15 Photos Showing Paris Jackson Is Just As Unusual As The Rest Of The Jackson Family

The Jacksons are about as far as you can get from the “average” or “normal” American family. For decades, the musically-blessed family has been in the spotlight, and fans have been in awe of their accomplishments ever since the wildly popular Jackson 5 came on the scene. The Jacksons have seen ups and downs over the years, but the large family has never faded from the spotlight.

Michael Jackson, “The King of Pop,” was a legend and an icon. His dynamic and always-recognizable voice, stellar dance moves, and unmatched talent in all areas of entertainment will never be forgotten — they will live on probably forever. May he rest in peace after what was by all means, a crazy life.

Fans love the Jacksons for their talent, but they also like to see what they are up to because nothing is ever boring when it comes to this crew. Whether the family is fighting with one another, or a member of the clan gets plastic surgery (not that they’d admit it), or rumors are in the papers, this famous family is always fodder for relentless gossip. But that goes with the territory when you are as well known as this family is.

And now there is a new generation causing a stir — specifically Michael’s only daughter, Paris. Now 20 years old, Michael’s “little girl” is growing up, and the spotlight is now shining on her. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is in the public eye for being just as “unusual” as the rest of the Jackson bunch. Without her doting dad to guide and protect her, she is out in the open and everyone’s looking in on her life.

Here are 15 pics of “The King of Pop’s” “princess” and why she’s a true Jackson at heart. She may try to break the mold, but when it comes to her family, there is no “cookie cutter” image to uphold anyway.

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15 She Unleashes Her Inner Hippy

The hippy look is apparently back, and the pretty (and here, plain) Paris Jackson is embracing the comeback trend. She is all into the “free to be me” look, with her large peace sign necklace, tie-dyed leggings, and apparent lack of brassiere. Paris is totally makeup-free and feeling pure and natural. While most celebs would not dare leave the house without a full face of makeup professionally applied, Paris is not shy to go out barefaced and look beautiful, showing the world that you do not need Cover Girl to be gorgeous. Paris certainly has the money to buy expensive duds and get her hair styled to perfection, but she is saving her dough and going for a modest and fuss-free ensemble. She must have known that she would be snapped by the paparazzi, but this hippy-chic chick could not care less. She is comfortable, carefree, and looking like a casual and creative cutie.

While she may want to step it up for a more formal event, when it comes to the everyday, this hippy-inspired getup suits Paris just fine.

Although we are sure she would look super cool with her dad’s red leather jacket thrown over her shoulders! He’d probably like her in that better than this mis-matched outfit.

14 She Is Not Afraid to Try a New Look

It seems like every time we see a photo of Paris Jackson, she looks like a different person. She is always up for changing her look, sometimes with an unusual flair like we see in this pic of the beauty. Is her hair green? Blue? It is hard to decipher exactly the hue Paris was going for, but we surely know it is not a color found in nature. Not when it comes to hair anyway. But Paris seems to be happy with her dye job, looking confident, self-assured, and ready to rock her daring hairdo. Most stylists would probably give this look a big "no," but Paris does what she wants, when she wants. Plus, she could always dye it again, perhaps to a more “normal” color the next time around.

But why be basic when you can be bold? That seems to be the motto this gal lives by, not only when it comes to hair color, but in all aspects of her life.

We wonder what her proud pop would have said about this hairdo, but then again, how could he judge? His look was ever-changing — for better or for worse. Looks like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

13 She Is Tight with Oprah

Why of course! Paris Jackson and her grandmother are buddy-buddy with none other than Oprah Winfrey. There are plenty of people who would give an arm and a leg to cozy up with Oprah, but for Paris, it is just like any other day. When you are the daughter of a music legend, people like Oprah are always around. Oprah was probably just as excited to see Paris as Paris was to see her. But by the looks of this pic, it does not seem like granny is all too impressed. After all, when your son is Michael Jackson, everyone else pales in comparison. Oprah looks pleased to be with these members of the Jackson family, probably missing Michael, as many of his fans do too.Unlike most gals her age, Paris has friends in high places.

