15 Reasons Why John Cena And Nikki Bella Will Divorce After Their Wedding

When you are the most successful male and female WWE wrestlers of all time, it just makes sense that you would fall for each other. John Cena and Nikki Bella have been working together and loving each other since 2012 and finally got engaged in spring 2017. Wrestling fans the world over are super excited for this WWE power couple and can't wait to see their lavish wedding. Though the couple has had their share of highs and lows in their relationship, all of which have been documented on their reality shows "Total Divas" and "Total Bellas," the pair have decided to tie the knot. They seem super happy now, but I'm not so sure that the WWE stars' love will last. Living in the spotlight, as with any celebrity couple, can add tons of tension to their relationship. But it's not just external factors that will have these two in divorce court soon after their wedding day. Family problems, failed past relationships, and disagreements about major life goals are just some of the reasons this couple is not made to last. Keep reading for 15 reasons why John Cena and Nikki Bella are headed straight for divorce!

15 John Didn't Want To Get Engaged

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One of John Cena and Nikki Bella's main fights, as fans of their shows know, is their difference of opinion on kids (more on that later). As a result, John has said time and again that he doesn't really want to get married. While he remains committed to Nikki, John fears that getting married will force one partner or the other to sacrifice their wishes on having children. John's first marriage also apparently ended badly, which has soured his feelings toward matrimony. All of these feelings have been brought up many times, which makes the couple's recent engagement even more suspicious. When you differ on a major life goal and have emotional relationship baggage, I can't help but think marriage won't last long for you. I'm still pulling for these two, though!

14 Their Relationship Is Rocky

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Over their many years of dating, Nikki Bella and John Cena have had many ups and downs in their relationships. Every romantic partnership does! But it seems like these two have more intense fights than most of us. They both often have knee-jerk reactions that result in yelling and anger instead of communicating calmly in the first place. John and Nikki also both seem to have some major relationship baggage, which I'll get into later. In fact, they were even considering calling off their engagement recently during an argument while filming "Total Bellas." Though the pair ultimately decided to stick it out because they love each other, I am skeptical. If you have to wonder whether or not you should move forward in a relationship, the answer is probably no.

13 They Have To Live In The Spotlight

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Both John and Nikki hardly get a second to themselves these days without being followed around by cameras. Aside from their work on the WWE and John's many films, the two have public appearances and two reality shows, "Total Divas" and "Total Bellas." All of these things combined means the couple almost never get any privacy. That would definitely put strain on any relationship! When every minute of your life is being documented and watched by other people, it's hard to truly act like yourself. For that reason, the pair is probably feeling a mix of stress over constantly being watched and annoyance that they always have to be "on." They also never get a quiet moment to talk through relationship problems, instead being egged onto a fight by producers.

12 Nikki Was A Rebound

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When the couple met and started dating in 2012, John was fresh off of a divorce. He was in a pretty tough spot emotionally and needed support, which he found in Nikki. While many of us would consider this a "rebound relationship," they have stayed together for years so it seems like the real thing. However, it is hard to say how much John's heartbreak has played into his current relationship with Nikki. He surely was still missing his first wife when he started dating Nikki, which is unfair to both of them. I can't help but wonder if the reason he never wants children of his own is because he doesn't actually feel committed to Nikki. Maybe deep down inside he still holds out hope for getting back together with his first wife. Not cool!

11 John Forced Nikki To Sign A Co-Habitation Agreement

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One majorly weird thing that happened as a result of John's divorce is his house rules. Before he would allow Nikki to move in with him a year into their relationship, he made her sign a co-habitation contract. This infuriated Nikki at first but she later signed it and moved into the wrestler's giant home in Tampa, Florida. The 75 page document Nikki signed was sort of like a pre-nup but not exactly the same because the two aren't married yet. The reason John had her sign it is because of the ugly legal battle that ensued during his divorce with his first wife. I get that he doesn't want to get burned again but this seems a little controlling, no? I would hate to see what the pre-nup is like when they do get married!

10 They Are Both Divorced

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As I've mentioned above, John was married to his first wife and high school sweetheart Liz Huberdeau from 2009 to 2012. When Huberdeau accused Cena of cheating on her, she quickly decided to end their marriage. A nasty legal battle ensued where they fought over assets and Huberdeau tried to use his infidelity as a reason to get more out of John. What a mess! Nikki was also married before. She secretly wed her high school sweetheart and stayed with him for three years without even her family knowing about it. This secret really threw John for a loop as he felt Nikki had lied to him for their whole relationship. These two have some major relationship baggage to deal with that certainly can't bode well for their own impending marriage!

9 John Doesn't Want Kids . . .

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Though John Cena frequently hangs out with young fans and visits children's hospitals, the WWE superstar has admitted over and over that he doesn't want kids of his own. Though he loves the little ones, he fears the responsibility of having to raise his own brood. He has said that he can barely find the time to hang out with Nikki and adding a baby into his hectic life would be unfair to both him and the child. On the other hand, Nikki has expressed that she wants to have a big family and that she feels she would be missing out on an important aspect of life if she doesn't have kids. Add in the fact that she just became an aunt to her twin Brie's daughter Birdie and you have a major source of drama in the marriage waiting to happen.

