15 Rules Meghan Markle Has To Follow Now That She's Officially A Duchess

Meghan Markle has truly done a 180 since she has become romantically involved with Prince Harry. And now that the two are officially married, Meghan’s new life as a Royal will be kicked into full gear.

Whether it’s her acting career, her lifestyle website, her social media, her sense of style, or her privacy — Megan has undoubtedly given up a lot to prepare for her new life as Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Being a Royal might sound like it would be all diamonds and rosé, but it’s no easy feat, and the job is not for everyone. A lot goes into looking good and proper for the public at all times, and Meghan’s life will certainly be different than the celebrity life she was living back in California.

Thankfully, she’ll have her new, loving husband, Prince Harry, by her side to help her through this transitional period. Those who watched the royal wedding ceremony on Saturday, May 19, could see that it was an emotional day, as Harry told his bride, “You look amazing,” and “I’m so lucky.” She appeared to be calm and smiled throughout the entire ceremony, which says a lot because it must have been such an overwhelming day. It was a great start to their life as a Royal couple together, but Meghan still has a lot to learn about life as a royal. The couple’s true love story has captured the hearts of people all over the world. People cannot wait to see how Markle settles into her royal duties and married life. Here are 15 rules Meghan Markle has to follow now that she’s officially a duchess.

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15 No Social Media

meghan markle no social media
via: Daily Mail

As a working actress and the star of Suits, it was essential for Meghan to have a thriving social media account. Her fans could see her behind the scenes, enjoying wine, being a foodie, taking cheeky selfies, cuddling with her dogs, doing charitable work, and traveling the world. Being present on social media is a way for famous people to connect with their fans in a way like never before, but the royal family does not think that it is suitable for individual family members to have their own social media accounts.

A few months prior to her wedding day, Meghan's social media pages disappeared, according to ABC. Markle's fans had definitely noticed that the amount of content she was posting decreased significantly after it was rumored, and later confirmed, that she was dating the prince.

A representative from the royal family told the media, "Ms. Markle is grateful to everyone who has followed her social media accounts over the years. However, as she has not used them for some time she has taken the decision to close them." The royal family has an official account, which all of the members appear on, but none of them have their own personal accounts. The palace social media accounts post information regarding upcoming royal events, tours, and charitable endeavors, as well as some photos and videos of the family.

14 Avoid Bold Makeup, Hair, And Nails

meghan markle no bold makeup
via: Hello Magazine

Many people commented on Meghan Markle's extremely natural makeup for her wedding. She looked absolutely stunning regardless of the lack of makeup, but it was definitely a different look for the former Hollywood starlet, who looks great with a deep red lip and a smokey eye. With her freckles visible, she gleamed with beauty on her wedding day, and she didn't need the extra makeup to make her look special. She wore her hair up but allowed some strands to fall down around her face. Her nails were also painted a neutral pink shade, which really allowed her rings to shine. It was an understated and elegant look. According to Vox, her wedding makeup is being called "influential" and "refreshingly simple."

She really made the no-makeup look trend fast on the internet. She will likely stick with this natural type of glamour, instead of a more dramatic look, now that she is a member of the royal family. 

Glamour reported that Meghan has been wearing neutral nail polish shades ever since Harry proposed. She used to be photographed wearing a lot of darker colors, but you won't see that anymore. Apparently, the Queen prefers that the female family members stick to neutral tones and avoid bright, bold nail colors.

13 No Selfies For The Royals

meghan markle no selfies
via: English News - Dailyhunt

It's already been established that Meghan Markle can no longer have her own social media accounts, but she is also discouraged from taking selfies. Even if Prince Harry and Meghan wanted to take a selfie and have it posted to the palace's account, that would not be allowed. According to the Mirror, the Queen looks down on the whole concept of taking selfies. In other words, she does not approve, and she will not allow her family members to partake in it — at least, publicly. In 2014, U.S. ambassador, Matthew Barzun revealed that the Queen included the selfie ban as part of the family's protocol.

She is definitely not allowed to be playing with the latest Snapchat filters, taking selfies, and posting them to her story. The Queen would be furious! 

