15 Reasons Why Alison Brie's Husband Dave Franco Is The Luckiest Man Alive

Alison Brie and Dave Franco are in what is probably one of the cutest marriages in Hollywood. It's also one that seems the most stable. They've known each other for years, and every sign points to an extremely happy marriage. There's no doubt in our minds that this couple is one that's going to stay together through the ups and downs of their future careers, both of which are quite promising. Both can count themselves fortunate to be in such a wonderful relationship... But which one really lucked out? Well, we're going to have to say that Dave Franco is a very lucky man indeed.

There are many reasons every guy in the world should be jealous of Dave Franco for having such a talented, sweet, and drop-dead gorgeous wife. But some of these reasons might not be immediately obvious. Pictures of the couple always look cute, but they can also give us a few insights into why this relationship is so successful. The couple try to keep their relationship slightly on the down-low, but when they do talk about it, the amount of love they have for each other is obvious. So why exactly is Dave Franco so lucky to have Alison Brie?

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15 She Wants A Long-Term Relationship

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The first reason why Dave Franco is such a lucky guy is because the girl he's with, Alison Brie, is there to stay. That's just what we're assuming based on the fact that a) they've been dating since long before 2012, and b) they're now happily married. This would suggest that the girl of Dave's dreams is there to stay, and this isn't like those other celebrity marriages that fall apart after a few years.

Six years is a long time to be together, and we're thinking that this relationship has got to the stage where both parties are in it for the long run.

The National Post published an article in 2017 which stated that the two actors had met at a Gala party way back in 2011. This means that these two have been together for a very long time indeed, and it seems like Dave Franco is pretty lucky to have found a girl who wants to stick around.

14 They Love To Act Together

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The best relationships in the world are ones in which both partners share the same passions. It's pretty obvious what Dave And Alison Brie's shared passion is acting. The two have been in some huge productions, and have even acted in some of the same films in the past, including a film called The Little Hours. They also posted a video on YouTube in which Dave Franco talks about his ideal woman, which ended up going viral.

They're both born performers, and as the aforementioned National Post article mentions, Alison Brie's first focus was always acting, not marriage. She said, “I don’t even know if I want to get married. I’ve never been the girl who’s planning my dream wedding — I was always practicing my speech for the Oscars. That was my dream, which is kind of sad but kind of great.” This really gives you an insight into how important it was to Alison that her husband understand her passion for acting.

13 Alison Brie Basically Admitted He's "The One"

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The crazy thing about Alison Brie is that she never even saw herself getting married until she met Dave Franco, which basically means that he's the one.

If he can change her mind about settling down and tying the knot, you know that there's a really deep and genuine connection there.

As the aforementioned National Post article quotes Alison Brie as saying, ”I’m not very bridal, instinctually. Marriage never really interested me, I guess because I was very focused on my work. I wasn’t sure if I really saw the point to it. I bought a dress on Net-a-Porter, and I’m like, ‘Maybe I’ll wear that.' I just met that person that I was like, ‘Well, I’m really in love with you and would like to grow old with you.’ I actually think it’s much more romantic when two people are like, ‘Oh, I could go either way on marriage, but I want to marry you.’”

12 She Loves Being Married To Him

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Another reason why Dave Franco is a lucky man is because his wife is very happy with being married to him. And you know what they say – "happy wife, happy life!" Dave Franco has the pleasure of being in a relationship where he knows that his wife is perfectly satisfied with being with him, and has no regrets about the marriage whatsoever, which is a rare and wonderful thing in this day and age.

Before they were married, People quoted Alison Brie in 2015 as saying, “I have an incredible fiancé. He’s so wonderful. He’s just the sweetest man I know. And he’s so funny and incredible in every way." After their marriage, she was quoted again by People in 2017, saying: "Something about being married made me feel so settled, almost more free, I guess, rather than like trapped. It’s great. So now, let’s go do whatever we want. Onward and upward.”