But Paris is probably not much like most people her age — or any age for that matter. She is a special celeb who has a family that is well known across the globe. No matter how she may try, she will never have a “normal” life. But one of the perks is that she gets to mix and mingle with people like the impressive Oprah Winfrey. Seems like a fair trade-off.

12 She Loves Her Tats

Paris Jackson is all “tatted” up. She loves her ink and loves to show it off. Here we see some of the work she had done on her forearm, but she has tattoos all over her body. We wonder if her dad would have liked the idea of his little girl inking up her body, but she is an adult now, so she can make her own decisions. Michael Jackson used his looks to express himself in many respects, so it is clear that Paris got her sense of expression from her late dad. She must like the idea of using her body as a canvas, and from the “thumbs up” she is giving, is looks like Paris is pleased that her tats are getting the attention she believes they deserve.

She still has plenty of “blank space” for more artwork, so we will wait and see what sort of tattoos she gets next. While Paris seems like a free-spirited individual, we don’t know if her brothers are the same. Do they have tattoos too? And what does Paris’ mother think of all the tats? She must realize Paris is her own woman and will express herself as she pleases. When Michael Jackson is your father, getting a few tattoos is nothing major anyway.

11 She Pampers Her Dog

That is surely one lucky dog! No bones about it, being the pampered pet of a Jackson has got to be livin’ the good life. And it looks like Paris is over-the-moon in love with her furry friend. While most pet owners walk their pup on a leash, this beloved doggie is being cradled like a baby. The other dogs at the dog park may think Paris’ dog is a wuss, but this pooch would surely not have it any other way. One look at those adorable puppy-dog eyes and we are sure this dog is in heaven. When Paris picked this dog from the pound, the others were surely jealous of the lavish life he’d lead. They may have gone home with caring new owners, but none as unique as Paris Jackson.

This pup must get the tastiest treats and the best belly rubs. We all know that Paris’ pop Michael was fond of animals, so it seems like Paris is just the same. She may not own a monkey like he did, but a dog is probably a more reasonable animal to care for anyway. From what we can see from the smile on her face, Paris is in love with her four-legged friend.

10 She Channels Her Inner Madonna

Who’s in “Vogue?” Why it is none other than the pretty Paris Jackson, channeling her inner Madonna and looking the part perfectly. The uncanny and eerie resemblance between “Madge” and Paris makes us stop and wonder if they could be mother and daughter. Paris looks more like Madonna’s daughter than her real daughter does! From her 80s-style makeup to her styling to her facial features, this look-alike pic is spot on and sensational. Even Madonna would surely agree. How could she not?

While nobody could ever take the place of the living legend, Paris is really giving Madonna a run for her money. But as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so Madonna must be pleased to see Paris “stealing” her iconic look.

And even if she did not look so much like Madonna, this pic of Paris is simply fab. She looks super chic and gorgeous. But it is kinda unusual how much she resembles the “Borderline” singer. Did Michael Jackson have a fling with Madonna? Is Paris their secret love child? We’ll never know, but after seeing these lovely ladies side-by-side, it makes you think. If anyone is as intriguing as Michael and Paris, it is Madonna.

9 Her Godfather Is Macaulay Culkin

Talk about an unusual family. Who would believe that Macaulay Culkin is someone’s godfather, let alone the godfather of a member of the famed Jackson family? The former child star was very close with Paris’ dad and he named him godfather of his only daughter Paris. The Home Alone actor won’t be alone any more now that Paris is part of the family. He may not seem like your everyday godfather, but when it comes to the famous Jacksons, what is “everyday” anyway? We have seen pics of Paris and Macaulay hanging out, being close buddies just like Michael would have surely liked. Perhaps Macaulay gives Paris sage advice on her life in the public eye. And now that she is grown up, he may guide her through more serious topics like work, relationships, etc.

Paris must look up to her unconventional godfather as a mentor and someone who was a great friend of her late father. He must have meant so much to Michael to have been given such an important role in his daughter’s life.

Perhaps one day the actor will have kids of his own. Who knows? Maybe he will name Paris as their godmother and things will come full circle.