I mean, she could probably still take a selfie and send it to Harry or her mom, but she won't be able to post them for the world to see anymore. She has reportedly already turned down offers to take selfies at previous royal engagements, politely telling a couple, "We're not allowed to do selfies," so she is well aware that this is a rule that she is going to have to follow from now on.

12 She Has To Bow To Kate Middleton

meghan markle has to bow to kate middleton
via: AOL

The royal family has all kinds of traditions and rules in place, and Meghan is going to have to follow them now that she is officially the Duchess of Sussex. The British monarchy traces back over 1,200 years, and tradition is very important. One of these traditions is that she could have to bow to her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Because Kate's husband, Prince William, is closer in line to the throne that her husband, Prince Harry, is, Kate has a higher rank. It is a historic custom that is supposed to show respect and back in the day, it was believed that the monarchs were given their positions by God, so non-royals were to bow to them.

It's likely that their greeting won't always be that formal, perhaps, a slight curtsy will do, but it is unlikely that it will ever be as casual as when you greet your in-laws. Both Kate and Meghan are expected to bow to the Queen, but, then again, everyone is.

However, according to Elite Daily, Meghan did not bow to the Queen at the Royal wedding, which goes against tradition. At Prince William and Kate's wedding in April 2011, both the bride and the groom bowed to the Queen, but their wedding was also much more traditional than Harry and Meghan's, in general.

11 No Short Hemlines

meghan markle no short hemlines
via: Pinterest

Meghan's style has certainly changed a lot since her days as an actress on Suits. Meghan used to follow the trends and experiment with different styles. The royal family definitely has their opinion about the way the family members need to dress and appear in public. One of their fashion rules is that the female family members are not allowed to wear anything with a short hemline. That means that Meghan's days of wearing short, flirty dresses, skirts, and shorts are over.

Anything that could even possibly be considered revealing in Meghan's wardrobe has been banned and was probably given to charity.

When she was dating Harry, she definitely was not seen wearing anything risqué, but her sense of style became significantly more conservative after the couple got engaged. Meghan was set up with a stylist by the palace in order to help her through this fashion transition. The public seems to be loving her new sense of style, though, with every outfit she has worn publicly selling like wildfire. The emerald green dress she wore with the crisp, white coat for her engagement announcement has been praised across the internet, so it looks like these new fashion choices are really working for the Duchess of Sussex.

10 She Can’t Show Her Bare Legs

meghan markle cannot show her bare legs
via: Footwear News/ Hollywood Life

Clearly, with the "no short hemlines" rule, you get the sense that the royal family is not fond of females showing off any unnecessary skin. Not only can Meghan no longer wear short dresses, skirts, or shorts, when she does show off her legs, they cannot be bare. In other words, she must wear pantyhose or stockings whenever she wears dresses or skirts, with the appropriate hemline, of course.

Meghan broke this rule while she was engaged to Prince Harry. While she wore longer hemlines, she showed off her bare legs in her engagement photos and to many other royal engagements. Nothing about her outfits was inappropriate, but the Queen probably still disapproved.

It is likely that Meghan sees this rule as being outdated, but now that she is married, it is likely that the palace will want her to obey the rule and wear some pantyhose. It must get hot in the summer, though. Regardless, if the queen does not think it is proper for ladies to show their bare legs, the rule stays. Kate Middleton has followed this rule ever since she became a member of the royal family back in 2011, so why should the rules be any different for Markle?

9 She Can’t Go Shopping By Herself

meghan markle cannot go shopping by herself
via: Meghan's Mirror

Meghan used to love to go shopping all over the world, but the reality is, even though she was a celebrity before, now, she is royalty, and that is much different. She cannot just walk into her favorite department store and shop like she used to. She will not be able to stroll down the streets of New York City, window shopping and taking in the sights. These are going to have to be things of the past for the new duchess, as the life of a royal is much different than that of a mere celebrity.

Whenever Meghan steps out, all eyes will be on her. When it comes to things like shopping, Meghan will be escorted to high-end shops in London, where they will likely be closed down for her. She has reportedly been spotted near the upscale shopping district around King's Road and Sloan Square.

