15 Long-Legged Celebs Who Clearly Don't Care How Short Their Man Is

Hey, how’s the weather up there? That’s what we are thinking when we see female celebs who hover over their partners. While seeing a guy who is taller than his gal is no big whoop, for some reason, we are still shocked when we see a lady who is lengthier than her lad. Sure, it is a double standard to think one scenario is okay and the other is odd, but that’s life. But for these couples, the height difference did not stop them from getting together. Some are still going strong and others have split, but we can suppose that the height difference was not the cause of the breakup.

Some of these ladies are models, so being super tall is part of the package. And when they can’t find a guy who measures up, so to speak, they look down to find true love. Who cares if their man is a shorty? If they have a big heart, height means nothing. Other ladies on our list are around average height, but their men are still far shorter. Tall, dark, and handsome doesn’t matter to these gals. Short and sweet is just as special.

Take a look at these 15 couples where the long-legged ladies tower over their tiny men. As these fellas look up to admire their tall drinks of water, they can be sure their ladies are looking down on them with nothing but admiration, unless they are seeing their reflection in their guy’s bald spot.

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15 Clare Grant and Seth Green

Model/actress Clare Grant is the wonderful wife of actor Seth Green. You may recognize Green from his hilarious roles in the Austin Powers movies or from the dozens of other films he has appeared in over the years since he has been in the biz. Not only is Green very funny, but he seems to be secure in his shortness, made crystal clear by the fact that Grant stands head and shoulders above him. And not only is she quite tall (at least compared to her hubby), but she is beautiful too, making Green one lucky guy. Other men must see the actor with his lovely wife and find themselves green with envy! But just because Green is no giant does not mean he must only be with petite women. Obviously, opposites attract, and Green looked for a gal with more inches than he’ll ever hope to have. Grant must think her man, while mini, is marvelous. He is funny and talented, which is far more interesting than a guy who can reach the highest kitchen shelf. Plus, Grant can do that for herself. Go Green for finding a gal who is heads above the rest! Well, heads above him anyhow.

14 Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

The beautiful actress Cameron Diaz is an A-lister who has dated many famous fellas over the years. And for the most part, they have been relatively tall, as she is quite the leggy lady herself. But Diaz never found “the one” until she looked down and set her eyes on musician Benji Madden. He may be rock-and-roll cool, but he is far from model material – at least when it comes to height. But that does not matter to the darling Diaz, who finds her fella to be just fine, even though he is considerably shorter than she is. Folks say Diaz could have any man she wants, so why go for such a shorty? But what’s so bad about being short? Madden is all man and the two seem to be made for each other, like two peas in a lopsided pod. Tall men are not the only ones who should have a chance with long-legged ladies, after all. Guys like Madden may be just as interested in tall women too. He is super confident and laid-back cool, so when he went for Diaz, she was smitten. And don’t forget, Madden is a twin, so there’s double the fun! Just ask Nicole Richie, who is married to the other Madden twin.

13 Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond

Saturday Night Live alum Tina Fey is known for her top-notch comedic chops and hilarious and spot-on on-screen talent. She is not only very funny, but she is quite attractive too. And who knew her husband Jeff Richmond was such a shorty, particularly when he is side-by-side with his wonderful and witty wife? But Fey seems to be just fine with being with a short-statured significant other. Being tall is not all that it is cracked up to be. For instance, Richmond will never hit his head on a light fixture or have trouble walking through a low doorway. Fey may have to be the one to reach the canned goods on the highest supermarket shelf, but relationships are a balancing act. He can crouch down to find the dog’s toys under the couch, and it is a win-win.

All kidding aside, it is evident that height plays no role in the love these two have for each other. Since Fey is such a funny gal, their relationship must be full of laughs and loads of fun.

And not everyone thinks tall guys are so hot anyway. Fey may have a thing for petite fellas, and Richmond may love being the little guy in the relationship. Hey, whatever works!

12 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham

The blonde and beautiful model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is so drop-dead gorgeous, it ought to be outlawed. But her main man, Jason Statham, has no problem whatsoever with being with such a hottie, since he is so cool, confident, and has lots of charisma. He must not even mind that his lovely lady is a few inches taller than he is too. Most models we see are blessed with a tall stature, so he knew that he would d be the shorter partner in this rock-solid romantic relationship. And why should Statham mind being the “mini” to her marvelous anyway? Any guy would be over-the-moon to be with a model, especially one as wonderful as the hot Huntington-Whiteley. She is simply stunning and seems to be sophisticated, and guys go gaga over the long legged lady. And she must be in awe of her talented man. He is a great actor and he is super handsome too. This couple is sizzling, and they seem to have off-the-charts chemistry. They have been together for many years and they will surely keep things hot as they grow older together. She may be the tall one, but he is the lucky one to be her main squeeze.