11 She Does Charity Events With Him

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Another reason why Dave Franco is so lucky to have Alison Brie by his side is because she shares a lot of his values. In February of 2016, both partners participated in the charity event "Cycle For Survival," which raised money for cancer.

Raising money for charity is something that Dave Franco feels very strongly about, and it seems like Alison Brie shares his passion in this area as well.

In an article posted by People in 2016, Dave Franco's blog post was posted, which read: "In April 2015, Brian Rozelle, my best friend since middle school, passed away at the age of 30 from bile duct cancer. I’ve thought about him every single day since, but rarely in a way that makes me feel sad… he wouldn’t want that." Alison Brie obviously understands how much this means to him.

10 She Goes To Basketball Games With Him

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Few guys can claim to have a girl who is interested in so-called "guy things" like basketball and video games.

Some of the best marriages in the world are those that feel like you're in love with your best friends, and you can do anything together and have fun doing it. While those kinds of marriages are rare, it seems like this is exactly the kind of connection Dave Franco and Alison Brie have.

In an article by Marie Claire in 2017, the media outlet posted pictures of the two together at a Clippers game, along with Dave's older brother, James Franco. The two seemed to be sharing some cute moments together, and they genuinely appeared to be enjoying each other's company. Meanwhile, James looks like he's stuck being the third wheel... But we're sure the cameras just caught him at the wrong moment.

9 Having Her By His Side Makes Him Look Like A Boss

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There's no doubt that Alison Brie is quite the sight when she appears on the red carpet. She never fails to impress with her stunning beauty and incredible style, and it must make Dave Franco feel like a very lucky man indeed to have his arm around her as the cameras snap away.

It really makes the young actor look a lot more suave and distinguished to have such an amazing woman by his side.

In an article by Entertainment Tonight in 2018, Alison Brie's style was examined, and quotes from the actress were posted that suggest a lot of thought goes into her outfits. She revealed, "I am so happy to be wearing black to support the Time's Up movement, obviously, and there are pants underneath. I like to always have a good surprise. It's really nice to be out here celebrating all of our work. But it's great to have a message behind it as well."

8 She's Musically Talented

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There are many reasons that Dave Franco is a lucky man for being married to Alison Brie. Although her looks are pretty incredible, that's not the only reason she is one of the best wives a man could hope for.

Alison is very talented, and not just in the world of acting, either. She's very talented musically, and has showcased her talents on rare occasions for the entire world to see.

When she's not free-styling raps on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, she's performing in her very own band, called The Girls. Huffington Post reported that the actor had done a few concerts, performing mostly cover songs of classics by Bruce Springsteen and many others, along with fellow band members Cyrina Fiallo and Julianna Guill. This proves that she's definitely more talented than she lets on!

7 She Consistently Makes The List Of The Top 100 Beautiful Faces In The World

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We've already touched on Alison Brie's beauty a little bit in this article. Actually, who are we kidding, we can't stop talking about it. Dave Franco is obviously a lucky man to be married to such a gorgeous, stunning woman. Any sane person with a working set of eyes can see this. But hey, don't take our word for it... Other people share our opinion too.

As Complex reports, Alison Brie seems to consistently make the list of TC Candler's famous "100 Most Beautiful Faces," and she has done so for multiple years running. She often scores in the top 50, and it must make Dave Franco very proud to know that he dating a woman who is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful women on the face of the Earth.

6 She Used To Be A Clown For Kids' Birthdays

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So far, neither Alison Brie or Dave Franco have hinted at having kids down the road. And that makes total sense, given how focused Alison Brie is on her career and goals.

If or when she does have kids, she's not going to have much trouble entertaining her little ones.

Why? Because she has tons of experience being a clown for kids' birthdays when she was just a teenager. Just another reason why Dave Franco is lucky to have her... She told Empire Online back in 2016, "I was not a scary clown. I was called Sunny and I had a yellow ’fro and yellow-and-white polka dot outfit. I was 17 years old and I did it for a summer and it was a great job. When I think about doing something like now, it totally terrifies me: "Go and entertain these 20 seven-year-olds for an hour!" Kids can be tough critics. But it was actually really fun. I had a boombox and a bag full of tricks."

