15 Household Rules Christina Aguilera's Family Has To Follow

Being a parent can be a tough part of anyone is life. It requires a delicate touch that will change the life of a human being in one way or another. Parenting means creating rules and regulations that must be followed by the child but also the parents. If only one party follows the rules, then the other party will eventually stop following them too. It's important that the parents think these rules through carefully.

Christina Aguilera is a parent that truly cares. She cares and shows it by not only loving her kids unconditionally but also giving them sensible rules that make sense to anyone that might hear them. These rules are helping her kids already and could very well aid them down the line in their own lives, specifically with how to handle things and raising their own kids in the future.

This post is not to make anyone feel bad on how they raised their own kids or are raising their kids. Everyone has a different way of doing things and since kids are wildly different from one another, there cannot be any one way of doing it but there are always some helpful guidelines. This article is to focus on how Christina has done it. She puts these rules out in the hopes that her children will follow them and become good people.

15 no fighting

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This is a pretty important rule because when parents fight in front of their kids it can have some serious effects on the child's wellbeing. When parents fight in front of their kids they can make the young child think that they're the reason the actual fight began, when in reality, it is not always that reason. Christina has implemented this rule for her husband and herself. It's a good rule to have because it's going to really explore how a child can develop in an environment that has little to no fighting going on in front of the kid.

The reasons this rule should be implemented in total, as in, for everyone inside the home is that it's extremely useful and can bring the family that she loves even closer together. When you consider how a typical brother and sister relationship goes, this no fighting rule can basically force them to get along with each other. This is surely a way to make sure people get along with each other in the long run and can even ensure that people in the home learn to deal with their issues in a proactive manner. (Source: IBTimes)

14 They need to be financially responsible for themselves

Ah yes, paying for this and that for your kids can definitely take its toll, whether you are a celebrity or not. That's why some parents make their kids learn the value of a dollar at a young age. It's like this unspoken rule just to make sure your offspring is behaving correctly when dealing with income. When this lesson is implemented in a kid, it's likely that you'll see some pretty good results. They won't be tossing their money away and could actually be saving up for what they need in the future. It's like a finance course, without it being anywhere near a course in general.

In particular, Christina wants her kids to be responsible in the financial areas of life because she is more than well aware that she might not always be there to support her kids financially and that's okay, it's a reality that most people cannot accept for some reason. She basically just wants her kids to be able to handle themselves when it comes to money so they don't get messed up with their bills because they went on a spending spree. (Source: IBTimes)

13 The kids need to be socially aware of what's going on around them

Children are already aware of what's going on around them, they're pretty social, well, most of them are social but not all. Despite that, they still remain aware of the situations around them and definitely are aware of their own thoughts. This is not different for the children of Christina Aguilera, her kids do this and need to be consistent with themselves. The reason behind the need for this is because if they are not, then they will likely think they're better than those who are not exactly like them. When a child is aware of what's going on around the world, it can make them more sympathetic towards different kinds of people, regardless of their status.

Christina wants this for her kids because it's a great tool to have. The simple tool of being socially aware as well as just having situational awareness is important. When you compare someone who doesn't have those above-mentioned things to someone who does, it's almost like an unfair advantage. Her kids, if they're aware of the world around them, will be fearless, and try to educate others more since they have something that many people don't have. (Source: IBTimes)

12 They have to care about each other

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Siblings need to be caring. They need to care for each other in a specific manner. If they don't then they'll be at each other's necks all the time and possibly despise each other and grow up with an unhealthy relationship. Of course, it does not always happen, but it definitely has happened occasionally.  Kids need to be cared for by not only their parents but their siblings. The siblings matter a lot because they'll tend to go to each other for things that they might feel embarrassed talking to their parents about. Kind of like, dating advice. Think about it, would you go to your mom and dad for dating advice, or would you rather go to your sibling?

The reasons Christina might want her kids to care for each other is that it creates a deep connection. She is clearly someone who cares about a deep familial connection that makes people want to be like them. It is a connection that makes her family a model one, it makes other people want to follow them. It's quite good that she wants this because it means that her kids will be able to rely on each other for the small issues in their lives instead of running to mommy and daddy for help whenever there's a slight issue. (Source: People)

11 They need to be kids

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Too many people don't let their kids just be kids. The parents of these children do not let them have their fun and make them grow up at a very young age in some cases. It can be good but can also be bad. It can be good because it allows the kid to get some real-life experience and be mature faster than other people. This can help them when searching for jobs. However, it can also be bad in the sense that the kid never really had a childhood and might find themselves running towards being an adult too quickly, which might cause problems. For parents, many of them try to find a balance between this so that their offspring can be a nice individual that isn't a grown adult that's a mental child.

