15 Outfits From Beyonce That Proves She Is Not Perfect

Beyonce could possibly be the biggest star in the world. She got her start in the late ‘90s with the all-girl R&B group, Destiny’s Child. She has remained a force to be reckoned with to this very day. While all of the Destiny’s Child were talented ladies, Beyonce definitely stood out, thanks to her powerful vocals, beauty, and overall star quality and charisma. When she decided to go solo in 2003, she achieved such enormous success that she has never looked back. She also started dating the rapper, Jay-Z, around this time, after collaborating on the song, "Bonnie & Clyde '03." Bey and Jay are now married with three children and considered to be one of the most powerful couples in music.

Never one to wear plain outfits, Beyonce has made some interesting outfit choices over the years. While some of these choices have paid off and given her somewhat of a style icon status, others have just been downright weird. During her Destiny’s Child days, her mother, Tina, was the group’s stylist and made some...interesting choices, to say the least. It’s clear that this has had some effect on Beyonce. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest outfits that she has ever worn on stage.

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15 Orange-Coloured Fringes

Via buzzfeed.com

Now, this outfit is so bad that it is iconic. When you think of Destiny’s Child’s outfits, this is probably one of the first outfits that come to mind, along with their outfits from their music videos for "Survivor" and "Bootylicious." In fact, it is probably one of the most iconic outfits of the early ‘00s, along with Britney and Justin’s matching denim outfits, Christina Aguilera’s leather chaps from her "Dirrty" era, and JLo’s green dress from the Grammy’s. Ms. Tina truly does have an interesting imagination when it comes to outfits! Here, we can see a typical example of how she styled the girls – Beyonce would get the ‘’best’’ outfit, Kelly would get a slightly different version, and then somehow, poor Michelle would end up with something even worse, in this case, a poncho in the same color!

14 Glitter Butterfly Top

Via onedio.com

Beyonce isn’t the only musically gifted person in her family. Her younger sister, Solange, is also a singer, having started out at a similarly young age as Beyonce. Although she hasn’t achieved the same commercial success as Beyonce, it doesn’t really matter, since she sings a different, less mainstream style of music that is popular with the critics and her fanbase, so she’s definitely doing pretty well for herself! This photo shows the two sisters with huge smiles on their faces, which makes sense since they’re genuinely close to each other in real life. The outfits, however, aren’t as sweet as their smiles. Beyonce’s top is something else—it’s covered in sequins and has a huge butterfly on it! Solange is wearing a floral maxi skirt with a white T-shirt that is ripped on the sleeves and sides. Weird outfits also run in the family!

13 White Frilly Mess

Via buzzfeed.com

Putting the girls all in white sounds like a good idea...theoretically. There are usually no unflattering tones and no busy or bizarre patterns. White is typically a classy, elegant look, isn’t that right? Not in this case! Ms. Tina clearly decided that classic, white outfits simply wouldn’t do, opting instead for some wonderfully weird items of clothing paired with her infamous coordination ideas. Michelle and Kelly are wearing almost identical trousers, while Beyonce is wearing an unflattering calf-length skirt. While Michelle’s blouse is actually quite plain for Ms. Tina’s standards, Kelly’s blouse has a weird pattern that is difficult to describe. Beyonce’s frilly nightmare of a blouse looks as if someone sprayed a whole can of whipped cream over her! And then she topped it off with a hilarious white beret.

12 Double Denim Disaster

Via: PopSugar UK

Well, well, what do we have here? Were Beyonce and Jay-Z so inspired by Britney and Justin’s now-iconic matching denim outfits from the VMA’s that they decided to do their own version to establish their position as music’s new power-couple? Possibly, especially since head-to-toe denim was a common thing back in those days. However, instead of this outfit being so bad that it’s good, it’s just… bad and weird. To be honest, the only thing wrong with Jay’s outfit is the fact that he’s wearing double denim. If he’d worn any other kind of jacket, it would’ve been fine, but what is going on with the weird patches on Beyonce’s dress? Not to mention the weird diagonal denim belt. It looks like she used bits of leftover denim. Also, those boots should be burned.