5 She Has Great Style

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We've mentioned that Alison Brie makes Dave Franco look like a total boss on the red carpet, but the reason for that is not only because she's blessed with incredibly good looks, but also because she can really pick out some incredible outfits. She has great style, and is regularly complimented and referred to as one of the best-dressed women on the red carpet by media outlets.

In 2018, Women's Wear Daily quoted Alison Brie as saying, “I’m always looking to showcase something a little different from outfit to outfit. The first thing we always talk about is, ‘What moment did we just have and where do we want to go from there?’ We build upon that to the next thing. For me, it’s about getting into a different character for each look and really making it an entire cohesive story from top to toe. It’s about having fun, being myself, and trying new things.”

4 She's Probably Going To Be The Primary Breadwinner

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Okay, so we're kinda going out on a limb here, but hear us out. Both partners in this relationship are very talented actors, and have been amazingly successful in their short careers.

They've both worked on multiple big films, and both have played lead characters on more than one occasion. But if we're going to give the edge to one of these two artists, we'd have to go with Alison Brie.

She might be three years older than her husband, but she's accomplished a lot more, it has to be said. Her credit list is slightly longer, but her awards are what really stand out. She's been nominated for Screen Actors Guild Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and she won a Screen Actors Guild Award back in 2009 along with the main ensemble of Mad Men back in 2009, according to her Wikipedia page. Because of the amount of recognition she's received, we're guessing that she's one bringing home the bacon (or at least the bigger paychecks)–for now, at least.

3 She Works Out Hard At The Gym

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Often when people get married, both partners tend to care less about their own personal appearance. They seem to let it "slide" because they've found their partner and seem to stop worrying about looking pretty. While this doesn't happen all of the time, it's a definite possibility. But the same cannot be said for Dave Franco's wife, as she takes working out very seriously. And he's very lucky to have a woman like that.

Hello Magazine quoted Alison Brie as she talked about her workout regime, and she stated, "It's a nice feeling because you live your life more and care less about what other people think. Your career will fluctuate, you'll have highs and lows, but I can always go to the gym and work out. I'm in control of myself and my body. Now I feel like strength is beautiful, rather than that stick-skinny is the beauty standard."

2 She's Okay With Him Doing Cozy Scenes With Other Women

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Having a relationship with an actor like Dave Franco might seem like a dream come true for some women and girls out there, but have you ever thought about the potential negative consequences of dating an actor? For example, Most actors have to engage in intimate scenes, and it can get quite physical.

Knowing your partner is engaging in these with another actor or actress can be quite nerve-wracking, or can potentially provoke jealousy. Luckily, Dave Franco does not have to worry about this problem with Alison Brie, as she is an actress too and presumably understands fully what it's like to be in his shoes.

US Weekly quoted Dave Franco in 2014, talking about his intimate scene in Neighbors: "I was pretty nervous. I met the girl the day before, and she was beautiful and very sweet. But it's awkward. You meet each other and then you're grinding. You don't even know her name… barely."

1 She Was Voted The 2nd Most Attractive Woman By Askmen

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There are lots of reasons that Dave Franco can brag about having a girl like Alison Brie as his wife. But one of the most obvious reasons is her beauty. We've been mentioning this key point many times throughout this article, in many different ways, but we're about to drill it in even further, if it wasn't already obvious. Askmen gave Alison Brie the number two spot in their "Most Desirable Women" of 2014. She only lost out to Emilia Clarke.

This is yet another reason for Dave Franco to brag about having such a lovely bride. But we're not even sure that he's the type of guy to do that.

And in the end, that's probably why Alison Brie said yes when he proposed. He's the perfect guy for her to settle down with, and we're glad they're happily married.

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