15 Reasons Why Hollywood And Rachel McAdams Don't Work Together Anymore

Rachel McAdams has enjoyed quite a successful career in Hollywood, having landed her big break starring alongside Ryan Gosling in the memorable hit, The Notebook, which saw a release in 2004 — the same year she made a name for herself in another smash hit, titled Mean Girls. It really seemed as if Rachel was shaping up to have a sustainable career in Hollywood through the right roles she would sign herself on for.

Lately, however, it goes without saying that McAdams’ career has somewhat stalled, with next to no projects in the pipeline and somewhat having lost a tremendous amount of following through the fact that Rachel has more or less disappeared from showbiz. She’s still actively working as an actress but it’s no secret that the movie offers have tremendously slowed down in recent years, begging the question of whether people have gotten tired of seeing this actress constantly play the same roles that initially made her famous.

From her extensive list of motion picture roles, McAdams has somewhat pidgin-holed a career that has seen her portray characters that are usually in the genre of a romantic comedy or a romantic drama. Sure, if that has worked for her to get as far as she has, that’s a tremendous achievement, but now that things have started to slow down for the actress, that, along with allegedly suffering from social anxiety, has played a huge factor in her downfall in Hollywood.

See all 15 reasons why Hollywood has ditched Rachel McAdams below.

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15 Her Movies Haven’t Been Doing Too Well

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Despite her initial rise to fame with roles such as Regina George in Mean Girls and Christine Palmer in Doctor Strange, the majority of the films that Rachel McAdams has starred in as of late have been in films that simply didn’t do all that well at the box office.

It’s always said that casting directors often take into consideration what the box office numbers are for the couple of films an actor has played in before making a decision on whether they want them to play the lead in their motion picture, which could also explain why Rachel doesn’t have any new projects in the pipeline until 2020 where she’s expected to star in Sherlock Holmes 3.

Of course, one can’t simply put the blame on Rachel for the fact that she hasn’t been able to land herself a blockbuster hit as the lead actress, but considering that she had such a huge career move going for herself just a decade ago, it seems rather odd that looking at her list of upcoming projects, she only has one in the pipeline and that could very well be down to the lack of success as of late with her films.

14 She’s Somewhat Considered Boring

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Rachel is stunning, but it goes without saying that her personality is rather dull — there’s not much that you get from her which is very noticeable when seeing the actress appear on talk shows or takes part in press runs for movies she has coming out. When she’s interviewed, her answers are usually very bland and straight to the point as opposed to engaging in a conversation that flows, which has often left fans thinking that she just doesn’t know how to communicate all that well with people.

She’s been branded boring because aside from the fact that she hasn’t got the most interesting stories to tell when being interviewed on daytime television talk shows, she also refuses to share much about her private life which makes it even that much harder to really get to know how McAdams is as a person.

Aside from having seen her portray all these roles, it’s almost like there’s a disconnect between the fans and the actress herself because she chooses not to share much about her life and the information that she does give to her fans is very dull, to say the least.

13 Rachel Has Social Anxiety Issues

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This would probably explain why her interviews are always so boring. Rachel McAdams has stressed in the past that she’s constantly dealing with social anxiety issues, which sounds ironic for an actress who is constantly photographed and has to stand in front of thousands of fans at the premiere of her movies. In doing so, that wouldn’t necessarily mean she’s engaged or respondent to the monument of attraction she causes with her presence.

In dealing with her ongoing battle concerning social anxiety, she chooses to stay away from the Hollywood scene as much as she can, knowing that she’s not that type of person that can simply head out of her home and not be recognized by her fellow showbiz peers or a group of fans that are eager to take a photo with the stunning beauty. For someone who is dealing with the anxiety of that sort, being constantly approached for photos and autographs would evidently become too much and one would simply want their peace and quiet after a while.

12 Known To Make Enemies On Set

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While Rachel McAdams has never expressed herself to be a diva on set of any sort, her former co-star, Ryan Gosling, famously admitted that he didn’t have all that much fun working with McAdams when they were filming scenes for 2004’s The Notebook. This was all because the actor didn’t feel like he had any chemistry with Rachel because she was so hesitant to give off an authentic performance which made the process of acting beside her quite a struggle for Gosling.

Things were so bad between the two that they would often yell and scream at each other. The film’s director, Nick Cassavetes, admitted as much in an interview years later. It took quite a while, and endless meetings, before Ryan was willing to give it another shot with McAdams and it seemed that this time around, it worked well enough to have the film go down as being one of the best romantic films of its time.

It’s even funnier to then think that Rachel and Ryan would go on to date for four years, but it doesn’t go unnoticed that actors have found it hard working with McAdams. She doesn’t find herself being able to channel the character as fast or as well as her co-stars would expect her to, which has proven to be a problem.

