15 Secrets Brad And Angelina's Lawyer Don't Want Us To Know About Their Kids

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s separation seems to be the longest-running one in history. It appears as if Brad Pitt is trying to get divorced and is throwing all kinds of money at her and she’s just not accepting it. Rumor has it that Jolie is having some regrets about leaving Pitt and doesn’t want a divorce any longer. Unfortunately for her, Pitt has seen enough and just wants out of the whole ordeal.

When it comes to getting divorced, sometimes we forget that there are kids involved and they are obviously affected by the separation. This couple waited so long to get married and then when they finally did, it sure wasn’t long before they were getting a divorce. In this case, there are six little lives affected by the divorce. Who knows what Jolie has said to the children about the separation, as she sure hasn’t worried about sparing Pitt’s feelings throughout all this.

We don’t know yet what the custody agreement will be for Pitt since they are still working out the divorce aspect of it. They have all had parts in different movies with their parents, but for the most part, none of them seem to be interested in following in their parents' footsteps. There have been rumors throughout Hollywood about what these children are really like. Check out these 15 secrets Brad and Angelina’s lawyers don’t want us to know about their kids.

15 Shiloh Might Reveal Sensitive Information

Now that’s a brow-raising statement. The thing with getting a divorce when some of your children are older is that they probably know a lot more about what’s going on than you might realize. Children often hear the fights between parents, even when the parents think that they are being careful. Apparently, Shiloh is a daddy’s girl and that might mean that she is siding with her dad during this time. Angelina is trying to get full custody, so she has likely said negative things to her children about Brad. This could be a big issue with Shiloh. A source said that Angelina has some concerns,

"Ange is worried Shiloh will pass on sensitive information that could be harmful to her in their legal battle...”

Again, kids know things and if she’s doing any lying, she might find her battle a little difficult.

14 None Of Their Children Were Born In The U.S.

We think that’s a little weird and obviously, we knew that was the case when it came to their adopted children. But what you may not be aware of is that even their biological children were born outside of the United States, too. We’re not sure if any of that affects citizenship or anything, but it is a tad bit odd. When it came time to have their biological children, Shiloh was delivered in Namibia in 2006.

Jolie stated she did that to avoid the media frenzy that she expected when they had their child.

In 2008, when Jolie gave birth to their twins, she had them in France for obviously the same reason. France is one of Jolie’s favorite locations and she wanted to have her twins in a place like that. We’re not sure how often celebrity couples do things like this, but it was news to us.

13 There Are No Routines In The Kids' Lives

We all parent differently and no one really does things the same way. You do what works best for your family and household. You determine what chores you will have your children do and so on. Nannies have spoken up over the years about things that go on in the Pitt/Jolie household. They have stated that the kids really don’t have any rules or routines in the home. Not giving kids structure in the home can be a dangerous thing. If there are no rules to follow, how are children learning anything?

Nannies have even stated that the kids don’t even have a set bedtime.

Sometimes, that means Jolie and Pitt were going to bed before their kids. Not only is that weird, but it can’t always be easy for the parents. One of the joys of bedtime is that the parents get some time alone before they settle in for the night as well. Jolie believes that her kids should have the freedom to do what they want and we’re not sure what parenting model she is following, but that can be a dangerous game to play.

12 The Confusion Regarding Shiloh’s Identity

Another thing that Jolie has allowed her kids to do is to dress any way that they want. Shiloh has always dressed more masculine and really had no interest in girl’s clothing or dresses. People have been wondering whether or not Shiloh is transgender. Allegedly, Pitt is in denial about the whole thing because she was born a girl.

There has been news that Shiloh is claiming to be a boy. She has asked her family to refer to her as John and not Shiloh.

Jolie has supported her child’s feelings in this manner, but Pitt doesn’t feel the same way. He has a hard time calling his daughter John. One source claims, “Listening to Shiloh at such a young age say ‘I am a boy and not a girl’ is killing him.”

11 Brad Wants His Kids To Be "Reeled In" More

We have already discussed that Jolie’s parenting methods are a little unconventional. She likes to have her children feel free in their household, as well as out of it. Pitt comes from a more traditional household and he’s always wanted there to be a little more control and order in the household. He is not a fan of the chaos and wants the kids “reeled in more.” More than one nanny has come forward about the lack of rules in the household, so we are likely to believe these claims.

It has been said that one of the reasons why their marriage failed was because the couple disagreed on certain aspects of how the children should be raised.

It’s never a good thing to allow your children to have too much freedom. Nannies have claimed that the kids ignore rules and the environment is often chaotic in the home. They basically need a nanny for each child.

10 They Don’t Talk About Zahara’s Childhood

We don’t know much about Zahara’s background aside from the fact that Angelina Jolie adopted her from Ethiopia. She was only six months old at the time and she was an orphan. Bringing a child like that home can be a struggle because you don’t know too much about the child’s history. Zahara’s biological mother, Mentwabe Dawit has spoken about the experience stating that Zahara was the product of assault.

The woman spoke about her difficult life and how she found she was unable to care for Zahara’s basic needs.

She was grateful that Angelina had adopted her daughter to give her a better life. Usually, we hear these sensational stories because they make good news, but the Jolie/Pitt clan does not like to talk about it. At least the story had a happy ending.

