15 Male Celeb Besties Who Are Very Close

A lot of those who achieve celebrity status, find that it’s quite a lonely place. That might come as a surprise to quite a lot of people. You see these celebs in front of the cameras, smiling and looking a million bucks. A lot of them have their own entourage, are always surrounded by a group of people, and seem like they never have a bad day. Well, they’re not lonely in the sense that they have no interactions with other people. Of course, due to their line of work, we know that not to be the case. Celebs interact with other celebs in their line of work, and often from other industries. That’s a given. But a lot of these interactions are strictly about business.

Celebs meet other celebs, hang with other people in their industry, and they’re acquaintances. There aren’t many tight bonds being formed. Human beings crave closeness to others. Celebrities, even the macho celebs who go about their work and give off the impression that they don’t care, need such relationship simply to be happy and remain sane in their line of work. Although it might sound rather corny, we applaud celebs who have formed a close friendship with other celebs. But sometimes, it just gets a little more intense than usual. To us outsiders looking in, it can seem a little strange when these besties become too close for comfort. The term "bromance" often gets flung about. It’s an apt description of what’s going on between these pairs of celebs. Without much further ado, here are 15 male celeb besties that are too close for comfort.


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Barack Obama was like a celebrity figure. He just exuded star quality and had mass appeal. Barack became famed for appearing on talk shows, not taking himself too seriously and just being a really chilled out character. He endeared himself to the masses, including plenty of celebs. Barack had a ton of celeb pals which he spent a lot of time with and invited to the White House. One of his close friends was Jay-Z. They got seriously close during Barack’s time at the top. But this entry is about one of his other close pals, the troubled golfer, Tiger Woods. Some find their relationship rather odd. One would have thought that Barack would have distanced himself from the great athlete when he was going through all of his troubles. But Barack still invited him to the White House and was still seen out and about playing golf with him. He still does. He used to invite Tiger out to join him on holiday weekends so that they could get in some golf. Not sure Michelle would have been happy about that. Some would say they got a little too close for comfort.


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It’s safe to assume that most people respect Justin Bieber, considering what he’s achieved at a pretty young age. A lot of people respect him, but they don’t necessarily like him. He has a habit of rubbing people up the wrong way, and although his music is great, some of his antics have raised eyebrows. Some believe that he needs to simmer down and remember that he’s a role model to the masses. In a way, you can kind of understand how he developed such a personality. He was young, brash, super wealthy, ridiculously famous and wasn’t sure how to handle it. He needed someone to steer him in the right direction. Someone who tried to take on that responsibility was Usher. He’s mentored Justin, and during his period of mentorship, they struck up a close friendship. But it’s gotten to be a rather close, some would say rather weird relationship. Firstly, there’s the 15-year age gap. But we can look past that. Then there are the comments that each have made about each other. Justin has said some derogatory things about Usher in the past. The next moment it’s all hugs and kisses. Usher has said one moment he wants to punch Justin, the next he wants to kiss him. It seems like a love-hate relationship. But the love part is something a lot of people find to be too sickly.


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Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson have formed what’s widely being described as the bromance of the century. Neither actor takes himself too seriously, so they’ve had fun with it, trying to stroke the fire and take their budding bromance to new depths.

Zac and Dwayne first struck up a friendship when they got together as co-stars for the movie Baywatch. Sure, occasionally co-star become friends on set, but even so, most people were not expecting them to become best of pals. They became close while shooting the film and despite their busy schedules, have become inseparable. They have fun with it and joke around quite a lot. But even so, some of their antics, including the shoutouts they’ve given to each other, make us think they’re a little too close for comfort. Well, perhaps they’re comfortable, but it irks some people. For example, Zac has commented on Dwayne’s beautiful eyebrows and his ripped, glistening torso. He’s said his so-called pal is “breathtakingly beautiful” perfect in every which way. For many, that’s a bit too much.


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Tobey Maguire achieved worldwide fame for playing Spiderman. He hasn’t spent anywhere near the amount of time in the limelight as his bestie Leonardo DiCaprio has in recent years. That’s because Tobey’s attempted to transition away from the big screen to behind the camera as a producer. Leo and Tobey didn’t just become pals as celebs. They’ve been friends for over 30 years, when they met on the sets of an audition in the 80s. A bond formed, one that wasn’t warped or adversely affected when they both hit fame, but remained strong and unbreakable.