11 Brown and Yellow Cargo Skort

Via extra.cz

Cargo was one of the biggest trends of the early ‘00s, and in the past couple of years, it seems as if it’s making an unlikely comeback. Destiny’s Child can definitely be credited with making the pattern so popular back in the day. Anyone who was around then and had access to MTV can remember their iconic outfits for the "Survivor" music video. Though they had achieved success with their previous singles, this was their first song after their final lineup change, and the lyrics were definitely considered a clapback to all the haters who thought they’d split up. While those cargo outfits were actually kind of cute in their own way, this one isn’t. For starters, it’s a skort (a skirt-shorts hybrid) and it’s an icky shade of yellow and brown, which does nothing for Bey’s complexion. Yikes!

10 Hot Boy Scouts?!

Via buzzfeed.com

This is without a doubt the weirdest, worst, and most disturbing outfit worn by Destiny’s Child. It could also easily be one of the most disturbing outfits ever worn by anyone on the red carpet. Seriously, it looks like one of those embarrassing adult Halloween costumes that you see getting made fun of online. What was anyone involved in the process of creating, choosing and wearing these "hot Boy Scouts" outfits thinking? This is just all kinds of wrong and creepy! They’re all wearing cropped shirts of different lengths and hemlines, with Beyonce and Michelle wearing trousers and Kelly wearing hot pants. They’ve also got the scarves and the patches, and Beyonce even went for a baseball cap. They finished their look off with stilettos because nothing says ‘’attractive boy scouts’’ like stilettos, right?

9 Green Disaster

Via: PerezHilton

Beyonce is a gorgeous woman with an even more gorgeous and curvy figure— many would kill to have a body like hers. When an outfit is unflattering on her, you know that it’s a truly awful outfit! Here she’s wearing a green, mid-length dress with a weird pattern on it, which has somehow managed to turn her enviable curves into a shapeless mess of a figure. What was she thinking? What was the person who designed this dress thinking? Who would look good in it? Nobody! There are way to many beads and the weird cheetah pattern just makes it looks even more tacky. However, her hair is gorgeous, but that won’t do much for a bad outfit!

8 Catwoman Gone Wrong

Via: Pinterest

Eek, what is going on here? This outfit, which she wore to a mid-‘00s performance is just so tacky and simply does nothing for Beyonce’s amazing figure! Leather jumpsuits are a bold decision on their own, but they can work if they’re quite plain and the right fit. This leather jumpsuit has failed to meet any of that criteria. The fur around the neckline and on the sleeves (which isn’t even the same kind of fur) is anything but tasteful and attractive, the buckles are unnecessary, and the hemlines seem to be everywhere, which is never a good thing. To make matters worse, it looks as if it’s in the wrong dress size and thus looks so unflattering on Bey! The soft makeup is the only good thing about this whole hot mess.

7 Why Did She Turn Big Bird Into A Skirt?

Via: Glamour

Beyonce has one of the hottest pairs of legs in the music industry, so why does she keep insisting on wearing skirts and dresses that are not only an awkward calf-length but are also quite ugly? Let’s start with the material of the skirt. It’s a weird, frilly, yellow material—it kind of looks like someone killed Big Bird and turned him into a skirt for Beyonce! To be honest, this skirt couldn’t really be styled well with anything, but that white top and those nude heels certainly make for a poorly-styled outfit! Also, the extensions look a bit fake, which is inexcusable for someone with Beyonce’s budget. Thankfully, it seems that nowadays, Beyonce’s outfits aren’t quite as awkward. They might not be for everyone, but they are more on the edgy fashionista side.

6 Star Spangled Mess

Via buzzfeed.com

Beyonce and her bandmates hail from Houston, Texas, and everyone knows that southerners are the most patriotic people in the United States of America. That being said, there is no level of patriotism that would excuse these atrocious outfits! What is with those red, white, and blue flag-printed trousers? They’d be bad enough on their own, but everything else that the girls are wearing makes the outfit even worse! While Beyonce’s plain white top is passable, Michelle’s top is the wrong shade of red, and Kelly’s blue sleeveless blouse goes terribly with the trousers, plus, that hat she’s wearing is horrible! The pointy shoes that the girls are wearing look really silly alongside those trousers and Beyonce’s red-beaded belt is something else! All in all, this outfit is just all kinds of wrong!