11 Helen Lasichanh and Pharrell Williams

The wildly successful musician Pharrell Williams may be super-talented and ever so cool, but super-tall? Not exactly. But his wow-worthy woman is surely blessed in the height department. Williams’ wife, Helen Lasichanh is a lovely lady who was gifted with the glam of height. And she seems to have no issue at all when it comes to standing heads above her famous (and fine-looking) fella. These two are super-cool and feel very confident in being a famous couple that has a height difference that isn’t the norm (usually the fellas are the tall ones). While men usually do not go for a taller lady, Williams is proud to call a leggy lady is one-and-only woman. Not only is Lasichanh an attractive lady, but she is talented in her own right as a successful designer. She models too, showing off her tall frame and overall fabulousness.

These two seem like they are cut from the same cloth and rock the runway whenever they are together for A-list, star-studded red carpet appearances.

Height is no factor in this rockin’ relationship. Tall, short, or somewhere in the middle, these two are #couplegoals. We are sure they will be together through it all, short or tall!

10 Rhea Durham and Mark Wahlberg

Who doesn’t love the marvelous and magnificent Mark Wahlberg? We know that his foxy wife Rhea Durham sure does, and she does not seem to mind one bit that her main man is shorter than she is by a few inches. Durham is so gorgeous, and Wahlberg has that “wow” factor too, so it is no surprise that these two have the hots for each other. Wahlberg is very talented in both the music and acting businesses, and his wife is a model who is beautiful, beach blonde, and beyond lucky to call Wahlberg her man.

And why should Wahlberg give a hoot if he is somewhat shorter than his sizzling spouse? He is so cool and charismatic, and any woman would fall head over heels for the hunky hottie.

Not to mention, Wahlberg is rich, famous, talented, and seems to be confident with his looks and life. And why shouldn’t he be? This guy has got it made! He has been lucky in life and in love, and his tall mate is only part of his enviable life. Wahlberg’s fans love him to bits, audiences adore him, and his tall wife thinks he is the bee’s knees. “Marky Mark” is living large, even if he is the shorter one in the relationship.

9 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

The amazing Aussie actress Nicole Kidman is married to country crooner Keith Urban. He is much shorter than his lovely leggy lady, but these two are a great couple and they do not care if their height difference causes heads to turn. And Urban is not the only man that Kidman has dated who is significantly shorter than she is. Remember that Kidman was once married to A-list actor Tom Cruise. He was a few inches shorter than her too. Perhaps Kidman has a thing for “height-challenged” men. Or, maybe height just does not factor in to what she is looking for in a long-term mate.

Of course, we all know that the relationship between Kidman and Cruise went kaput, but surely their feet and inches were not to blame. But lucky for Kidman, she found love again with the unbelievable Urban. He seems to be a genuine and caring guy who loves his long-legged lady from head to toe. And that’s a lot to love! Not only is Kidman tall and slender, but she is gorgeous, talented, and seems to embrace life to the fullest. The love between these two is evident, and we imagine them living happily ever after.

8 Ari Cooper and Deryck Whibley

Ari Cooper is a stunning and svelte model who embraces her impressive height and beauty. While most would think she’d want to pair up with a tall man since she is so tall herself, she is married to a super short dude instead – musician Deryck Whibley of the popular band Sum 41. While the two do not look like your everyday pair, their height difference works for them even if they cause a stir when they walk arm in arm. Famous rockers tend to go for hot women, and even if they are not tall it does not mean their woman can’t be blessed in the height department. Kissing may be a challenge, but if Cooper is willing to crouch, then all is well in their smooching situation. Whibley is a music maker and he is successful and talented, so this must be what attracted Cooper to her man in the first place.

She may not have been after a shorter guy from the get-go, but once she met her man, height was a non-issue.

Whibley may be closer to the ground than his giant gal, but he can look up to her with admiration and respect. He can look up her nostrils too, but let’s not go there.

7 Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum

Model Sophie Dahl is a darling, and she is tall, talented, and cute. Her man, musician Jamie Cullum may be a cutie too, but he is a shorty compared to his height-blessed honey. These British babes may be mismatched when it comes to their height, but they seem to be the perfect pair in all other areas of their relationship. And who knows, perhaps Dahl will shrink as she gets older as many women do. Not to say that Cullum will gain any inches, but there is always hope that he can find a pair of shoes with a decent heel. Otherwise, the two will carry on and embrace their height difference, relying on their love to get them through life’s ups and downs, figuratively and literally in the case of this high-low pair. Dahl is certainly a stunner, making it evident why Cullum chose her to be his woman.

And Cullum is handsome and talented, so Dahl did not let his short stature get in the way of her attraction to him. They’ve been married for years, so the height difference makes no difference at all at this point.

If they have not grown accustomed to it yet, then they have bigger fish to fry. Again, models and musicians seem to go together like cookies and milk!

6 Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy

The former president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, and his fetching bride, model Carla Bruni, seem to be one of the chicest couples around. They are worldly, wonderful, and wow-worthy. And they have a height difference that makes them stand out even more. Bruni is a true beauty and Sarkozy is no slouch, so this pair is the perfect match. While many men would feel intimidated to marry a much taller woman, Sarkozy is secure and self-assured. He would not be worried about being overshadowed by a taller gal. In fact, he must love the idea of being married to such a glamorous woman. She is a singer too, making her talented as well as beautiful. Even though Bruni is in her 50s, her loveliness has not faded a bit.

