15 Most Expensive And Random Things Kim Jong-Un Buys With His Money

Kim Jong-un is no stranger to controversy. He also is no stranger to cash either. The so-called "supreme leader" of North Korea, who is known by Donald Trump as "Rocketman," has an estimated $5 billion to use as he wishes. Jong-un is known for being a bit on the eccentric side, and he has complete control of his country, when you put those two things together you know he is going to be spending a lot of that money on things that are both totally extravagant and totally ridiculous all at once. When you think about it, how could he not? The guy is literally a dictator with a ton of cash at his disposal, he can do whatever he wants and buy anything he wants, and I mean that literally. If there's one thing he's known to be obsessed with, it's his love for cheese!

What follows is a list of some of the things that he chooses to spend his money on, some are just sort of out of line, like something any out of touch rich person might spend their money on, other things are just completely out of whack. But hey, who in his country is going to tell him to stop spending so much? Nobody.

Here are the 15 most expensive and random things Kim Jong-un buys with his millions.

15 Armored Mercedes-Benz

Kim Jong-un is feared by many people in his country, but many people don't like him too, which is why he often rolls around in an armored Mercedes Benz S600 that is rumored to cost almost $2 million, because of all the protective measures it has.

I guess when you are a hated dictator, "pimp my ride" takes on a whole new meaning.

I don't know about you, but I would rather be rolling around in my $13,000 used VW Jetta than in something that costs millions and looks really cool but needs to be armored so no one can try to shoot me. I guess that is one of the many reasons why he is supreme commander of North Korea and I am not — at least last time I checked.

14 Numerous Palaces


You might be curious as to where Kim Jong-un lives, the funny thing about that is, he probably is pretty curious about that too. The guy has 17 different palaces, at last count anyway, and he even has his own private island. I bet he can't even remember where he is half the time. Seventeen palaces is a lot, even if you do have $5 billion, but I bet he's on the hunt for even more. After all, the guy does seem to like spending a lot of money, and as you will see when you keep reading this list, he sure does have a lot of stuff, so maybe he needs more places to keep everything. Actually, who am I kidding? Seventeen palaces and a private island is nuts, no matter who you are.

13 Theme Parks

Of course, Kim Jong-un loves theme parks, I don't see how anyone could possibly think that he didn't. Just look at him, doesn't he look like someone that would really like to go on rides? As long as he meets the height requirement that is. He commissioned the development of the Pyongyang amusement park and the Munsu water park for $100 million, but the word is, once he visited,

he didn't think as much of the parks as he had hoped, calling them "pathetic.

You have to wonder what he thought he was going to get, in a country like North Korea where almost everyone is so poor, amusement parks aren't all that popular. He should just come over to the U.S and go to Disney like the rest of us.

12 The Harlem Globetrotters

It has been talked about often how Dennis Rodman somehow became the pal of Kim Jong-un. I am sure there is a really good story about it, but do you really even want to know? The whole thing is just too odd. But what is even odder is how into the Harlem Globetrotters Kim Jong-un is.

It is said that they are his favorite team and he has paid for them to come into the country to perform for him, which I am sure cost him all sorts of money.

Like seriously? What is this, 1984? No offence to the Harlem Globetrotters, but is there really anyone out there that still has them as their favorite team? I mean anyone other than Kim Jong-un. Apparently that dude loves the Globetrotters.

11 Over 30 Pianos

What kind of person needs over 30 pianos? Well, Kim Jong-un, that's who. The word is that he actually owns around 3 dozen of them and they cost around $60,000 a piece. Why would anyone possibly want so many pianos? My only guess is that he wants to feel totally rich no matter where he goes, and he does have a whole lot of palaces. He must go into pretty much every room in one of his palaces and think to himself, "oh look, a piano. How cool is that!" I can tell you one thing, he better be one of the best pianists in the world if he has so many pianos, but I don't know, I just get a feeling he can barely play at all, but I bet no one tells him that.

10 Racehorses

What would a spoiled rich kid be without a whole bunch of horses? Nothing, that's what, and Kim Jong-un is no exception. He has a whole bunch of thoroughbred horses, in fact, it is estimated that around 20 percent of the entire state budget is spent on facilities to house and train the horses. I mean come on, horses are cool, but just like almost anything else on this list, I would be surprised if he even sees any of these horses. He probably doesn't even know most of their names. When it comes right down to it, in some way, it might seem cool to have as much money as he does, but in other ways, it just seems like a big waste of time. But still, horses are cool, so we can't blame him too much.

9 Private Golf Courses

Kim Jong-un comes from a long line of golfers. His father Kim Jong-il once said he sunk eleven hole-in-ones in one day on a course that he owned. Apparently, Kim Jong-un also comes from a long line of liars, as well. Come on, that never happened.

