15 Photos Of Unlikely Celebs Who Were Caught Using Public Transit

Michael Richards, or Kramer from Seinfeld, as many of you might know him feared being spotted in public so much that he refused to leave the house without an elaborate disguise. Wigs, moustaches, hats, and sunglasses to hide his face, Richards was horrified of being spotted in public by a fan. The level of fame he reached through Seinfeld became a nightmare for him. Some celebrities, most notably musicians, have tried to hide their identities so that they can continue to do normal, every day things, without being bothered by their fans. Sia, for example, never publicly showed her face for years so that she could continue to live her normal life. The DJ group Daft Punk, who wear large electronic helmets, are another example of artists who tried to hide their face from the public. Even metal band Slipknot wore masks to hide their identities.

When you become a celebrity, your life changes in ways that you would never imagine. While we all often dream of seeing our name in lights, we forget that once you reach certain levels of fame, you lose the ability to do everyday things. For example, ride public transportation without anyone bothering you. However, these celebrities are proving to us all that no matter how famous you may be, there's nothing wrong with catching a bus to work.

15 Robert Pattinson Rode The Subway And Worked At a Car Wash For A Movie

Robert Pattinson became a household name when he starred in the Twilight saga. Despite those movies being the reason for his success, Pattinson hates those movies. For years, it seemed like the only thing Pattinson wanted to do was to distance himself from those movies by making fun of them as often as he could. Nonetheless, he's one of the biggest teen icons to date. Following the ending of Twilight, Pattinson began filming a movie called Good Time. During production, partly to get into the mind of his character, Pattinson secretly rode the subway everyday during production and briefly landed a job at a car wash.

During this time, nobody recognized Pattinson as he walked around the streets. Even when the movie was being filmed out in the open of New York City, nobody was stopping to take photos or bother Pattinson.

The director was using an extra-long lens to film from a distance to ensure that nobody knew a movie was taking place!

14 Louis C.K. Is Regularly Spotted Around NYC

Once upon a time, Louis C.K. was a proud New Yorker, and New York was proud to call Louis C.K. one of their own. That was, of course, until the scandal emerged about Louis C.K., and the misconduct that occurring in his private life. But, before that, Louis C.K. was always being spotted walking around the big apple. He would take public transport, hail cabs, and walk to work just like every other New York comedian and celebrity.One Reddit user commented about a time they saw Louis C.K. walking the streets. The user said something along the lines of, "Hey Louis, big fan, but I won't bother you for a photo," and he responded by saying, "Yes, please don't" and kept walking.

Louis C.K. has been outspoken about his hatred toward taking photos with fans, so now he simply refuses to take them.

He has said (before the scandal) that he is more than willing to talk with fans and get to know them, just as long as they don't ask for a photo.

13 Dave Grohl Rode The Chicago Subway To Meet Up With Bandmates

Dave Grohl is a modern day rock icon. After the death of Kurt Cobain and the disbanding of Nirvana as a result, Grohl grew even more popular as the lead singer of the Foo Fighters. The band, now widely popular, is one of the most popular in the rock scene today because of Dave Grohl as a character. He isn't a typical rockstar. He's a modest guy who just loves to play music for his fans. When he broke his leg after falling off the stage while performing, Grohl refused to end the show. He came back out and sang a few songs with the crowd, a gesture which earned him a better reputation than he already had. In 2014, Grohl was spotted riding the brown line in Chicago, all by himself.

Grohl, who is an apparent fan of the city, was on his way to Piece Pizzeria & Brewery to meet up with the rest of the Foo Fighters.

This is not the only time that Grohl was been spotted on the train or at one of Chicago's many foodie spots.

12 Rihanna Rode The Subway In London

Rihanna will go down as one of the most influential pop icons of her generation. Though her popularity is somewhat dwindling, Rihanna was at the height of her fame when she decided to ride the tube in London back in 2011.

To prove she really was just like everyone else, Rihanna rode the subway to her own concert at The O2 Arena, saying that she had "always wanted to do this."

A year later, Rihanna was spotted on the London tube again, this time trying to blend in with the crowd. She was wearing sunglasses trying to wide her face, but her bright red lipstick brought attention to her and she didn't end up being as incognito as she wanted to be.

