15 Male Celebs We Didn't Know Wore Makeup

There was once a time when male celebs wearing makeup was seen as a big deal. The public had a meltdown when someone spotted David Beckham wearing nail varnish around a decade ago but since then it seems that society has grown to accept the fact that some men like to wear makeup as well. This means that over the past few years there have been many male celebrities spotted wearing makeup, with many of them actually making it part of their signature look.

Of course, not everyone is as accepting of this, which is why some celebs aren't as forthcoming as others with their makeup usage. It is something that can be personal and some men may feel uncomfortable letting the world know that they need help enhancing their look.

While some male celebrities have pushed for others to accept that men can wear "guyliner" if they want to, others prefer to steer away from the topic of discussion altogether because they do not want to talk about the things that they like to do to their own skin. The following list looks at male celebrities who have been known to boost their look with makeup, some of whom may surprise you.

15 Cristiano Ronaldo Likes To Dabble In Cosmetics

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Cristiano Ronaldo has become an international star because of his incredible abilities on the soccer field. Ronaldo is also someone that many men see as a role model, which is why it was shocking when multiple newspapers reported that similarly to David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo was a fan of wearing nail polish.

Pictures of the star were leaked in a number of newspapers that saw him hanging by a pool with black nail varnish but that isn't the only thing that Ronaldo enjoys dabbling in when it comes to cosmetics. He continues to be a huge star in the footballing world, which can only be seen as a good thing for other men who want to wear makeup in the future.

14 John Travolta Tries To Hide His Feminine Side

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The Grease star is a seasoned veteran in the acting business and someone who has obviously learned a few tricks of the trade throughout his successful career. There was once a time when Travolta used quite a lot of makeup to ensure that he was the standout attraction but it has mellowed over the years to the point where he is now rarely seen with anything more than a little bit of powder.

John Travolta has dressed up as a woman a number of times and even became one of the main stars of 2007's, Hairspray, where he dressed up as a female for the role of Edna Turnblad. There were reports that Travolta was a fan of dressing this way in his spare time, which is why he took so well to the role. Travolta definitely manages to hide his feminine side quite well, which is why many fans are still in the dark about his makeup habits.

13 Jon Hamm Was Caught Wearing Some Badly Blended Face Powder

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Jon Hamm is most well known for his role in Mad Men but even though the American actor is now 46 years old, he is still someone who cares a lot about what people think of his appearance.

Jon was once able to enhance his appearance with makeup without being so obvious but this was before his famous malfunction at The Paley Center for Media where he had evidently attempted to reduce the shine on his forehead by adding powder. The issue was that Jon had just left one circle of powder on his forehead, which made it blatantly obvious that he was depending on makeup to make sure that he looked his best. Hamm is someone who always looks incredible on the red carpet, but it would have been much better if he made it less obvious that he relies on the enhancement of makeup.

12 Pharrell Wears Eyeliner

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Every now and then a star comes along that could wear absolutely anything and still be seen as stylish. Right now, that star is Pharrell Williams. The "Happy" singer has become an icon for many fans, which is why the world seemingly freaked out when a photo was leaked of Pharrell wearing eyeliner.

Even though many fans were shocked that the singer would feel the need to wear makeup, there are many that pointed out the fact that the singer actually looks pretty incredible with makeup. This was thought to have been a one-off since it was the first time he was pictured wearing makeup and he hasn't been seen wearing it since. Although considering how great he looks and how much it makes his eyes stand out, someone should tell Pharrell that eyeliner is a look that works for him and that he should wear it more often.

11 Ryan Seacrest Uses Makeup And Self-Tanner To Boost His Appearance


Ryan Seacrest is perhaps best known as a radio host and the host of the television show, American Idol. Over the course of his career, Seacrest has been finding new inventive ways to ensure that he always looks his best. It seems that bronzer and self-tanner are two of the ways that he makes sure he always has perfect looking skin, with many fans speculating that this isn't the only makeup he wears.

Let's be honest, there isn't a time that Seacrest hasn't looked incredible but it is reaching the point where he is going a little too far. Ryan's skin is slowly turning a color that it isn't possible for a person to actually be naturally, which then makes it obvious that Seacrest is using makeup and self-tanner to boost his appearance.

10 Kellan Lutz Forgot To Match His Concealer To The Rest Of His Face

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Kellan Lutz is known for his role as Emmett Cullen in the Twilight saga. Throughout his rise to fame, many fans have noticed that the star wears a lot of makeup. His face is usually a different color than his neck, which makes it quite obvious that he is wearing foundation.

Kellan got married last year so hopefully, the actor will ask his wife for advice when it comes to his obsession with makeup and she can then teach the man how to contour. Lutz seems like he has great skin, so with the right person to help him and to give him tips on what makeup to wear to look his best, Kellan could look a lot better in the future.

9 Channing Tatum Likes To Wear Foundation

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Channing Tatum has been a star on screen ever since his performance in Step Up more than a decade ago. The actor is obviously someone who has to wear a certain amount of makeup on screen as a performer but he definitely wore more than enough for his role in Magic Mike and Magic Mike XL.

