15 Reasons Why Hollywood Can't Stay Away From Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is a beautiful, talented, smart, funny, and charming actress who is at the top of her game. She could get any man that she wants, and while she is already married, anyone who knows anything about Hollywood scandals knows that marriage doesn't necessarily get in the way. Either way, it should be interesting to go over different areas of her life with a bit of a microscope to really uncover the details and answer questions we’ve all been wanting to know. Here are 15 reasons why Margot Robbie could simply snatch up all the husbands in the industry and if you've ever needed the proof, this list is it.

15 A Natural In All Ways

Even if you’ve never seen Margot Robbie in person, you can tell straight away just how poised and graceful she really is. She always has her head held high and she always exudes confidence, no matter what she’s doing. Whether she’s on the red carpet or she’s pumping gas in her workout gear, she brightens up any space she’s in. She’s just a natural! This has also led to Margot Robbie being taken very seriously as an actress, which is quite hard to achieve early on in a Hollywood career. But she’s managed to impress millions of people in and out of the silver screen, leading to her being taken more and more seriously as her roles increase in the spotlight. As a woman in Hollywood, it’s hard to climb the ladder when everyone is just waiting for you to mess up, but she’s achieved so much. It's no wonder she makes an impression on all of her male coworkers!

14 She Came Out Of Nowhere

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Margot Robbie has taken Hollywood quickly. She seems to have come out of literally nowhere— she wasn’t well known in the media at all until she landed her big role in The Wolf of Wall Street! This made her become famous overnight, which was shocking not only to the viewers who enjoyed her amazing performance, but probably to her as well. Just like for anyone who’s new to the red carpet, it can be shocking to basically snag all the headlines overnight and have the press writing about your whole life when they haven’t even met you. It’s amazing that she’s been able to keep her life totally balanced in this complete rush of her career that shocked everyone. With her role as Harley Quinn, she’s also been able to cement her ability to method act and make a complete difference in her career, playing vastly different characters and making those same characters very believable.  With her skill and her connections to people like Leo, it's shocking she hasn't been involved in any scandals!

13 She Is Not Shallow Whatsoever

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Even though Margot Robbie plays a ton of roles where she has to play up her attractiveness, she is much deeper than she might seem. Not only does she play with a whole cast of characters and practice serious method acting for her parts, meaning that she embraces the character in every way possible, she has made sure people know that she has a depth to her personality both on and off the screen. While many people don’t get to personally know the celebrities in the industry, sometimes, there is a certain celeb, like Margot Robbie, where you can just tell that she’s different, especially compared to many other actresses. She’s made a huge impression on individuals who support her work, which is a positive movement we need more of in the world, especially in concentrated places such as Hollywood. Do you believe she’s made a positive change in the industry?

12 She Is Fun And Has A Great Sense Of Humor 

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As a bit of a fun fact, we wanted to make sure everyone was well aware that Margot Robbie has a trapeze certificate that she earned when she was just eight years old. Because yes, she actually went to a circus school. But this has led many people to believe that it might have actually proved important because she does most of her own stunts in movies, which should really speak to her strength and expertise as a professional actress. This would also make sense since she does work on her roles through method acting. This also shows just how daring she is— it takes some serious guts to do your own stunts, especially as Harley Quinn, and we definitely can’t ignore that! This also helps her keep an active lifestyle we imagine, which showcases just how important health really is to her and her goals.  This most definitely has snagged the eyes of some of her male team members!

11 She Is Classy And Confident

Margot Robbie has a pretty unique style, she knows how to play up her attractiveness, but she doesn’t very often. She dresses very classic and is pretty reserved. She sometimes will show more skin, but typically, she just likes to dress how she feels the most comfortable. She’s very bold with her choices, but she doesn’t cross the line by following crazy fashion trends. Typically, she likes to dress in her own style and keeps things simple as often as possible. Whether that means she is wearing a simple, fitted dress and her hair pushed back and straight or she wears a fitted pants suit, the possibilities are endless with her wardrobe. Her style has inspired many trends as well, without her even meaning to, such as the classic, crisp, white evening dress or simply wearing bold, floral prints, which you’ll see in this list. She isn’t afraid to get out of her comfort zone, while still maintaining signature styles that scream Margot Robbie.

10 She Knows How To Have A Good Time

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When you’re in the spotlight, it can be really easy to let the pressure get to you and it ends up making stars very closed off from society or even closed up from having a good time. Margot Robbie isn’t like this whatsoever. Instead, this star embraces the spotlight as her true self and doesn’t hold back when she wants to make a silly joke or just have a great time. Even though thousands of people are watching her every move, she doesn’t let it get to her and she really strives to be herself in every way that she possibly can. Margot Robbie actually has a soap opera past where she worked at a younger age, which has led many people in the industry to believe this is why Robbie has the confidence she has and how she’s been able to go with the flow so effortlessly without care.  You have to have confidence if you want to keep it cool when standing next to Will Smith!

9 She Is Unique In Ways You Might Not Expect

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Many people believe that women are simply scared of rodents, but you wouldn’t believe Margot Robbie’s pet! She completely puts this myth to rest because she actually owns a pet rat that she really cares for just like any other companion! She actually adopted this rat, which was safely used on the set of Suicide Squad. She took him home and takes care of him. He’s just another part of her small family now! While this might not seem like a huge deal, it’s just another reason why Margot Robbie is an inspiring woman— she breaks stereotypes for women, even if it’s something as small as adopting a cute, little rat. Her unique love of animals that might not be super typical is very admirable! Do you think you would ever have the guts to adopt a rat, especially one you met right on the spot?

