15 Reasons Why Kanye Stays With Kim Because Of Her Influence

Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian are one of the most famous couples around. They are both super successful and talented in their own right, and they appear to be madly in love. But is their relationship all for show? Is Kanye only with Kim for her money at this point?

Sure, at first Kanye was over-the-moon in love/lust with Kim. Even on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it was discussed how he was after her for years. When she was married to Kris Humphries, Kanye was probably ready to fling himself off a balcony. Thankfully for Kanye, that relationship ran its course. But was the thrill of the chase all Kanye was after? Once he snagged his sweetie, did his desire for her derrière (among other things) dwindle?

But they are still together, so could it be that Kanye keeps the relationship going since Kim and her family are filthy rich? Sure, Kanye’s got plenty in the bank and continues to make money, but Kim’s family is like royalty. They keep on making more and more loot, and the gravy train seems like it will never run out of gas.

While he’d never admit it, Kanye may be over Kim like yesterday’s news. But he will never leave her because she’s loaded. Heaven forbid she somehow loses it all and needs to sell her home and survive on a can of beans because Kanye would be running for the hills. Beverly Hills, that is, looking for another hot honey with a mountain of money.

15 He Gets More People To Buy His Music When Kardashian Fans Are Influenced By Kim

Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians are easily influenced by the power of celebrity. They love to see what the family is up to and want to be just like them. Once Kim got together with Kanye, lots of Kim’s fans who were never much into Kanye’s music before began listening to his music. Kanye had thousands of instant fans thanks to his wife. And with fans comes money. They buy his records and go to his concerts, which means more fame and fortune for Kanye.

If Kanye were to dump Kim, he may risk losing lots of fans who would remain loyal to Kim.

So, Kanye keeps things going with his wife so she can continue to convince her followers to appreciate Kanye’s talent. He doesn’t care how he gets people to listen to his music as long as it happens.

14 He Loves To Chill At Kris’ Place

Many men can’t stand their in-laws, but not Kanye. He loves hanging out at his mother-in-law’s pad and Kris loves having him there. The mansion is always bustling with family and friends and Kanye loves to be part of the action. He’s got a huge home too, but why not spend the day with Kris and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner crew? One of the perks of being with Kim is being able to spend time at the family’s many houses, Kris’ included. He can have lunch, sit by the pool, or even take a nap in a guest room. While he is doing his thing, Kris can watch her grandkids.

Unlike Scott, if Kim and Kanye were to split, it doesn’t seem like Kanye’s the type to hang around the house.

He’d have to give up his comfortable “home away from home,” so he stays with Kim for the amenities.

13 He Was More Attracted To Amber Rose, But She’s Not Rich Enough For Kanye’s Taste

Remember when Kanye was dating Amber Rose? They made for an attractive couple and Kanye seemed to be really into her. She is quite different than Kim personality-wise, although both are very good looking in their own way. Kanye sure knows how to pick 'em, but did he miss out on something real with Rose because he had his sights set on someone else? Was Kim’s wealth what made Kanye cut Rose loose, so he could chase after Kardashian cash? Rose is by no means broke, but she only makes a fraction of what Kim brings in.

If Kanye was looking for loot, he surely found it when Kim agreed to be his woman.

Rose is probably glad to be rid of her ex, but if she were a billionaire, they may still be an item.

12 He Loves That the Kardashians Go On Lavish Vacations

Of course, Kanye can afford to pay for his own vacations, but the Kardashian-Jenner family vacations like nobody’s business. They find off-the-beaten-path remote islands and huge private houses to slip away to, filled with butlers and personal chefs. They take top-notch private planes to their luxurious destinations and sip on fine wine and eat the most decadent food. Spas, room service, round the clock care, you name it. They know how to make a vacation seem like heaven on Earth. And Kanye loves being invited along on these fabulous family trips all year long. He can’t ditch Kim and expect to travel with the family any more.

He has grown accustomed to this fancy lifestyle and needs to be with Kim to reap all the benefits.

It would kill him to see pics of his kids having fun somewhere if he couldn’t be there too.

11 He Always Shoots For The Stars

There is no way Kanye would ever date a “normal” woman. You know, someone who works at the grocery store, a school teacher, or a hairstylist. He needs to be with a glam gal who is well known and well-off. Kim may not be a singer or actress, but she is one of the most famous females around. And her empire is only growing. She is the perfect choice for a fella like Kanye who is all about outward appearances.

And no matter how the relationship runs its course, there is no way Kanye would ever risk being with someone who is not as rich as Kim.

So, he will stay with her forever, or for at least as long as her pockets remain full. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it surely wasn’t Kanye who coined the phrase.

10 He Loves All The Attention Kim Gets For Her Fancy Ways

If there is one thing Kanye loves, it's getting attention. And if the attention is not directed at him specifically, he is still just as satisfied if the attention is toward his high-maintenance wife. He considers her an extension of himself, so essentially, he is getting what he’s after when she gets noticed. Kim is super fancy and always causes a stir when she is out in public.

She dresses in the most expensive clothing, her shoes are worth thousands, her makeup and hair are always professionally done, and she is covered from head to toe in expensive jewelry.

She looks like a walking $100 bill, making Kanye feel like he’s hit the jackpot. He can’t give up a girl like that. Her star power makes him shine more than he would if he were standing alone.

9 He Can Sell More Clothing When Kim And the Rest Of Her Family Models His Pieces

Kanye isn’t only about the music; his flair for fashion is now his “baby.” He loves to design cool clothing and is truly passionate about his Yeezy line. One of the perks of being married to Kim is her large and famous (and gorgeous) family.

He can get them all to wear his pieces, giving the brand lots of publicity it wouldn’t have had if he were with some other chic. It’s like free advertising.

