15 Popular Celebrity Splurges We Could Never Afford

Everyone knows that celebrities get paid very, very well for what they do. Sure, it often requires long hours on set or in the recording studio, and the travel for press tours and extended trips to filming locations can be tiring. However, they're compensated more than fairly for their hard work — which means most celebrities don't think twice about blowing insane amounts of money on what we might think are frivolous purchases.

Now, there are certain expenses that make a lot of sense — for example, splurging on a home in a secure area, or beefing up security around your compound to keep the paparazzi away. And we also get the reason behind when so many celebs take super lavish vacations — in order to truly get away from it all, they often do logistically need to go somewhere they know they won't be surrounded by fans and people taking their picture while they try to relax poolside.

However, there are some celebrity splurges they seem really over the top, even if they can afford it — and it just proves that, even though they try to appear relatable on social media and like they're just like their fans, celebrities live in a whole different world.

From cheese to playhouses for pets, here are 15 ridiculous celebrity splurges that have left us stunned.

15 John Legend Gave His Foodie Wife Chrissy Teigen A $2,500 Wheel Of Cheese

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Everyone who knows even a little bit about John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen know that, in addition to being a super gorgeous model, she's a huge foodie who spends a lot of her time in the kitchen. In fact, she has one cookbook already on shelves and potentially another on the way, so we have a feeling she may just have a culinary empire in the works like Ayesha Curry. So, it makes sense that John Legend would want to splurge on something Teigen can use in the kitchen. However, rather than investing in an expensive piece of equipment, Legend got her something edible — a gigantic wheel of cheese. That much fromage doesn't come cheap, and while Teigen didn't reveal exactly how much it cost, many estimated it to be around $2,500.

14 Angelina Jolie Bought Then-Hubby Brad Pitt An $18,500 Olive Tree

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Unfortunately, this love story has come to an end — RIP Brangelina! — but back in the day, these two A-Listers were crazy in love and both had super-sized salaries. That meant a lot of lavish gifts. But, what exactly do you buy someone who can buy just about anything for himself? Well, it turns out, a tree — but not just any tree. To celebrate Valentine's Day back in 2010, Jolie apparently bought Brad Pitt a 200-year-old olive tree that would eventually be planted at their estate in the south of France. A tree may not seem like that lavish of a gift, until you realize how much those 200 years of history cost — around $18,500, to be exact. Given that their home in the south of France was valued at around 60 million, though, it likely seemed like nothing in comparison!

13 Lady Gaga Spent $50,000 On A Ghost Detecting Device

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Okay, we have to admit — given how many crazy outfits Lady Gaga has worn over the years, we kind of expected her lavish purchase to be a pair of insane crystal studded boots or something like that. While she's definitely shelled out major dollars on clothing before, one particular purchase that's totally puzzling is her $50,000 Electro-Magnetic Field Reader. What exactly is that, you ask? Well, basically a ghost finder. That's right — Gaga shelled out tens of thousands of dollars in order to be assured that there was no paranormal activity happening backstage in any of her concert venues. She also apparently spends even more dough hiring investigators and ghost hunters to examine hotel rooms and tour venues — so, safe to say, Gaga is pretty darn terrified of ghosts. Who knew?

12 Madonna Used To Spend $10,000 A Month On Kabbalah Water

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For many, Madonna has kind of faded into the background — she's still out there, recording and performing, but she's not causing quite the stir she once did. In fact, many have altogether forgotten about her Kabbalah phase, where she donned that thin red bracelet and spoke about Kabbalah nonstop to anyone who would listen. Well, during that time in her life (around 2008, so a whole decade ago), Madonna was allegedly spending about $10,000 a month on Kabbalah water. That's right — every drop of water that passed her lips, or anyone in her family's lips, had to be the specially blessed Kabbalah water. We're not sure if she's still as into Kabbalah, and $10,00 may seem like nothing compared to her overall net worth, but still — that's a lot to be spending on water!