8 She Inked Her Inner Lip

Now that’s a mouthful! We have seen many of Paris Jackson’s tattoos, but who would have ever guessed that the gal would have a tat on the inside of her bottom lip? That had to hurt! And why even bother? Who is going to see it unless you stick your fingers in your mouth? Apparently, that is just what Paris does to show off her “work.” Kissing after that inking was done must have been painful! And caring for a lip tattoo must be a weird process. Would Paris’ dad have approved of such an unusual tattoo? Most likely not, but it’s a good place to get one if you want to hide it from your pop. Unless she pouts frequently, that inner-lip tattoo can be kept a secret. But during the tattooing procedure, did Paris drool? She must have, so hopefully nobody in the tattoo parlor took a video of the process.

If Paris is willing to get the inside of her mouth tattooed, getting work done on anywhere else on her body must be a walk in the park.

Assuming tattooing the inner lip is a painful process, that is. It sure seems so! But she must have had a special someone to kiss it to make it all better.

7 She’s a Chameleon

Every time we see Paris Jackson, she looks like a whole new Paris. In fact, one could consider the daughter of the late “King of Pop” a real chameleon. She changes color just like the lizard, except in her case, she stands out rather than blending in. Here we see the beauty with short bleached blonde hair. It looks spiky, but soft, and it suits her style to a tee. She loves to experiment with her hair, and this look proves that she is not shy about going bold. As a natural brunette, this super-light shade of blonde makes her look totally different, but in a good way. She could really rock any style! Her baby blue eyes really pop when her hair is short, and we can see her facial features more clearly. And she surely is a pretty girl! It will take a long time for her hair to grow back, but there are always extensions, even wigs if she is into changing her look on the fly.

Maybe Paris always updates her look so the paparazzi can’t immediately spot her.

She is so famous, so she may try to avoid being watched all the time. But with such a bright hairdo, her plan may not work as she had hoped.

6 She Has a Wild Streak

Paris is showing off her “wild child” ways here in this lively and joyous pic. She is dressed in quite the ensemble — some may say it is a look of Madonna circa '80s. But Paris has her own sense of style and takes the “oldies but goodies” and puts her own Paris-esque spin on the looks. She looks amazing in her flowing red see-through mesh skirt and that tube top is fun and fierce. We see lots of Paris’ tattoos on full display and her figure is fabulous. As Paris jumps in the air, we see a big bright smile and we can tell that she loves loosening up and showing her true colors. Her father would surely be happy to see his little girl in all her glory, taking her fame and making it work for her. She looks carefree and cute on a clear day outdoors.

Maybe she is thinking about her late father and it brings this big smile to her pretty face. Or maybe she is just happy to be alive and youthful. As long as she isn’t frowning, that is a good sign. Whoever took this photo really captured a side of Paris that shows who she really is. She may be unusual to some, but for Paris, she is just being Paris.

5 her family is very worried about her  

In March, Paris posted a video of her walking on the ledge of a skyscraper and it completely freaked out her family, giving them flashbacks of Michael like when he help his baby over a balcony to show the crowd in Berlin. In the video, Paris is heard chatting with her rumored girlfriends, Cara Delevingne, while sitting on the ledge, unable to complete their sentences. The video then cuts to Paris walking along the ledge that is so high up, it's difficult to make out anything below. She loses her balance at one point and then falls in Cara's arms and screams out, captioning the video with "I almost died." Her family is concerned and have recently expressed their worries with the media. "This is worse than [the Michael incident] because I still think Michael had control of Blanket and they weren’t nearly as high up as Paris is in this video,” of one Paris' worried relatives told Page Six.

“She’s lost it. She really has.”

Her family is right to be worried because Paris, unfortunately, has a trouble history that include 3 suicide attempts, cyber bullying, assault, sobriety, and self-harm. They don't want her to follow down the same sad path as her father.