11 Her Movie Roles Aren’t Challenging

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It’s always dangerous for an actor to box themselves in a position where they are constantly found playing the same roles — unless your name is Jennifer Aniston and you’ve been winning at that particular game for the last two decades and can still command $20 million per movie. For someone like Rachel McAdams, however, that trick hasn’t worked all that well for her, having found herself starring in quite a few romantic films in the early years of her career.

And while that wasn’t a bad thing, soon enough, most of the roles that were coming her way had focused on the same characteristics her previous roles had; there was no sort of diversity from Rachel as an actress and it eventually came to a point where fans felt as if they were watching a sequel to a movie they had already seen before.

It’s incredibly challenging to break out of that kind of situation, particularly if the money is worth the idea of doing the same thing again, but if the movie does bad, it still hangs on that actor’s reputation for when they do want to go and audition for other roles.

10 She’s Still Best Known For ‘Mean Girls’

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While this wouldn’t necessarily be considered a bad thing, knowing the extensive list of films that Rachel McAdams has appeared in, it’s somewhat worrying to think that the majority of people will always identify her as the brattiest spoiled girl in Mean Girls. It’s an accomplishment to have a movie receive such longevity that people still recognize you from it, but there’s no doubt that Rachel would prefer to have fans focus their attention on other parts of her work.

Having starred in well over 12 motion pictures, what has taken fans so long to find a new obsession with Rachel McAdams other than the fact that she played a part in the success behind Mean Girls?

It goes without saying, though, that her character in the teen film was extraordinarily played by the actress — so either way, it’s not a bad thing to still be remembered for a role that one had well over a decade ago, but considering her long list of films, she’d eventually want the same recognition for other projects, surely.

9 Typecasts Herself For The Same Roles

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Similar to the fact that her movies all feel the same, so are the roles she plays. Fans would surely love to see Rachel McAdams in an action film that could compete with something like an Angelina Jolie movie with Salt or Mr. & Mrs. Smith. What that does is evidently show to the audience and to casting directors that in general, this actress has diversity and doesn’t want to just be stuck to one thing.

More or less, Rachel is now the go-to person when romantic films are being made — but even now it seems that this position is now being filled by other up-and-coming Hollywood actresses. And seeing that she only has one project coming out until 2020, she seems to have messed up her good years when she still has the chance to explore different characters and roles.

Considering that McAdams is just in her 30s, she could still challenge herself and try something she may find unusual, but it doesn’t seem as if she’s really pushing herself to do anything other than what she’s become accustomed to since she first started making it big in Hollywood. The safe zone isn’t always going to be that safe if one wants to further their career, that’s for sure.

8 Stays Out Of The Limelight

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Hearing something about Rachel McAdams other than when she’s starring in a movie is super rare; she rarely makes any headlines and prefers to keep her personal life very private. It’s almost as if she doesn’t want anybody to know what she’s up to or who she’s with unless she’s willing to share that kind of information with fans on her own terms, which would most likely then be in a chat show interview.

This particular move in Hollywood has ruined careers for some in the past. Given that Hollywood is all about the ins-and-outs of being seen and staying relevant, Rachel McAdams isn’t exactly on that level where she can demand privacy and still expect to have a booming acting career going for herself. She’s not in demand because of the fact that she hides from the public and therefore doesn’t really engage with her fans as much as other actors do.

It’s a common trait for Hollywood stars to update their lives on the likes of Instagram, or even to be spotted out and about with friends — but Rachel won’t even do that. She’s super secretive.

7 Doesn’t Attend Many Hollywood Events

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It’s believed that Rachel continuously changes the place she calls home, ranging from Los Angeles and Canada. Because she’s constantly on the move, and knowing that she suffers from social anxiety, one shouldn’t be surprised to know that she’s not the type of woman to show up at a Hollywood event, especially if she doesn’t know anybody there.

From what’s been gathered, Rachel is not only private, she struggles to fit in and make conversation with people that are more or less considered strangers to her, regardless of whether she’s familiar with a celebrity’s work. She just doesn’t get into a conversation with famous faces, or anyone for that matter, so she purposely opts to stay away from those events.

Again, McAdams distancing herself from these events, which include Oscars after-parties or pre-parties for the Emmys and other award shows, would make her seem unable to socialize with people and, again, not being part of something makes people forget about stars like Rachel in an instant. Who knows how many film roles she missed out on by not having gone to a gathering filled with directors and casting agents?

6 Avoids Social Media At All Costs

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Don’t expect to find Rachel McAdams on social media because if you couldn’t tell from the previous entry, this actress has social anxiety, so communicating with her fans, or even sharing a photo about her personal life on the internet would probably make Rachel cringe. She’s not the type of person to let people into her life unless she knows them through a relative or a friend — so one can only imagine how small the circle of friends McAdam has.

That is not necessarily a good thing, but as mentioned before, social media plays such a huge importance in careers these days. If one chooses not to act upon the likes of Instagram and Twitter, then they would have already needed to establish themselves as a veteran in showbiz, such as Angelina Jolie and George Clooney, to name a few.