The kids of Christina have that balance. She doesn't want them to be rushed into life experiences that they are not ready for, and would rather they go about life as normally as possible. They certainly will through their own ways, like getting to know other kids around their age who work, play and have strict parents. Her kids will learn the same life skills as other kids but in a different way, by just being kids. This is even a unique measure that she's undertaken as a mother. Christina is going to raise them differently, a way that is going to be proved as a useful method. (Source: AXS)

10 They're going to learn the same lessons as their mother

As we already know, Christina is going to teach them the same lessons that she learned throughout her life. That is a good thing but the real issue is getting the kids to listen. We all know that teens can sometimes be pretty annoying when they don't want to learn from the mistakes of previous generations.  Despite that, Christina is someone who's going to make sure that they learn the same lessons. This could make them actually want to teach others those lessons and move on with everyone's lives in a more fulfilling manner. It's a wonderful thing because many people just think that life will teach the same lessons but that's not true. Parents have to put effort into telling their children about the mistakes they have made in life, so that they can give that wisdom to their children.

Christina would likely want this to be done because it makes them seem mature and well grounded in the world around them. This is like the dream of so many people who have kids. They all want their child to come off as a well-informed individual who knows what certain actions can lead to certain consequences in life. It is not showing off your kids but rather showing that you know how to actually raise a human being properly. It also has the added benefit of helping your children. (Source: USMagazine)

9 always have fun

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Who does not like having fun? Few people in this world are like that, a lot of people look like they have sticks where they really shouldn't have them. These people never had the chance to let go and just go for whatever it is they want. Just have some fun in their life. Some good, traditional and old-fashion fun. It can be anything really. Anything that can bring happiness. Stuff like walking on a beach and watching a sunset or sitting by a river and watching the current take the water downstream. These acts are fun for some people. Others enjoy a party. It's all about the person. Specifically for kids, fun is likely playing with toys and watching movies.

Making sure your kids have fun is important and Christina Aguilera knows that very well. It can define whether your kid is grumpy and always serious or can let loose and just be chill once in a while. She, as usual, would probably want a balance of these aspects so that her kid isn't the family member that has no serious bone in their body or no fun bone. (Source: USMagazine)

8 She doesn't want to influence her children too much

Despite what we learned before about Christina wanting to teach her kids lessons, especially lessons that she has already learned in life, she doesn't want to shove her views down the throats of kids. This is an action that many people find themselves not wanting to do but end up doing anyway. It can be argued that it's just human nature to want to be around people who think alike to you. Many people influence their kids politically, emotionally and just by teaching them certain things that are kind of, kept in the family.

Christina is actively trying to educate her children but also let them be free thinkers. She basically wants them to decide on what they want to do and how they want to do it. This can be dangerous for her because it's a very fine line. She could easily see herself doing exactly what she doesn't want to do come election time but if she remains focused on that goal. it won't be a problem by any means. (Source: DailyMail)

7 know who you are

Christina is a very self-aware person. She is always keeping track of where her inner self is, this allows her to know exactly when she needs, like the much-needed spa breaks of vacations that we all love so much. This is sometimes argued as being mindful of one's self. It's something that is actually important in today's fast-paced environment and can really help people stay sane when everything around them is falling off the edge.

Now, Christina Aguilera is someone who would like to really manage how her kids feel about themselves. She is a mother, of course, she wants her kids to be happy. To be happy, they have to know who they are deep down. It's an important life step for many people, especially children. This is why schools tend to try and craft, explore and maintain the creative part of the mind is learning. It allows the kids to find out what they like and what they want to pursue in life. Knowing who you are deep down is one of the most important parts of being a human being, it can literally change lifestyles of people in a very fast manner. (Source: DailyMail)

6 she doesn't want them to suffer

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Some people have gone through a lot of tough times and sometimes just barely managed to get away from it all. These people are some of the few that have managed to get through some of the hardest times people can go through. Some people cannot handle it and do some really sad things. Suffering is never fun to see, it's something that can really bring out the worst in anyone. Christina has gone through a lot of hard times in her life. These experiences have directly affected how she manages to act and think later in her life.

