15 Signs That Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Won't Last

Actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been linked to each other ever since they were co-stars in Green Lantern back in 2010. Even though both stars were in relationships at that point, it seems that there were always hints of something between them and these became more and more apparent as time went by. The following year, Ryan's marriage to fellow actress Scarlett Johansson came to an end after reports of problems for a number of months while Blake's relationship with her Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley didn't end the same way as their on-screen characters, which left Ryan and Blake both available.

Throughout 2011 the couple dropped hints that they were together when they were seen holding hands, travelling together, and Blake was even seen sneaking out of Ryan's apartment on numerous occasions. It was still a while before their relationship was made official since it took until the summer of 2011 for Ryan's divorce from Scarlett to be made official.

While it seems that it took these stars a while to get together, they were finally married in 2012 and announced that they were expecting their first child the following year. The two are still two heavy-hitters in Hollywood and now have two children together, but even though it seems that the couple is one that many fans think is perfect, there have been reports released recently that have revealed that their relationship is struggling. The following list looks at just 15 reasons why Blake and Ryan's seemingly perfect relationship is not built to last.

15 Their Working Schedules Are Causing A Problem

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It seems that earlier in their relationship Blake and Ryan were able to spend a lot of time together because Blake took time away from her career to look after her daughters and the two were able to make it so that they were never working at the same time, but Blake returned to her full-time acting career last year and that's caused a lot of problems for the couple.

They used to be able to find time together easily but now it is much more forced and they are reduced to a few Skype sessions since they are both in different countries right now with Ryan working on Deadpool and Blake busy finishing The Rhythm Section in Ireland. It seems that the cracks are beginning to show now that the seemingly perfect couple has returned to their everyday life and this could lead to even more personal issues in the future.

14 Ryan Makes Comments About Blake That She's Not Happy About

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As world-known actors both Blake and Ryan are interviewed on a regular basis and they are asked questions about each other all the time. Back in 2017, Ryan commented about his wife not being as good a cook as his friend Jake Gyllenhaal before then joking that he is making plans to move out.

It seems that Blake saw this interview and Ryan later claimed that he was in the doghouse with his wife because of it. It's a tough situation because it seems that both Ryan and Blake seemingly rip each other on social media all the time but this isn't seen as a very productive relationship, which could be why it's led to Ryan thinking that it's OK now to joke about leaving his wife. The couple needs to know where to draw the line. It's hard for Blake to complain when she gives as good as she gets online, though.

13 There Have Been Rumours Of A Split For A Number Of Years

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Blake and Ryan have only been married for five years now and merely months after they welcomed their first daughter James back in December 2014, it was reported that the two were living completely separate lives and drifting apart because they both had busy careers.

At the time Reynolds was filming the first Deadpool movie while his wife was focusing on her lifestyle website, but it was causing them both a lot of issues since it was reported that Reynolds wanted his wife to spend more time at home. They now have two young daughters and it seems that the situation has managed to reach the same level as the two are once again at odds over when they can have another child, even though Blake has argued that there are women having children in their 40s now. Ryan isn't open to waiting that long for his perfect family.

12 The Couple Try To Create A Perfect Image

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The couple has tried to create a perfect image of their marriage over the past few years because it is reported that Blake is very insecure and it seems that she is overly concerned with how people perceive her. That's why the couple wants the world to think that their marriage is perfect, when it isn't.

Blake is just as jealous as her husband when it comes to his friendships with other women and Blake is reportedly the reason why Ryan doesn't speak to Sandra Bullock anymore. It seems that jealousy from Blake has been a huge issue that is claimed to have reached the point where she doesn't like Ryan having any female friends at all. This issue has only gotten worse since the birth of her children and it's becoming a real issue for their marriage. Add this to the jealousy that Ryan reportedly has when it comes to Blake's relationships and it could become a real problem.

11 The Couple Came Together When They Were Both In Relationships

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Jealousy is reported to be one of the biggest issues that Blake and Ryan have right now since they are both miles away from each other, living separate lives and working on their various projects. One of the main reasons why their jealousy is so overwhelming could be because of the way they came together.

After all, Ryan was married to Scarlett Johansson when the couple met back in 2010 and their marriage never recovered, which then led to Ryan once again walking down the aisle just over a year after his divorce was finalized. It isn't the greatest foundation for a relationship, but it seems that so far the couple has been able to make it work. It could be a problem in the future if trust issues continue to arise, though, since no relationship can survive if there is no trust between the two people who are involved in the marriage.

10 Ryan Isn't Making Much of An Effort Anymore

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Despite the reports above that state that Ryan is unhappy about the fact that he is miles away from his wife while she is in Ireland and he is in New York, the actor hasn't made any kind of effort to spent more time with his wife and they have basically been living separate lives over the past few months.

It seems that the couple is unable to spend a lot of time away from each other because there are apparent trust issues and then you add the fact that Ryan is working with a number of attractive men and Blake is working with someone like Jude Law, it adds even more tension to the situation. This is from a report as recent as December 2017 so it seems that even after five years of marriage the couple is still having issues negotiating their working life to fit in with their family life.

9 Ryan's Tweets Are Nothing To Do With His Real Life

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Ryan has been enchanting his followers on Twitter over the past few years with tweets that were seemingly about his daughters but this isn't actually the case. Blake herself revealed that the tweets that her husband shares with his followers on a regular basis are actually just jokes and nothing to do with his actual children.

Blake told a number of sources, "When he says 'my daughter,' he's never, ever talking about her, everything is a completely made-up scenario." Could this mean that Ryan is feeling forced to make things up because things at home aren't as exciting as he would have hoped they would be? Many fans thought that these tweets were something personal that he shared with the world but it seems that this is in fact not the case, which shows just how easy it seemingly is for the star to fool his followers into thinking that his life is much different than it actually is.

