15 Reasons Why The Jolie-Pitts Will End Up More Complicated Than The Kardashian Kids

We don’t want them to be messed up at all, but with all the media attention their parents generate, it’s natural that the Jolie-Pitt kids might just turn out worse than the Kardashian brood… With Angie letting them run amok, to the point that she even filed for divorce from their father, the kids right now have the run of the house — and are making full use of it.

In case you didn’t know who is who, let us introduce you to the six Jolie-Pitt kids in the order that they came into Angie and Brad’s life. Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt was born August 5, 2001, and was subsequently adopted by Jolie on March 10, 2002, from Cambodia. At the time, Jolie was involved with Billy Bob Thornton but after they broke up, she adopted and raised him as a single parent. She then added to her brood by adopting her daughter, Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt, born in 2005, the same year from Ethiopia. By then, Brad was in her life and they basically adopted Zahara together. By 2006, Pitt had adopted both Maddox and Zahara and the names reflected Brad’s surname too. The same year, Brad and Angelina had their first biological child, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, who was born on May 27, 2006. Angelina gave birth to her Namibia to avoid the media frenzy. The next year, their son, Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt, was adopted by Jolie in 2007 and then later by Brad in 2008, from Vietnam.

Finally, in 2008, Brad and Jolie shocked the world and had their twin biological children, a son, Knox Léon Jolie-Pitt, and a daughter, Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt, born on July 12, 2008, in Nice, France. Needless to say, each child, adopted or biological, is very dear to Jolie and she’s like a veritable tigress when it comes to protecting them. But sometimes too much love can be a bad thing too, right?

15 The Off-And-On Homeschooling Is Too Much

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Angelina never sent any of her kids to school. She kind of rolls with it in an unconventional manner. Why doesn’t she send them to a normal school? Well, because she thinks that the current education system hasn’t caught up with the actual needs of today’s children. So sending kids to regular school means that the kids get too much information that will be irrelevant to the life they will lead. The things that really matter, the core subjects according to Angelina, are not taught at school. So Angelina homeschools them, which means that sometimes, they simply do not study the subjects they don’t want to. Her idea of education is taking them to see museums and on humanitarian trips around the world, learning to cook and eat bugs, and having the ability to speak at least one foreign language and even playing music. It sounds idealistic, and we applaud Jolie for daring to step out of the towed-line. But lettings the kids study what “they” want and giving them a less ordinary life does not always mean that they’d get to be balanced adults. If they start to believe that they are “special” and above the norm, it could mean trouble in later years.

14 Is Brad Uncomfortable About Shiloh’s Insistence On Being A Boy?

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There was so much excitement over Shiloh’s birth (Brad and Angelina’s first biological child) that the couple hid away from the media in Namibia. They kept her hidden until they sold the first family photos to the tabloids for millions of dollars, which was all donated to their favorite charity. Shiloh seemed to be growing up into an adorable daddy’s girl and sources say she is still very attached to Brad, despite the split, however, there’s another issue that Brad is having. And that is about Shiloh showing no interesting in dressing or behaving like a girl. She dresses like a boy and insists that everyone call her John. This could be simply a phase she is going through or she could be having gender dysmorphia. While Angelina whole-heartedly supports Shiloh/John, Brad is having a little difficulty adjusting. And the biggest reason might be because Shiloh was a daddy’s girl and Brad’s firstborn. But John might turn out to be mamma’s boy like Maddox and Pax. Not accepting your children for who they are can really hurt their psyche so hopefully, Brad accepts his child and moves on with his family.

13 The Kids Can Do Whatever They Want And No One Tells Them Otherwise

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Angelina does not believe is saying anything negative to the kids and that includes the word no. She believes that kids learn by doing what they want, so the house is basically a circus. The kids study what they want and don’t study what they don’t want. Their food choices are completely under their control, though Angelina does encourage them to eat cooked bugs since bugs are actually full of protein. Nope, not kidding! If they want to take apart an expensive tech gadget — no problem there. They don’t even have to ask. And reprimanding them doesn’t even enter the picture. While each child has their own nanny, the kids are not really under the control of the nannies, considering the nannies are not allowed to set up routines, follow up on lessons, or even “stop” them from doing things children should not do… If they don’t hear no every now and then, hearing someone tell them no when they are adults will likely be a problem.

12 Are The Kids Playing Sides As The Divorce Drama Unfolds?

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The whole divorce drama that unfolded was after Brad and Angie were having an argument that Maddox, their oldest, forcefully intervened in. Pitt lost his cool on Maddox and was verbally abusive, though he was cleared of any and all physical abuse charges. Things came to boil and Angie filed for divorce, which blindsided Pitt. If the media is to be believed, then both Maddox and Pax are pulling away from Brad, and are not very eager to do family meetings or go to therapy with him. Shiloh, on the other hand, is still very much on Brad’s side. So much so that sources claim that Angie is worried that Shiloh might spill the beans of what all goes on in the Jolie household to Pitt and give him fodder for the divorce case. And that cannot be good for the kids in the long run — irrespective of a split, the kids need to be with both parents. And be at peace with it all too...