It’s all well and good being close friends, but some would say they’re far too close. They’ve been spotted doing pretty much everything together, are as tight as can be and are always at each other’s sides. When they go on holidays, they go together, when they attend movie premiers and award shows, they’ve been known to attend together. There have also been rumors of a romantic involvement.


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We could have very easily included any of the names from the boy band One Direction on this list. The band was formed in 2010 after they came together during a series of the X-Factor singing competition. Although they came third, due to the power and influence of social media, they were propelled into the limelight and became teen idols. Two of the band’s members, arguably the most famous of the group, are Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. The duo are known for being players, enjoying the celebrity lifestyle and the perks of fame. But the band have also been plagued by rumors that they’ve had relationships with one another. Rumors suggested that Zayn and Harry in particular had been getting friendly with each other, and that Simon Cowell knew about it and tried to cover it up, thinking it would affect their teen heartthrob status. The strain that led to the disintegration of the band led many people to believe that the rumors were in fact true. It’s also thought that it had a part to play in Zayn Malik leaving the group and going solo.


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Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have had a well-publicized bromance for a while now. The two are gushing in their praise for each other since the early 2000s when they first struck up a friendship. They’ve been through tough times together and have gotten through those dark periods by laughing with each other. It’s always easier to jump the obstacles that a celebrity lifestyle throws at you when you’ve got your best bud in tow. The duo has had some hilarious moments together, and they’ve given us plenty of entertainment. But to be besties, they had to have taken things one step further. There has to be love involved, similar to that of an actual relationship. They have no problems saying those three magic words, “I love you,” to each other. They randomly embrace each other, drink their coffee out of mugs with each other’s faces on them, and use weird hashtags when gushing about each other on social media. They’ve certainly become too close for comfort.


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These two just seem like they’d be great friends. They look pretty similar, have the same laid-back persona, dress to impress, and when they’re together, they’re just at ease. Well, although they may be in a full-fledged bromance today, they only struck up a friendship back in 2013. The A-listers attended an Andy Murray match at Wimbledon, found themselves sitting next to each other in the spectator’s box, and the rest was history. They wore similar blue suits, donned the same shades, and they just hit it off. Forget about the tennis – everyone was preoccupied with watching the new friends giggle together, take selfies, and do everything in sync with one another. Things have progressed since then, with some of their antics making us feel that they’re too close for comfort. But they were too close even during that initial meeting. You know you’re too close when the camera doesn’t even get your beautiful girlfriend in the shot. Bradley was with his stunning girlfriend at the time, Suki Waterhouse, but the cameras didn’t pan to her once. Everyone ignored her and just focused on the blossoming bromance that was playing out.


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Paul Rudd and Jason Segel have a name for their friendship. They call each other manpanions. They were co-stars together in a couple of movies, and their friendship blossomed from there. But they took their friendship from just ordinary to bestie status when they uttered those through magical words to each other: "I Love You, Man." They uttered those words when on the sets of the film of the same name, and that’s when they became besties. The film’s essentially about a guy who want to find a male friend to do stuff with. That’s what it’s like for the duo in real life. They found each other. But at times, due to them both being comedians, they’ve taken things a little too far some people’s liking. As comedians they feel like they can push the boundaries a tad, but it’s resulted in them being a little too close for comfort.


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James Franco and Seth Rogen’s bromance has had both a personal and professional impact on their lives. The two met on the sets of Freaks and Geeks. That series didn’t last long, but they’ll be forever thankful they got cast, as they found each other and have stuck with each other ever since. It was evident that they had chemistry on-screen. They bonded off-screen too, and have consistently collaborated with each other over the years. We all knew about their blossoming bromance, but The Interview thrust their bestie friendship status further into the limelight. At times, though, many feel that they’ve become too close. They message each other when going to events, writing things like, “I’m glad you’re going to me with this.” They’ve painted intimate pictures of each other. If you needed further proof of their bromance, check out their "Bound 3" video. That just about says it all.


