15 Reasons Why The World Should Be Paying Attention To Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld may have kicked off her career as a child actress with one breakout role, but she has shown that she is absolutely not a one-hit wonder. Her success with her first blockbuster film, True Grit, was no fluke or stroke of luck—she is just naturally talented through and through.

Hailee dreamed of becoming an actress from a very young age. Her parents were supportive of her ambitions, even though it is a difficult field to break into. They took her to auditions and encouraged her to go after what she wanted. All of her hard work paid off when she finally landed that breakthrough role in True Grit. She went to achieve that dream, and since that day, she has only expanded on her talents.

She is not just a successful actress—she has also released her first album and shocked the world with her ability to belt out pop anthems like nobody’s business. Plus, she always sets a positive example for her fans through her sparkling attitude and uplifting songs. Make no mistake, she is a woman to watch. Here are 15 reasons why the world should be paying close attention to Hailee Steinfeld.

15 She Got An Oscar Nomination When She Was Only 13

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Some actors go for years and years without being recognized for their hard work at the Academy Awards. It can be so difficult to predict which films will earn Oscar nominations, and which actors will see their efforts pay off and take home that little golden statue. Hailee’s level of success at such a young age proves that this girl has serious acting chops. When Hailee was only 13 years old, she was cast in the role of Mattie Ross in the film, True Grit. True Grit is a classic, old-timey Western film, and Hailee impressed even the harshest critics with her portrayal of Mattie. And the critics weren’t the only ones taking notice— the Academy was blown away, too. Hailee was nominated for best-supporting actress at the 83rd Academy Awards. While she did not win the Oscar, this was still an incredible achievement, and she was clearly going to be successful.

14 She Can Take On Any Acting Role

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Hailee did not continue acting in Westerns after True Grit. Nope, she was not about to be boxed in. She actually has gone on to act in many different types of roles, playing a wide variety of characters. Some actresses see success in one area and stick to that type of film, but not Hailee. Since her first big role, she has really branched out and showcased her talents in many different areas. She has proven that she can really take on anything and that she can’t be typecast. Let’s just look at a few of the films that she has appeared in over the past couple years: Romeo and Juliet, Ender’s Game, Pitch Perfect 2 and 3, and The Edge of Seventeen. Yup, pretty diverse! She is going to tackle something completely new in 2018 in the new Transformers prequel, Bumblebee. She will definitely be in the spotlight for years to come.

13 She Stars In Blockbusters AND Indie Films

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As you can see from Hailee’s filmography, she has worked on a wide variety of films. While her first major film was a big blockbuster, she does not just choose projects based on if they’re getting a big, nationwide release. Let’s just put it this way—she isn’t simply choosing one role over another because of the paycheck. Nope, Hailee acts in both indie films and major blockbusters, which just proves that she’s not in this for the money and fame. She acts for the love of it. She does not just want to see her name up in lights, she wants to be in front of the camera practicing her craft and doing what she loves. After True Grit, she definitely had her choice of projects, and she was making so much money that she could do what she pleased, but she chose to work with indie directors, too.

12 She Charmed Everyone In Pitch Perfect 2

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Pitch Perfect 2 was another major movie for Hailee. After all, the first Pitch Perfect film did so well that all of the fans had very high expectations for the sequel. When the directors brought Hailee on as a new cast member, she was probably under a lot of pressure to make a good impression on all of the people who loved the original cast. Well, let’s just say that she definitely succeeded! Hailee played the character, Emily Junk, who was a freshman and one of the new Barden Bellas. Hailee’s role in Pitch Perfect 2 showed that she could not only sing but that she could also hold her own in a comedic film. In fact, Pitch Perfect 2 became the highest-grossing musical comedy film of all time! Later, she went on to act in the final instalment, Pitch Perfect 3, which was also loved by fans and critics alike.

11 She Preaches Self-Love

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One of the coolest things about Hailee is how she encourages her fans to love themselves. After all, her first hit single was called “Love Myself,” and it’s all about being independent and not relying on anyone else’s approval. She is unapologetically herself, and that’s so important. So many people in Hollywood conform to one mold and don’t express themselves fully or step outside of society’s expectations. But Hailee isn’t like that. Nope, she does her own thing, and she wants her fans to do the same. So many young women really struggle to love themselves, and it’s even harder when we’re surrounded by people who are telling us who we should be or what we should be doing. We tend to feel bad about ourselves if we can’t live up to the standards that other people have set for us, but Hailee proves that all you have to do is be yourself.

10 Her Music Gets Real About Relationships

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As we mentioned before, Hailee definitely sings about themes like self-love and body positivity, but she also has had many hit songs that focus on relationships. Even though she is still fairly young (only 21—can you believe it?) she has a very mature perspective on love and relationships. One of her biggest hits, “Starving,” is all about meeting someone who you didn’t even know you needed in your life. You know that feeling— you’re content with being single, you’ve convinced yourself that you could always be happy without a man, and then you happen to meet the perfect guy who shows you exactly what you’ve been missing. Another one of her hit love songs, “Let Me Go,” is about knowing that you need to leave a relationship, but still caring about the other person and wanting to know they’ll be happy. Hailee’s music lets you know you’re not alone.

9 She Doesn’t “Compete” With Other Girls

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Okay, we’re just going to continue talking about Hailee’s music for a little while here, because we’re kind of convinced that she’s the next queen of pop— hey, that’s one reason the world should DEFINITELY be paying attention to her, right? One of Hailee’s most popular tracks is her song “Most Girls.” You know when guys try to tell a girl she’s special by saying, “You’re just not like other girls?” Isn’t that so frustrating? Sometimes you really just want to respond and say, “Well, what’s wrong with other girls?” Hailee is here to let every guy who has said that know that “most girls” are actually pretty awesome. This basically a girl power pop anthem, so we would encourage any girl who is feeling down to give it a listen. Hailee’s music will make you feel like you can take on the world with your girlfriends by your side.