11 Brad And Maddox Don't Get Along And Pax Is Also Pulling Away

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While Brad is definitely making an effort to be a good dad to all his kids, his “rages” and habit of hitting the bottle on a regular basis have perhaps alienated his oldest sons. They are complete mama’s boys and with Angie being the more relaxed parent, they are bound to choose sides — so for them, he’s quickly becoming the bad parent. It’s rather a tragic turn because it was Maddox who basically bound Jolie and Pitt as a family. In fact, he was the one who just naturally called Brad “dad,” and that was a momentous occasion for the family— Brad adopted Maddox soon after. And it was the kids, led by Maddox who insisted that Jolie and Pitt get married and Maddox walked down Jolie down the aisle. And now, it seems Maddox simply doesn’t like his dad anymore and is not in a mood to forgive Pitt’s outburst. In the long run, that's not good for the kids at all. They have to respect the authority of both their parents, especially with Brad trying his best to be a better father to all.

10 The Big Fight Is Affecting The Kids Poorly

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From the moment Brad filed from divorce from Jennifer Aniston amidst rumors of a fling with his co-star, the very beautiful and the very sultry, Jolie, the media has been having a field day. The ball only went rolling from there — Jolie and Pitt got together, and by then, Jolie already had Maddox in her life. Things seemed hunky dory for a while and Jolie and Pitt kept adding to their brood, totaling up six kids — three biological and three adopted. A marriage happened but then all hell broke loose. Those on Jolie’s side called Brad an insecure man, worried about his aging, who hit the bottle a little too much. Those on Pitt’s side called Angie an insecure parent, who wanted the kids on her side, and bent the rules to be more popular with them. It is said that Brad’s take on parenting was simply struck down by Jolie, and that obviously led to bigger and bigger fights between the couple. When parents fight over children in front of them, it hurts them and sometimes, gives them an upper hand too….

9 Brad And Angelina Have Rather Different Ideas On Parenting

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Brad was brought up in a rather traditional family, where discipline was an integral part of his life. Angelina Jolie, on the other hand, came from a broken home, where her mother was so heartbroken because of her husband, Jon Voight’s, transgressions that she ended the marriage with him pretty quick. If Angelina’s nanny is to be believed, then Marcheline had a tough time with a young Angelina because she looked so much like Jon and initially, Angie was brought up by an army of nannies, while Marcheline was more interested in raising Angie’s brother, James. That said, Angelina was always more with Marcheline and had a rather estranged relationship with her father. Sadly, some of the Jolie-Pitt children seem to be headed the same way because Brad and Angelina are like day and night when it comes to their parenting choices. And their disagreement can’t seem to find a middle path, which is sad for the kids and may turn them into less-than-ideal adults years down the line.

8 Zahara’s Background Is A Lot Different Than What Was First Revealed

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Initially, Zahara was thought to be an AIDS orphan and that Jolie adopted her as a baby from Ethiopia when she was just six months old. Later, the truth came out that Zahara’s mom was very much alive. Her name is Mentwabe Dawit and she had a daughter as a result of a violent act. Dawit gave birth to Zahara but was unable to provide for her, financially or emotionally, so she left. Dawit’s mother then gave up Zahara to an orphanage, claiming that both the parents were dead. So Zahara got labeled as an orphan and luckily, in an almost fairytale ending, got adopted by Angelina. The biological mother also shared that she was lucky that her child was adopted by Angelina, and then by Brad. It’s not as if Angie tried to hide the details of Zahara’s past, but for someone who claims to be very open with her children, she didn’t really come up with the background herself either. Good or bad? We don’t know.

7 Being A Single Mom To Six Children Isn’t An Easy Job

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When Angie’s dream-marriage to Billy Bob Thornton shattered overnight, literally, she was already in the process of adopting Maddox. Reeling from yet another end of a relationship, Jolie sought comfort in being a mother and with Maddox, she finally found herself emotionally stable and ready to face the world. Her wild child days slowly subsided and the humanitarian in her began to take fore, even as she got flak for ruining Aniston and Pitt’s “perfect” marriage. Slowly, she seemed to settle down with Brad as the kids in her life increased to a total of six and marriage seemed to make them a complete family. Now, Angie has taken a bold step in separating from Brad because of his rages, his excessive partying, and his contrast parenting. But being a single mother to a brood of six — some already teenagers and others on the cusp— is going to be one tough call to attend to. Especially with her roll-with-it parenting style. If she lags anywhere, it will show later.