He has more than one private golf course and these cost around $3 million to develop and around $500,000 a year to maintain.

Why would anyone possibly want to spend that much money to own your own golf course? Good question, but the thing is, it really isn't all that much money to him, he has $5 billion remember? The cost of a golf course to him is like the cost of a candy bar to you.

8 Private Jets

You know how the plane that carries the President of the United States is called "Air Force One?"

Well, Kim Jong-un has a private jet that he calls "Air Force Un."

What a funny guy! If he ever loses control of his country, then he can always find work as a stand-up comedian. The plane has crystal ashtrays and leather couches and is said to cost around $1.5 million. Some of these things are kind of confusing if you read on you will see that he has spent around 6 times as much money on watches as he has on his private plane. I guess that is why you can be so random when you are as rich as he is, nothing you spend your money on has to make a whole lot of sense.

7 100 Cars

You might think that a guy with Kim Jong-un's level of riches might have a lot of cars, and you know what? You would be totally right. The word is that he has over 100 of them, and his favorite car manufacturer is Mercedes Benz.

They teach in North Korean schools that he was a prodigy behind the wheel and he learned how to drive at three.

First of all, that is just plain old silly, how would he possibly have learned to drive when he is so short that his feet couldn't have reached the pedals? Although I guess you could say the same thing about him now. I mean come on, that dude is short! I would bet almost anything that he has never even driven most of his 100 cars.

6 Watches

You know, rich people do the silliest things. It is said that Kim Jong-un has a watch collection that is worth $8 million. Let that sink in a little bit. This guy has a collection of watches that are worth $8 million. How far out of touch do you have to be to have a collection like that? Being rich and clueless is one thing, but being that way and running a county is another. Kim Jong-un prides himself in having an excellent sense of fashion, so we're not too surprised that he has a variety of watches to choose from to accessorize. We're waiting for the day that he'll introduce fashion week in his country.

5 Imported Goods

Apparently, Kim Jong-un likes to booze a little, and there isn't anything wrong with that, all sorts of people do. But do all sorts of people spend $30 million importing liquor for him and his crew to drink every year? I don't think so. Part of the issue is that he only drinks the most expensive brands such as Hennessy which can cost over$2,000 if you are buying something top of the line. This is the true difference between people that are super rich and the rest of us. If you are rich, you spend over 2 grand on a bottle of booze and think you're cool and if you're poor, then that's just straight up insane.

4 Private Cinema

One of the things that many really rich people seem to want is a luxury home movie theatre. But even by those standards, Kim Jong-un's private theatre really takes the cake. It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build and has a 1,000-seat capacity.

This is odd, but not as odd as you might think since he has a collection of 20 thousand movies, most of which are from the West.

Hmm, so there are 352 days in the year, and he has 2o thousand movies. Do you think he is going to watch all of those, or is he just showing off and wasting all his money? We both know the answer to that, but hey, who I am kidding, my private movie theatre is an 11.5 inch MacBook Air.

3 Gifts For His Wife

Kim Jong-un has been married since 2009 and is known to give his wife some really expensive presents. One thing a lot of people might not know is how poor the average North Korean is.

One present she has been given is a Christian Dior handbag, that is known to cost around $1,500. This might not sound so expensive until you realize that the average North Korean makes around $1,000 a year.

How insane is that? People work almost an entire year, just to make as much as it costs for him to buy his wife a handbag. One thing is for sure is, as odd as this guy seems to be,  it must be better to be married to him then to be working for a living.

2 Yacht

Obviously, if you are as rich as Kim Jong-un is, then you simply must have a yacht. What is the point of being totally loaded if you can't show it off? His friend Dennis Rodman once said the yacht was a “cross between a ferry and Disney boat” and is valued at about $8 million. Speaking of $8 million, that is about how much it would take to get me to hang out on a yacht with Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman. Are you kidding me? Hanging out with those two sounds awful. But then again, I don't live in North Korea and Kim Jong-un is not my supreme leader. Either way, this thing is without a doubt a nice vessel, it has all the bells and whistles and is tricked out with a Fendi interior.

1 Ski Resort

I am sure you can tell by Kim Jong-un's physique he is really into sports, such as skiing, actually. I'm just kidding — it is really hard to imagine him doing anything athletic at all. But he did spend $35 million or so to develop a ski resort, in theory, to boost tourism, but probably more because he is a fan of the sport and wants to ski there himself.

The place is supposed to be pretty cool, it has rustic rooms, a spa, a restaurant, and 70 miles of ski slopes.

This sounds okay, but I still can't imagine him whooshing past me on the ski slope on the way to the lodge, but I guess when you have billions of dollars, you don't really care what anyone else thinks about how you look on the slopes.

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