15 Strict Rules Katie Holmes Had To Follow After Divorcing Tom Cruise

It has been several years since Katie Holmes pulled the plug on her marriage to Tom Cruise, yet here we are, still talking about it to this very day. It was one of the most mystifying and complicated Hollywood marriages, and time only seems to increase the mystery. Now, one of the reasons why so many people are still fascinated with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s short-lived marriage is because there’s so much secrecy surrounding the details of their union. All we know is what they want the public to know. At least, that’s what they think.

As we know, Katie Holmes has now moved on with her new rumored boyfriend, Jamie Foxx. But it did sure take her a very long time to go public with her new romance. And we have a feeling that there might be a few reasons behind it. After all, there were certain rules Katie Holmes supposedly had to follow after she divorced Tom Cruise back in 2012. Even though she slowly but surely got her life back, it didn’t happen all at once. There were certain things she was forced not to talk about, certain people she was not allowed to go near and certain things she couldn’t do. With that being said, here are 15 shady rules that Katie Holmes had to follow after her divorce from Tom Cruise.

15 She Couldn’t Talk About Scientology

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Right after Katie Holmes pulled the plug on Tom Cruise (and shocked the world in the process), everyone figured she would spill the tea on Scientology. Well, guess what? She has kept her lips quite sealed. And it’s not because she didn’t want to. It’s simply because she couldn’t. Katie knew that if she spoke too soon about Scientology, there would be ramifications. She didn’t want to jeopardize her safety, or worse, the safety of her young daughter Suri Cruise at the time. She felt as though “they” were watching her at all times.

Thankfully, Katie has moved on from the strongholds of Scientology. According to reports, she has said, “I'm free of [that religion] based on money and power that worships a fictional deity and safely back with the Catholic Church.”

14 She Couldn’t See Other Men Right Away

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For the longest time, the only role that Katie Holmes had in her life was that as a mother. Nothing else mattered more than the safety and the welfare of her daughter, Suri Cruise. Even though she continued to pick up acting jobs and work in theater in New York City (she had to still pay her bills!) she stayed as far as possible away from the dating scene.

One of the reasons why Katie didn’t date anyone following her divorce from Tom was because she was scared. There’s a strong possibility that she felt someone was watching her at all times. And she didn’t want to bring in another person into her world of paranoia. That’s why she kept to herself and focused on her life with her daughter Suri.

13 She Couldn’t Travel With Suri Cruise

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Right after Katie announced that she was leaving Tom Cruise, a lot of people remembered how the actor took their daughter Suri on a memorable trip to Walt Disney World and Aquatica in Orlando, Florida. He wanted to make sure that all eyes were on him and that he had everything under control. Little did he know though that the media backlash was going to begin and in a big way, too.

Unfortunately, Katie couldn’t travel the same way with Suri. She had to stay put. Still, there’s no denying that Katie would loved to have gone on a mini-getaway with her little girl, too. She has said, “Becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience – in an instant you become strong. You have to be a little bit wiser; it's the most important job you have in the world.”

12 She Couldn’t Talk About Tom Publicly 

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Katie once said about Tom back in 2005, “I’ve found the man of my dreams. From the moment I met him it just felt like I’d known him forever. I was blown away. He’s the most incredible man. He’s so generous and kind, and he helps so many people, and, um, he makes me laugh like I’ve never laughed, and he’s a great friend.”

Oh my, times have surely changed! Right after Katie Holmes filed for divorce, all communication from Tom Cruise was cut off immediately. The ex-couple had to talk through their lawyers. And apparently, they haven’t talked to each other since then! Katie couldn’t talk about Tom and she surely couldn’t talk to him, either. She instantly became persona non grata for Tom Cruise and the world of Scientology.

11 She Couldn’t See Tom Either

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If that weren’t enough, Katie allegedly wasn’t allowed to be in the same room as Tom Cruise, either. Talk about some extreme rules and regulations. But then again, we don’t know this for sure. But what we do know is that Katie and Tom haven’t been even photographed in the same building since 2011. Both have made it pretty clear that they are staying as far away as possible from one another.

And who can blame Katie from wanting to stay away from her ex with a ten-foot poll? She was so miserable in her marriage that she had to plan a true Mission Impossible-style getaway from him. Talk about life imitating art. According to some reports, Tom Cruise hasn’t been physically seen or photographed with Suri Cruise in several years, too. Sure, he might be seeing her behind closed doors too, but we don’t know that.

10 She Couldn’t Reach Out To Nicole Kidman

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You would think that if there’s one person who would fully understand what Katie Holmes was going through before, during and after her marriage to Tom Cruise, it would be Nicole Kidman. Unfortunately, that has never happened. We have yet to see the Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes that we’ve long been waiting for.

But then again, do you think that Nicole would be any help for Katie? It’s doubtful. Nicole has made it pretty clear that she doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, especially since she has her own children involved, too. She’s once said, “I’ve chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children [adopted with Cruise] who are Scientologists — Connor [17] and Isabella [20] — and I utterly respect their beliefs.” Sounds like a textbook response to us.

9 She Was Exiled From The Entire Community

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During her marriage to Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes had plenty of friends in the Scientology community. At least, that’s what it looked like from the outside. We had no idea that Katie was suffering as much as she did, even though her clenched teeth and forced smiles were trying to tell us that she was in trouble.

