15 Reasons Why Dream Will Never Live The Life Of A Kardashian

Baby Dream was born to reality star Rob Kardashian and his "baby mama," Blac Chyna, in 2017. The relationship between Rob and Chyna has been a wild ride to say the least. Their ups and downs throughout their relationship ended in a dramatic down when their split became public news when Chyna accused Rob of posting naughty pics of her on the web, along with other foul behavior. While they will need to raise their child together, it looks like the two will never rekindle their romance. Not that it's up for us to decide, but that outcome is probably for the best.

But what about the darling little Dream? Will she be afforded the same perks and promises as her adorable cousins like Mason, North, Penelope, Reign, Saint, Chicago, and the latest addition to the family, newborn Stormi? And let's not forget that Khloe is expecting a baby in a few months, too.

The whole family dotes on these little ones, but where's the love for Dream? Do we not see it because Rob isn't on the reality show as much as his sisters are? Or is something else going on here? Are the family's issues with Chyna influencing how they feel about innocent Dream? It seems unfair and unkind, but this may very well be the case.

Here are 15 plausible reasons why Dream will never live the life of a Kardashian and why they will never accept her as one of their own. But let's hope we're wrong about this, because Dream deserves to live the dream, so to speak, too.

15 Rob Is Barely Ever On Keeping Up With The Kardashians

The famous family is always airing all their business (and dirty laundry) on TV to make a buck — lots of bucks to be frank. While Rob used to appear on the show nearly as much as his gorgeous sisters do, he began to go into hiding as he gained more and more weight. Now, we hardly ever see him on the show, meaning there is little air time for his bouncing baby girl Dream.

For "momager" Kris, no face time means no money. So why spend time off camera with baby Dream when she can be making dough filming with her on-screen cousins?

Lucky for them, but not for poor little Dream. Rob's hermit-like seclusion has caused his daughter to be placed out of the limelight as well.

14 They Avoid Blac Chyna As Much As They Can

In the past, everyone wanted the very best for Rob, part of which meant that they were happy that he found a gal to love, even if Blac Chyna was not their ideal choice. But the heart wants what it wants, so the two got together and she soon found herself pregnant.

The family seemed shocked, but they supported Rob and Chyna. The two even had their own reality show for a while. But as we all know, things went south fast and the family went after Chyna.

And the fact that they are not cool with her means that Dream suffers the consequences. If the family wants to see Dream, they must deal with Chyna. Not fun for either party. Maybe time will heal all wounds, but things are still pretty raw.

13 Rob Is Not Marketable

In the large Kardashian-Jenner family, it is all about making lots and lots of money. Everyone in the family is part of the money-making "machine," earning millions and millions from their various endeavors from makeup products to clothing lines to red carpet appearances to photo spreads and more. They have been actively filming their E! reality show for a decade (can you believe it?), and their success is not slowing down one bit. Well, except in the case of the black sheep in the family, Rob. He is nothing like his successful sisters. He has a sock line, but that is peanuts compared to his sisters' millions. Since he isn't nearly as marketable, he doesn't get the same attention the rest of the clan does. So, baby Dream gets brushed aside along with her unmarketable dad.

12 Kris Favors The Girls

It's obvious that the matriarch of the family favors her glamorous daughters over her one son. He may need her guidance the most, but Kris is too busy doting on Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie. They are the ones who she seems to be the proudest of, so Rob plays second fiddle.

Kris is their manager after all, so the more she invests in the females, the more money she makes too. And since Kris is so invested in them, she goes above and beyond for their kids, too.

So, since Rob doesn't get his mom's attention, neither does baby Dream. And by the looks of things, it doesn't seem like Rob's career is going to ever reach the level of success that his sisters have achieved. So, Kris will continue to give her undivided attention to the girls and their kids and Rob and Dream will be left in the dust.

11 The Sisters' Houses Are Mega-Mansions

While Rob is far from living a life in the poorhouse, he doesn't make nearly as much loot as his sisters do, meaning his home is not as extravagant as theirs are. This means Dream won’t grow up in the same laps of luxury as her well-off cousins.

Sure, she will have a home that is far better than most will ever set foot in, but Dream will never live the life of a Kardashian considering the rest of them reside in homes that are more like five-star hotels.

Plus, Dream will be with Chyna most of the time it seems, and her home can’t possibly be as luxe as the Kardashians' homes. Chyna doesn’t make close to what they make, so she could never afford a home as elaborate as theirs. Dream may come over for a playdate with Stormi, but she won’t get to live there full-time.

10 Kris And Chyna’s Mom Don’t Get Along

Blac Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, and Kris Jenner aren’t exactly two peas in a pod. There was some sort of social media feud between them, causing tons of tension from the get-go, even before the birth of little baby Dream.

Kris surely does not want to hang around with a woman who has called her out on social media, so the two grandmas are bound to have friction between them.

So, when Grandma Tokyo (if that’s what she goes by) is chilling with Chyna and the baby, you know Kris won’t be coming around with a batch of homemade cookies. But when it comes to her other adorable grandkids, she’s all in. Let’s hope she gives the much-deserving Dream the same amount of time to bond, even if she and her other granny can’t see eye to eye.

9 Chyna Will Keep Her Away From The Kardashians

When she and Rob were an item, Chyna couldn’t wait to reap all the rewards that come from being part of the Kardashian family. But when things took a turn for the worse, she was the first to go against them, publicly, no less.

And now to retaliate against Rob, Chyna may do all she can to prevent him and his family from seeing baby Dream. She may use Dream as a way to get back at Rob for not making the relationship work in her favor.

