2 She Had a Meltdown While Filming Crazy, Stupid, Love

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Still, Stone has had her fair share of relapses with panic attacks and anxiety, with one of these episodes occurring at an inopportune moment. According to Independent, while filming the Dirty Dancing-esque lift scene with Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love, Stone had a "full scale hour-long primal panic attack." Production had to actually call in a stunt double to finish filming the scene!

While you may think she's just being dramatic, Emma has an intense fear of being lifted above someone's head after an incident that occurred during her childhood.  She recalled "When I was seven, I was in gymnastics class and I was standing on the parallel bars and the woman let go of my ankles and I fell forward and broke both of my arms on the mat." Luckily for the actress, her co-star and director were fully understanding of the situation. It seems as if her brain is just hard-wired to protect her from that traumatic childhood incident.

1 She Is Actually A Comedian At Heart

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Finally, Stone has been lauded for her serious performances in The Help, Birdman, and La La Land, but she has always held comedy as her true love.  During a round table of La La Land cast members, she said that "comedy saved me as a kid. I was so in my head and so tense and anxious." She added that her favorite comedians are Steve Martin and John Candy.

As you have read by now, Stone really broke onto the scene as Jules in Judd Apatow's 2008 comedy Superbad. But, she was still portrayed as the likeable supporting character, not one who could take on a feature role. Yet, she effortlessly transitioned into a leading woman in the 2010 movie, Easy A. 

Even notable film critic Roger Ebert said " It's a funny, engaging comedy that takes the familiar but underrated Emma Stone and makes her, I believe, a star."

Looking back at her illustrious career, we can say for certain that he was right.

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