8 She Is Actually Smart And Well-Informed 

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It’s pretty easy to assume that if you’re popular in Hollywood, you probably live in the big city or in a huge mansion and love being the center of attention, but that’s not the case for everyone, especially Margot Robbie. This is just another reason why Robbie seems like a down to earth and overall cool person to hang around (we wish!). She’s an outdoorsy gal, who loves a great adventure. Going into detail as often as she can in interviews with magazines and TV programs, she always goes out of her way to tell people how much she enjoys surfing, hunting, and even motorbiking. She’s a daredevil at heart and for that, we give her some major credit, just like many of her fans have because she always keeps us guessing! She’s not someone you could just put in a box with a label, she constantly breaks expectations in many ways, which is very inspiring even if you don’t have interest in the same things! She shows women they can do what they want.

7 She Is A Good Person

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This is one of the most amazing things on this list that have to do with Margot Robbie and the difference she has aimed to make in the world, not just in Hollywood, but all over the globe. By being a member of Greenpeace, she has put her fame aside and focused part of her energy on making the world more peaceful and fair for everyone in it. She’s donated quite a bit to organizations and participated in other humanitarian deeds that have made a big difference in many individuals' lives. While it might take a lot to make a difference in the world around us, it’s nice to know that people like Robbie are actually doing as much as they can to help push us along to a better tomorrow. Not everyone has the money or platform to make a major difference in the world we live in, so it’s nice to see her rep this organization proudly.

6 She Doesn't Care About The Haters

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As a celebrity of any caliber, it’s normal for social media and the opinions of others to make them fall victim to bullying and haters that come from every corner of the internet. But Margot Robbie handles this issue much differently. She isn’t afraid to not care about what others think of her. This not only takes a ton of confidence, it also takes some guts to just completely ignore what other people are saying about you, especially when it’s just a click away. But with someone like Margot Robbie, it’s not hard to imagine her putting her energy into more healthy and beneficial things rather than social media haters that creep on her Instagram page. Even if you aren’t famous, this kind of attitude can be applied to anyone’s life. Just ignore the hate and live your life for you, not anyone else. Just be the best you can be!

5 She Has An Amazing Sense Of Style

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Hollywood wives should be watching out because Margot Robbie knows how to flaunt her best-dressed bod on the red carpet on any day of the week. Every time she’s on the red carpet, her sense of style shines brighter than most. She always makes a powerful statement that will make you do a double take, even if you aren’t on the red carpet and just see a picture of her fashion from that particular night! She has the confidence to even pull off some of the most famous fashion designers in the industry such as Armani and even Tom Ford! All the while she is surrounded by her male coworkers who absolutely fawn over her and everything she does.  She simply holds her own and doesn’t let her clothes wear her, she wears her outfits and takes complete control with unwavering confidence, even as she walks in the highest heels and longest gowns. If you ever need some fashion inspiration, just look for Margot’s latest OOTD and she’ll have you covered with some amazing style!

4 She Is One Of Hollywood's Best And Most Versatile Actresses

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She has impressed so many individuals in and out of the industry, it’s actually surprising that she hasn’t taken on more roles. But once again, that’s probably because she does put her health and lifestyle first. It’s obvious she takes care of herself, but not only does she focus on her wellness, she also puts so much effort into each of her roles, transforming herself into those individuals so she can really portray them correctly on the screen. She even has earned critical acclaim for the character she played in The Wolf of Wall Street, that’s how hard she works when she takes on an acting job. From the way she has taken on these powerful female roles, it’s probably because she puts so much of herself into these characters.She’s being careful not to overwhelm herself or to let those roles affect one another because she doesn't want it to impact her performance.

3 She Is A Risk-Taker

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Margot Robbie isn’t afraid of taking risks, she constantly puts herself out there, even if it means risking her career and reputation. She’s one of the most fearless women in the game, which has made her memorable on a whole new level, especially since she works so hard for every role she gets. She takes some of the best roles in Hollywood right now and she makes the characters come to life in an instant. From playing Naomi, the strong female role of The Wolf Of Wall Street to playing the crazy manic, Harley Quinn, she can bring diverse character creation to life simply because of her talent. That’s not something many individuals can do, even if they do take up method acting classes, part of it has to do with their natural born abilities to become the best they can be. Margot Robbie will probably never stop taking risks, even if they’re crazy!

2 She Loves Rap Music

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It's time to throw in another fun fact that you probably had no idea about when it comes to Margot Robbie and some of her interesting habits and interests! This time, it has to do with one of her favorite types of music, which just happen to be rap music! She even knows the words to a very vulgar Lil' Wayne track that she recited for an interview with Elle magazine. That’s just another reason why other Hollywood wives should watch their back. Someone like Margot Robbie, who isn’t afraid to explore new music and things that interest her a great deal, inspires others to live their best life without caring about what others think. It would be so easy for her to brush off her love of rap in fear of being hated on by many people, but she embraces her hobbies and she isn't afraid of what people think whatsoever.

1 She Is Very Ambitious

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Many individuals typically assume that celebrities who come out of nowhere like Margot Robbie were simply handed the job, which was not the case whatsoever. Robbie started her career off slow, she always took side jobs early on, anything to get closer to the light of Hollywood. But she is Australian, so when she first started her career she made her big break on a soap opera called Neighbours! This made her name much more recognizable and that’s what started her career in the states. But she definitely wasn’t handed any role in her career, she worked hard and that’s a serious inspiration for many individuals, especially women who want to get involved in the industry.

Overall, Margot Robbie has made a difference in the film industry. Whether it’s because of her amazing portrayal of a character or her classic fashion choices on the red carpet, or maybe even her dream of world peace, we think it’s easy to conclude that she is the star we’ve all been needing in Hollywood. Plus, she has caught the attention of many of her coworkers when she's worked on films and grown her career in the industry. She's the ideal, strong, independent woman that every guy wishes for!

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