15 Healthy Diet Rules Jennifer Aniston Follows

Jennifer Aniston is 49 years old and she’s rocking it! It seems like each year she gets older, the younger she looks. She has been known for having one of the best fitness routines in all of Hollywood. Many have discovered that she takes care of her body by taking part in a very strict diet plan that she’s loved for years. It’s about time we dive in and evaluate every inch of her diet plan, in the hopes that we can all take away some tips and tricks to have that same fit physique and beautiful healthy skin she flaunts every time she’s on a red carpet.

In this article we will be going over everything Jennifer Aniston’s diet and healthy lifestyle. We’ll be even offering up some tips you can work towards in your own lifestyle to replicate the kind of lifestyle Jennifer Aniston lives day to day. This way not only can you experiment with how you choose to live your life, but you will also feel totally glam doing so.

Even though her diet and lifestyle might seem super strict compared to how you and I live our lives, you would be surprised to know that in reality, it isn’t that hard to really push yourself outside of your comfort zone. If you want to have the same confidence that Jennifer Aniston has, you need to really buckle down and start applying these changes to your life! Here are the health tips and tricks that Jen swears by.

15 Going Out Of Her Way For Organic Only

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In one of her interviews with Woman Magazine, Jennifer Aniston said this: “Eat as much organic fruit and vegetables as you can, keep sugar [intake] low, drink tons and tons of water, and get good sleep.” She always makes sure to go out of her way for organic only. It keeps her mind clear and keeps those horrible toxins out of her body so she can continue living a healthy lifestyle day to day. Many have the excuse that organic can be too expensive, which we won’t argue with, but there are ways to get around this, such as growing your own home garden or stopping by a few times a week to visit a produce stand. When you do this it will keep you healthy and your system clean, but it will also support local farms as well. Aniston loves the veggies and fruit that are in season at the time. Make sure you opt for seasonal produce as much as possible to enjoy the richness of it.

14 Striving For The Ideal Balanced Lifestyle

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The most important thing to remember when striving to live your life just like Jennifer Aniston is that she lives a balanced lifestyle. Balance doesn’t always have to mean easy. It is quite hard to find a balance that works for you, but nonetheless, it’s very important. For example, Jennifer Aniston never restricts her diet. She finds a way to enjoy what life has to give and what is best for her health. Another great way that Jennifer Aniston balances her life is by making sure that both her (now soon-to-be ex) husband Justin and herself take turns in the kitchen, since they always eat from home (which we’ll explore more below). This keeps both of their healthy lifestyles in check, balanced, and enjoyable. You can’t just cut out all the bad junk in your life when it comes to food.You’re allowed to enjoy things you want, but having that control and idea of balance really helps.

13 Keep Away From The Sugar

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Sugar is downright bad, specifically processed sugar, which seems to be in literally everything. It can cause so many problems when it comes to health, and it’s confusing as to why it hasn’t become a trend yet to just cut out sugar. Not only is processed sugar bad for you, but it also will make you addicted if you keep having it in your diet. Sugar will make you crave more sugar. This is why Jennifer Aniston always grabs a piece of her favorite fruit instead of some sugar-filled cereal or other junk that no one needs to be eating when she has a craving for something sweet. So if you find yourself craving sugar, try making some cooked apples or even a smoothie with some organic honey. It will end up making a huge difference and it won’t have any unhealthy repercussions.

12 Water, Water, Water

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Just like Jennifer Aniston mentioned above, drinking tons and tons of water is completely necessary. She obviously is heavily involved in Smart Water, but it’s not just because she’s behind a water company. It is very important for your health that you have enough water. When you have the right amount of water in your system, not only will feel more awake and balanced, but it also has other benefits that are a must if you want to be just like Jennifer Aniston. These benefits include maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your skin clear without any imperfections in most cases. When you ingest enough water you’ll find that your acne will clear up, your skin will regulate more often and you’ll overall find it easier to maintain your skincare routine. Not only will your skin benefit, but so will your physique. You’ll be able to easily control your diet and will be less drawn to unhealthy foods.

