15 Reasons Why Jude Law's Daughter Iris Outshines Him

No matter what job people have, it is not easy. It doesn't matter what it is, each job comes with its own specific sets of stress, and not everyone is designed to handle stress. Jobs take over people's lives, and sometimes not in a good way. Of course, when you're a celebrity or a model, people might say that the stress is a lot less.

Iris Law is the daughter of Jude Law, and she is taking the world by storm. She is hard working, drop-dead gorgeous, and forging a career path that is unique to her likes. She does not seem to care what other people think of her, or what people say about her. She lives her life as she wants, dresses how she wants, and keeps her head up high.

We are not trying to, by any means cause any trouble for Iris Law or anyone else associated with this article. Our goal is to simply inform the reader about some interesting facts that most people might not know about her given that she is very young and has not always been in the news like other celebrity children.

The young model is definitely rising up in the world of Hollywood, in concerns of fashion. Her father might be a famous actor, who will continue to be in press especially since he is involved in a magical upcoming film from the Harry Potter universe, but she is definitely going to take over. The Law family name will change, it will be associated with her, as she makes her mark on the world.

15 she is picture perfect

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If there is anyone who can actually get a picture done properly, it's Iris. She is quite photogenic. The simple statement of saying that likely creates heaps of jealousy in those of us who are not photogenic. The people who are photogenic usually find out when they are teens because that is when they start taking more pictures of themselves. Some of those teens naturally work well with a camera, others need some editing in post-production. This doesn't mean that their photo cannot look good, what it means is that some individuals just look better on camera.

Iris is the one who can work well with a camera. This is the case with many models but it's especially evident for her at this current point of her life. This task is without a doubt, one that requires some special ability that just has not been found by most people. Iris has found this and has definitely made it a talent of hers. She knows how to look at the camera at a certain angle and really push her emotions through in the least obvious ways. An easy way to understand this is with writing. If someone is angry when they write, it will show in the writing, even if it's a love letter. The same seems to be true with Iris when her photo shoots are going on. (Source: Grazia)

14 She's only seventeen years old

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Ah yes, the young. They really are what is making the world go round, considering the new generation is taking the world by storm. This is especially true with the youngsters who are successful and hardworking. Most young girls at the age of Iris which is only seventeen tend to be doing other things. It's not unusual to essentially find Iris working extremely hard at her work, this is just something that comes naturally to her character, kind of like as we mentioned earlier with her natural talent of being on camera. Basically, Iris is one of the girls at her age who works hard towards her career.

These types of things have landed her the ability to go forward with doing what she truly wants to do. That alone gives off a huge sense of confidence at a young age and it has without a doubt turned the tables of the industry in her favor. This also shows her dedication to her job. She does not allow herself to be held down by the negative people. This is pretty important for a young kid. If they're not supported, they will often abandon their dreams. Iris tends to move forward with her life. This is why she is only seventeen and has managed to land herself some of the largest contracts of most people's careers. She comes off as very confident for a seventeen-year-old in her profession and it's been used to her advantage. (Source: TheTab)

13 She began her modeling career at the age of fifteen

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While we know that her confidence must be high we don't know how long she has been this way. Her confidence could have always been high because she started at a young age. It's actually something that is pretty rare for most people, they don't really get the chance to begin when they're only fifteen. It tends to take some time for people to break into the industry, and not everyone can make it at sound a young age. The fact that she had a career at that point in time is truly an example of her advancement in the industry.