Rachel, on the other hand, is very much just known as the girl who plays in romantic films and battles social anxiety. Not exactly in comparative competition with someone like Angelina, who is often seen as a do-it-all type of actress, yet still doesn’t need social media to keep herself relevant because of her diverse outlook in Hollywood.

5 Prefers Being In Canada Than Los Angeles

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Rachel McAdams enjoys a quiet lifestyle, which would explain why she escapes to Canada at any given chance that she has. Comparing Canada and California is hard because they are both completely different, especially if we were ought to narrow it down to just Los Angeles.

Considering that Rachel spends most of her time working in LA, she needs to be around Hollywood to stay on top of her game and continue meeting with agencies for future projects, but it’s said that she flies back to Canada when she finds herself being able to take a break from filming scenes for a movie for some normality back in her life.

One can only imagine how overwhelmed this actress must be living in Los Angeles, considering she is someone who doesn’t know how to communicate all that well with people and prefers to stay indoors. To her, this is better than the idea of doing activities with people that are not friends she’s known for as long as she can remember. Los Angeles is more or less just the place that Rachel considers her temporary home for work purposes, while Canada is where she has the most fun… and peace.

4 Refuses To Say Much About Her Love Life

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People hate it when stars get too mysterious about their love life, and Rachel’s case is no different. It’s no secret that the stunning actress is married, having tied the knot to her husband, Jamie Linden, in 2016, and from what’s been gathered, the two are absolutely obsessed with one another.

Sadly this kind of information can only be found through a tabloid magazine which is usually inaccurate anyway, so for all we know Rachel and Jamie could actually be hating each other and secretly be preparing for an upcoming divorce battle.

Again, it should be stressed that being private about her love life isn’t the issue. However, being secretive about things concerning one’s personal life, especially as an actress whose career has drastically cooled down in the past couple of years, McAdams isn’t in a position where she can refrain from not talking about her personal life and her husband.

As ridiculous as it may sound, speaking about her love life, her marriage, and other things concerning her personal life can strongly contribute to an interest in her again that hasn’t been seen from people in several years now.

3 Doesn’t Have Many Celebrity Friends

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Hollywood, believe it or not, is still very much about who you know and who one considers their friend. With someone like Rachel McAdams, granted she suffers from social anxiety, it’s hard to believe that she doesn’t have many people in the industry she can call her friend.

It’s not uncommon to see famous faces dine out in Beverly Hills together, whether it is just to be photographed and have their photos found in tabloid magazines or just for brunch to discuss a potential movie concept.

Celebrity friends, as it’s often said, can also help their pals land roles through the connections that they share in La La Land, so it seems puzzling to think that Rachel McAdams is that kind of person who just stays to herself and her family. She seems to acquire all the rights skills as an actress but lacks clear personal and social skills that have affected her career in more ways than one.

And given that she’s had several run-ins on set with other actors, perhaps she’s also known to have quite a diva attitude which has refrained people from trying to befriend her.

2 Avoids Auditioning For Movies That Are Challenging To Her

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The whole purpose of being an actress is to embody a role and bring that character to life in a way that is believable and authentic to the audience and the film’s director. Granted, some actors see themselves typecast in one particular genre because that’s what they’ve gotten their reputation for; they just happen to give off a better performance in those particular roles.

For Rachel, however, it’s often been stressed by fans that they have been wanting to see her challenge herself in roles that are completely out of her comfort zones, such as a horror or thriller movie. Or perhaps focus her attention on landing a lead role as an action hero — this would evidently enough open all sorts of new doors for the actress to then explore different avenues on where she wants to take her career.

Because, as mentioned in the past, sticking to solely focusing her attention on romantic films is going to get tiring for not only her fans but also casting directors, because they wouldn’t want to cast someone who has already played that particular role time and time again in the past. Especially if the box office numbers for the previous projects weren’t adding up to a notable profit.

1 She's Considered To Be A Replaceable Actress

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If one wants to land themselves a successful career in Hollywood, particularly in the field of acting, then one should show some kind of talent that proves to others they are irreplaceable. In this case, Rachel would have needed to show directors that they would need to hire her for a role and not go for the option of taking a younger actress instead. But the problem is that McAdams doesn't necessarily have a resume on her hand that shows any sort of diversity when it comes to her films, so there's not much to judge her on whether she's that type of actress that could find herself landing a role on the spot without even auditioning for the part.

Other notable female actresses such as Angelina, Meryl Streep, Viola Davis, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Sandra Bullock have all built up a caliber where their diversity in the roles they take on simply speak for itself. A director can look at that and know that if they were to hire one of these actresses, they have the ability to go from heartbroken to psychotic and whatever comes in between. Point being, Rachel's movies show her to be nothing more than an innocent girl who either gets her heart broken, falls in love, or happens to play the housewife role. Not exactly diverse.

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