15 Reasons Why Cameron Diaz Suddenly Decided To Have A Kid At Her Age

Many women in the world have hard feelings about having children. Having hard feelings about children is owed to the fact that many parents will always create in their mind that taking care of a child is repulsive and difficult. They worry about the sleepless nights they will spend taking care of their kids, how many times they would change their baby's diaper in a day and to put up with projectile vomiting. Cameron Diaz is a famous actress who swore never to have a kid. She believed having a kid was a great responsibility which needed a lot of preparedness and proper planning, which to some extent is a wise thing to do. But while this is very true, Cameron thought there were great benefits to having children sooner rather than later, as time waits for no one. Anyone with ambitions and hopes of becoming a parent should do so as soon as they are ready. Some health complications may arise due to a late birth which could affect the baby's and the new parent's life. Cameron had different reasons for wanting to have a kid. As much as other parents are afraid to commit to the responsibilities that come with a kid, Cameron believes that it is very important to note that it is a great joy to just have your own flesh and blood to take care of. We have raised 15 main points in this article that explains why Cameron Diaz suddenly decided to have a kid at her age.

15 Cameron Can’t Wait Anymore As Her Biological Clock Is Running Out

Why Cameron Diaz Suddenly Decided To Have A Kid At Her Age

Many people think that the biological clock is just a fantasy term created in the minds of a few women who are very eager to jump into parenthood. To some extent it is true. But, scientific research proves that as the age of women increases, their fertility reduces. The eggs in the woman’s body tends to deteriorate because of aging. This information should be considered especially for women who want to have a child because, at a later age, health complications for the mother and congenital disabilities may arise. Normally, as a woman reaches the age of 40, it might make it a bit of a challenge to have a baby. However, through science, it has made it possible to have a baby even after a woman is over 40 years old. Cameron Diaz is now 45 years old and because she is having a baby at her age she might run into complications. However, she has the money to take advantage of expert medical attention so that the baby is born with no difficulties.

14 Other Celebrities Are Getting Pregnant, And Cameron Doesn't Want To Miss Out On A Good Thing

Why Cameron Diaz Suddenly Decided To Have A Kid At Her Age

For the past few years, celebrities have considered having kids a no-go zone. However, this has recently changed with many celebrities such as Beyonce and Ciara, who are leading the way in becoming examples to other women. These celebrities are encouraging other women to break out of the mold of not having children and starting a family. It has become a measure of success to have a baby as celebrities give their children flashy names that suggest they are envied. Everyone wants to be like them. These children grow up and even begin successful careers in the entertainment industry. With Beyonce being suddenly pregnant with twins, this has left many people admiring her, and with many women wanting to give birth to a child too. Ciara is also pregnant, and Janet Jackson, the icon of pop music, recently gave birth to a baby boy. All of these children can become friends and playmates. Cameron Diaz did not also want to be left out of this.

13 When The Baby Is Born, It Is Very Cute

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Holding a new cute baby in her arms might probably be another reason why Cameron decided to have a baby. Who doesn’t like a cute little baby? With the emergence of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, you won't go a day without seeing a picture of a cute baby posted by the mother or just an admirer. Just having a replica of yourself is a dream for mothers. Generally, all babies are cute. Just looking at their tiny little fingers and round cheeks will melt anybody's heart. With all the ill-informed stories that soon to be mothers hear from other parents, these women ignore such stories and have children anyway. The feeling of just holding a tiny little cute baby in your hands itself gives a feeling of fulfillment. Cameron Diaz is looking forward to holding a cute little baby in her arms.

12 There Is More Information About Childbirth Than Ever Before

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Technology has stepped up a notch higher to make sure that sufficient information is given concerning childbirth. Other things that have been happening in the medical profession are the documentations available to help the mother have a better pregnancy. Gone are the days where a parent will have to suffer alone. Some websites and mobile apps have been developed for the person to receive first-hand information about parenthood and babies. There are people with experience just a click away on the Internet. There is always room to learn from others people's experiences. Let's face reality, no baby comes with a manual or instructions. It would be misguided information for one to assume that they will obtain all the information they need from one source. Children come with different issues. One should always be flexible enough to learn from a lot of different sources.