Generally, Iris would have been the average teen working at a small business restaurant, she didn't go that route and actually ended up moving towards her modeling career. At the time that this all happened, it is easy to see why it might have stressed her out, because it is easy to feel alone in such a thing. The decision she had to make was a large one and it isn't easy. It basically decided where her life was going to go. Iris Law certainly has always had some form of a talent when it came to modeling or else she would not have begun at such a young age. She is essentially so good for the positions that she came in line for, that no one really wanted to turn her down because they knew it would be a mistake. (Source: TheTab)

12 Iris is an ambassador for Burberry

Burberry, it's a high-quality brand and is known by tons of people around the world. It's a name that is backed by trust and a little bit of exclusivity when it comes to the name and product. It's not an everyday item that you are going to see walking down the street but rather the item that you'll notice in someone's newly remodeled closet that has only the highest quality products. This isn't to say that Burberry is only used by super bougie people, it's used by anyone who wants to use it. They use it because it's a good product and is backed by people that are generally liked in the industries that are connected to fashion.

Once again, Iris does not cease to amaze us. She became an ambassador for the company Burberry. This was a defining moment in her life up to this point in time. She not only managed to look great and develop her career but also had the ability to push herself to the point where even a highly sought after brand wanted her on their side. Burberry likely wanted her alongside their products because of her talent and age. She can naturally look good but also make other young people want the products. Other than that, it's pretty cool that she is an ambassador for the company. It's like a badge of honor that most people can only dream of having. (Source: TheTab)

11 Her Instagram is unique

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So, it can't be denied that most teens tend to really do and post whatever they want, and usually, they don't care who sees it. The easiest way to find information about what someone enjoys doing would be by just taking a quick gander at their social media, namely Instagram. That's the place to go if you want to find out what someone would be doing a few days ago. Instagram is one of the many important things that really make this world go round it is used by millions of people every day but the question remains to our mind as to what and how is it being used. More specifically, what does the average individual's account look like?

Iris Law is one of the few individuals who have an above-average account, she tends to post content that not only engages her audience but also just makes it look interesting. Engagement is important in making your account look interesting. What is even more important is that Iris, being in the spotlight from a young age, completely understand how this works. So she knows how to use Instagram well because she knows how to work the entertainment industry, thanks to her famous father and her own growing CV. Essentially, when you have a good looking account, it shows that you care about the image and personal brand that you're trying to display. It's something that can be, in some cases, good for your future. (Source: Instagram)

10  she dresses to impress

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Most of us cannot pull off clothing very well, and even if we can, let's all be honest, there is a reason why we are not models. Models have their jobs not just because they are skinny and pretty, but because they know how to work the clothing. Clothing is something that really defines who we are and we use it to express ourselves, especially in a creative way. Most individuals find it to be something that they can connect to on personal level. Fashion is an artform, and that is the reason why people all have completely different styles. They wear bright colors or dark colors, form-fitting things or loose things, all depending on their taste. Whether people admit it or not, everyone likes fashion to some degree.

As for Iris Law, she tends to pull off solid colors and ranges in things that are form fitting or a touch looser. Iris Law is one particular individual that can pull off anything, but she tends to enjoy solid dark colors, as they compliment her so much. She definitely knows how to change the moods of photos, by an expression she is using to what she is wearing. Everything in a photo is important, and while cameramen have to worry about taking care of angles and lightings, it is up to her to look her best and dress well. Thankfully, she knows exactly how to do that.  (Source: Instagram)

9 She knows how to work her makeup

If there are people who apply makeup a lot in our world, it would definitely be either actresses or someone within the fashion industry. Models, though naturally beautiful, cannot escape that particular part. They have to look a certain way in order to stay true to their brand.

Iris Law definitely is one of the girls who has to make sure she always looks her best, and that means applying makeup for every photo, whether it is something she posts herself on Instagram, or getting done professionally by someone else. Now, there is nothing wrong with this at all, in fact, it is expected of her, but we are just wondering if it gets tiring for her to constantly be reminded to put makeup on her face. It must be a lot of work, and might even make her face feel unclean for the entire day. But hey, at least she's getting paid.  Since she works in fashion, she probably even has to do that more than once a day, especially if she is changing outfits and has to match her makeup to it. Sure, she probably goes natural a lot of the time, but the chances are that every time she is "natural" there is definitely at least a little foundation to help her out. Girls don't take chances, especially teenage girls. (Source: Grazia)