She also does not want her kids to suffer. No parent does because it is the worst thing for a parent to have to watch. She knows how bad of a place it truly is and how hard it is to get out of. That's why she wouldn't want her kids to suffer from the same problems that she went through. She truly is someone who cares for her children and what they go through. This is a good thing because it would allow the kid to go to their mother when they've got a hard time with something that they need help with. (Source: IBTimes)

5 having a loving environment

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No matter the child, they need to, at some point in their lives at least, feel loved and safe. Safety is always a concern for parents. This is why they ask where their kid is going and why and even for how long. They want to be sure, that no matter what they're doing, the child remains safe and cannot get hurt. If a child gets hurt and the parents find out, it makes them feel bad but also makes them look like bad parents to the outside world. Safety is often one of the most important things for kids as it's quite important to any human being. This is why we get those feelings in our gut when something just isn't right about a situation.

The feeling loved part is arguably one of the most important ones. It can define an individual for a lifetime. Someone who was loved will try to care for others and make the unhappy turn their frown upside down. When a kid is unloved, they can very easily turn out to be the old man who's just grumpy all the time. It's a sad sight to see because most people can identify that this particular person was never truly loved and now they just think that everyone around them and the world as a whole, is out to hurt them in whatever way it can. (Source: RedBookMag)

4 figure out what influences you

Christina had to find her own source of influence in her life. This allowed her to refer to them in a metaphorical sense when she was going through times of uncertainty or just a hard time in general. When she had a source of influence for doing what she truly loved to do, it could not stop her. She always had that one person in her mind, helping her do what she wanted to do. This was especially helpful for when he was a little unknown individual who was trying to get into show business. Having a source of influence in one of the most important parts of doing what one loves in life.

Now, Christina's kids need to find their own source of influence. Their mother can be one for a while but it's not one-hundred percent certain that they'll go into the same career as their mother. Whoever influences them might make them want to branch out into a different industry. It's best to have that stream of motivation coming from someone who has actually worked in the industry because they'll give you certain advice that can actually be carried over. It's a very unique situation when looked into. If her son likes parkour, then he should find someone who's always on American Ninja Warrior for influence to do what he likes. (Source: UselessDaily)

3 they should not be afraid to ask for help

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Some parents tend to just think that the bills, work or anything else can come first when compared to their children. Especially if they're a teen. While bills and whatnot are important, it's incredibly important to make sure the child of the family knows that they are one of the most important parts of their parent's lives. It is like creating a connection and a little like a give and take. If you care for your kid now, then, later on, they might be the ones caring for you. It's a great thing to include in one's life because kids don't always get told that and it can really make someone's day to tell them that. If a child knows it can come and ask for help, that means that they feel safe, and that is very important.

Christina is once again that parent that has made sure her kids know that they're one of the most important things to her. This has not only made the entire family closer as a hole but has without a doubt made sure the kids feel important in the world. The children are very important to the future and when they're treated well by their parents and aware that they are some important people, it makes them want to continue that trend of treating people well. (Source: ScaryMommy)

2 However, they have to understand that their mother needs her alone time too

Sometimes mom needs a break. That's something some moms might be afraid to ask for, but it is completely normal. She is a human being, not a machine that doesn't stop working. To enable someone to not have a mental breakdown, they need to have breaks once in a while. For Christina Aguilera, this is likely a spa day or a timeout in the city with some friends or her husband. This is desperately needed for a mother, especially new mothers. They don't seem to know when to cut off the mother side of them and have a nice time, something that can really keep them sane, calm and happy.

For the children, they need to have an understanding that sometimes, their mother needs a little "me" time so she can continue to properly take care of them. This is often an overlooked idea because many parents don't think their children will understand what "me" time even is. However, they will when they're treated well and explained in terms they would understand. This is something that the kids of Christina actually do understand. They understand that their mother needs to be away from everything sometimes to just keep herself from going insane from her work and family. It's a pretty useful thing to teach her kids and it's a lesson that many parents should adopt into their own lives. (Source: ScaryMommy)

1 They have to stand up for themselves

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Standing up for one's self is easily one of the best lessons someone can be taught. Unfortunately, it generally takes some pretty ugly arguments to make someone comprehend that they need to stand up for what they believe in. This part of life can really make someone seem like a mean person but in reality, they are just defending what they feel is right in the world. It's an act that has been widely debated for kids but the general consensus is that it's a pretty important thing to do.

Christina is one of those parents who has actually taken the time out of her busy day to make sure the kids know this important step in their lives. This was a move that will let her kids be fierce debaters that won't back down from controversy. It's an act that will only prove to help everyone out in the long run since her kids won't be crying that they didn't get the cookie that they wanted. This will also help Christina out in the long run since she will likely be proud that her children are the ones going against the masses and truly being what they want to be in life, rather than being a sheep that follows the masses. (Source: CelebrityBabies)

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