15 Rules (And Dietary Restrictions) Kim K Made Her Surrogate Follow

Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West–Kimye to their fans–are quickly becoming the Hollywood power couple, thanks to his successful music career and her reality TV stardom, as well as viral Instagram pics.

To be fair, there is much more to Kim than her infamous posterior. She is now the head of her own business empire, including everything from producer credits on the TV show which first made her famous, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, to clothing lines, mobile apps, perfumes, and lucrative endorsement deals.

The Kimye family has become an important part of this business empire, with daughter North and son Saint regularly seen sporting designer kiddie wear from their parent’s own line and even joining mom on trips to exclusive fashion shows and celebrity parties.

Now, the Kardashian-Wests have announced the birth of their third child, a second daughter named Chicago, who was born via a surrogate mother, after doctors warned Kim that a third pregnancy could put her health at risk. Kim made her surrogate follow some pretty strict instructions to earn her reported $45,000 fee to ensure that child number three was born healthy. Which rules would you be happy to follow to give birth to the next Kimye baby?

13 She Needed To Have A Clean Bill Of Health

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All pregnant women are advised to avoid people who have infectious diseases, since not only can this make the mom-to-be feel lousy, but some of the most common illnesses can even affect the unborn child, leading to pregnancy complications and birth defects. Pregnant women have weaker immune systems, which means they can more easily contract diseases like chickenpox and rubella, which can cause physical deformities and deafness in unborn babies. It may be common sense for pregnant women to steer clear of people with infectious illnesses, but you can be sure that Kim will have included that in her list of surrogate rules, if she ever chooses to do it again.

12 She Had To Avoid Cheese

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Another rule that all moms-to-be will be familiar with is to avoid soft cheese, like camembert and brie, and so-called blue cheeses that are made with live mold. Both these types of cheese can carry an infection called listeria, which healthy bodies can deal with easily, but which can affect the health of pregnant women and their babies. In fact, pregnant women are 20 times more likely to become infected with listeriosis, the disease caused by listeria, than non-pregnant women. While the symptoms are like any other form of stomach bug, the disease can increase the risk of miscarriage of stillbirth, a risk Kimye weren’t willing to take.

Consumption Of Raw Fish Was Banned

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Certain types of fish are also a big no-no for pregnant women, and a ban on raw fish was an explicit instruction on the list of rules that Kim gave to her surrogate. Pregnant women should avoid swordfish and marlin altogether, as these fish can be high in mercury, and while they should limit their intake of oily fish, they shouldn’t cut them out altogether, as oily fish also have important health benefits. There is no particular reason to ditch sushi altogether–just to control portions–but Kim must have heard somewhere that it was a bad idea for pregnant women if she included it on her no-no list.

11 She Was Obliged To Eat A Balanced Diet


So, there are plenty of foods that surrogate mothers will be told to avoid, but they also have a responsibility to eat a balanced diet that will give their babies the best chance of a healthy start in life. It’s more difficult for moms to dictate what surrogates should eat rather than what they shouldn’t eat, but foods that are rich in folic acid, calcium, zinc, iron, and fiber are all high on a list of good foods. Folic acid is hugely important for pregnant women and can be found in green leafy vegetables, as well as in tablet form if you want to top up your diet.

10 Regular Gentle Exercise Was Mandatory

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A balanced diet is only half of the equation for staying healthy during pregnancy. Gentle exercise is also appropriate, and women can continue taking pregnancy yoga classes or taking gentle walks until quite late into the third trimester. Surrogate rules often require moms-to-be to quit high-impact exercise completely while they are pregnant, which means no jogging, no weights, and no aerobics classes. Although, water aerobics is great for expectant women as the water helps to support your body and reduce the risk of falls or injury. Kim’s surrogate had to find a balance between keeping her precious cargo safe and ensuring that her body was healthy throughout pregnancy and childbirth.

9 She Had To Deliver The Baby At Cedar-Sinai Facility In L.A.

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When a baby is being carried by a surrogate, who decides where the child is born? After all, while the baby’s health may be the only consideration for the biological mother, the surrogate has to take her own health into account. Early in Kim’s surrogate pregnancies, there were rumors that the two women had different ideas about where baby West was going to be born. In the end, Kim won the day (obviously), with Chicago eventually being delivered at the prestigious Cedars-Sinai facility in Los Angeles, where Kim had given birth to her two previous children.