After all, some of the biggest stars in the celebrity world were in attendance at Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s 2006 wedding in Italy. From Brooke Shields to Jennifer Lopez, it seemed like it was a party for just the A-list crowd. Unfortunately, everyone ditched Katie the moment she left Tom. Then again, are we surprised? With all of the spying, “reports,” and audits that had to be done inside the church, we doubt she had true friends anyway.

8 She Stayed As Far Away As Possible From L.A.

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Even though the Church of Scientology’s main headquarters are in Clearwater, Florida, there’s a huge Scientology community in Los Angeles. After all, that’s where the Hollywood money is. But for Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise, that was the last place they wanted to be right after her Tom Cruise divorce. That’s why Katie did the only thing she could do, and that’s stay put in New York City.

A lot of people believe that Katie Holmes’ career suffered after her divorce. That’s mostly because she chose not to travel to Los Angeles for casting calls and auditions. She knew that if she went to California, there would be certain “people” following her each and every move. For Katie, she made the right choice by staying away from all of the crazy by keeping to herself in the Big Apple.

7 She Couldn’t Talk About Her Marriage

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It’s been years now since Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise, yet she still hasn’t said a peep about her marriage. She sure doesn’t want to bring her contract and suffer any of the consequences from it, right? While other celebrities have done and said there thing (like Leah Remini), Katie chooses to remain quiet. She doesn’t want to poke the bear while he’s sleeping, if you know what we mean.

Luckily, Katie doesn’t have any regrets about her past. The one thing that her fans love about her the most is that she manages to keep a positive attitude about everything. "I really enjoy my life," she told Ocean Drive a year ago. "I don't really regret anything that I've done. I've learned from everything, and everything sort of leads you to the next place. I just keep going."

6 She Was Forced To Find New Friends

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After Katie divorced Tom, she was forced to start her life over. It had to have been incredibly hard for Katie, especially since Tom and Scientology basically stole every last bit of happiness from her. But if there are two things that Katie has, it’s strength and spirit. She won’t let anyone or any religion pull her down, mind you!

Not only did Katie start over with a group of new theater friends, but she also found new love, too. According to reports, she’s been in a secret relationship with fellow actor and Tom’s former good friend, Jamie Foxx. And apparently, the two are very much in love with one another. What’s more, they’ve only recently come out with their relationship this year. And from what we can tell, they are very happy together.

5 She Shaded Tom Anyway

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Several years ago Katie Holmes made a movie called Touched With Fire, which was about tow manic-depressive poets who began a romance while in a mental institution. A lot of people believe that this was Katie’s subtle but fierce way of shading her ex Tom Cruise. It’s no secret that Tom a lot to say about a variety of different psychological medical conditions, which he claims don’t exist. He even said that postpartum depression can be fixed with vitamins and exercise.

The Daily Beast even had this to say: “So it’s not hard to guess that Holmes’s ex and his Scientology crew probably won’t give rave reviews to the new indie drama Touched With Fire, about two bipolar poets who meet and fall in love while stuck in the same psychiatric ward.” Needless to say, we concur.

4 She Started Reaching Out To Her Fans

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When Katie Holmes was still married to Tom Cruise, she was blocked off from the world, so to speak. What’s more, she also starred in a string of box office bombs that didn’t help her career at all. You’d think that being married to Tom Cruise would make you an A-list star. Unfortunately for Katie, it never happened.

But if there’s one thing she did do after dumping Tom, it was get her life back. And she did it was chutzpah, too. Katie opened up her own Twitter and Instagram accounts. She began to interact more with her fans. Katie was also often seen smiling and she had a little pep to her step. It’s safe to say that by returning to the “outside world” Katie got her life back. Luckily, her fans were still waiting for her, too.

3 She Started Wearing Heels Again

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If there’s one thing that you are not allowed to do if you are either dating or married to Tom Cruise, it’s wear high heels in public. As a matter of fact, you’re better off burning your entire collection of shoes and starting over. Because if there’s one person who is going to wear heels in that relationship, it’s Tom. Trust us, we’ve all seen it.

Katie is a tall, beautiful woman and she shouldn’t be ashamed of who she is, how she looks like, or what her height is, for that matter! Wear those heels loud and proud, Katie! Little do her fans know, but she’s also a pretty feisty woman, too. She once said, “I have some road rage inside of me. Traffic, especially in L.A., is a pet peeve of mine.”

2 She Developed A Closer Relationship With Her Family

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While she was married to Tom, Katie didn’t have much access to her family. As a matter of fact, she was rarely seen with her parents and she made very few trips back to her home state of Ohio. Thankfully, it was her lawyer father who helped her negotiate a divorce deal that got her out of her scary marriage. As a result, she’s now more closer to her family and of course, her one and only daughter, Suri.

"My child is the most important person to me, and her upbringing is paramount to my work right now," she said. "It's very important that I'm present and she has a stable, innocent childhood. I feel so blessed to do what I do, but there's nothing in the world better than watching your child succeed."

1 She’s Making Her Own Rules Now

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If you think that Katie Holmes is the shy little girl you used to remember on Dawson’s Creek, think again. We need to give credit where credit is due: Katie Holmes managed to escape the realms of Scientology and she did so unscathed, too. You can’t say that about everyone. Katie is a tough cookie. Don’t be fooled by her outer interior. She’s an actress, a mother, a fashion designer, and now, a director. There’s so much of Katie Holmes that we are yet to see.

“With age I’ve gained confidence,” Katie Holmes told More Magazine after shooting All We Had, the first movie she’s directed. “I understand the kind of stories I want to tell. I have more experience in the business. I feel more certain.” We are proud of you, Katie!

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