15 Reasons Why Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott May Not Last Forever

Kylie Jenner had been rumored to be pregnant throughout the fall of 2017 and first few months of 2018. She did not confirm anything throughout the entire nine months but on Super Bowl Sunday, she shocked the world, announcing the birth of her and her boyfriend, Travis Scott's, daughter, Stormi Webster.

Kylie and Travis have been dating for less than a year. Their relationship began almost immediately after Kylie had broken things off with the rapper Tyga. Because Kylie got pregnant so quickly after their relationship began, they tried to keep things under wraps, for the most part.

Now that her daughter has been born, Kylie wants to jump back into the world of social media sharing and lip kit selling but still seems to be dedicated to being a new mother. On the other hand, Travis Scott is on his way to having a successful rap career, and he doesn't exactly seem to have the time to be fostering a relationship or raising a new baby.

Although Kylie would like the world to think that everything is all good with the new family-of-three, there is a lot going on behind closed doors that she doesn't want anyone to know about. From rumors of infidelity and paternity issues to not living together and partying too much, here are 15 photos that reveal the dark truth about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's relationship.

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travis scott not sure stormi is his
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15 Travis Isn't Positive The Baby Is Even His

travis scott not sure stormi is his
via: Instagram/YouTube

There was a lot of speculation about the paternity of Kylie's baby because her fling with Travis Scott began so quickly after her relationship with Tyga ended. Because Tyga was her first real boyfriend, many people thought that she was having a difficult time with the split and still saw her ex from time to time.

If you think about the timing of it all, she got pregnant extremely quickly after she and Travis started hooking up, so there is a slight chance that the baby may not be his. There are rumors that the rapper is trying not to get too attached to Stormi until he can be absolutely certain that he is the father.

14 He Was Absent Throughout Her Pregnancy

kylie jenner pregnancy
via: People/Just Jared

After the rapper was informed that his new girlfriend was pregnant, he did not necessarily step up to the task of being an expectant father... at least, not right away. It was reported that the rapper was pretty distant and claimed to be busy for the majority of the nine months Kylie was carrying his daughter in her belly.

While Jenner attempted to maintain a low-key status throughout her pregnancy and did not even confirm it until baby Stormi was born, Scott continued to go out and about around time, which made the 20-year-old feel left out. An insider told Hollywood Life,  "She doesn't understand why he’s going out and doing all of these things while she’s in the house all the time. She would love to be with her man and enjoy a nice lunch, especially since her appetite has been increased since her pregnancy."

13 He Feels Bullied By The Kardashians/Kris Jenner

travis scott feels bullied by kris jenner
via: Hollywood Life

Kylie's family was not exactly thrilled with the way that Travis was seemingly missing throughout the nine months of her pregnancy. The Kardashian and Jenner clan's mother and manager, Kris Jenner, reportedly issued a warning to the rapper, telling him that her daughter deserved to be treated better. She also let him know that she was the boss of the family and that she would be watching his actions closely.

Now, Kylie's big sister, Kim, has also said something to the new father about the way he has been treating her sister. Kanye West's wife reached out to Travis, "telling him to change his ways... or else," and that he needed to be much more present in Kylie's life once the baby arrived, according to Hollywood Life.

12 Kylie Is Scared He Is Straying

travis scott absent throughout kylie jenners pregnancy
via: Elle UK

The 20-year-old has allegedly been concerned about the party boy rapper being unfaithful to her. She is fearful that Travis will stray while he is away from her, performing for screaming fans on tour and having women constantly throw themselves at him. Her concerns became significant when Travis's friend and fellow rapper, Offset, was reported to have been betraying his fairly new girlfriend/fiancée, Cardi B.

Insiders told Hollywood Life that Kylie was "more worried than ever" because "that's one of her man's good friends, and look what he's doing." She has also been saying that she is going to "make him take a lie detector test to prove he's been faithful."

11 They Are Not Living Together

kylie jenner travis scott not living together
via: YouTube

Although Kylie and Travis are still dating, as far as we know, the new parents do not have any plans of moving into one household anytime soon. After all, the two have been in a relationship for less than a year, so how much could they really know about one another?

Kylie and Travis are reportedly committed to "co-parenting" for the time being and are "not officially living together," although he does spend an adequate amount of time at her place. While the rapper "does his thing" during the day, he helps the new mother out with the baby in the evenings, according to People.

10 There Are Constantly Rumors About Them Breaking Up

kylie jenner travis scott breakup
via: People.com

While celebrities are prone to having rumors about them spread at any moment, there are some celebrities who are more prone than others. Sometimes, rumors are completely false, but other times, they can derive from a bit of the truth. The Kardashians have notoriously had issues with their secrets being leaked from insiders in their circle or from people who have worked for them.

Kylie and Travis are consistently rumored to be breaking up and while there could very well be no truth to the claims, more often times than not, rumors usually begin with a small piece of factual evidence. Even if the couple is not heading for Splitsville, the constant rumors are enough evidence that their relationship may not be as peachy-keen as they would like the public to believe.

9 The Rapper's Main Focus Is His Career

travis scott more focused on career than family
via: Instagram/Instagram

When Travis Scott first got together with Kylie Jenner, he was probably thinking about how wonderful their relationship would be for his career. She is one of the most followed people on social media, is a successful businesswoman, and drop-dead gorgeous on top of it all. What more could he want?