8 She Has Awesome Personal Style

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As you have probably seen throughout this list, Hailee’s outfits are always on point. Even though she is only 21, she manages to make herself look a little older and more mature— but she does it without being too scandalous! Hailee knows exactly how to balance more revealing pieces with more modest ones, and anytime she is on the red carpet, you just can’t help but admire her gorgeous gowns and accessories. And there’s something else that makes Hailee’s style really stand out, even when she’s in a crowd of A-listers. She doesn’t just stick to one color scheme. She isn’t afraid to play with colorful patterns or stripes, but she also looks super glamorous in a little black dress with spikey heels. When it comes to personal style, she is basically a chameleon. She wears whatever she feels like, and she always makes it work somehow! She’s a style icon.

7 Her Makeup Is Always On Point

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Okay, now that we’ve already gushed about how much we love Hailee’s wardrobe and all of her amazing red carpet looks, let’s take a minute to talk about her makeup. Hailee never cakes on her makeup or covers up her natural look with too much foundation. Ever since she started walking on red carpets after True Grit, her makeup has always been age-appropriate. She tends to favor foundation that really makes her skin glow, with a hint of blush to highlight her gorgeous cheekbones. Subtle pink lipstick makes her smile stand out (and this girl has a beautiful smile!), and she usually rocks a neutral smoky eye look that compliments her brown eyes. We love how she always accentuates her eyes with black eyeliner— she is a master of getting those wings exactly right. Her winged eyeliner always adds just a little bit of drama to her full ensemble.

6 She Is Proud Of Her Body

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Another reason that Hailee is such a great role model for her fans? She truly loves her body. You can totally see this attitude in her video for “Love Myself.” She is dancing all over the place, not caring if she looks silly or not, just moving and having a great time. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all feel that way, every single day? Hailee doesn’t need to show off in short skirts or low cut tops, either— you can tell that she is confident no matter what she is wearing. And most importantly, she is clearly healthy. She doesn’t look too thin, and she doesn’t look exhausted— she looks like she works out, eats well, and takes good care of herself. Overall, she just looks strong, both inside and out. Seeing a young woman who truly loves her body is very inspiring in this day and age.

5 She Is A Strong Feminist

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If you’ve ever seen Hailee’s video for “Most Girls,” it’s pretty clear that this girl is a feminist through and through. Feminism doesn’t have to be a scandalous word— in fact, more and more people today are realizing that if you truly believe that men and women should be treated equally, you’re probably already a feminist! In Hailee’s video, she showcases all different types of girls in a positive light. She could have made the video all about herself, just dancing and singing, but she went the extra mile instead. She wanted to make it clear that every girl has something incredible to offer the world, and that women are truly unstoppable! When you watch Hailee’s videos, it’s always obvious that she really wants her female fans to live up to their fullest potential, follow their biggest dreams, and do what they want, even when the world is against them.

4 She Had A Song On The Fifty Shades Freed Soundtrack

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This was definitely a bold career move for Hailee! The Fifty Shades films are definitely on the mature side...to put it mildly. But Hailee has left her mark on the final installment of the Fifty Shades series titled, Fifty Shades Freed, with her song “Capital Letters.” Seeing Hailee take on a project that once would have been outside her comfort zone is definitely exciting. It’s just one more reason that the world should have its eyes on her, who knows which direction her career could take? This is also the first time that Hailee has combined her love of both film and music— her two major passions. Will she continue to star in feature films, or will she choose to focus more on her music career in the years to come? Who can predict anything right now, but we know that whatever she does, we’ll be waiting eagerly to hear about it.

3 Her New Album Is Going To Be A Banger

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Did you hear the big news? Well, now you know— Hailee has announced that she is already back in the studio, working on her new album. We can’t wait to find out the release date because we already know it’s going to sell like crazy. There is just no doubt that every song on this album will be worth listening to. After all, all of Hailee’s singles became big hits. People were surprised when she began releasing music because no one really expected her to continue singing after Pitch Perfect. But when her singles hit the radio, it’s clear that people were impressed, because her music definitely skyrocketed up the charts. She says that so far, she’s not sure how to describe what her new music sounds like, so maybe this album will be a bit more experimental than her previous tracks. Whatever she does, we will definitely be listening.

2 She Hasn’t Gone Down The “Crazy Child Star” Path

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Unlike so many other people who became famous at a young age, Hailee has never gone down the “crazy child star” route. Nope, she never let all of the success that she achieved as a teenager go to her head. Even though she was being nominated for an Oscar at an age when most of us were just struggling through middle school, she never let her accomplishments get to her head. Have you noticed that she is really never in the tabloids causing drama? You won’t find her getting into a catfight with another celeb, trashing someone else on social media, or getting into legal trouble after too much partying. That’s just not Hailee’s style, and it’s certainly not the type of example that she would ever want to set for her fans. She just works hard, keeps herself out of celeb conflicts, and keeps moving forward in her career path.

1 She Truly Loves Her Fans

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One of the absolute coolest things about Hailee? She really does love her fans, and she always shows her appreciation for them. She has worked very hard to make it as far as she did, but she never forgets the people who made it possible—her millions of fans who support her! In fact, when she released her debut EP, she wanted them to feel like they were a part of the process. Her fans often refer to her as “Haiz,” so she chose to name the EP, Haiz. She said it was almost as though her fans named the EP. She is always replying to their questions and comments on Twitter. She also retweets their art and the funny memes that they send her. Not many celebrities will do this for their fans—some of them don’t even check the comments on their social media pages, but Hailee always goes the extra mile!

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