6 Angie Is Terrified Of The Kids Knowing Her Questionable Past

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Angelina does not have many rules in the house, but the ones she does have, she expects the kids to follow. Apparently, upset with Brad and his love for drinks, she has banned alcohol in the house and says that she will not let the kids drink in the house when they are 21 and legal. She is also afraid of the skeletons in her closet affecting the kids — be it her short-lived marriage to Johnny Lee Miller, that viral video of her that showed her distraught, looking to be using illegal substances, or the fact that she almost hired a hitman to take her own life. Her past has been full of pitfalls and darkness, and as a mother, she doesn’t want her kids to know about her own shortfalls and bad times. But secrets have a way of bursting open when least expected, and if you hide the truth from your kids, they may just end up distrusting you for the rest of your life.

5 The House Is A Filthy Mess, Especially With Brad Gone

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Angelina believes in no routines and not many rules. So the kids run amok and live in a house that looks grand from the outside but is basically a pigsty on the inside. Apparently, things were okay when Brad was there, for he was the parent who did not let the kids get away with a messy room. He would get the kids to clean up after they did their thing. And he said it himself, “I feel like my job is to show 'em around, help them find what they want to do with their life, put as many things in front of them, and pull them back when they get out of line, so they know who they are.” This sounds like the definition of a responsible parent, but with the hush-hush divorce proceedings on, Angelina wants to kids to align with her and is the cool parent as of now. With Brad and his room cleaning enforce gone, the kids live in rooms that resemble obstacle courses, as many sources claim. Being irresponsible and unhygienic never bodes well for anyone's future.

4 The Kids Don’t Really Have Their Own Lives

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Rich, famous, and home-schooled — that’s basically a sure shot formula to ensure the Jolie-Pitt kids won’t really have friends. Now, it’s great that the kids are close to each other and their mother, but not having normal contact with the outside world means that the kids could develop complexes later on about being a little too good for everybody. Jolie might say that her children are her best friends, but kids need to be with kids their age. Also, the media attention the kids have gotten ever since the divorce drama unfolded, means that the kids are mostly on lockdown, and the relative normalcy in their life is now gone. Another thing Angelina ensures is that each kid gets alone time with her — and that is not negotiable. Now, while this does sound like a good thing for the kids, Angie says this time is good for her and “she needs it” to bond with her kids even deeper. So, the kids basically live in a circus and there’s not much anybody can do anything about…

3 Angelina Hides Her Emotions From Her Kids

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Despite the divorce proceedings, Jolie is pretending that everything is hunky dory and normal, though she doesn’t like the “normal” tag. In fact, she says that she’s glad that her “spirit” is being adopted by all her kids, who are now making it their own. She says she joked with Knox to "pretend to be normal" and then Knox coolly turned things around by saying, "Who wants to be normal? We're not normal. Let's never be normal!" The fact is, the divorce has affected everyone, including the children, but ever since Pitt and Jolie have hired a private judge, they have been trying to work it all out so that the kids remain happy and balanced. But Jolie also admits that she doesn’t let her kids see how upset she is, and if she has to shed tears, it’s in the shower. The thing is, kids tend to learn how to handle their emotions by emulating the adults in their life — hiding emotions isn’t a good way of raising tomorrow’s adults. While fighting and strife are not good in their presence, it is okay to show a little upset — kids need to see parents as human beings.

2 Routine Is Not A Word In Angelina’s Dictionary So The Kids Run Wild

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So we reiterate — Jolie’s kids run wild and free. They don’t have a bedtime or a wakeup routine and it’s pretty normal to find one kid or more up way past midnight eating some snacks or drinking a soda or doing whatever they want to. Now, this is something Pitt wasn’t too happy about because he believed that a routine was good for the kids, but Jolie wanted it her way so Pitt now gets to be all by his lonesome self. Even the nannies have no control over the kids and ones who didn’t agree with Jolie were shown the door. Many have called the Jolie-Pitt brood a full-on brat pack, who are openly defiant to nannies and tutors— so this is not a job that any self-respecting child caregiver would happily sign up for. A source claimed that when the kids don’t like what they hear from the staff, they let loose their menagerie of pets on them — be it dogs, cats, hamsters, or snakes...

1 The Kids Are Under Intense Pressure

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No child wants their parents to divorce and they certainly would not want to endure the very ugly spat that basically led to the crumbling of the Jolie-Pitt marriage. The press had a field day – linking Pitt to his ex-wife and the freshly separated, Jennifer Aniston, as well as every other woman he is seen with. Then, some rags are reporting how Jolie is planning to blindside Pitt with a wedding. And while some say she’s planning to renew her vows with Brad, others are still saying there’s a new man in her life. Keen eyes follow Maddox and Pax to see if they’ll make up with their dad. Shiloh/John gets equal attention since she seems to be more on Brad’s side. After Angie’s explosive statements that made DCFS and FBI investigate Brad and Pitt's interview statements claiming that he’s becoming a better man now, the poor kids must be going through a rollercoaster of emotions that they have to play out under intense media scrutiny, which is why they are all in therapy. With such intense pressure on the six, it will be a wonder if they emerge unscathed.

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