She's also been spotted shopping with Prince Harry’s secretary, Heather Wong, as well as his project manager, Clara Madden. It also helps that she has an unlimited spending budget. Markle will also have a personal stylist who will bring selections of the latest fashions directly to her, so really, there is no need for actual in-store shopping at all.

8 To Avoid The Public, Everything Will Be Brought To Her

meghan markle everything will be brought to her
via: Mirror

Like we said, being a royal is going to put a spotlight on Meghan like never before. She can't be stepping out every week to get a manicure or a wax, or to have her roots touched up. No, this duchess will have everything brought to her. This way, the only times that she appears in public, she will be presentable. Meghan will have an in-palace stylist who will make her look glamorous for all of her royal engagements and outings.

According to People, Victoria Beckham, who was in attendance at the royal wedding, gave the duchess a list of her favorite stylists.

Taking care of your body is also an important factor in maintaining your image. Markle has always been into yoga. She spent a lot of time at yoga studios in Los Angeles and was frequently spotted heading to classes with her mother, Doria, who teaches. Unfortunately, Meghan will no longer be able to join a yoga class in town without causing a commotion, especially now that she will be living in London. The yoga will be brought to her now, with teachers coming to the palace. Surely, she could have a yoga studio built in the palace in due time.

7 Being A Royal Is Her Job Now, Not Acting

meghan markle has to quit acting
via: Closer Weekly

Meghan Markle's dream was never to be a princess, or technically, a duchess, but that is her reality now. She met and fell in love with Prince Harry after they were set up by a mutual friend. She never pictured that this would be her life but as of May 19, 2018, it has all become a reality. Meghan's first dream was to be an actress. She wanted to make it big in the entertainment industry. However, until she was rumored to be dating the prince, she was relatively unknown, except for some television success on Suits. If you didn't watch the show, you probably didn't know who she was.

Meghan was even a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal, had plenty of guest roles on popular television shows, and appeared in a few movies. Once she met Prince Harry and fell in love, it was quickly brought to her attention that she could not be the wife of a prince and a successful actress in Hollywood — she would have to choose. Obviously, she chose love, but it must not have been easy giving up her career that she worked so hard for. Her last official credit was for the series, Suits, which she starred in from 2011 until 2018.

6 She Can No Longer Maintain Her Blog

meghan markle had to shut down her blog
via: InStyle/Pinterest

Meghan Markle had to shut down her social media accounts before she officially became a member of the royal family. She also had to give up her career as an actress. Additionally, Meghan had to say goodbye to her lifestyle website, The Tig. Certainly, Markle could not be a duchess and a blogger. The Tig was named after the wine, Tignanello, and was also symbolic of her "ah-ha" moments.

According to Cosmopolitan, she revealed, "It wasn't just red or white – suddenly I understood what people meant by the body, legs, structure of wine. It was an ah-ha moment at its finest. For me, it became a 'Tig' moment – a moment of getting it. From that point on, any new awareness, any new discovery or 'ohhhhh, I get it!' moment was a 'Tig' moment." In April of last year, as her relationship with Harry was rumored to be getting more and more serious, she shut down the site. She told her fans, "After close to three beautiful years on this adventure with you, it's time to say goodbye to The Tig." She finished by saying, "Above all, don't ever forget your worth – as I've told you time and time again: you, my sweet friend, you are enough."

5 She Is Not Allowed To Sign Autographs

meghan markle has to quit acting
via: Luxury and Laundry

Did you know that you cannot ask your favorite member of the royal family for their autograph? We've already established that asking for a selfie is out of the question, but no, they cannot even put a pen to paper for their adoring fans. Meghan Markle will no longer be able to sign autographs for the public now that she is officially the Duchess of Sussex.

The palace has enforced an anti-fraud policy, which forbids members of the royal family from signing autographs as a safety measure to prevent their signatures from being forged, according to Express.