11 The Medical Profession Is Highly Advanced Today

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Medical clinics will take special care when it comes to a woman’s pregnancy and delivery. As mentioned before, many mothers and babies have lost their lives due to complications which have now been eliminated. If there is a perfect time to have a baby, it’s probably now. Doctors ensure they can give sufficient information to mothers about the risk the child is facing. This information is always available to help the mother, and it has been perfected with the emergence of the Internet which will aid in information gathering to help the parents. Major improvements have been noticed especially in stem research. By collecting the cord blood when the baby is born, many parents have been able to stop and even come up with treatments to fix many illnesses and conditions. The medical community still believes that there is a lot more to come that will improve delivery.

10 Having A Baby Will Keep Cameron Active

Why Cameron Diaz Suddenly Decided To Have A Kid At Her Age

After Cameron has her baby, she will probably be able to ditch that gym membership because she’ll be running after a crawling baby or a running toddler. Once a baby is able to hold their neck up, there will be trouble in paradise. There won't be any need for early morning runs. It's also good for a woman to have a baby if her life is very active. If a woman's life is a little bit slow, having a baby will step up the excitement and adventure. It’s fun running around the house chasing your baby, and this is healthy and is recommended. It helps the child in a big way. Doctors recommend a lot of exercises for the mother to avoid aches and pains during pregnancy. The exercise will help them even during delivery. There is so much joy in killing two birds with a single stone. You will maintain your weight as well as enjoying your baby.

9 Cameron Will Have Something Precious To Love

Why Cameron Diaz Suddenly Decided To Have A Kid At Her Age

As time goes on, millions of people all over the world seek love and attention from the heart. Everybody wants to be loved and to be loved in return. Historical trends have proved that many make decisions in reference to love. True love with a romantic partner might not always be there. When your soul mate is gone, and you have children, you have something to remember your spouse by. There is no greater joy than having someone you love in your life for over two decades. Many find their babies their source of strength and joy. The choice to have a baby is due to love. Loving someone is very unpredictable. You don’t know when that will change but loving your kid is unconditional. They will always be there for you. It's amazing how babies love their parents. They will always look up to mom and dad with a mentality that they are always correct and can never do any wrong. Having the child looking up to the parents may scare them, but it will also be cause for joy.

8 It Will Enhance Cameron’s Personal Growth

Why Cameron Diaz Suddenly Decided To Have A Kid At Her Age

If you are looking for an opportunity to grow, having a kid is a great way to start. You won't just learn about caring for another human, but you will also learn new skills such as being responsible. Kids are constantly craving to do new things, and with the advancements of the Internet, parents can explore all different kinds of things with their children. Cool pieces of technology have been made to help children learn many new, different skills. It's almost like reliving your childhood experience and learning these skills with your child all over again. New ideas will always arise when taking care of a baby. You will continue to learn new things and ideas as you continue taking care of your kids. Many times, children veer off and try different things that their parents weren't involved with. Enhancing your personal growth gives you the ability to learn new skills with your child, and this is all the more reason why Cameron decided to have a baby.

7 Cameron Can Make New Friends

Why Cameron Diaz Suddenly Decided To Have A Kid At Her Age

Sometimes we get older it can become harder to make good friends. Babies have a great way of connecting with people and making new friends. Babies are like magnets because they look so cute and cuddly. When you have a baby, people who are unapproachable will come up to you; you don't have to go up to them. Everybody wants to associate with a baby and this is a great way to make new friends as people tend to lose a lot of friends. Babies have a way of making people laugh. There is a lot of importance in socializing. Many parents know this and will go an extra mile to find their baby a new friend in almost the same age group. The parents will become friends and so will their babies too, since they will be doing a lot of activities together. Having a baby now will definitely improve Cameron’s social life.