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Jonah Hill has quite a few besties in the film fraternity. There’s his hilarious bromance with Michael Cera, and he’s struck one up with Leonardo DiCaprio. However, his best buddy, the guy many feel he’s too close to, is Channing Tatum. Since 2012, the two have collaborated many times, have spent around a third of their time together working on professional projects and off-screen too. They’ve made five movies together and have had plenty of off-screen moments. Some of these moments have been hilariously funny, while others have been rather cringeworthy and have demonstrated that they’re perhaps too close for comfort. For example, Channing has squeezed Jonah’s inner thigh on air, has been seen kissing him in public, and there’s been other inappropriate moments between the two that have raised some eyebrows. That’s not even taking into account the scenes they’ve done together in movies such as 22 Jump Street. If you’ve seen that movie, you know what we mean.


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Adam Levine and Blake Shelton became besties when they got together to host The Voice. The season bought them very close to each other and they’ve remained strong friends ever since. When on the show they had amazing chemistry as coaches, but sparks have flown in their personal lives too. One thing you can do with your bestie is lark around, just be yourself, and have a ball. When there’s all these touchy-feely moments, it all gets rather cringeworthy. They become too close for comfort. Adam and Blake have shared a number of these moments together over the years. They’re frequently seen hugging each other, jumping into each other’s arms, sitting on one another’s laps, looking into each other’s eyes and sharing moments of bliss. Add to that the fact that they’ve confessed their love for each other, and you can definitely say that they are too close for comfort.


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It’s fair to say that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have one of the best bromances in tinsel town. They’ve been together by each other’s sides, since they starred in one of the best films of the 90s, Good Will Hunting. Their friendship’s just grown stronger and stronger, and they remain inseparable to this day. It’s a friendship that’s played out in their personal and professional lives too. Away from the movie sets they spend a lot of time together, and have even spent Thanksgiving together. They attend award shows together, and are basically just there for each other, whenever, wherever. But the two have formed such an epic bromance, it’s led a lot of people into believing that they’re more than just friends. For a long time, neither Matt or Ben addressed the rumors. They let the rumor mill swirl before Matt finally felt the need to say something and shut the rumors down.


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There are some guys you just look at and think, yep, these guys fit. They belong together as friends. Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are two of those guys. They forged a strong bond when they filmed Life, and it’s continued to blossom and get stronger over the years. It’s a fairly recent bromance, one of the most recent bromances to have been formed in tinsel town. The two actors actually grew up in the industry at the same time without knowing each other. That film was the first time they worked together. Since then, they remained together as friends and both were very thankful for the opportunity. In the press interviews that followed that film, we got know how great friends they’d become. They couldn’t stop praising each other and talking about how much they admire and love each other. It’s a new friendship, but still, they were getting a little close. Because they’re new besties, Hollywood’s not sick of them yet, but if they continue in this fashion, people certainly will be.


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Here’s another pair of comedians that seem perfectly suited to each other as friends. There’s something about comedians and their ability to form close friends with fellow likeminded individuals. Perhaps laughter really is the best therapy and brings people closer together. But sometimes, as comedians who are known for larking around, they take aspects of their friendship to another level – some would say to extremes. They may think their antics and what they say is funny, as might some others, but it irks a lot of people too. The two have appeared in a grand total of 12 movies together and have become the ultimate BFFs of tinsel town. They appear to be too close for comfort, but they wouldn’t see it that way. For Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller, it’s about having fun, making people laugh, and it’s been a profitable bromance too.


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When you call someone up whenever, wherever, and know that they’ll be there for you, that’s true friendship. That’s the type of friendship Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro enjoy. They first got together as on-screen cousins in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Will’s career has gone on to greater heights whereas Alfonso’s has been rather stagnant. He’s done a bit of this and a bit of that, has had plenty of ups and downs, but there’s been one thing that’s been a constant in his life over the past quarter of a century, and that’s his friendship with Will. Their relationship is undoubtedly a bromance. But it’s a funny one. They enjoyed plenty of close moments on-screen. They’re affectionate off-screen, but the way they’ve spoken about each other has made people cringe a tad. They’ve often gone over-the-top in their praise for one another, and that’s perhaps what makes people think that they’ve become too close for comfort.

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