11 Get Your Beauty Sleep, Girlfriend

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Jennifer Aniston mentions that you need to get a good night of sleep if you want to have a similar lifestyle to hers when it comes to her beauty and health routines, which we completely agree with. When you are living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, it’s seriously important to pay attention to how you sleep, not only for the energy, but also so you can maintain a balanced eating schedule as well. Having a healthy sleep schedule will keep you energized and motivated to take better care of yourself. It will also help you look younger and more refreshed as well. This most likely is one of the biggest reasons why Jennifer Aniston looks the way she does. She looks super young compared to her actual age and the fact that she takes care of herself shows. It might be hard to change your sleep schedule, but it’s totally worth it.

10 Try Something New With Gluten Free

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Jennifer Aniston has revealed in many interviews discussing her diet that she generally will stick to a gluten-free diet for 6 days of the week, then one day of the week she will eat whatever she wants, just to satisfy those cravings and it obviously seems to be working out great for her. Gluten-free is a diet that cuts out all gluten from foods, which basically leaves you with fresh produce and other whole foods. When you cut out gluten, you need to cut out many things you’re use to, such as packaged and processed foods – not all of them, but most. We encourage you to just try it. Look up fun recipes that are gluten-free and just give it a chance. Maybe just to start off you could try a gluten-free diet one day a week just to challenge yourself and see how you like it. Then when you move forward you could introduce gluten-free options more often!

9 Bring On The Protein

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By introducing a decent amount of protein into your diet you’ll be able to push yourself harder in the gym and through any other activities, such as work that might normally take a toll on you. When you have enough protein in your diet you’ll find that it’s very common for this to really amplify what you’re able to do each day. In Jennifer Aniston’s case, she constantly is on the go, dealing with her big family, husband, the gym, working full-time in the industry, and also making time for herself. To say the least, she’s a bit busy. She regularly will make sure to balance her diet with high protein and tons of organic produce as well to keep her satisfied, as well as to keep things interesting with her diet so she’s not always eating the same thing every day. Making this change doesn’t have to be hard at all!

8 Have One Day A Week To Eat Whatever

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Having one day during the week to eat whatever you want really gives you something to look forward to and it is perfect for one day a week to set aside a day where you can eat out with your partner. In Jennifer Aniston’s case she likes to experiment with different recipes and she loves to tinker in the kitchen, so on her cheat day it’s not hard to imagine that she might bake something or make a nice dinner that’s a bit more off-limits than her typical meals. If you end up wanting to try this we suggest that you try sticking to one meal a week that you can choose to eat whatever you want. This way you can still enjoy what life has to offer without feeling guilty about it. Plus if you didn’t know, Jennifer Aniston loves lasagna, so you might want to try a classic lasagna for a great warm cheat meal!

7 Cook At Home Every Day

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This might seem difficult, but Jennifer Aniston actually tries to cook at home every single day instead of eating out. She and her husband Justin Theroux help each other out in the kitchen. Whether they take turns making some healthy dish, or they cook together, they always make something healthy and yummy they both enjoy. Here is one of her favorite snacks she recently told E! News about: “You have zucchini, eggplant that acts as a paste, and you layer it with different cheese and put it in the oven.” What’s not to love about this healthy snack? Plus it’s a bit indulgent, but not too unhealthy for a little boost of energy. This is just one small example of what’s possible when you try to follow the strict diet rules Jennifer Aniston lives by. The choice meal of Justin Theroux would have to be his famous carbonara dish. He always chooses to use lean meat just as a substitution for a healthier option.