Well, not even a few months after dating, Kylie got pregnant, which changed everything for her. She was ready and excited to become a mother, having already had so much success in life. However, Travis is just starting to get big in the hip-hop world, he is focused on touring the world and making hit records, not so much on being a father.

8 It's Kylie's Baby First And Foremost

stormi webster
via: Instagram

As we previously mentioned, Kylie Jenner may only be 20 years old, but she was apparently ready and ecstatic to have this baby, despite the fact that the pregnancy was unplanned. The youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner brood has arguably been one of the most successful.

She has starred on a popular reality series since she was a child, has a multi-million dollar cosmetics company, and endorses some of the biggest brands. She is already set for her future and now, she will make sure her baby has a great future as well. Don't get it twisted. Travis may be the father, but Stormi is Kylie's daughter first and foremost, and what she says goes.

7 He Is Very Controlling In Their Relationship

kylie jenner travis scott breakup rumors
via: Us Magazine

There have been many reports claiming that Travis seems to be the controlling one in their relationship. He is apparently very "sensitive" and "likes things his way." Since the relationship is fairly new, Kylie feels the need to oblige, but insiders are sure that "there will be lots of drama down the road."

However, this has proven to be difficult for Kylie, who is also answering to her mother/manager Kris' demands. Kris is also very controlling, which is why she and the rapper don't always get along. She constantly feels pulled between the two, which was hard for her during her pregnancy. It will be interesting to see if he takes this sort of demanding approach when it comes to parenting their daughter.

6 She's Not Worried About Him Leaving Her

kylie jenner not worried travis scott will leave her
via: People

Despite the fact the Kylie is concerned about Travis betryaing her, her friends have reportedly been "telling her not to get so worked up over Travis's absence," and she has apparently been listening to them as of late. Travis is constantly out and about, performing or partying, and Kylie has just now been "coming to grips that she may just have to do everything on her own without Travis."

According to Celebrity Insider, the new father is planning on staying busy, too. Travis may be purposely dodging his girlfriend and his newfound responsibilities because he has completely booked his schedule until November. Insiders revealed that when the reality star first got pregnant, the rapper made it seem as though he would step up and be a "model dad" but that he "never intended to put his career on ice."

5 The 20-Year-Old Relies More On Friends And Family Than Her Baby Daddy

via: Instagram

After welcoming her baby girl Stormi into the world in February, Kylie probably expected that Travis would want everything to do with them. When she realized that this was not the case, she began relying on friends and family to help her through this new time in her life.

When Travis is away on tour, her best friend, Jordyn Woods, is at home with Kylie and Stormi. Her sister, Kim, who recently welcomed her third daughter via surrogate, has been a big help transitioning Kylie into motherhood, as well as her other sister, Khloe, who is expecting a baby sometime this spring. Thankfully, the 20-year-old has other people to lean on because her baby daddy did not step up to the plate.

4 He Continues To Buy Her Affection

kylie jenner push present
via: Kylie Jenner Snapchat

What Kylie wanted after she had her baby girl was probably just to spend some time with Stormi and Travis, enjoying their new, little family. Instead, he continued partying and touring as usual. However, she did receive a "push present" from her boyfriend/baby daddy.

A push present is often a gift that celebrity (or wealthy) mothers receive from their partners for "pushing" their baby out. Kylie was thrilled to see a brand new,$1.4 million Ferrari LeFerrari in her driveway. Travis's plan to buy her affection seemed to work, as Kylie posted a photo on Snapchat, with the caption, "I can't believe she's mine."

3 She's Already Out Partying, Trying To Keep Up With His Lifestyle

kylie jenner drinking with travis scott in miami
via: Daily Mail

Just barely one month after giving birth to Stormi Webster, Kylie was back on the partying scene. The 20-year-old, who cannot even legally drink yet in the United States, was photographed in Miami on a boat with the rapper, her friends, and plenty of beverages that she was not technically allowed to drink.

Her baby was nowhere to be seen and we can't imagine that excessive drinking is good for a new mother, especially if she is feeding her daughter herself. It is clear that Kylie is just trying to keep up with her rap star boyfriend, who parties on a regular basis. Her priorities don't seem to be in check with someone who is trying to be the best mother that they can be.

2 Kylie's Mom And Travis' Moms Don't Get Along

kris jenner fights with travis scotts mom
via: E!

As we previously touched on, Travis Scott doesn't necessarily get along with Kylie's mom and manager, Kris Jenner, but that's not the only family tension that they have. Kris apparently does not get along with Travis' mom, either! The two reportedly do not see eye-to-eye and clash frequently when it comes to issues concerning their children and new granddaughter.

Kris and Travis's mom have fought about the baby shower and other silly things for months now. Kylie apparently told her mom that she needed to cool it because "they are both grandmothers and will have to be a part of each other's lives forever, whether they like it or not." It looks like family matters are getting more and more complicated for the two.

1 She's Not Over Tyga

kylie is not over tyga
via: Instagram

Many people have questioned whether Kylie's relationship with Travis Scott will last. The relationship has been plagued from the start, having begun basically immediately after she and her ex, Tyga, had broken up.

Before Tyga, Kylie casually dated a few celebrities here and there, but he was her first real relationship. Despite the drama surrounding their age difference, the two managed to stay together for years and formed a deep connection. Some insiders say that Kylie is not over Tyga and will always have a love for him, which could bother Scott and lead to more issues in their relationship: "With Travis, things got serious fast, even though she was still getting over Tyga."

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