The Kardashian-Jenner family has tons of followers who will see them in Kanye’s clothing and want to go out and buy items too. Thanks to Kim’s money and influence, she can help Kanye’s brand go above and beyond their wildest expectations. If he were dating or married to a “nobody,” nobody would care what they were wearing.

8 Kim Has Access To All The Best Assistants

Kim and her family are super rich and super busy. They have highly demanding schedules and require a team of assistants to keep them organized and on the ball each and every day. Kanye is busy too, but the Kardashian-Jenner crew makes Kanye’s life look like a walk in the park. But the more Kanye takes on, the more help he will need. Yet Kim has already snagged all the best assistants.

That is why Kanye stays with her. Kim’s money helps them afford to hire the best of the best, and since Kanye is her hubby, he can make use of any of these helpers whenever he needs some assistance.

It's hard to find someone you can trust when you are as famous as Kanye is, so he loves that Kim’s team is super professional.

7 Kim Can Get Restaurants To Close Down So They Can Eat in Peace

One perk of having loads of dough? You get to call the shots. And that is just what Kim does when she needs some privacy. She can call ahead and get a fancy restaurant to shut down just for her and her crew to eat in peace. Or she can arrange it so that a restaurant will stay open after hours, so she and her friends and family can grab a bite without being bothered. Kanye has some pull, but Kim knows how to work the system like nobody can.

Kanye loves this type of personal attention and the perks that come with being linked to such a rich and influential woman like Kim.

She always gets the best seat in the house and Kanye is happy to pull out her chair for her.

6 Kanye Loves That Kim Is As Materialistic As He Is

Kanye doesn’t make any excuses for his behavior and preferences. He appreciates the finer things in life and loves to flaunt his wealth. Same goes for his wife Kim. She loves to lavish herself in the most expensive clothing, jewelry, and other materialistic things. She makes millions, so why not show off what they can get her?

Kanye may not adore everything about Kim, but he does enjoy her fondness for super pricy items like shoes, cars, homes, and trips.

She is willing to spend her hard-earned dough for the best of the best, and Kanye has no issues with accepting anything she wants to give him. There is no way he could be with a frugal woman who would count every nickel and dime. Kanye wants to show off until nobody wants to look anymore, and Kim is his perfect partner in crime.

5 Kanye Knows His Career Can End At Any Time, But Kim’s Family’s Power Will Never Die

Whether or not you think Kanye’s got talent, we all know that the music industry can be iffy. Fans can be fickle, where one moment they love an artist and the next thing you know, they are on to someone else. If Kanye doesn’t remain popular for the long haul, he could start to see his bank account get thinner and thinner. But Kim and her family only get more and more popular as each year passes.

And as their family grows, there is always something for fans to go nuts about.

It could be that a family member is pregnant, they develop a new line of makeup, they get another reality show, or they are on the cover of a fashion magazine. Kanye needs this type of fame in his life, so he can ensure he always remains relevant too.

4 He Wants His Kids To Grow Up To Become Famous and Kim’s Mom Kris Can Make It Happen

Kanye and Kim’s kids are already famous, but only “momager” Kris Jenner knows how to really catapult those kids into the spotlight. Kanye’s kids may not grow up to be in the music biz like he is, so they will need their grandma Kris to keep them famous anyhow. Just like she did with her own kids, Kris will get her grandkids on TV as stars of their very own E! reality show.

Ryan Seacrest’s ears are ringing at the thought of it. Who wouldn’t want to see the next generation of Kardashian kids have their own reality show spin-off?

Kourtney’s kids can be on the show too, along with Rob’s daughter Dream, Kylie’s baby Stormi, and Khloe’s baby-to-come. Kanye will gladly appear on the show too, so he can collect a paycheck from the network.

3 Kim Got Kanye On The Cover Of Vogue – He’d Never Be Able To Swing That Himself

As a man who is trying to make it to the top of the fashion industry, it must have been a thrill like none other when Kanye miraculously landed on the cover of Vogue magazine with his stunning wife. But we all know it was her influence that got the duo on the cover. Kim has the looks of a model and the money to make things happen. Kanye was happy to go along for the ride, proving that he could sell magazines just as well as Kendall and Gigi.

Growing up, we can safely assume that Kanye had no dream of becoming a Vogue model, but now that he has done it, he’ll be asking Kim to get him on the covers of all the high-fashion mags.

If she can’t network her way into it, her mom surely can pull some strings.

2 Kim Grew Up Rich Unlike Kanye, So He Wants His Kids To Experience The Good Life

Kim grew up rich, only to get richer, but Kayne wasn’t brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He made his way to the top and is now a wealthy man with a wealthy wife. He is afraid he could lose it all, but if he stays with Kim, he won’t have to worry about his kids having anything less than the best.

Even if Kim somehow goes bankrupt, there are plenty of other people in her family with loads of money to go around.

Kanye’s kids will be raised with anything they could possibly ever need or want and then some. Kanye will make sure that they always have the nicest clothing, coolest toys, etc. Will they be spoiled or just lucky? We can probably ask the same about Kanye.

1 They Always Get An Upgrade

It's a funny thing about the way rich folks get treated. They can pay for nearly anything, yet they are often given a free ride.

Hotels upgrade them to the penthouse or a suite, airlines move them to first class, and restaurants bring over complimentary bottles of their finest champagne.

Designers give them free clothing, jewellers lend them diamonds to wear on red carpets, and “swag bags” are full of thousands of dollars worth of loot for already-rich celebs during awards season. Kim gets tons of freebies and upgrades and Kanye loves the perks of her fame. He may get some stuff too, but Kim is swimming in it. Kanye may get a free glass of wine at a restaurant, but Kim gets her whole meal taken care of.

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