8 Iris finds the act of applying makeup calming and satisfying

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Makeup can be satisfying for Iris, and likely allows her to be creative in a way that fashion might not always allow her to do. With fashion, more often than not, someone is endorsing you, which means that your entire career and personal life has to revolve around who you are promoting. Models that wear particular brands are basically selling products, and that is something that is very important. Makeup is a little bit less constricting, and she has more freedom with that, and can even take control in that completely. She can match it to her clothes or her moods, apply just something light or something heavy. She can play with how she is feeling and apply her makeup according to that.

Thus, she finds the act and art of applying makeup very calming, as most art is. And yes, don't even try disagreeing with us, makeup is an artform. It's not easy to get your eyeliner the same each time. When she's tired, she can apply less, but regardless of that, she finds the entire process to be something that relaxes her. Since she has to concentrate on that in particular, she is able to focus her mind just on applying her makeup, clearing her mind of everything else. It becomes a way for her to deal with the stresses of her life, while at the same time, being a fashion statement. In its own very weird way, that is definitely multi-tasking.  (Source: Grazia)

7 Modeling is not the only thing that she wants to do

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While modeling is one of the many unique and amazing things that she has taken part of over the years, it is not the only thing that she would like to do. She has said that she would like to do art and that's no surprise, she already tries to use herself as a canvas for her makeup. This allows her to be able to really explore what she enjoys most and then go into that later in life. It's a good thing that she is not allowing herself to be brought down by only one little thing in life that can truly cause her to be bored with the chosen career at the age of forty because she was forced to decide on a career in her teens.

The creative aspects of what she wants to do don't just stop at art. She actually wants to do photography, that's something that is attempted by many people but is rarely properly done. This is clearly an example of how Iris tries to not be bound by just doing one thing in life. Iris has already started doing some of what she wants to do down the line. She's said to only do her modeling on the weekends and continues her other hobbies during the week. This leaves her much room to have some fun and still be that teen girl who wanders the woods at night yearning for the moonlight shot of a deer (this is just an example, we don't think she does this). (Source: IDVice)

6 Her parents have made sure she always uses her manners

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Manners are one of the most important things when it comes to raising a child. It shows class, which alone is something that has so many people almost clawing their brain out via their skull. It is the part of a child's development process that many parents worry about, mostly because they feel it reflects the family as a whole but most of all themselves. Teaching someone, especially a young child manners is something that takes a long time. It can not be taught overnight and requires someone to be able to give examples. You could probably do an entire fifteen-week course on teaching manners to kids.

The simple fact that the parents of Iris taught her manners is a wonderful thing. It's even because they made sure to continue reinforcing it even though she has become famous. It can become greatly beneficial because, in our world of instant messages and social media, we sometimes forget what good manners are. Things like eating with your mouth closed can go so very far with some people and that can be lucrative in the long run. Good manners are basically another way to make connections in an otherwise, lack of manners world. Because let's all be honest, the world has definitely gone downhill. (Source: Grazia)

5 her friends are quite important to her

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People, in general, need to know where they can go when they need to talk about something. It's an important thing, if someone did not have anyone to talk to ever, they might find themselves alone with their thoughts, that's the dangerous part. People always need someone to discuss their ideas or even better, problems with. If they do not have that support network in place, they can easily find themselves feeling broken and used by the world around them. A support network is very important and it's used by pretty much everyone, whether or not they even know it.