11 Kelly Rowland Gave Beyonce A $5,200 Crystal Bathtub

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Even though they don't perform together anymore, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland did spend years and years of their lives together, touring the world as Destiny's Child. It only makes sense that going through something like that would bring you close together, and it seems the two will be friends for life. Rowland proved how much she cares for her former bandmate when it came time to buy a baby gift for Blue Ivy. While Beyonce and Jay Z could certainly afford just about any luxury for their little princess, Rowland wanted to go big — so she got baby Blue a bathtub studded with Swarovski crystals that were all painstakingly applied by hand. Some people just opt to bathe their baby in the sink in a little tub they pick up for a few bucks, but hey — Blue needed bling!

10 Victoria Beckham Got A $33,000 Gold-Plated Cell Phone To Make Her Business Calls

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We're not sure if it's just her personal style or what, but one thing is for sure — Victoria Beckham practically screams luxury. The Beckhams have a rock solid net worth thanks to hubby David Beckham's long professional soccer career, and she's continuing to earn major dough with her fashion brand. So, it only makes sense that she'd have a luxurious accessory — and while she definitely has a lot of super expensive bags and jewelry and other accessories, the truly insane splurge is the Stuart Hughes cellphone she had. The phone was actually made with about 150 grams of 24-carat gold — it's basically like lugging around a piece of jewelry all day long! We're not sure how long she kept that phone, since we bet she eventually upgraded to the newest model, but still — so posh!

9 Katie Holmes Got Suri Cruise On The Property Ladder With A $24,000 Playhouse

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Katie Holmes may be raising her daughter Suri as a single mama now, but Suri is definitely still living a life of luxury thanks to her mama's successful career. Back in 2012, when Suri was just a six year old, Katie did what many parents do for their children — buy her a little playhouse in the yard that's all her own. However, she didn't just buy any old playhouse. She bought the Grand Victorian Playhouse, a model created by a company called Sweet Retreat Kids that retails at around $24,000. Not only does it look stunning, it's actually functional — the house is all set up with electricity and running water. If we were Suri, we'd keep that thing forever — can you imagine the amazing slumber parties you could throw in your own little playhouse?

8 Blake Lively Splurged On A $25,000 Custom Stove

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In addition to being a successful actress, super gorgeous, and one half of the Reynolds-Lively dream team, Blake Lively is a huge foodie who absolutely loves to cook. She's spoken about her passion for cooking in many interviews, and has even been filmed preparing some food from time to time. So, it makes sense that she'd opt to upgrade her appliances. However, we didn't even know that a stove could be so luxe! Lively apparently has a custom blue La Cornue range stove, which goes for around $25,000. She spilled to Elle Decor a while back that she learned about the brand while she was in the south of France, and told herself that she'd own one of their products one day. Dream achieved! She probably whips up a lot of fantastic meals for her growing family on that stove.

7 Katy Perry Bought Russell Brand A $200,000 Ticket To Space (We Wonder Who Got It In The Divorce?)

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One thing we have to wonder about celebrities and the lavish gifts they often buy their partners — who gets to keep the luxe item in an eventual split? Especially when it's not even a material item but rather an experience of sorts. Back when they were together, Katy Perry decided to celebrate her British fiance's birthday by buying him a ticket for Richard Branson's spaceship company Virgin Galactic. And those tickets are considerably pricier than a first class ticket to anywhere on earth — leaving the earth's atmosphere comes at the price of around $200,000. Some other celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher also bought tickets, so whoever ended up going would be in good company — we just wonder if Perry let Brand keep it, or if she got Branson to change the name and decided to go up herself one day.

6 Nicolas Cage Bought (And Then Had To Give Back) A Dinosaur Skull For $276,000

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This purchase was particularly unusual because Cage didn't even get to keep it! So, back in 2007, Cage entered a bidding war with other celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio on a 67 million year old dinosaur skull. It would be a pretty cool piece of history to own, that's for sure. So, he ended up buying it for $276,000, and enjoying it for a few years. However, in 2015, Cage was forced to return the item he thought he rightfully purchased because it turns out a fossil smuggler had stolen the skull from Mongolia. We're not sure if he got his money back, but one thing is for sure — he's probably on the market for another piece of history, so keep your eyes peeled! After all, he did become known for a role in which he tried to steal the Constitution!