5 All That Glitters Is Gold?!

Via popsugar-assets.com

In 2004, Beyonce and Jay-Z attended the MTV VMA’s as a still relatively new couple, so they decided to make a splash with their somewhat matching outfits and show that they were music’s new super couple. However, these outfits got them noticed for all the wrong reasons! Beyonce opted for a gold blazer that had glittery rhinestones around its sleeves and collar, which she wore with matching gold hot pants. This would be tacky and over-the-top on its own, but Bey went one step further with badly-curled hair (seriously, it’s as if her hair stylist got a time machine and picked up some really cheap rollers!) and extremely heavy makeup. Jay-Z decided to match by adding some gold details to his tacky, white blazer. These are outfits that the couple should have said no to!

4 21st Birthday Outfit

Via: Pinterest

Okay, okay, we get it. Beyonce was still really young here and was celebrating finally being able to drink legally, and God knows many of us regret some outfit choices from our younger days, but this outfit is hilariously bad! Beyonce decided to celebrate turning 21 by throwing a roller skate party in Atlanta, which somewhat explains her choice of hot pants and crop top. These hot pants are gold-and-white checkered, which she paired with a matching bra. Over it, Beyonce wore an off-the-shoulder, white crop top with the words "Sweet 21" written on it, in case someone didn’t realize that she was the birthday girl. Luckily, Bey obviously has a good sense of humor about her past fashion fails as she shared this on Instagram as a throwback photo.

3 Were These Outfits Made From Curtains?

Via therichestimages.com

This is a photo from the earliest days of Destiny’s Child, as original bandmates LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson, who were part of the first lineup, are pictured here. Naturally, Beyonce’s mother, Tina Lawson, was their stylist from the very beginning, so we have her to blame for these questionable outfits. The biggest issue here is the material from which the outfits are made— it’s as if she took some old curtains and turned them into clothes! Such an ugly pattern! While the other girls are in two-piece outfits which show off their midriffs, Beyonce is wearing a dress, but none of these variations are any better than the other ones, especially when you look at the bright purple details! And look at Beyonce’s bindi— clearly, the term cultural appropriation didn’t mean much in the late ‘90s!

2 When You Decide To Recycle Your Silk Blankets

Via buzzfeed.com

Oh boy. Destiny’s Child’s outfits were always questionable at best, but the outfits worn by the original lineup of girls were a whole different level of tackiness! Once again, we see Ms. Tina’s delightful coordination "skills"— Beyonce’s wearing a mermaid-inspired outfit with the bra top and long skirt, LaTavia and LeToya are wearing tube tops, with one of them wearing a long skirt just like Bey and the other one wearing trousers. And finally, we have Kelly in a mini-dress. But yikes, the material! It’s almost as if Ms. Tina had some old silk, Aladdin-inspired blankets that she wanted to get rid of, but thought, "Hey, why don’t I use them to make outfits for Beyonce and the girls?" It would’ve been better if you’d just thrown them away, Tina!

1 Canary Yellow Outfits

Via: Z95.9

Beyonce’s mom and Destiny’s Child’s stylist, Tina Lawson, clearly didn’t believe in plain and boring outfits. While it’s good to make sure that group’s outfits are always memorable, sometimes that isn’t a good thing because they can end up being memorable for all the wrong reasons. These outfits are an example of being memorable because they’re just so bad. Ms. Tina was also known for her weird coordinating ideas. Here, she decided to go for bright canary yellow material. For Beyonce, it was a yellow top with something draped over her shoulders, while Kelly was given a bizarre one-shoulder dress. The two girls wore the same yellow sandals. Michelle was probably forced to wear that yellow lace top and a matching yellow bottom.

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