She is as attractive as ever, and her tall frame is the icing on the cake. And her man must love her looks from head to toe, every inch of her. Bruni may not care whether or not her man is taller or shorter, but she must be attracted to Sarkozy’s power and influence. Politics is not for everyone, so if Bruni can handle the pressure, Sarkozy has met his match.

5 Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

These two are no longer an item, but do you recall when actress Katie Holmes and actor Tom Cruise were married? They have a daughter together, but that is as far as the relationship goes at this point in their lives. But we do remember the two of them together and seeing as Holmes hovered over the actor since she is considerably taller. Cruise seems to adore a woman with a little height on her, as he was with Nicole Kidman before marrying Holmes, and Kidman was taller than Cruise as well. Perhaps Cruise likes to look up to his woman, so he finds the females who are above-average in height. Or maybe shorter women don’t care for Cruise. Who really knows?

These days, it seems like Cruise is single. Perhaps he has not yet set his eyes on the next tall woman who will be his one and only.

But word has it that Holmes is dating comedian and actor Jamie Foxx, who is taller than Cruise could ever hope to be, even if he were to stand on his tippy toes. Cruise may like to jump high on Oprah’s couch, but that is the only time he will ever be taller than Holmes.

4 Erin Darke and Daniel Radcliffe

Actress Erin Darke is a lot like the rest of us, meaning she is a super fan of fellow actor Daniel Radcliffe. Many people think Radcliffe is a real cutie, but he is far from the “tall, dark, and handsome” type many women tend to gravitate towards. But Darke does not seem to mind being in a relationship with a man who is far shorter than she is. After all, Radcliffe is a big star, with big talent, big bucks, and surely a big heart. Height is no issue for this good-looking gal who loves her main man in the little package he comes in.

And Radcliffe apparently has no qualms about being with a gal who is taller than he is. Frankly, lots of women are taller than he is, so he can’t exactly afford to be super choosy. But Darke and Radcliffe seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. He is just a smaller jar of jelly!

But with his fantastic fame and fortune and fondness for her, the fact that Radcliffe is a short dude is no big deal. She loves him for what he has, not for what he lacks. Short can be superb, just ask Darke!

3 Coco Rocha and James Conran

The gorgeous model and TV personality Coco Rocha is super-tall and super-slim, while her spouse, James Conran, a British artist, likes his women high in the sky. He may be kinda short, but she looks up to him as her main squeeze, even if she has to bend down to actually squeeze him. But as we have seen time and time again, most supermodels are super tall, and lots of the time, their romantic partners do not measure up. But height is not what Rocha was after in a mate apparently. There is more to life than high ceilings and shopping in the tall men’s department. Lots of average-sized and even short men have a lot to offer, and Conran must be one of these nice and special guys. Sure, maybe Rocha looked for a tall guy when she was still out there in the dating world, but once she saw the cute Conran, height became a non-issue. Heck, she married the guy after all, so she must not mind if she needs to stand on a step below him for better-balanced family photos. Conran must adore his tall and lovely lady, and he puts her on a pedestal, not that she needs one.

2 Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

The stunning Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, is one of the most famous “it” girls of the moment. She is beautiful, tall, rich, successful, and at the top of her game. She's taking over Winterfell and Hollywood. It is no wonder that musician Joe Jonas is in love with the hottie. He is a stud in his own right, but he isn’t the tallest dude around, especially when he is standing beside the heavenly Turner. But this long-legged lady doesn’t mind that her Jonas brother is a bit beneath her, height-wise, that is. He is super famous, talented, cool, hot, and lots of girls would give an arm and a leg to be the one he desires. Turner could land any fella she wanted to get with, but she has chosen Jonas to be her gent and when he proposed, she of course said "yes!" Will they last the long haul? Only time will tell, but at least we know he is A-kay with his honey’s height. No flats for this fierce female!

1 Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Model and television personality Chrissy Teigen is undeniably beautiful, and she is a tall drink of water too. Her handsome and talented hubby, musician John Legend is quite the looker too, and while he is not the shortest guy we have ever seen, she still has to look up to his wonderful wife and mother to his babies (she recently gave birth to her second child, a boy). But if anyone is cool and confident enough to be the shorty in the relationship, it is the legendary Legend.

He has no qualms about being with his tall and quirky queen. She is funny, fierce, fun-loving, and fabulous. Any red-blooded guy would feel blessed to be with such a beauty, and Legend knows he hit the jackpot when she said, “I do.”

Teigen and Legend make a great pair and lots of people love to keep up with whatever they’ve got going on. They are followed by thousands of people on social media and their fanbase is always growing. Both are fantastic, and they make a cool couple. Teigen may be the tall one of the two, especially in heels, but Legend is lucky to have this stunner by his side and along for the ride.

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