Imagine what could happen with a forged signature from the Queen? Understandably, Meghan will have to abide by this rule as well.  However, unlike the royal family members before her, Meghan was formerly a celebrity, so her signature is already out there for the public to see (and copy, if they wanted to). She broke the rule when she and Harry were dating and even when they were engaged, but now that she is actually married, the rules will likely be enforced more strictly. The Queen was probably not thrilled with the fact that she was signing things for her British fans during royal engagements, and surprisingly, Harry did not stop her.

4 Her Security Will Be Significantly Increased

meghan markle security increased
via: The Scottish Sun

Even celebrities need security teams, but the amount of security that Meghan Markle will have now that she is the Duchess of Sussex will increase significantly. According to OK!, the former actress will have an all-female security team by her side during all public appearances. Being a member of the royal family makes Meghan susceptible to being kidnapped, or targeted, among many other threats. In order to keep her safe, a team of highly trained individuals will be there to form a protective barrier from the public. Reportedly, four female Special Forces soldiers have been hired to protect Meghan for the next six months.

A source revealed, "Meghan was keen to be guarded by female personnel. When she was told that a male team would be responsible for her security, she asked whether any women were available."

The couple's first official outing as husband and wife occurred on Tuesday, May 22, just days after the wedding, and no doubt, her team of security will be there. These women are all trained in close-quarters fighting, unarmed combat, and are "expert shots with pistols and submachine guns." They are also experienced in anti-ambush car drills and it doesn't hurt that they are all qualified paramedics, so they would be able to assist Markle if something were to go wrong with her health.

3 She Can’t Vote In England

meghan markle cannot vote in england
via: CNBC

Meghan may officially be a member of the royal family and be moving over to England from California, but that does not mean that she will get to vote. According to the parliament website, it is not illegal, but it is "considered unconstitutional for the Monarch to vote in an election." This tradition applies because as the Head of State, the Queen is supposed to remain un-opinionated about political affairs, which makes her unable to be elected or to vote in an election.

Even though the rule only applies directly to the Queen, all of the members of the royal family still comply with this. In June 2017, a spokesperson for Buckingham Palace told Newsweek that members of the royal family do not vote "by convention." Meghan is a proud feminist and it is not known how she feels about her political voice being silenced as a result of becoming a part of Harry's family. Prince Harry is used to the idea of not voting because he has grown up with the rule his whole life, but Meghan has grown up being able to speak her opinion and use her voice, and now, she will have to learn how to be neutral.

2 She Cannot Go To Bed Before The Queen

meghan markle cannot go to sleep before the queen
via: The Japan Times

The Queen is the most respected person in the country. Everything must be done to her liking and everyone must follow her rules. Now that Meghan is a member of the royal family, she should know that she will not be permitted to go to bed until the Queen decides to turn in for the night. That's right— even if you've had a long day or are not feeling your best, you've got to wait for the Queen to fall sleepy before you are allowed to rest your head on your pillow. Whenever the royal family members are staying in the same castle, it will be the Queen who decides when the night is over.

On the bright side, Queen Elizabeth II is 92 years old, so it is not likely that she is up until all hours of the evening, forcing her family to stay awake with her. It is more likely that she will end the night early. This is just another one of those rules that the palace still sets in place for the sake of tradition. Reportedly, according to The Sun, other family members just don't "feel right" about leaving the Queen to go to bed before she is done for the night herself.

1 She Cannot Cross Her Legs When She Sits In Public

meghan markle cannot cross her legs in public
via: Pinterest/Stylight

Clearly, as is seen in the photos above, Meghan is going to have a hard time remembering this new rule as a royal family member. The former actress has been photographed numerous times sitting in public with her legs crossed, wearing short dresses and shorts, nonetheless! This is something that is forbidden for the female family members.

It is not seen as lady-like to sit with your legs crossed. You will never catch the Queen sitting like that.

If she must, Meghan can cross her ankles, in what is known as the Duchess Slant, but is best to just sit with your knees together. Public image is very important for the royal family, and they cannot have their ladies looking anything but prim and proper. It is likely that Meghan has taken some royal etiquette classes to help prepare her for her new life as a royal. Meghan certainly had a lot of changes to make in order to get ready for her new life as a member of the royal family, and she will have some strict rules to abide by in the future, but she seems to be getting the hang of it, one day at a time.

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