5 Paris Hilton Pampered Her Pooch With A $325,000 Dog House

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Everyone who knows anything about Paris Hilton knows that she really, really loves her pets. In fact, she was one of the first to start the trend back in the '00s of carrying around your little dog in your purse as a kind of live accessory. While many people question that practice, no one can deny that she'd do just about anything for her dogs. So, it kind of fits her personality that she'd opt to shell out $325,000 on a dog villa for her canine companions. Yes, over 300 grand — more than many actual humans spend on their own homes! The villa itself is pretty darn luxe, and in addition to being two stores high, includes a balcony, a crystal chandelier, and perfect pup-sized furniture the dogs can lounge on.

4 Diva Celine Dion Had Caesars Palace Install A $2 Million Humidifier

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Celine Dion's voice is basically her entire livelihood, so it makes sense that she would do anything in her power to protect it. Many singers do it — they soothe their throats with hot tea and ensure their voice gets proper rest, especially during a demanding tour or performance schedule, such as the schedule required in a Las Vegas residency. However, Celine Dion took things to a whole new level with her purchase. She apparently splurged on a $2 million humidifier — we honestly don't even know what it could possibly do to justify that kind of price tag — which she had Caesars Palace install in the hotel in order to keep her voice flawless. It was installed above the stage where she performed, so if you ever wondered what the secret to her stunning performances was, that might have been it!

3 Tamara Ecclestone Bought A $1.5 Million Bathtub To Soak In

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While Tamara Ecclestone may not be as recognizable to people in North America as to those in the UK, one thing is for sure — thanks to her dad, Formula One's Bernie Ecclestone, she has major money. And, in addition to splurging on clothes and other luxuries like that, she decided to shell out $1.5 million on a super expensive bathtub. While that price is all in — because of the weight of the tub, she had to spend quite a bit to have the floor underneath it reinforced and had to pay for the labour to construct the tub itself, in addition to the cost of the actual materials — that's still an insane amount of dough to spend on the bathroom. However, it was a good purchase in Tamara's mind — she told the Sydney Morning Herald that "I spend a lot of time in the bath so it's worth it!"

2 Beyonce Rocked $100,000 Leggings On Stage

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Beyonce's on stage wardrobe is nothing short of extraordinary. She's certainly come a long way from her Destiny's Child days, when mama Tina Knowles was putting together the group's costumes, and now rocks custom pieces and designer gear that most people could only dream of owning. After all, the pieces have to be worthy of a Beyonce performance — that's no small feat! For her performance at the 2007 BET Awards, she took it to a whole new level by splashing out on a pair of gold Balenciaga leggings that cost $100,000. That's right — six figure pants. To Beyonce, it's probably a fairly insignificant amount of money, but still — that's quite the pair of pants! We wonder if she kept them and is planning on passing them down to Blue Ivy someday.

1 Beyonce Also Splurged On A $3,500 Crib For Blue Ivy Back In The Day

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Obviously, Beyonce and Jay Z's baby wasn't going to come into the world and be placed in a regular crib. She had to slumber in style and luxury, from her very first day on the planet. So, Bey and Jay bought a Lucite crib from the company NurseryWorks that goes for about $3,500. It may not seem that expensive in comparison to other purchases, but when you consider that she'll only be using it for a short period before she goes into a child's bed, it's definitely pretty pricy. And, it's apparently the trendiest crib in town — other celebs including Robert Downey Jr. and Tony Roma also bought the item for their children, so Blue Ivy was clearly a trendsetter right from the very beginning. We would have expected nothing less!

Sources: cosmopolitan.co.za, thisisinsider.com

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