9 Pax Is Forced To Deal With The Paparazzi

Well, it’s all part of being in a family of celebrities. When it comes to Brad and Angelina, they are big news no matter what they are doing. So, they always have cameras in their faces. Pax is a teenager now; it’s hard to believe that he’s 14 these days. He has grown up in the media, so you would think that he would be used to it by now. Pax has never been a fan of the paparazzi and is very shy when it comes to having his picture taken. He tries to avoid the paparazzi as much as possible, but unless he stays home, that’s really hard to do. Many celebrities get sick of being chased around by people with cameras, but unfortunately, that’s just part of being in the spotlight.

8 Maddox Is Not His Real Name

You might be surprised to hear that Angelina Jolie changed the name of her son Maddox. Before he was adopted by Angelina Jolie, his real name was Rath Vibol. We’re not sure why she decided to change his name since it was part of his heritage, but for whatever reason, she changed his name to Maddox Chivan Thornton Jolie. Of course, at the time, she was married to Billy Bob Thornton, but their marriage ended just a few months after the adoption. Maybe he wasn’t ready to start a massive family like Jolie wanted. Not everyone is meant to have six children. Pitt adopted Maddox in 2005, so his name was legally changed to Jolie-Pitt. All six of their children share the same last name, though we wonder if that will change after the divorce as well.

7 Maddox And Brad Are At Odds

There have been a ton of rumors circulating since the divorce as to why the marriage ended to begin with. The children’s aid even had to step in because of allegations that Jolie made about Brad’s parenting methods. She’s probably regretting saying those things since Brad wants nothing to do with her now. During a flight home from Paris in 2016, Brad and Angelina were fighting. Maddox stepped in to defend his mother and it’s alleged that Brad lunged at Maddox.

Brad misunderstood Maddox’s intentions and it was taken the wrong way. Many are speculating that Brad’s behavior on the flight was why Jolie filed for divorce in the first place.

Whether this has affected his relationship with his son or not, only time will tell. It has been stated that both Brad and some of the children are in therapy, so maybe they are working out their differences.

6 The Children Are All Home-Schooled

Being a child of a celebrity, it’s a given that your life is going to be different from most kids. By five, most kids are enrolled in kindergarten in a public or private school. The Jolie-Pitt clan can’t seem to do anything conventional, so as always, they like to spice things up a bit.

Their children are being home-schooled by a “team of international teachers.”

We would have to question how much schoolwork is being done at home, however, since the kids have no rules or routines. Homework? Forget about that. Jolie has stated that she is not a fan of the public school system and for the record, some of us regular parents aren’t too impressed with it ourselves. She has also stated that due to their work schedules, it would be very difficult for the kids to attend a regular school.

5 The Jolie-Pitt Kids Don’t Have A Lot Of Friends

It seems like the Jolie-Pitt children just have each other. Because of the constant traveling that their parents are doing and the fact that they are home-schooled, the kids don’t have a lot of normal friends. The family has made comments about the fact that the kids have no friends and that’s kind of sad.

 Jolie feels that it’s not a big deal because they all have five other siblings that they can depend on.

The question could be asked whether home-schooling and constant traveling is what is in the kids' best interest. Many celebrity families decide to have one parent stay at home so that the children have stability and structure in their lives.

4 Being A Single Mom Isn’t Going To Be Easy For Angelina

Being a single mom has its struggles when you just have one or two children to worry about. Angelina has her hands full now that she has six children that she has to take care of on her own. Brad and Angelina both used to work together to juggle the brood, but now things are going to be completely different for her.

She’s made it clear that she wants full custody of the kids, but that might not be the best idea.

She was a single mother to Maddox for a few years before she got together with Brad. She’s now back to being a single mother and we have to wonder if she has a little more than she can handle on her own. She may have to hire help or cut her work schedule to make things work. She is only human after all.

3 The House Is Chaos And Madness

We have touched on the fact that the kids have no rules or routine and that the nannies have stated that the kids cause chaos and don’t listen to rules. Is it bad parenting? We’re not sure, but it must be a stressful environment for the parents. One nanny stated,

"In the middle of the night, they're running down the hallway waking their parents up and trying to get into their beds.”

We guess Brad’s probably getting more sleep these days. Even Brad has said,“That's morning time in our house. It's chaos from morning until the lights go out, and sometimes after that. You got to leave,” he reportedly said with a laugh. There are rumors from nannies stating that the kids are driving vehicles on the property and drinking wine. The kids are constantly fighting, which is probably normal for siblings when they are growing up.

2 Angelina Wants To Hide Her Past

In that regard, we really don’t blame her. She wouldn’t be the first parent out there that made some mistakes when they were younger. For Angelina Jolie, she has a few whoppers in her closet and all it takes is for one of her kids to Google her and the skeletons will start creeping out. One source revealed that

“Angie winces when she imagines what the kids are seeing about her during these online searches.”

Angelina has had quite the scandals in her life; she’s kissed her brother, worn vials of blood around her neck, and never mind the countless references to her mental health. Talking about these sorts of things with your children can be mortifying and they are bound to learn about them soon enough, so it’s always best to be honest with them.

1 Maddox’s Obsession With Weapons

As we've said before, Angelina’s unconventional method of parenting has raised a few eyebrows over the years. When Maddox was only six years old, Angelina mentioned in an interview that Maddox was obsessed with weapons. “He's all into war and guns. So, for Mother's Day, he drew a machine-gun, and Brad had it made into a necklace, which is really sweet. It's really cute,” she said. When he turned seven, his interest started to include knives as well.

Angelina was only too happy to give in to his wishes

when it came to acquiring more weapons. “My mum took me to buy my first daggers when I was 11 or 12, and I've already bought Maddox some,” she said. It seems a little odd to us to give weapons to a child so young, but Angelina is all about the free parenting and giving in to any wish that her children have.


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