Over the years, the average concealing powder that many actors wear on-screen hasn't been enough for Channing, who is now known to be quite a fan of foundation. Channing uses foundation to create a dewy complexion and to ensure that he always looks as though he has perfect skin. After all, his face has been featured on a number of billboards over the past few years, so that is probably one of the biggest reasons why he has to look his best.

8 Zac Efron Uses Subtle Makeup To Look Better

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Ever since his High School Musical days, it seems that Zac Efron has been a star that cares about the way he looks. He spent countless hours in the gym ensuring that he had the confidence to unveil his sculpted body alongside the former professional wrestler, The Rock, for his role in Baywatch, so it wouldn't be that much of a stretch for him to decide that he needed to make the rest of his appearance look flawless too.

Many women have envied the fact that Zac Efron can wear mascara much better than they can. Although, maybe they shouldn't judge him for doing so since he has managed to fly under the radar with this added enhancement for years. As seen in the picture above, it's quite obvious that he has decided to go down the route of wearing makeup for public appearances.

7 Justin Bieber Has His Own Makeup Artist

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Justin Bieber has become a sensation all on his own over the past few years after being discovered on YouTube. He became a star in his own right thanks to his incredible singing and songwriting skills. Bieber's music has drastically changed over the years as he continues to grow up and his appearance has too.

Bieber receives more negativity than most people in his line of work, which is why he always wants to look his best. The star, like many other artists, has his own makeup artist on hand and even wears makeup during his stadium shows and live events. Some would think that the makeup would be affected by the lights on stage or even the heat from the lights but it seems that Bieber managed to soldier through.

6 Adam Levine Is No Stranger To "Guyliner"

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The lead singer of Maroon 5 has been someone that many teenage girls fantasized about for a number of years. Adam Levine is also married to Victoria's Secret Model, Behati Prinsloo, who probably gives him a number of tips when it comes to wearing an understated amount makeup to continue to look good in front of the camera or as part of photoshoots.

Levine is no stranger to wearing guyliner for his performances on stage or even during interviews. He has been a celebrity that many other men look up to for inspiration. Levine is someone who quite obviously wears eyeliner to help his eyes stand out on stage, which is the exact reason that many women wear eyeliner as well, so who are we to judge?

5 Adam Lambert Loves His Dark Eye Looks

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At this point, the 36-year-old singer is probably much better at wearing makeup than many women even are. Adam Lambert is affectionately called "Glambert" by many of his fans because he is always looking incredible, regardless of whether there are cameras on him or not.

The singer rose to fame on American Idol and over the past decade, he has become someone that other men who enjoy wearing eyeliner or even a little bit of nail polish can look up to for inspiration. Many of Lambert's fans have now reached the point where they believe that he can do makeup much better than any woman, which is why he has been given such a great nickname and has become an icon in his own right.

4 Dave Navarro Has Been Wearing Makeup For A Long Time

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The former member of Red Hot Chili Peppers is definitely someone who has his own style. He has stood out in many of the bands that he's played in, having been around the music business for more than three decades.

At 50 years old, Dave Navarro looks like he is just a fraction of his age and this is because he has become an expert when it comes to his makeup. The singer has been known to shape his eyebrows and even wear eyeliner. He also most likely wears foundation on his face as well, which could be the reason he looks so good for his age. Navarro has always been someone with a unique look and he has always made being different work for him, which could be the real secret behind the longevity of his career.

3 Brandon Flowers Likes To Accentuate His Eyes

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The Killers frontman has never been shy about showing himself off and it seems that his reliance on makeup could be one of the reasons for that. Brandon has been known to wear a lot of different products including foundation, eyeliner, and even a little bit of lipgloss.

Obviously, he is a star that is on stage quite often and needs to ensure that his skin doesn't look washed out and that his eyes pop but he has arguably been able to master the "smoky eye" better than most women, to the point where there are tutorials online that teach women how to do their makeup just like Brandon's. It seems that this is a look that definitely works well for the singer, so makeup has never been an issue for him.

2 Jared Leto Isn't Afraid Of Wearing Makeup

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Is it really that much of a shock that the man behind Suicide Squad's Joker character wears makeup? Leto is a talented actor but like many other male celebrities on this list, he has felt the pressure of society to look great in every light and is no stranger to wearing guyliner.

It seems that the more male celebrities that wear eyeliner, the more acceptable it is actually becoming. There will someday be a point when men wearing makeup won't be news anymore. When stars as big as Jared Leto are willing to step up and admit that their look is sometimes enhanced, it's a decent step forward for society. Let's be honest, though. Leto is probably one star that doesn't need to wear any kind of makeup to look good.

1 Johnny Depp Likes To Wear Eyeliner

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One of Johnny Depp's most famous roles to date is as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It seems that the swashbuckler had to wear a lot of makeup to make the character truly work for him, which also included eyeliner.

Of course, we're not complaining. Johnny looks incredible as Jack Sparrow, who has become an iconic character. Pictures the actor wearing eyeliner prove just how good looking the star really is as well. It seems that Depp is someone has been around long enough to know what works and what doesn't and it seems that eyeliner is definitely a good look for the seasoned acting veteran. This has been a running theme throughout Depp's career since he has been made aware that the eyeliner gives him a smoky bad boy look.

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