11 Vincent Kartheiser Rides The Bus To Work In LA

Vincent Kartheiser is best known for his award winning role as Pete Campbell on the show Mad Men. But, unlike his character, Kartheiser is a down to Earth environmentalist that doesn't even own a car. In an interview with The New York Times, Kartheiser took a reporter along his public transport commute, which can consist of a train or two buses, through LA. While commuting to the set of Mad Men, Kartheiser says he'll practise his lines, work on crossword puzzles, or just relax.

"It's wonderful. Instead of driving and being stressed out about traffic, you can work on your scene, you can do your exercise or whatever on the bus. Everyone's got their own deal. I like that my life slows down when I go places.

I have all these interactions with the human race and I can watch people living their life and not just in their car."

10 Jake Gyllenhaal Commutes Just Like Everyone Else

Jake Gyllenhaal has been spotted on the NYC subway so many times that it's starting to seem like he lives there. He's been using the subway to commute for years. For some, it's become such a standard sight to see him on the train that they don't even bother to sneakily take photos or bring attention to him.

His presence on the subway seems to have a calming effect on people, as there are a few photos of men sleeping next to Gyllenhaal while on the subway.

If you check Twitter, you'll see a never-ending stream of people that claim to have had the pleasure of sitting next to him while on their commute. Like any New Yorker, Gyllenhaal is just trying to get around, and the best way to do that is on the subway. All the money in the world isn't going to buy your way out of all that New York City traffic.

9 Keanu Reeves Gave Up His Seat For Someone

Keanu Reeves is the celebrity the world doesn't deserve. Despite the horrifying experience of his stillborn daughter and the death of his former partner, Keanu Reeves, reminds us that life goes on. Though he seems to be somewhat odd, Keanu is always posing with fans, donating to charity (and starting his own), and we all remember the time he donated a portion of his earnings from The Matrix to the special effects team so that they were adequately compensated. He's a real saint, and there's video evidence of just how great he really is. When riding the New York subway a few years ago, almost nobody seemed to notice that Reeves was there, except for one person who was filming him with their camera.

He looked around nervously, maybe feeling everyone was secretly watching him, and continued to ride the train.

A woman got on and was standing next to him. When he noticed, he immediately offered the woman his seat, and stood up for the remainder of his train ride.

8 Hugh Jackman Is An Everyday Hero

Hugh Jackman may play the ferocious Wolverine on screen, but outside of the camera lens he's an every day hero. It's not his smile or his dashingly good looks that make him likeable (although those help), it's the fact that he truly is an average Joe who happens to star in a few movies.

When visiting Melbourne, Jackman opted to take the low-key method of transport and rode through the city on the train. However, due to his status as an Aussie legend, Jackman rode the train with three police escorts.

It may have brought a little more attention to him than he wanted, but the last thing the city of Melbourne needed was for an international star like Jackman to get attacked while exploring the city.

7 Madonna Rides Public Transport Undercover

Due to how much makeup Madonna usually wears, she is practically unrecognizable when she decides to travel around incognito. Even her biggest fans would have a hard time spotting her among the thousands of other commuters. In 2010, Madonna was spotted a few times walking around city streets or lulling around train stations without drawing any attention to herself.

She's usually spotted in a hat, leather jacket, baggy blue jeans, and a funky scarf that she can use to cover herself even more when needed.

Of all the stars on this list, Madonna might have the most money, which is why it's so surprising that she still rides the subway. She could afford to build her own subway!

6 Clay Aiken And Tyra Banks Are Besties

Clay Aiken met Tyra Banks after appearing on her show for the very first time. For one reason or another, the two of them instantly hit it off and have been friends ever since.

Banks has called Aiken a "breathe of fresh air" and the two appear to be such good friends that they have been spotted in public together numerous times, one of which was on the subway.

They also love to go to musicals together. In fact, the two were photographed in late 2017 at the musical "Come From Away." Banks enjoyed the play so much that she asked to kiss the pop cod fish. The play is set in Newfoundland, where kissing a codfish is how locals welcome newcomers and travellers. In addition to kissing a codfish, newcomers are asked to drink a shot of Screech rum, and recite a short chant by memory. This tradition is called being "screeched in."