6 Cameron Can Keep Up-To-Date With Current Trends

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Every age group comes with its own exceptional kind of style. Many times, technological advances become something that a parent is interested in. As we grow up, things become outdated, and you're not aware of the newest trends that are going on. When a woman has a child, keeping up to date with things as the child grows becomes interesting. Parents are all of a sudden aware of moving trends that other parents follow. As your child gets older, they need certain things and always want their parents to keep them top priority. A parent will always try to fit into their children's lives no matter how fast the technology is increasing. This urge to be part of their kid’s life as they grow will keep them up to date with current trends in the market. They might also become influenced by these trends. Having a child will help Cameron to keep up with the current trends.

5 Cameron Will Get An Opportunity To Live As A Child All Over Again

Why Cameron Diaz Suddenly Decided To Have A Kid At Her Age

One of the main benefits of having a baby is to get to revisit your early childhood. When the little one comes into your life, you get the opportunity to see all the movies, hear all those songs, play with the old toys and all the other things that you grew up with in your childhood but that you left behind because you grew up. As you watch the old movies and listen to the old music that you grew up with, both you and your child will become even closer. All the activities both you and your child do will be your new source of fun. Doing things with your kid will make you feel like a kid. You will want to use some of their toys which actually take you back to the days when you were a kid yourself. It is the parent's responsibility to make sure they pass on their cherished memories to their kids as they grow from generation to generation.

4 Cameron Can Really Bond With The Baby And Family.

Why Cameron Diaz Suddenly Decided To Have A Kid At Her Age

Having a baby is the dream of most married couple. Both husband and wife think about, plan, are excited about and anticipate a new baby in their lives. The couples will daydream and prepare for the inbound child. Having a child gives both parents the opportunity to see what their half will look like in their baby. It strengthens a relationship as the married couple will discuss a lot of things. It feels great to see a couple come together, each donating half to make a living human being. Isn't it just adorable? The child will also have a strong, solid foundation as they grow up, which will make them people who can make major decisions and impact the society. Strong communities are formed by strong families. The goal of every parent is to provide for their child. Cameron’s child will grow up knowing the importance of family.

3 Cameron Is Bringing A Good Child Into The World That Will Grow And Prosper

Why Cameron Diaz Suddenly Decided To Have A Kid At Her Age

Bringing a new soul into the world is a great joy. Good people are hard to find. Raising a kid that will rise beyond every oppression and within the ranks of humanity with skills equipped with ethics is every parent’s wish. Some might argue that one single kid will not make much difference in society, but this is not the case as history teaches us of great people who have made a huge difference in the world. Becoming a parent now equips you with the ability to make such heroes in life and into the world who will continue with your legacy. Being a parent should never be taken lightly. It should be considered carefully so that when it comes down to making it a reality, it becomes a well-calculated move. It will give you a lot of fulfillment for a happy life so that you can start planning to have a baby and look forward to a great future.

2 Cameron Loves The Idea Of Playing With The Coolest Children's Toys

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The past few decades have been a great joy for mothers and this means that the coolest toys are now being created for little children to play with. The increased technology has led to the creation of some unimaginable things. Who would have ever imagined that there would be a gadget that would soothe a baby to sleep. There is even a gadget that is available that would tell the mother when her baby is crying while she is in the basement or backyard. The development of gadgets such as the one that notifies the mother that her baby is crying is a dream come true for many mothers. Indeed, change is the only constant thing. In the past, some mothers did not have the luxury of owning such gadgets. Some mothers who own such gadgets say it saves them time and a lot of frustrations.

1 Women's Healthcare Is In Its Prime

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There have been cases of child loss and the loss of a mother’s life during the birth stage. The increased healthcare for women is a good reason why many will consider having a child, especially at Cameron Diaz’s age of 45. A diagnosis can be carried out during pregnancy to determine if the baby is safe or not. There is always room for improvement, but in this case, the healthcare is an added advantage and this is the reason why Cameron is comfortable having a child at her age. Much is still needed in women's healthcare, and advancements are made every day. The advancements that have made it possible for older women to have children should be appreciated. Mothers can always access hospitals and health care at any time. There are continuous check-ups, unlike the past where a mother would fear giving birth. Today more so than ever, it is very safe with the improved technology and medicine to deliver a healthy baby.

Source: theguardian.com

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