6 Avoid Eating Out As Much As Possible

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Just like we mentioned above, both Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux both try to eat out as minimally as possible. They always opt to cook at home whenever they can. They love experimenting with new recipes that keep it exciting to eat from home. With all the fast food that bombards us every day we step outside of our house, it’s no wonder there is an issue with unhealthy diets in today’s modern world. It’s cheap and easy and keeps us coming back. But use that as motivation to challenge yourself to see if you can recreate healthier versions of fast food right in your own home. Even if you happen to have a hard time cooking for yourself, just remember with time you’ll get more comfortable in the kitchen, and you’re doing it for yourself and your own health, so embrace it! Try out an amazing salad and grilled chicken; it’s basic but it can be yummy!

5 Find Veggie Alternatives For Warm Comfort Food

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Jennifer Aniston loves warm comfort food, as it’s something she grew up with and she probably couldn’t even imagine her life without it. But even though she has a super strict diet, she doesn’t restrict herself from things she really wants. If she wants to have comfort food, she might make a few adjustments to the recipe to make it more in line with her diet. For example, she’ll make vegetable lasagna instead of meat lasagna, and she might even switch out the pasta sheets with gluten-free pasta sheets as well. This way she’ll feel just as comforted by this home cooked meal, but she won’t have to feel guilty about it. If you plan on making this as well, it’s always a good idea to add a side salad too just to pack in as much health as possible into one meal. Also, salads are delicious.

4 Pop The Fruit In The Freezer

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We just had to mention one of Jennifer Aniston’s favorite snacks. It’s so simple yet it’s rare to see people ever try this. But she loves frozen grapes and other fruit. She pops fresh grapes into the freezer and she snacks on them whenever she wants to cool off or wants something sweet. These are the perfect snacks if you’re just coming back from a rough workout or jog. They’re a great way to boost your hydration and give you the satisfaction! You might even forget that you’re eating fruit, because it will taste so good. You can also do this with other fruits as well for an easy snack! You could try dark chocolate drizzled bananas that are frozen if you want something that tastes like a creamsicle. There are so many possibilities you need to try. Just because you have a strict diet doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable!

3 Keep Things Simple To Motivate You

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One thing Jennifer Aniston always makes sure to do is to keep it simple. This probably goes for almost any celeb diet out there. When you keep things simple and balanced you’ll be more likely to stick with it for a longer amount of time. If you’re planning on trying this diet, you’ll find that if you keep things steady at the core of it all, it will motivate you to branch out and try new things more often, but you’ll still have that comfort of knowing your core is simple and easy to grasp for the longterm. When someone who is as busy as Jennifer Aniston tries to constantly change up their diet and follow trends, it can just be exhausting, which is why they stick to what works. People who have their life together tend to rely on the things that have always proven to be effective.

2 Add A Bit Of Extra To Everything, Even Oatmeal

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One last very specific foodie trick is one that Jennifer Aniston adds into her oatmeal. She learned this yummy trick from her ex Justin Theroux, who encouraged her to introduce as much protein as she can into her diet to amplify her energy. He taught her to cook oatmeal with an egg white, not only for extra protein, but also to make her oatmeal super fluffy and light. This is just a simple example of how you can keep your diet simple. Adding small extra touches of beneficial details that also bring out more special flavor is the key to living a lifestyle that’s balanced. Paying attention to the small details is the best thing you can do, because at the end of the day, those small beneficial details make the biggest difference in the long term, even if you don’t notice a difference overnight.

1 Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself, Enjoy That Guac

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Overall, the Jennifer Aniston diet encompasses how she chooses to live her life. You should never feel like you need to mimic someone’s diet to reach your goals, but by evaluating the details of her diet, they can be used to help inspire a healthy change in your own lifestyle, even if it’s just trying out frozen grapes as a snack or maybe trying to stick to a gluten free diet. Even small changes make a difference.

One thing you should always remember that the great Jennifer Aniston has mastered is that you should never restrict yourself when it comes to your diet. She loves to enjoy a margarita and guacamole, which are two of her favorite indulgences, so if you want to have that one day a week, go for it. Just remember moderation is your friend and you should put your health first always.  Will you make the change?

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