15 Rules The Kardashians Make Their Kids Follow (That Make Us Question Their Parenting Skills)

How are you keeping up with the Kardashians? The Kardashian-Jenner sisters don't sweat it in terms of fame and popularity. As we all know, the ever-growing family of reality stars is famous for being famous! Aside from being some of the most-followed people on social media, they have also brought their fans along on life journeys like motherhood on their hit reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Almost all of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters have a strong opinion about parenting, aside from Kendall, of course, who is still one of the highest-paid models and is not planning on having children anytime soon. Kourtney Kardashian has three beautiful children with her ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick – Mason Dash Disick, Penelope Scotland Disick, and Reign Aston Disick. Kim Kardashian also has three children with her husband, Kanye West – North West, Saint West, and the newborn Chicago West. Kylie Jenner welcomed her newborn, Stormi Webster, with her boyfriend, Travis Scott, in January of 2018, while Khloe Kardashian and her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, are currently pregnant with her first child.

Since Kylie and Khloe are still newbies to parenting, Kim and Kourtney have more experience and therefore, they give tons of parenting advice from baby food, to technology, to playtime, and bedtime. They even give advice and tips to their fans. They have amazing parenting styles, but just like other moms, they also have moments where they have made mistakes and were criticized because of them.

In the parenting world, a certain parenting style may be effective with your kid but not with others. Parenting is different and every parent is different, just like the Kardashians who have different parenting styles and rules that people may either find awesome or eyebrow-raising.

15 Strict Screen Time

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This is an important parenting tip – screen time! Nothing is wrong with technology and familiarizing the kids with gadgets but too much exposure can be harmful. That is why both Kourtney and Kim have strict rules regarding screen time and other gadgets. For instance, Kourtney only allows 30 minutes of screen time on weekdays.

She also restricts all forms of gadgets during meal times. She implemented this rule, not just because of the harmful effects of radiation and bad manners at the table, but because communication between family members while dining together is far more important than staring on gadgets throughout a meal. A healthy conversation allows the family to share their experiences and bond together.

14 Hand-Me-Downs Are Awesome!

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Handing down clothes from the elder child to the younger child is a practical way of saving money and clothes. It is almost impossible to believe that the Kardashians, especially Kourtney, is a fan of hand-me-down clothes. Penelope, her second child, wears her older brother Mason's clothes, including little blazers, loafers, pants, and pajamas. We can also say that Reign wears his brother's and sister's clothes that they have outgrown, which is a good sign of parenting.

Kourtney should be commended for being able to keep her children's clothes for future use because that is an awesome thing to do. The oldest Kardashian is a socialite with a heaping net worth but that doesn't mean she is above being practical!

13 Kourtney's Fun Bedtime Routine

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The Kardashians all have different bedtime routines and rules with their kids. Let's start with Kourtney's bedtime rules. Since Kourtney does not like her kids to play with too much technology, she also makes sure that they do not have screen time before they sleep. She prohibits the use of gadgets before bedtime but managed to find a way to help her kids have fun at bedtime.

Kourtney found a way to "extend" her kids' playtime at night. She places the kids' stuffed animals on their beds to let them play with each other and play with their imagination. The fun bedtime routine eventually makes the kids feel tired and drives them to fall asleep. This is not just a way to avoid technology but also a way to help the kids sleep early, while maintaining a fun bedtime routine.

12 Kim's Strict Bedtime Routine

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While Kourtney has a cute, fun, and exciting playtime-bedtime routine, Kim is strict in terms of bedtime rules. Kim said that she is a fun and playful mom during the day, especially when she gets quality bonding time with her kids, but at night, she is a strict mom. Kim understands that kids need ample of rest and sleep. That is why she follows strict sleep schedules. Aside from that, she also makes sure that her kids have a short nap during the day to keep them up and moving during playtime.

Many moms will definitely agree with this kind of bedtime routine, especially when it involves giving kids the sleep they need to help develop their mind and body. One more thing that will make moms agree with this parenting style is the "not all things are fun" aspect that will enforce discipline.

11 No Everyday Routine

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While most parents established a strict daily routine with planned schedules from the moment their kids wake up to the moment they doze off, Kourtney doesn't set schedules. According to Kourtney, she does not worry about strict schedules for her kids because she has a crazy work schedule. She just lets things happen during the day. If she's home, it will be a bonding time. If she needs to travel around when it's bedtime or naptime, she brings her kids with her and let them nap in the car because that is not a big deal.

Yes, there are some moms that will not agree about this but there are plenty of moms who have a more go-with-the-flow type of attitude. It can be boring for the kids if they stick to a daily schedule where they eat, play, and sleep at almost the same time every day. They are kids and they need to have different definitions of fun every single day.

10 Microwave Hazards

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Almost every household has their own microwave ready to reheat food but Kourtney's house does not have a microwave. She believes that microwaves are harmful to children, not just because of the fire hazard, but because it reheats food unevenly. There are parts of food that are very hot and there are parts that are still cold when the food is reheated in a microwave and she believes that is bad for the children's health and well-being.

Most importantly, Kourtney believes that microwave-heated foods are somewhat dangerous to both children and adults. Instead of relying on a microwave, which almost all kitchens are equipped with, she uses a toaster oven to avoid harmful chemicals that could be transmitted to food.

9 Stainless Steel Is A Friend

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Speaking of harmful chemical transmission to food, Kourtney also boycotts plastic. She believes that plastic contains Bisphenol-A. On her website, she wrote a post called, "Why I Use Stainless Steel Everything," and mentioned that plastics containing Bisphenol-A cause different health problems like diabetes and cancer and can be very harmful to children. To totally boycott plastics, Kourtney uses stainless steel plates, bowls, kitchenware, Tupperware, and even straws.