4 She Has Her Own Way of Getting Around

Paris must have her own car or at least friends who do, but she opts to travel via skateboard, much like 15-year-old boys love to get around. Not that skateboarding is for boys only — not by a long shot — but seeing Paris on four wheels is quite the site. Most celebs of her caliber drive fancy cars or have a personal driver. But Paris is a woman on the go and has her own way of getting around. Hey, at least she is getting some exercise! But are there any bodyguards around?

Surely Paris needs some security detail if she wants to scoot around on a skateboard in the middle of the afternoon in public. There are a lot of weirdos out there who could pounce at any time. When she was a child and traveled with Michael, he’d cover up the kids’ faces. Now Paris is a grown woman and is done with all that hiding. She is out in the open and open to adventure. She is dressed casually and couldn’t find a more down-to-Earth form of travel. She looks cool though, in her ripped dungarees, her sunglasses on her head, and her overall groovy ensemble. And she looks like she is pretty good at skateboarding too. Who needs a Rolls Royce when you can roll on the pavement?

3 She Chills with the Other Paris

What’s better than one Paris? Why two Paris’ of course! It looks like Paris Jackson and Paris Hilton are BFFs. They are both super-famous and fabulous, so why not buddy up with one another? And as they hold their special Paris pillow, we’ve got three images of Paris to enjoy. Who knows how the two Paris’ met, but it is fun to see the attractive pair hanging out. Maybe the Hiltons are pals with the Jacksons? Famous folks tend to befriend other famous folks. And surely Paris Hilton was a fan of Paris Jackson’s dad. Who wasn’t?

And Paris Hilton is a DJ, so she has an appreciation for music. And if anyone was a superstar music-maker, it was Michael Jackson. His hits like “Beat It,” “Thriller,” “Man in the Mirror,” “Billy Jean,” and others are amazing songs that will live on for a long time. Paris Hilton probably grew up listening to the pop tunes of Michael Jackson and she still may enjoy them to this day. Some of his songs may even be on her set lists for parties that she DJs. These two may seem like an unusual pair, but when you run in A-list circles, you never know who you will meet. Let’s call them “Paris squared!”

2 She Is Super Quirky

Paris is just having fun like any other young 20-something, but you must agree that she looks super-quirky in this fun-loving pic. Her sense of style is on full display in her bold fashion choice, and many of her interesting and artistic tats are on full display. Her sunglasses are quite chic, and her hair is yet again another color. And in the style (or lack of style) of Miley Cyrus, Paris is sticking out her tongue for the camera. Whoever started this odd and rather rude trend must regret it. When did saying “cheese” and smiling go out of fashion anyway? But look at all of those tats! The sunflower stands out and her little finger tattoos are cute. Those images down her breastbone are a sight to see and the rest of the tats on her arms are stunning too. Here we see that Paris has a nose ring as well. She surely likes to adorn her body in many ways. By the time she hits 30, Paris may be covered from head to toe in body ink and piercings. She may love the look now, but will she regret it when she is a senior citizen? Knowing what we do of Paris, she will probably celebrate her 85th birthday at the tattoo parlor! Will they give a senior citizen discount?

1 she takes time for her mental health 

Paris has posted many pics on her Instagram account of her camping out with friends either in a desert or forrest, chilling and being one with nature. She also takes time for herself and spends a few days a wellness and spiritual retreat to focus on her mental health with the help of meditation. While she already has over 50 tattoos, she has a few running down the middle of her chest that represent 7 chakras, which are energy points in everyone's body from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each one is a different color with a unique symbol. Some believe these to be the core of human existence. While on her retreat, Paris posted topless photos of her meditation and kneeling in front of a Buddha statue, and of course, those who disagreed with the pics were quick to criticize. Thankfully, Paris stood her ground and defended her beliefs and lifestyle. "Nudity started as a movement for ‘going back to nature’, ‘expressing freedom,’ ‘being healthier,’ and was even called a philosophy,” she wrote in the caption to a topless Instagram pic. “Being naked is part of what makes us human.

For me, it helps me feel more connected to mama Gaia.”

If this is what helps her stay sane while living in Hollywood and dealing with the paparazzi and the drama that comes with fame, then good on her!

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