8 Blake Is Reluctant To Talk About How Much She Loves Ryan

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It's quite shocking that Blake isn't more comfortable to talk about her love of her husband after five years of marriage. Blake herself has revealed that she is quite defensive because in a soundbite she doesn't like to hear herself say something like that because it's kind of awkward.

Blake told E Online, "I said, 'Most of the time,' because if I say, 'I'm so in love with him all the time,' then you get that eye-rolling, 'Oh, her life is so great, she's so perfect,' So it's, like my defence mechanism." It seems that Blake doesn't like the way that she sounds when she gushes over her husband, which means she probably cares too much about what people think. This could end up becoming a problem for her since this isn't something that she shouldn't be thinking as someone who will always in the public eye and always attract negative attention.

7 Blake And Ryan Are Both Shy And Don't Like Talking About Each Other

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Blake and Ryan are seen as megastars in Hollywood but it seems that they are still both really "shy" and this is a problem for them when it comes to interviews because Blake herself has admitted that she finds it hard to talk in interviews because she has anxiety because she worries how the writer will "spin" her image.

As already mentioned it seems that when Ryan makes jokes about Blake in interviews they turn into issues in their relationship so it seems that the most effective thing for both of them to do to avoid having any issues is to not talk about each other in interviews. It shouldn't come to this level with a married couple but this shows the level that these two have reached to ensure that they avoid any kind of confrontational problems in their relationship which can't be a good sign after only five years.

6 Both Stars Have Completely Different Focuses Right Now

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Back in 2015, the first cracks began to show for Blake and Ryan when it was obvious that Ryan was pushing for a second child just a year after James was born and Blake wasn't completely ready for that. The Deadpool star claimed that he was ready for his Hollywood career to slow down when they first met and that's why children were a good idea.

Blake was in a different place and has since had a lot of film offers. Even though Ryan said his career was no longer his focus, he is now seen as one of the most popular stars in Hollywood and his acting career is on fire, which has left Blake to hold down the fort with their two daughter so that Ryan can continue to work on his projects. Blake stated that the couple doesn't work at the same time and try their best to ensure that their work doesn't cross over, so that they always have time with their children.

5 Is Ryan Upset About His Wife's Career?

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There have been numerous reports written over the past few years that suggest that Ryan isn't happy that his wife is away from home for so long working on filming projects when he wishes that she would spend more time at home with their children. While they are making it work by travelling to various locations as a family to ensure that they spend time together, it doesn't seem to be working out very well.

There is only so long that the couple can continue to uproot their daughters and travel around the world before it will reach the point where either Blake or Ryan needs to realize that this isn't a great way for their daughters to see the world or their parents' work lives. It's stressful enough to make a movie without the added pressure of having your family on set on a daily basis and having to make time for your husband so that your marriage doesn't hit a roadblock.

4 The Age Gap Could Be Becoming A Problem

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It could be argued that Ryan and Blake are currently both in completely different places in their lives right now. While Ryan is already a huge Hollywood star and one who could easily get by from one big movie project each year, his wife is still trying to push her name forward and is seemingly in her prime when it comes to films after making a name for herself on Gossip Girl for more than six years.

Ryan is 41 years old and his blonde wife is just 30, which means that he has been around the acting world much longer than she has and he has been able to make a name for himself but now he's ready to settle down and create a much bigger family. He can't do this without Blake but it seems that she isn't ready to walk away from her career, which is still in its prime.

3 Blake's Working Relationship With Jude Law

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There were various reports last year that stated that Blake and Ryan's marriage could have been in crisis because of the working relationship that Blake had developed with Jude Law as part of their upcoming film The Rhythm Section. It seems that Ryan was jealous that Blake was off in Ireland working with Law while he was in New York looking after their young children.

Reports suggested that Ryan was "seething" when he saw photos of Blake and Law getting close on the set of their film. According to the report, Ryan didn't like the fact that his wife was getting close to Law, who has quite a reputation. While the claims have been denied over the past few months it is understandable that Ryan would feel a little jealous knowing that his wife is more than 5,000 miles away getting closer to another man, especially since that man is Jude Law.

2 Ryan Wants A Lot Of Kids And Blake Doesn't

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Blake was willing to put her acting career on hold a few years ago to have a baby and then pick work back up again, but it seems that Ryan wants to fill the house with children and isn't happy with just two. Ryan was the youngest of four children and always imagined that he would have a big family, but his wife isn't ready for more children yet.

Blake wasn't ready to have a second child straight after James a few years ago and is now trying to pick up her acting career once again after a few years away. The couple obviously clashes when it comes to children and the opinions that they both have on how many they want and when they actually want them, which has left many fans thinking that this couple isn't actually as picture perfect as they want their fans to think they are.

1 Blake Has a System In Place Already For When She Has A Problem

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It isn't a great sign if there is already a system in place for when there is a problem between two people in a relationship, but it seems that Blake revealed that she knows how to solve her issues with Ryan, which can only have come from trial and error.

While Blake did make a comment in Glamour magazine last year where she said that the couple now treat each other as best friends because of how long they were friends before they started dating, there does still seem to be quite a lot of problems between the couple on a regular basis, which is why Blake revealed that she has a way to deal with them. The Gossip Girl star told Glamour last year, “In other relationships, if something came up, I would call my girlfriends or my sister, and say, ‘Hey, this is what he did — what should I do? I treat him like my girlfriend. I’m like, ‘Hey, this happened. It upset me. This is how I feel. What do I do?'” And he does the same for me. He treats me like his best buddy.”

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