Most people could not agree more with Kourtney in terms of the harmful effects that plastic can have on the human body. Environmentalists, not just moms, can commend Kourtney for using eco-friendly materials as a substitute to pollutants like plastics and styrofoam, not just for the safety of her kids and their health, but also for the environment.

8 Homemade Baby Food Is The Best

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Kourtney has a reputation for being obsessed with food, health, and wellness. Moms, you should take note of this parenting tip from Kourtney. She makes baby food at home for her kids and does not rely on artificial or formula-related baby pudding. This is important because it can definitely help your kids garner the nutrients they need naturally.

Kourtney said that she pureed healthy options for her kids with a gift she received from her mom – a baby food maker! First, she'll steam fruits and veggies, which are often peaches, pears, sweet potatoes, and carrots before making the puree. Surprisingly, the homemade baby food packed with nutrients can last for a maximum of four days!

7 Smoothies Do The Trick

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Kourtney's quest in providing healthy options to her kids did not stop at baby food. Now that her kids are growing up fast, Kourtney needs to keep up with their nutritional needs, so she also gives them green juices and protein shakes. More than that, she wants to avoid giving over-the-counter supplements to her kids. How can she do that? You may want to take note of this.

If your kids are not fond of veggies and fruits, try making smoothies made from fresh fruits because kids definitely seem to love smoothies. Kourtney adds some additional ingredients to the smoothies to make these super smoothies – MCT oil for boosting brain cells, bone broth protein for bone strength, probiotics for the immune system, and flax oil for skin and hair.

6 Healthy Snacks Everywhere

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Kourtney's healthy food journey for her kids does not stop at home. Instead, it follows them everywhere they go. Kourtney takes her kids on vacations and trips but that does not mean that they will be able to indulge in foods that are unhealthy. Although she does not like plans or setting schedules, she makes sure that a big, healthy snack for the kids is planned way ahead of time when traveling.

Kourtney brings her own snacks, which are healthy and safe for kids because she believes that most airports really don't have a healthy option that will suit her kids' needs. Unhealthy junk food is still a big "NO" for her and she makes sure that she buys or makes healthy snacks before the trips.

5 Gluten-Free Is NOT The Only Option

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Kourtney is not the type of "gluten-free and dairy-free mom" who prohibits her kids from ingesting even the slightest amount of gluten or dairy. Instead, Kourtney knows that it is impossible to get rid of gluten and dairy products because they are everywhere. While she makes sure that the food in their home is gluten-free and dairy-free, she never prohibits her kids from getting popcorn at a movie or eating churros at Disneyland.

Moms from all over the world have this disagreement with the "gluten-free and dairy-free food issue." While most moms are crazy over the hazards of gluten and dairy, some moms just let their children eat a healthy balance of both. Yes, healthy options are the best foods for children, but sometimes, you can also curve the rules and give them what they like to eat.

4 Taking Kids To An Adult Event

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North is Kim and Kanye's first child and they just want to show the world how much they love their priceless princess. However, Kim has a habit of taking North and her other kids to adult events. For instance, she took North to New York Fashion Week when she was still an 18-month toddler. Kim was sitting in the front row during the fashion show while North threw tantrums and amused the audience.

Toddlers having tantrums is unavoidable, especially whenever they feel really bored, uncomfortable, or unhappy. They are unpredictable and can throw their loudest tantrums at supermarket, malls, and restaurants. In Kim's case, she took North to a fashion show and a lot of people in the audience were not happy about it. Yes, people should not judge a toddler whenever she throws a tantrum but moms should also know that a fashion show's front row is not the place for a young child.

3 Quality Time Always

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The Kardashians have different ways of spending quality time with their kids. However, Kourtney's way of engaging with her kids for a quality time stands out. As a celebrity, she has a nanny that she trusts to look out for her kids whenever she's away, but outside of working hours, she is a hands-on mom. No matter where she goes, her kids are with her. She ensures that her kids always have the most wonderful time with her at home.

While Kourtney is a proud mom that does not need nannies if she is not working, people of the internet find Kylie the opposite. After posting and flaunting her long, red nails on Snapchat, people speculated that Kylie has been relying heavily on nannies since the birth of her daughter less than a month ago. She can't be giving Stormi a bath or even change her diapers with those kind of claw nails.

2 Kourtney's Attachment Parenting

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The world might wonder how socialites like the Kardashians establish their parenting styles with their kids. While Kim enforces the typical parenting, where she lets her kids sleep in their own cribs or beds, Kourtney is different. She is proud of using attachment parenting to her kids. For example, her kids still sleep in her bed and that is totally fine. Kourtney did not plan to be a pro-attachment mom but has said that it felt natural to her because she feels the need to be with her kids always.

There are still arguments about attachment parenting – is it good or bad? There is nothing bad about taking your kids wherever you go or co-sleeping because if you are their mother and that is your main role – to take care of your kids. People might say that you are teaching your kids to be dependent if you implement attachment parenting. This can be true, but this is definitely up to you, which means that you can teach them how to be independent by familiarizing them with the basics of life, while still being there for them at the same time.

1 Being Chubby Is Not Allowed

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Kourtney can sometimes be tricky when it comes to rules. In one episode of their popular TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney snapped and scolded her mom, Kris Jenner, for asking if Kourtney thought she was looking fat. Why did Kourtney reprimand her mom? Because Kris used the word "fat" in front of Penelope. She thinks that this will affect her daughter's self-esteem, not just today, but when she is a teenager and young adult.

While a lot of people understand that this is a good parenting rule, some people think this is way too much. Instead of avoiding the word "fat," Kourtney could help her kids understand that being fat is still beautiful and there is nothing wrong with being fat. She should be able to help her kids boost their self-confidence without following the socially-constructed unreal beauty standards.

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