5 Anderson Cooper Is Your Average Millionaire New Yorker

Anderson Cooper has lived something of an extraordinary, but mysterious life. He comes from the very wealthy Vanderbilt family, and the sum of his fortune isn't exactly known.

He also worked as an intern at the CIA, and in one instance, he rescued an injured boy in Haiti, stopping his own news reporting to do so.

Today, Cooper is one of the most popular journalists in the USA. He's so popular, that he's practically always on TV, and even has his own talkshow. When announcing the release of the show back in 2011, Cooper filmed a segment of himself riding a NYC bicycle and commuting on the subway — you know, everyday New Yorker things. Outside of the segment, Cooper has been spotted just riding the subway, too. He doesn't always try to disguise himself, he's just another guy trying to get to work. He's a New Yorker, after all.

4 Claire Danes Was Spotted Reading A Script At A Subway Station

Claire Danes is a three-time Emmy award winner, and the winner of four Golden Globes. In 2012, Time Magazine listed her as one of the 100 most influential people on Earth, and she shot to stardom for her role on the show Homeland. And, even she, still rides the subway. In fact, she even still goes for long walks with her husband, Hugh Dancy, through Manhattan. But, the photo you see from above was taken back in 2007.

While waiting for the subway to arrive, Danes was photographed reading a script for a movie, or perhaps even a TV show like Homeland.

Unfortunately, we'll never know what the script was, but it's fun to imagine that this was a defining moment in her career. More than likely though, she was reading one of dozens of scripts for her to read through for roles that she didn't end up getting.

3 Jerry Seinfeld Is Still An Authentic New Yorker

Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most famous New Yorkers of all time, and it's no wonder that he has been spotted riding the NYC subway. Despite having the most successful sitcom of all time, and amassing the biggest fortune of any comedian, Jerry Seinfeld loves New York too much to not be a part of it. When he was living in California while working in Seinfeld, he missed the Big Apple. After all, it's the greatest city in the world! If you're a fan of Seinfeld's, you'll know that he doesn't always ride the subway. In fact, he has a massive collection of cars, most of which look like little toys. To him, they are toys, and he plays with his toys with his friends on his new show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Though he may be highly successful, Seinfeld proved he just wanted to be a regular working comedian after the finale of his sitcom.

He performed his well-known material a few more times before retiring it and starting from scratch all over again. He went to hole in the wall comedy clubs to develop new material, and sometimes he even bombed!

2 Mariah Carey Rode A Subway To Promote An Album

In 2014, the queen of all divas, Mariah Carey, rode the subway home after the Fresh Air Fund Glitz Gala. Judging by her general public persona, most of us thought that there would be no way Carey was ever seen riding the subway like a normal person, but here we are.

She posted 44 photos and videos of her journeys around NYC that night, including taking a trip in a classic yellow cab that the city is known for.

Poking fun at her own attire (which is strange for Mariah), she said "I figured since I'm underdressed, we might as well take the subway," and also told people to "avoid this area" when pointing to trash on the ground. This NYC subway trip was done to promote her album, Me. I am Mariah, in what appeared to be a desperate attempt to see normal.

1 Jay-Z Rode The Subway To Perform His Last Brooklyn Show

For Jay-Z's 43rd birthday, he released a 24-minute documentary, called Where I'm From about a brief, 8-show "tour" that opened in Brooklyn. In the documentary, Jay-Z rides the subway en route to his final show in Brooklyn. Along the way, he sits down next to an old lady who has absolutely no idea who he is. Seeing the cameras, she assumes he's someone worth talking to and they strike up a conversation.

"Are you famous ?" she asks. "Not very famous if you don't know me. I'm Jay."

"What do you do?" "I make music. I performed eight shows actually. This is the last." "And you're going by subway. I'm proud of you. Say your name agaIn just so I get it." "Jay, Jay-Z" "Oh! You're Jay-Z! I know Jay-Z!" The woman turned out to be Ellen Grossman — a famous artist, who also happens to have heard of Jay-Z but has no idea what he looks like.

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