This won’t be fair to the darling Dream, and it will also lead her toward a life that will be different from what the other little ones in the family will enjoy. Hopefully Rob and Chyna can come to some sort of mutual understanding, so Dream can have plenty of time with both sides of the family. But if Chyna is stubborn, things may be difficult in this department for years to come.

8 Fans Won’t Name Their Babies After Her

Kardashian-Jenner fanatics live for everything they say and do. Just wait until the names North, Saint, Reign, Stormi, etc. become more popular than ever. Heck, even the unusual name of Chicago will likely catch on before you know it. But Chyna doesn’t have the same level of star power that Rob’s famous sisters do. And although many people may think that the name Dream is dreamy, they will not necessarily name their future children after the daughter of Blac Chyna. She definitely has her core fan base, but they are not the die-hard types that Kim, Khloe, and Kylie see. Would you name your kid Dream or should Chyna keep dreaming if she thinks her kid’s name will be the next Sophia or Isabel?

7 The Family Doesn’t Trust Chyna

There were plenty of nasty rumors swirling around that the Kardashians were not too fond of Blac Chyna. They thought she was using the impressionable Rob to become more famous by being linked to their family. Of course, Rob was easily wooed by the sensual and seductive ways of Chyna and he was like putty in her hands. And we all know where that led — to her becoming pregnant with Dream.

But since the Kardashians think Chyna was manipulating Rob so she can become richer and more famous, they do not trust her. 

So they keep their distance and Dream doesn’t become as close with the family as the other little ones are. Rob can’t really do much about this matter, so he will have to deal with his family’s feelings about his ex. Frankly, he isn’t too thrilled with her either.

6 Kim And Kylie Are Kris’ Favorites

Kris doesn’t try to hide the fact that she plays favorites among her kids. Her number one used to be Kim, but it looks like Kylie is her current favorite child. And now that Kylie has a newborn baby of her own, Kris is even more obsessed with her youngest.

Since Kris adores Kim and Kylie so much, it's only natural that she will gravitate toward their kids more than she does her other grandkids, Dream included.

Kris may try to act like all the kids get equal love and attention, but we all know how she feels deep down inside. Plus, she’s no fan of Chyna, so this only reinforces her preferences. Dream is little now and she doesn’t understand, but hopefully Kris gives each grandkid the same degree of nurturing, so she grows up feeling as cherished as much as the other kids do.

5 Dream Isn’t Filmed For Keeping Up With The Kardashians

We’ve seen snippets of Dream here and there on the family’s hit reality show, but the other little ones are on screen far more often, particularly Kourtney’s three cute kids. Fans get to know and love these cutie pies, and they often tune in just to catch a glimpse of Mason, Reign, and Penelope. While we don’t see much of Kim and Kanye’s son, Saint, North is on the show all the time, and soon we’ll probably see more of Chicago, too. And we all know how much Kylie shares with her fans, so Stormi is sure to be a splash on the show as well. Since Dream isn’t a major part of the show, she will not live the life of a Kardashian in this sense. In many ways, some would say that is for the best, so she can have a more “normal” childhood. But in this family, it's hard to say what that even means.

4 Dream Is Never On Family Trips

One big perk of being part of the large Kardashian-Jenner crew is being able to go on luxurious vacations to exotic locations throughout the world. The many grandkids often come along on these trips too, making for a life of adventure and fun from an early start. The family often films their lavish vacations for the reality show, and viewers are envious of the amazing places they travel to and the awesome hotels and homes they stay in. The thing is, Rob rarely, if ever, comes along on these expensive trips. So, surely Dream won’t be tagging along either. Sadly, she will miss out on all these memorable and unbelievable times with her extended family. Hopefully, they will send her a postcard or pick up a souvenir at the airport.

3 Dream Won’t Have Her Own Reality Show

We all know how much Kris loves to cash in on her family members, and as soon as the chance arises, she starts up a new reality show for one of them to star in. Kylie had one, Rob and Chyna had one, Khloe has her Revenge Body show, and so on and so forth.

This family is willing to bare it all for viewers, and Kris is all for it until people stop tuning in, which, at this point, seems like something that will never happen.

But since Rob does not like to be on television, and things are a hit or miss (mostly miss) with Chyna, then it would be a doozy to get Dream her own reality show. Perhaps when she is old enough, Kris will reconsider, but by then, nobody’s going to be interested anymore.

2 Tokyo Toni Won’t Give In

Blac Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, will not let Kris Jenner have the last word. Even if they make up in private, Toni wouldn’t want the world to think she's a sucker. She wants to seem strong and powerful, and not let people think that Kris manipulated the situation in any way. So, she will do her all to keep Kris from looking like the good one. She will try to keep her granddaughter all to herself, so it appears that Kris is ignoring Dream and Toni is the better granny. Heck, if she’s daring enough, she will sell her story to the tabloids, making Kris out to be evil and unkind. Dream may resent her for it one day, but only time will tell. Let’s pray these two grown women can get along for the sake of Dream.

1 Dream May Not Want To Live Like The Kardashians Do

Dream is just a little baby now, but we are all assuming that her goal one day will be to live lavishly like the Kardashians do. Maybe she will follow in her dad’s (well-socked) footsteps and distance herself from that side of the family.

Not everyone wants to be in the public eye, so perhaps a quieter life out of the line of the pesky paparazzi will make Dream a happy person.

Just because the rest of her family is well-known does not mean she is seeking a life of fame too. Dream may want to grow up to be like the “regular” kids, go to a normal public school, and do all the usual things non-famous kids do. Nobody said being like a Kardashian is everyone’s goal, after all.

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