Teens need support systems more than adults because they are new to this world and require much guidance. This is why there are guidance departments in schools and counselors at camps. It's something that is useful for many people to be able to explore and utilize. Iris has created this type of network for herself and she has been using it religiously when she needs it. This proves that despite her young age, she knows how to handle what is difficult and what can possibly happen if she does not. It is something that she needs to follow and it is a good thing that she's aware of who is there to support her needs as a teenager. (Source: Grazia)

4 Despite being a model, she still cares about her education

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Most people think that models are high school dropouts that didn't really understand what was going on, ever. It is a stereotype that is supported by many people. Some of those people are jealous, unhappy, generally hateful and just plain out bad human beings. However, some people find themselves believing that anyone who works in the modeling industry is not well educated but that does not seem to be the case all the time. However, it's also the reality that some people who work in the industry don't really care about their education.

What we found out is Iris definitely cares about school. Once again she goes ahead and tries to show the world that she does not fall under that category of people who drop out of school to make it in Hollywood.  This fact is quite important because Iris is young and can be an influence on other people her age. Like all other famous people, teens and kids try to copy them. Iris realizes she is setting an example, and although she definitely could have chosen the Kim Kardashian lifestyle, she has chosen to do something far more down to earth. This allows her to be a good role model for people. She's one of the few people in her industry that cares about their education. But she is adamant that she goes through with it, in order to be further respected and have options open for herself. (Source: IDVice)

3 She wasn't obsessed with celebs as a kid

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Iris Law was kind of an average child when you think about it, or as average as any celeb baby can be. She was not obsessed with celebrities when she was a child, this is not the case for many children who were around her age. Most children, whether they are celebs are not, are always obsessed with something. There is nothing wrong with it, but that is definitely something that happens. It happens because people like to latch onto something, and in this particular world, Hollywood is full of things and people that us normal people like to grab hold of.

Iris is not one of those people, but maybe she doesn't have to be since she is the daughter of Jude Law. She did not grow up in tabloids but rather pursued something herself, and not once has she been in the news for having a crush on a celeb, like a lot of people end up doing. She is simply, herself. She does what she has to do, does not lose herself to the obsessions of Hollywood, and rather continues to what she does best. Instead of worrying about random celebrities and what they are doing with their lives, she is far more concerned about herself. Which really, makes sense and is a lot healthier. (Source: IDVice)

2 she knows how to express herself

As we already know, the freedom to express herself is very important to Iris. She enjoys an industry which is all about creativity and self-expression. She takes her own ideas and melds it with others, and it becomes something particular to her. Her fashion, her makeup, all of it, even her hairstyle, makes her who she is. People might call it narcissistic, but she calls it a career. She is her own person, she makes her own rules, and she stands up for what she believes in. She's a strong teen, who wants to always be sure that she is doing what is good and healthy for her, including being able to be free with her thoughts, creativity, and desires.

This is something that more people need to follow today, because a lot of people do not follow the path that they want to be on. They will never make the art they want to make, or write the book they want to write, or become the person they want to be. Sure, not everyone is born from a famous father who definitely makes it easier, but still, she has carved something for herself apart from Jude, which is definitely something not every celeb teen does. Iris is a unique person, and always makes sure that people see that in what she posts, and what she wears.  (Source: IDVice)

1 Iris always wants to stay productive in her future

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Iris has expressed in some of her interviews that she would like to maintain a high level of productivity when she is older. This is good for many reasons, but the biggest and most important reason is because she is young, now is the time for her to be able to do everything she wants. She has goals and ideas, and with her young age, beautiful face, money and lots of time all at her disposal, she has everything she needs to make it far in life. Her mindset is very different from a lot of other teens her age, she is well above them.

Iris is talented at a lot of things, and seems to want to be sure that she continues to be productive and expand her horizons of the kind of things she wants in life. She has big dreams for someone so young and she seems like she is the kind of girl who will go for them no matter what. Good thing too, because not a lot of people have that kind of drive, especially nowadays. So Iris becomes a breath of fresh air. We have seen this time and time again with her, and we have no doubt that she will become a successful model. Being accomplished requires time and effort and Iris is more than willing to put both of those things into her hobbies, to ensure that she becomes a successful adult. Her father Jude Law must be so proud. (Source: IDVice)

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