8 Kim Had To Be In The Delivery Room (And Be The First To Hold Her Daughter)

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Almost as important as where the birth takes place is how the birth takes place. These days, birth plans can be as complicated as wedding plans—drugs or no drugs, water births, and birth partners. Consequently, there is a lot for prospective moms and surrogates to agree upon. One thing that Kim apparently insisted upon was being present at the birth of her daughter and to be the first one who held her, so that she could establish a bond with her new baby as soon as possible. Dad Kanye even joined the women in the birthing room soon afterwards, so that he could meet his new daughter.

7 Smoking Was Completely Prohibited


It’s hardly surprising that a ban on smoking was high on Kim’s list of rules for the surrogate mother of daughter, Chicago. After all, it is now widely accepted that cigarette smoke can inflict terrible damage on the health of unborn babies, and you just have to think about how odd it looks to see a pregnant woman smoking to understand how socially unacceptable it has become. Children whose moms smoked during pregnancy are more likely to develop asthma, and smoking during the first trimester increases the risk of heart defect and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

6 And Obviously...


If smoking is forbidden, then it goes without saying that Kim’s surrogate was not allowed to partake in any recreational drugs while carrying the precious Kardashian-West cargo. Drugs make their way easily from mom to her unborn baby, and children are even born addicted to heroin. Although the rules were clear regarding illegal drugs, it was less clear what prescription drugs the surrogate mother was allowed to take, given that many of the most common over-the-counter medicines can also be harmful to unborn babies. Widely-used painkillers like Advil and Aleve can be particularly damaging in the third trimester.

5 Saunas Were Out Of The Question

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The Kardashian surrogate was also forbidden from taking saunas while she was pregnant, and the reasoning behind this ban is a little less clear. There is not enough medical evidence to prove that saunas are bad for pregnant women or their unborn child, but given that they increase your body temperature and can leave you dehydrated, heavily-pregnant women in particular are advised to steer clear of saunas and steam rooms just in case they faint and injure themselves. Extreme heat can be bad news during the first trimester, which is why expectant mothers are often also advised to avoid spending too much time in the sun.

4 She Was Restricted To One Caffeinated Drink Per Day


Given the strict rules handed down by the Kardashian-Wests, it is somewhat surprising that the couple didn’t ban caffeine altogether for their surrogate. Instead, the rules allowed the mystery woman to drink just one caffeinated beverage per day. The gossip magazines went into overdrive when the surrogate mom was pictured drinking an iced coffee, which contains 184 mg of caffeine, but medical experts have said it is perfectly safe for pregnant women to consume up to 200 mg of caffeine per day. Any more than that and the mom-to-be increases the risk of miscarriage, so Kim was right to impose her restriction.

3 No "Occasional One" For The Surrogate

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For many years, doctors advised pregnant women to steer clear of alcohol altogether despite the fact that many of our grandmothers swore by a glass of stout when they were expecting in order to get extra iron into their diets! However, science has moved on, and doctors now say that there is no harm to pregnant women or their unborn babies if they enjoy an occasional alcoholic drink on special occasions. Kimye obviously don’t share this view, as a ban on alcohol was one of the items on their list of strict rules for their surrogate.

2 Just Like Saunas, No Hot Tubs Either


Swimming may be an excellent form of exercise for pregnant women, but Kim’s surrogate was not allowed to go for a quick dip in the hot tub after her workout. As with saunas, hot tubs are frowned upon for pregnant women because of the harm that can be done to their health and the health of their unborn baby by increased body temperature and dehydration. Thanks to hormonal changes, women in the early stages of pregnancy often have an increased body temperature already, so boosting that further with a dip in the hot tub is not recommended and not allowed if you’re a Kardashian surrogate.

1 She Was Not Allowed To Change Kitty Litter

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Not changing kitty litter was definitely one of the more unusual items on Kim’s list of rules for her surrogate. No one even knows if her surrogate owned a cat, but if she did, she had the perfect excuse to make her significant other do this unpleasant job! Turns out, though, this rule was not as bizarre as it seemed. Cat feces can contain an infection called toxoplasmosis, which is bad news for anyone who catches it, but particularly for pregnant women. You could always try training your kitty cat to use the human toilet, but Kim and Kanye clearly decided to take no chances when it came to their surrogate and their third child.

Hair Dyeing Was Definitely A No-No

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Kim’s surrogate was also forbidden from dyeing her hair throughout the pregnancy, although, having your roots showing for a few months seems like a small price to pay for a $45,000 paycheck once the baby was safely delivered. There is little research to suggest that hair dye is dangerous during pregnancy, although if the surrogate was determined to get her hair colored, perhaps the Kardashians would have allowed highlights, seeing as the dye doesn’t need to touch the skin? As yet, doctors have made no recommendations for pregnant women to stop dyeing their hair, so Kim could be a trendsetter in this area too.

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