8 But Nikki Froze Her Eggs

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While it's all well and good to have a conversation about whether or not to have kids, Nikki Bella has actually taken action. Despite knowing John's wishes against having a family, the WWE diva has actually frozen some of her eggs. This information came to light on an episode of "Total Divas" when John found hormone injection supplies that Nikki was using as part of her egg freezing process. Though she can say that she agrees with John and doesn't need to have kids, putting aside eggs is definitely a sign that she wants to have a family someday, with or without him. Though the pair seems to really love each other, this is a huge problem in a marriage which I honestly think will lead to their relationship's end.

7 Their Relationship Has Progressed Slowly

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Some celebrities stay in long-term relationships without ever getting married, either because they don't believe in the institution, to avoid a media frenzy, or to protect their assets. But Nikki Bella has wanted to marry John Cena since early in their relationship. Still, the pair have been dating since 2012 and just got engaged in 2017. The two did move in together about a year into their relationship but because of their hectic schedules, they don't see each other that much even though they share a home. The couple's relationship has moved along at a snail's pace, especially for people in the limelight. Nikki's sister Brie started dating her husband and fellow wrestler Daniel Bryan only a year before Nikki and John's relationship began, but is married with a baby now. This has definitely caused some jealous feelings for Nikki!

6 They Have Each Dated Other Wrestlers

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Before they met and fell in love, both John Cena and Nikki Bella dated other WWE wrestlers. It makes sense considering they hang out with these people all the time and have schedules that the other can understand. John has quite the list of past conquest including Mickie James, Victoria, and Maria. Nikki was in a long relationship with Dolph Ziggler, to whom she was committed for a large part of her first stint in the WWE. The problem is that these relationships all ended and probably for reasons that could take down Nikki and John's marriage, too. The long times apart, the constant media coverage of their lives, and the health problems that come with their physical career all surely caused tension in their past relationships with wrestlers and could tear this one apart as well.

5 Their Relationship Has Hurt Her Career

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Since Nikki started dating John, her career has been both helped and hindered by the relationship. When the couple got together, Nikki had actually left the WWE but was then allowed to come back for a TV contract after the company found out she was dating one of their biggest male stars. She is also the longest-reigning Divas champion in WWE history, a title that many skeptics have attributed to her famous boyfriend. People who aren't fans of Nikki (including other Divas) think she wouldn't have been able to climb the ladder of her career without her connection to John. However, Nikki defends herself saying that their relationship has actually made her career more difficult. She claims that she has to work harder than everyone else to prove she's worthy of her title all by herself. Being married will only make this worse, so Nikki will have to choose her man over her job.

4 Nikki Moved To SmackDown For John

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While Nikki was recovering from neck surgery, the WWE decided to split their franchise into two parts: SmackDown and RAW. Each separate brand has its own set of wrestlers, making it easier for viewers to follow story lines. Nikki was not cast in either brand while she was out on injury, but she decided to return joining SmackDown, the brand John wrestles for. She did this in hopes that they could spend more time together. However, the night she returned to the ring, John decided to go on a short leave. Was this a sign he doesn't actually want more quality time with his girlfriend? It seems that Nikki makes a lot of choices and sacrifices to make the relationship work while John tends to dig in his heels and be set in his ways. Not a great marriage dynamic!

3 Their House Is Extravagant

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As one of the most successful WWE Superstars of all time, John Cena can obviously afford the best in luxury homes. The mansion he now shares with Nikki Bella and her family is nothing short of extravagant. It includes a pool, a guest house, and an elevator up to the master bedroom, just to name a few amenities. According to Nikki's twin Brie, even the guest house is nicer than the Bellas' childhood home, making it a lifestyle that can be hard to get used to. Living in such a grand way isn't great for a marriage because it doesn't allow for intimacy. When you have that much space, you can both be doing your own thing and never even see your spouse. These two should worry more about building their relationship and less about the things they own.

2 They Got Engaged On TV

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So much of this couple's lives is documented on TV. Between their WWE matches and their two reality shows, it is hard to tell how much of John and Nikki's relationship is real and how much is scripted. That is why I'm so skeptical of their engagement. Though John frequently expressed his wish to not get married again, suddenly he's popping the question. And the fact that it happened in the ring during a tag team match at 2017's WrestleMania, one of the largest WWE events of the year, makes it even more suspicious. Nikki has a real engagement ring and the two have had an engagement party, but I don't completely buy it. If they were sort of forced into marriage by their producers, that is one marriage that definitely won't last.

1 John Doesn't Get Along With Nikki's Twin

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For those of you who don't know, Nikki is one of a set of twins. Her sister Brie is also a wrestler and they star together on the show "Total Bellas." As twins, the two are very close even though they fight a lot. They are super protective of each other and only want the best for their sister. For this reason, Brie is not the biggest fan of her twin's husband to be. Brie often brings up the fact that John works too much and how he doesn't try to be a part of the twins' very tight knit family. Of course Nikki then gets defensive and tries to see the positives (aka big paychecks) that come with John's busy schedule. Though Nikki and John have been together for years, they won't ultimately last without the approval of her twin.

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